Chapter 44: The Dragon’s Gift

Don’t worry guys, we found our way out before Bibi could bruise Harold. It turns out we were in the cellar of the Duke’s mansion, well ex-Duke, since we reported the incident to the King. The Duke was imprisoned along with the assassin maid, Gloria. The king was very grateful to us for discovering such a snake in the aristocracy that he paid us fifty gold coins each. I am so happy with this payment.

Presently, now we are walking in the hall with no Abigail in sight since she was sent to the medical ward because of a huge bump on her head (the golem doll’s doing). As we walked, I looked at Harold and Roland and asked if they were OK. Best to be sure.

Roland nodded saying, “I’m pretty strong you know.”

“I know,” I stated with a giggle. Roland turned red in the cheeks, but Bibi immediately kicked his chin. The next thing I knew, Roland was doing a pushing battle with Bibi. Their strengths are equal…I don’t know who to root for.

I then looked at Harold, who stated, “I’m fine too, but I am more concerned about you.”


“Well you were physically attacked by that demon.”

“But I destroyed it,” I stated and then added, “Thanks for your concern though. It is surprising coming from you.”

Harold frowned saying, “Well I don’t want you to get hurt or die.”

I giggled finally pulling Bibi away from Roland.

“I have to go to bed, so good night.”

It has been a long day, so it is best to sleep, so I can speak to Mr. Dragon sooner. Roland wanted to guide me to my bedroom, but I kindly rejected and he headed to his room with his head down. Maybe I should have let him take me to my room. Oh well.

I wished Harold goodbye and walked down the hall with Bibi in my arms, but then I noticed Harold following me.

“I don’t need you to guide me to my room,” I stated.

“What are you talking about? I sleep in that room too.”

Are you serious? He wants to sleep in the room again with me.

“Just go back to your room.”

“No way. Not with you with my books.”


So he still doesn’t want me with the books. He really is a brat. I sighed and then ran down the hall. Harold chased after me. THIS IS HARRASSMENT!

I soon entered my assigned room with Harold with me. I should just give up for now. Too tired to fight back. I climb on the bed without looking at Harold.

“Good night,” I stated and then fell asleep on the bed, ignoring Harold’s yells of objection. I can’t hear Harold’s voice anymore. So nice.

Ah, I am back in the field of flowers, but I don’t see Mr. Dragon anywhere…but I see Harold standing in a daze staring at the passing clouds. Maybe he won’t notice me, if I walk away now.


He noticed me.

“Hello Harold,” I stated with a force smile. Harold smiled at me and stated, “I’m glad you’re here.”

“Are you?”

“Yeah, I wanted to show you some of my wind talent today.”

“Your talent?”

Harold nodded, but before he could show me, I saw his face turn to one of shock. No wait, that looks like fear. I follow Harold’s gaze and saw Mr. Dragon…in his true form.


Harold suddenly gave out a loud scream that even made Mr. Dragon jump and began to drag me away. He told me to run, but I resisted. I guess Harold didn’t like me resisting, since he then began to carry me like a princess. PUT ME DOWN!

Harold continued to run until Mr. Dragon flew pass us and then landed in front of us turning into his human form.

“Don’t run, I am not going to hurt you,” stated Mr. Dragon in a hurried voice. Harold didn’t seemed convinced as he inched back. All right, enough of this.

I jumped out of Harold’s arms and then approached Mr. Dragon giving a small bow.

“Nice to see you Mr. Dragon.”

Mr. Dragon nodded and then patted my head. This should make Harold realize that Mr. Dragon means no harm…I was wrong. Harold immediately ran at Mr. Dragon and did a flying kick yelling, “Don’t touch Laveda!”

Mr. Dragon collided onto the ground with his form shaking from either pain or anger. Mr. Dragon with a red cheek stood up with an angered expression.

“I see his majesty is a bit more violent compared to the past.”

Harold held me in a protective embrace glaring at Mr. Dragon.

“Harold,” I stated in a calm voice, “Mr. Dragon means no harm.”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded. I guess hearing my words finally convinced Harold that Mr. Dragon was harmless. Mr. Dragon heaved out a sigh and stated, “Laveda is already aware that I have been in your spirit for a long time training your wind talent.”


“It sounds unbelievable, I understand that, but please know that I was in your spirit training your talent and while doing that, I also trained Laveda’s talent as well.”

“Laveda?” muttered Harold looking at me with wide eyes.

“That’s right and I expected the training would take a few more years, but this fight with that demon forced me to expand your powers and in turn made you reach the peak of your wind talent.”

“The peak…does that mean my wind talent is the strongest it can be.”

“That’s right and it is the same for Laveda.”

Harold looked at me again and this time, I saw shock clearly in his face.

“Does that mean you really are Laveda?”

I nodded and stated, “That’s right. It was supposed to be a secret, but looks like Mr. Dragon pulled the cat of the bag.”


“…He told you the truth.”

“Oh…so you really are Laveda?”

I nodded. Looks like Harold is embarrassed. Was it that much of a shock that I was not created by his dreams?

Mr. Dragon smiled and stated, “Since the truth is out, know that both of you are now wind talent Legendary Mage Class.”

“Legendary Mage Class?”

I am not familiar with that term.

“This class of talent users has been lost for many centuries, since no one in the talents has ever reached the peaks.”

“So Harold and I are the first after a long time?”

Mr. Dragon nodded, but his eyes suddenly widened when he looked at me. Is there something on my face?

“I didn’t notice until you reached the peak in the wind talent, but you have already reached the peak in another talent.”

“I have?”

Mr. Dragon nodded and stated, “You are a Legendary Mage Class in the Fire talent as well.”

“Fire Talent…oh yeah, Yuki mentioned that I do have the full fire talent…and a curse.”

“I also noticed the curse. Sorry to say that I have no idea how to break that curse until you reach the age of the curse’s activation.”

Bummer. Good news: I have mastered wind talent. Bad news: I still have no idea how to break the curse on me (whatever it is).

“You’re cursed?” Harold stated obviously shocked. I don’t blame him either.

I just nodded and stated, “I was cursed when I defeated a monster.”

Hey, don’t look at me with such pity in your eyes. You don’t even know what the curse is.

Harold clenched his fist and stated, “When we figure out what your curse is then we will break it together.”

“What do you mean we?”

“I can help too.”

“…Don’t you hate me?”

“Hate you…well…I…uh…”

Harold’s actions are getting me so confused.

Mr. Dragon suddenly cleared his throat making us look back at him.

“Since you both have this class now, I will give you both a gift.”

“A gift?”

Mr. Dragon nodded and then waved his hand. Wind surrounded Harold and I and then I felt something warm enter my chest.

“My gift is the animal form of your wind talent. When you call for them, they will serve you in loyalty. They will never betray you…Now awaken and bestow the world with your wind talent.”

At those words, my eyes flew open and I was staring at the ceiling of the room I was assigned to in the castle. I guess it’s morning. I try to get up, but then realize that there is something holding on to me. It can’t be Bibi, since he is on the floor…why is he on the floor? I glance over my shoulder and I swear my heart nearly leapt out of my chest. HAROLD IS HUGGING ON TO ME!

“Harold?” I squeaked. Harold opened his eyes and stared into my golden ones. We were both silent and then I gave out a scream activating my wind talent. Besides wind emerging a baby dragon also emerged and kicked Harold in the cheek sending him flying out of the bed…hold on, why is there a baby dragon coming out of my wind? The baby dragon, which was baby blue huffed out and then bowed toward me.

I remembered the dragon’s words and asked, “Are you the animal form of my wind?” The baby dragon nodded and then rolled onto its back saying, “Chi, Chi.”

…TOO CUTE! I began to cuddle the baby dragon, but then I sensed a dark presence behind me. I glanced back and saw Harold and Bibi glaring. Bibi, don’t be jealous.

I looked at Harold first saying, “Sorry about that, but you can’t share a bed with an unmarried girl.” Harold huffed with crossed arms. I then looked at Bibi and stated, “Don’t be jealous Bibi.” I held the baby dragon to Bibi and stated, “This little one is named Chi and he will be your little brother.” I figured out that the baby dragon, Chi, was a male. Chi bowed his head to Bibi. Bibi stared at Chi and then patted his head. Looks like Bibi is willing to have Chi in our group.

I looked at Harold again saying, “Chi is my gift from Mr. Dragon. Can you show me your gift?” Harold frowned saying, “You really were in my dream.”

“Did you doubt it still?”

Harold sighed and then summoned his wind. Out of the wind emerged a falcon with silver wings. It bowed toward Harold making Harold smile.

“Yours is a falcon. So cool.”

Harold nodded and then urged the falcon over. The falcon gave out a small cry and landed on Harold’s shoulder. It is so cute. The falcon rubbed against Harold’s cheek before Harold said, “I’ll name you Silver.” The falcon nodded and then looked at me. The falcon, Silver, then flew off of Harold’s shoulder and landed on mine. Silver cuddled my cheek making me giggle.

“Hey, isn’t Silver my animal?”

I nodded and then blew on Silver playfully. Silver took that as a sign that he should return to Harold. Harold summoned his wind and then Silver vanished. I also summoned my wind to put Chi back.

“I think we should keep our level in wind a secret until we are older,” stated Harold. I nodded in agreement, since bad guys might try to capture us, especially when we are this young.

I picked up Bibi in his bear form and then looked at Harold as we began to leave the room.



“When you thought I was just a figment of your dream, why did you treat me differently? You were nicer in the dream than you are when facing me when you are awake.”

Harold sighed saying, “Because in the dream, you were not engaged to Roland.”


Harold scratched the back of his head as he spoke.

“When I first saw you, I felt my heart race, but then Roland said that you were his fiancé. I felt so angry and I thought it was because you were near my dear little brother, so I thought I hated you instead, but in the dream, I turned that hate into ‘like.’ Was that wrong?”

Hold on…heart racing when he first saw me? Isn’t that love at first sight? It can’t be. He falls in love at first sight with the heroine of the game, so it might just be a short lived crush.

I shook my head and stated, “To be honest, when I first saw you, I thought that you and I can be friends, but you were mean, so I changed my mind, but in the dream, I felt we really could be friends…do you think that is wrong?”

Harold shook his head and then held his hand to me saying, “This might sound strange now, but can we start over as friends.”

I nodded and took his hand and added, “So you’ll let me read your books and write fanfiction about them.”

“…OK,” stated Harold with a smile of defeat. Hooray! Ah, his future is still going to be kind of miserable, since Abigail is still his fiancé, but maybe I can…


The next thing I knew, golem dolls were tackling Harold away from me. Harold pushed the dolls off of him and as he did so, Roland had run up to me and pulled me into a hug glaring at Harold.

Harold groaned and stated, “I was not seducing her.”


“I really wasn’t,” retaliated Harold. I sighed and told Roland that Harold was telling the truth, but Roland refused to let me go.

Roland then looked at me and asked, “Between Harold and me who is better?”

Why are you asking such a question?

“Roland,” I began, “To be honest, I like you both, but not enough to get engaged.”


“Roland, you are a great guy, but we are both still young and you may find someone that you love deeply more than me (like the heroine), so I think it is best not to get engaged so soon, OK.”

Roland looks hurt, but I had to tell him. Getting engaged this early is not a good idea. Roland suddenly smiled and stated, “Thanks for telling me, but I won’t give up.”


“When we are older and we don’t find anyone else we love then please become my fiancé officially.”

“That’s a bit…”

I was suddenly pulled away from Roland. I looked over my shoulder and saw Harold forcing a smile on his face.

“I think it is best not to make such promises,” stated Harold and added, “We don’t know what the future holds.” I nodded. Roland frowned and suddenly kicked Harold’s shin making Harold gasp in pain.

“Don’t get in the way!”

Harold suddenly glared at Roland and smacked the back of his head saying, “Little brat.”


Next thing I knew, Harold and Roland are in a pushing match. I am not rooting for any of them.

“You’re already engaged to Abigail, so stay out of this.”


“I refuse the engagement.”

Hold on, that voice belongs to Abigail. Harold, Roland, and I look back and it is indeed Abigail wearing one of her favorite dresses.

Harold stared at Abigail asking her to repeat her words.

Abigail scoffed and stated, “As I said, I refuse the engagement between you and I.”

“Really?” stated Harold with a smile. He must have really wanted to cancel the engagement, but why is Abigail saying this? Wasn’t she engaged to him in the game?

Abigail nodded and stated, “It hasn’t even been the full week and I feel that we are not compatible.”

“Definitely agree,” stated Harold in an eager voice. Could you act a little upset?

“I will tell father of this and with this,” stated Abigail and then approached me and hugged me tight glaring at Roland and Harold.

“Laveda is off limits.”


“I don’t want you two as in-laws, so Laveda is not going to get engaged to ether of you.”

Seriously? Why is Abigail refusing the engagement in my stead?

“You can’t do that!” yelled Harold. Roland nodded in agreement. Abigail stuck her tongue at them.

“I’m her older sister, so nyah!”

Abigail began to drag me down the hall with a smile on her face saying, “Let’s tell their majesties, so we can go home and play together.”

“Abigail, why are you doing this?”

Abigail smiled brightly at me saying, “Because you are my dear little sister and I won’t let anyone harm you.” SCARY!

I don’t know what is going on anymore. Abigail broke the engagement herself and now she is acting like a doting sister. THIS IS TOO SCARY!

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 44: The Dragon’s Gift”

  1. Ahaha Laveda sill doesn’t get it~ Also, Chi-chan sounds like he’ll be super cute.

    Hmmm I wonder what will happen when Harold and that other boy try to break her curse?
    Also, did that hit to the head scramble Abigail’s brains or something, she seems a little suspicious.

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    1. Chi should be very cute (if I ever get him drawn). As for her curse…look forward to more. For Abigail I didn’t think she was hit that hard…I think. Thanks for your review.


    2. I thought of her changing attitude more as a result of Laveda protecting Abigail from Gloria and saying “I won’t let you hurt my sister!”~
      You know, in the last chapter?

      Thanks for the chapter, by the way, Manga Hunter!


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