Chapter 45: White Fox

I am back. If you guys are wondering what happened afterwards with the whole engagement thing, well Abigail told the king and queen about the cancelled engagement and we went home, but Roland sends me letters reminding of the promise I never agreed to and I also got letters from Harold along with a new book he has written. I send him my fanfics during my off time. Abigail did interfere at first, but after I told her that I would hate her if she continued this, she stopped.

Speaking of Abigail, she is now not a wicked sister…she is now my older sister with a sister complex. I guess after I saved her from that assassin, she decided to take care of me instead of making my life miserable. Father and mother still treat me the same way.

Actually this makes things difficult. I planned to let Abigail fall for her crimes in the future, but with her like this, I feel that I have to find a way to change her future. Maybe her future will be better now, since the engagement is officially off (father nearly feinted at the news).

I forgot to mention it, but I am turning six in a week’s time. I might even get presents because Abigail dotes on me too much…to the point it gets annoying. Now I know how Roland felt when Harold doted on him. It took me forever to find time alone in the woods. I refuse for Abigail to enter this sanctuary.

The animals are keeping me company right now and I even introduced Chi to them. Chi plays with the animals before I call him back into my talent. Bibi also plays with Chi and treats him like a little brother with barely any violent hits.

Speaking about the animals, I gained a new ability with my animal talent. I can now take the form of an animal (only one though). Since Abigail is not here and I don’t think anything major is going to happen right now, I guess I’ll demonstrate my great transformation.

I close my eyes with my animal friends observing me and then I feel the change taking place on my body. I shrink in size and then grow white fur all over my body and a long bushy tail along with a pointed snout with a pink nose and whiskers (my clothes transform with me, very convenient). When the transformation is complete I am now a white fox.  This is so cool!

I should let Cecil know about this. Thinking of Cecil, he was pretty mad about the engagement thing, but calmed down when I told him nothing happened, but he seemed a little peeved when I told him that princes were writing letters to me…must be my imagination.

Anyway…I’m a fox, I’m a fox! I have succeeded in animal transformation, even if it is only one. I was jumping everywhere in excitement. I then began to play with the animals in my fox form. Crawling in the holes the animals made and managing to climb trees is so much fun. I should make this animal transformation as a play time with the animals.

Looks like some of the animals want to dig. I’ll dig too! I used my little paws to claw at the dirt. Digging in the dirt is so much fun! Look, even Bibi is joining in. Dig, dig, dig.

Huh, for some reason, the animals are starting to run off. I wonder why? Bibi is trying to pull me away…he seems to be in a panic.

“What’s this?”

Huh? I was suddenly lifted up by human hands and Bibi is still trying to pull me away. Bibi, do something. Bibi jumped up, but was suddenly whacked away by an unknown person’s hand. MY POOR BIBI! I was about to change back into my original form, but the person began to dash off with me. HELP, I’M BEING KIDNAPPED!

This person (sounds like a boy) held me close as he slowed down near my mansion. Why near my mansion? I looked at the boy and finally got a good look at him. He had dark purple hair in a ponytail and he seemed to be the same age as Abigail, if not older. He wore the clothes of a noble, so he must be of higher birth. He was breathing heavily as he held me. He then held me at eye level and asked, “Why was that bear attacking you?”

“Attacking me? Bibi did no such thing!” I yelped, but it must have sounded like barks to him. The boy tilted his head at me and then stated, “That’s strange; I can’t understand you.”

Understand me? Could it be that he had the animal talent? Well of course he can’t understand my animal form, since I am not really a fox. I should change back.


“Yes, sir.”

That booming voice sounds like father. It is father, but why is he approaching this boy…did he just say Theodore?

Father approached the boy and stated, “I told you to wait in the guest room out of sight, until tomorrow.”

“I know sir, but…”

“And I already told you to call me father.”

“Sorry, sir, I mean father.”

My father smiled at the boy and then patted his head, but raised an eyebrow when he saw my fox form.

“Where did you get that fox?”

“In the back woods…is that bad?”

My father sighed saying, “You do have the animal talent, so I can’t really blame you when an animal takes a liking to you, but this fox’s color is strange.”

The boy nodded and held me slightly tighter, but not to the point it was painful.

“Can I keep it?”

“All right, only if you promise to stay in the room until Abigail’s birthday tomorrow.”

“I will…father.”

My father nodded and then began to escort the boy into the mansion sneaking past servants until we reached a guest room. The boy was pushed inside with me still in the boy’s arms. I guess it is too late to change back now, but is this boy who I think he is.

The boy placed me on the bed when my father left and then knelt before me meeting my eyes.

“My name is Theodore…oh right, I have a last name now thanks to…uh, father. My full name is Theodore Lorenzino…that will take some time to get used to.”

ARE YOU SERIOUS? Theodore Lorenzino is Abigail’s adopted older brother and one of the capture targets. By the looks of things he has yet to meet Abigail since Abigail meets him at her seventh birthday, which is tomorrow. I wasn’t supposed to meet him until tomorrow. I so messed things up, but he has no idea that I am his new little sister, so everything should be fine. I just need to get out of this room.

I leapt off of the bed and headed toward the door with the intention of leaving, but Theodore picked me up making me give out a yelp.

“Don’t struggle little guy…oh, you’re a little girl.”

DON’T LOOK THERE! I feel so defiled.

I’ll just play dead. He’ll leave me alone then, right?

“Don’t be like that. I just want to be friends,” stated Theodore and then added, “You must be hungry. I think father left some food in here for me.” Theodore started to search the drawers and then pulled out some jerky and milk.

Theodore opened the jerky and laid me on his lap. He tore a piece of jerky off and held it to my lips.

“Try some, girl.”

I licked the jerky. It tastes pretty good. I snatched the treat from his hand with my little mouth and began to nibble on it using my tiny teeth and my tiny paws to hold it in place.

“Tastes good, right?”

“Chu,” was my only reply. I was trying to bark, but it came out like that. Surprisingly very cute.

Theodore is eating too, so I might as well tell you guys about him, since it has been a while.

As I mentioned a long time ago, Theodore is Abigail’s adopted older brother, so my older brother as well. He was found by my father and when my father discovered he had the animal talent he took him in as his own to gain favor with the royal family. What do I mean by favor? Well in this world, from what I can remember, having an heir to your family was a big plus with the royal family. Abigail is a girl, so she wasn’t considered an heir and you guys already know why I wasn’t considered an heir besides being a girl. Anyway, Theodore was officially adopted on the day of Abigail’s seventh birthday and starting from that day, father treated him like he was the star of his world and practically ignored mother, Abigail, and me. As a result, Theodore was mistreated by the women of the family to the point he lost faith in humanity. His only comfort were with the animals in the forest; and when the game starts, the heroine made him trust people again.

That’s about it, but I hope I didn’t forget anything. All my jerky is gone. Well, time to leave. I walk towards the door again, but I was once again picked up by Theodore.

“Where do you think you’re going, girl…now that I think about it, I haven’t given you a name.”


“How about Sprite?”

I whack his face with my puffy tail. Don’t name me after a drink.

“I guess that name was no good. Then how about Whitey?”

I whack his face again with my tail. That name sounds stupid. Even I have better naming sense.

Theodore sighed and then stated, “I’ll come up with a name tomorrow.” He carried me to the bed and crawled under the covers. He hugged me and whispered, “Good night, girl.”


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