Chapter 47: Abigail is a Siscon?

I am ashamed to say it, but I fell asleep, so I am still stuck in Theodore’s arms when morning comes. Theodore wakes up and he begins to feed me bread. Feed yourself too. Good boy.

I know Theodore doesn’t make an appearance until Abigail’s birthday party according to the game, but is he really going to stay in the room all day? Doesn’t he need to use the bathroom? Thinking about bathroom, I need to go.

I walk toward the door and begin to scratch at it begging to get out. That’s right, begging. I really, really need to go.

“What’s wrong, girl?”

Theodore picked me up, but didn’t open the door. I NEED TO GO! I struggled in Theodore’s grasp giving out small whimpers. I do not want to use the bathroom as a fox. That would be too embarrassing.

“Calm down.”

Theodore tries to hold me to his chest, but I push against him using my front paws. I managed to slip out of his grasp and began to scratch at the door giving out desperate whimpers. I NEED TO GO!

“Don’t make too much noise.”

Theodore reached toward me, but I avoided his hold and at that moment, the door to the room opened followed by my father’s voice asking, “Are you OK, Theodore?” The door is open, so I take this chance to dash out using my wind talent ignoring Theodore’s voice calling for me.

I slip out of sight and then change back into my human form. No more fur, so I then run straight to the bathroom.

After relieving myself, I headed back toward the forest to look for Bibi. I hope he isn’t too mad about getting whacked by Theodore.

The moment I entered the forest, I began to call for Bibi. Within moments, Bibi jumped out of a tree and landed into my open arms. Bibi rubbed his head into my chest. He must have been really scared. Oh dear, Bibi is glaring in every direction now. Don’t worry my dear Bibi. Theodore is nowhere in sight.

I suddenly heard someone calling my name (one of the servants I think). Maybe I should ignore them, but my stomach begins to growl. I really am hungry. Jerky and milk is not a balanced meal.


Oh, I recognize that voice.


I run out of the forest with Bibi in my embrace. I soon saw Frederick within my sights standing next to a maid (What was her name?). He smiled at me with a wave and I practically leapt up to him with a giggle. As you guys can tell, I really like Frederick. He is my best friend in this entire mansion. Frederick patted my head and asked, “So what were you doing in the forest?”

“Playing,” I answered with a bright smile. I can’t exactly tell him that until recently I was trapped in my soon to be older brother’s bedroom in my fox form. He smiled again making my day brighter and then stated, “Well you should head to breakfast.” He then glanced at the maid, who had a sour look on her face, and added, “Lila will take you to the dining area.” The maid, Lila, bowed to me, but I can seriously feel hate emitting from her. She must really dislike me. I think it would be better to avoid her for my own safety.

I grabbed Frederick’s hand and asked, “Can you take me?” I showed him my best puppy look and Frederick then agreed to escort me. He is so nice.

Lila looked discontented with my decision and even tried to persuade Frederick to let her bring me to the dining room. Frederick rejected Lila’s offer kindly and then began to escort me. I think Lila is glaring at me. I can feel her sharp gaze against my back. This maid seriously hates me. Good thing Frederick agreed to take me to the dining room.

As we walked, Frederick glanced down at me and asked, “Are you wearing the necklace I gave you?”

I nodded and pulled the necklace around my neck to show him.

“I only take it off when I need to bathe.”

“So you wear it in your sleep?”

I nodded and added, “I don’t toss in my sleep, so I won’t get choked.”

“That still worries me,” stated Frederick with a small chuckle. Being with Frederick lifts my spirits.


Hearing Abigail’s screams makes me want to hide in a hole.

Before I even knew it, we had reached the dining hall and Abigail with my mother was already wiping tears from her eyes. Why is she crying?

“Where’s my sister? I want my sister.”

Seriously? You are crying because I wasn’t present. Are you seriously a Siscon now? I am seriously worried about you and your future.

My mother seemed to notice me and then pointed in my direction saying, “Look, Laveda is right there.” Abigail faced me and a smile was immediately plastered on her face as if she weren’t crying before. She ran to me saying, “Laveda, where were you?” Abigail embraced me in a crushing hug. I AM SERIOUSLY NOT USED TO THIS! SCARY! Bibi is also not pleased being pressed between Abigail and me.

“So where were you, my darling sister? You weren’t in your room this morning.”

“I was playing in the woods.”

Abigail smiled at me brightly…SCARY! She was smiling for a while, but her smile instantly turned into a frown as she faced Frederick. Why are you glaring at Frederick?

“Why were you with my darling sister?”

“I escorted her from the woods,” stated Frederick with a smile, but his smile turned to one of panic when ice suddenly formed on his right hand…the hand that I was holding before.

“You should get that melted before your hand falls off,” stated Abigail with a frown. Frederick immediately ran off leaving me with Abigail, who was still hugging me, and mother, who looked uneasy. Abigail smiled at me and began to drag me into the dining hall saying, “The servants made a lot for breakfast to celebrate my birthday, so let’s eat together.” I nodded, but I was still concerned about Frederick. His hand won’t really fall off, right?

Just like Abigail said, there was a lot for breakfast and some sweets that wouldn’t usually be served for breakfast like Tiramisu. I admit the sweets are good, but I rather eat a regular breakfast. As I ate, Abigail began to offer me food from her plate, even making me eat from her spoon. I can feed myself.

Ah, father finally arrived and next to him stood Theodore…with red eyes. Was he crying too? Was I the cause? Abigail and mother noticed father as well and greeted him, but I could see the confusion in their faces when they saw Theodore.

“Who is that boy, father?” asked Abigail. Father smiled and patted Theodore’s head as Theodore rubbed his red eyes.

“His name is Theodore. He is your new big brother.”


Just as I expected, Abigail is shocked. Even mother is shocked to the point she shot up from her chair.

“Burnell, did you adopt this boy?”

My father (ah yes, his name is Burnell) nodded and stated, “We don’t have any sons, so I thought this decision was best.”

“But you didn’t even consult me.”

“I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Mother looks really frustrated. I guess this is one of the reasons she bullied Theodore in the game. As for Abigail, whoa, she looks absolutely pissed.

“I don’t want a big brother!”


Abigail suddenly hugged me and stated, “I don’t want him to go near Laveda.” Hey, hey, don’t bring me into this. I already decided in my heart not to bully Theodore, so keep me out of it. Oh dear, now father is glaring at me. I swear I didn’t do anything.

Huh, Theodore is also looking toward me with confusion in his eyes. I tilted my head and Theodore mirrored my action. I thought it was a coincidence, but when I tilted my head again, he mirrored my action again. This is not Simon Says, so stop that. Why is he even staring at me…Bibi please don’t pounce at Theodore. I had to hold Bibi to prevent him from revealing himself.

My father cleared his throat and stated, “I know this is a lot to take in, but we have a birthday to celebrate, so we will discuss this at a later time.” My father took his seat pulling Theodore to the seat next to him.

…Theodore is still staring at me…it’s kind of freaking me out now.

After we ate, my father finally introduced us properly to Theodore, while explaining how he picked Theodore up from the slums and how he discovered Theodore’s animal talent. Pretty much the same explanation from the game, so no surprises there for me.

Father looked at Theodore, while pointing at each of us, and began to speak.

“This woman is my wife, Delilah. She will be your new mother.”

My mother did a small bow, but with a complicated expression as Theodore greeted her.

“This girl here is my eldest daughter and your new little sister, Abigail. Today we are celebrating her birthday.”

“Happy birthday,” stated Theodore with nervousness in his voice.

Abigail just scoffed turning her head away from Theodore with crossed arms. Father didn’t pay any attention to Abigail’s rude behavior as his finger finally pointed toward me.

“Her name is Laveda.”

He won’t even mention that I am his daughter.

“Is she my sister too?”

Father nodded, but he seemed displeased.

Theodore bowed to me saying, “Nice to meet you Laveda.”

I curtsied returning his greeting, but then I noticed that he was staring at me nonstop…hold on, he is not staring at me this time…HE IS STARING AT BIBI! Crud, I forgot that he already met Bibi in the back woods, but maybe he forgot.

“That bear…”

HE DIDN’T FORGET! I hold Bibi to my chest tighter saying, “I need to be excused.” I then race out of the dining hall before anyone (Abigail) could grab me.

Maybe it would be best to hide in the woods for the day.

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