Chapter 48: What Do I do? What Do I do?

I managed to reach the back woods after my escape. Phew, I can’t believe that Theodore recognized Bibi, even though the encounter was so brief. I am seriously worried. I think it is best to stay in the woods.

I went to my little hideout in the woods and then placed Bibi on the ground to let him walk around. Actually, I think Bibi should just get out of the bear for today. Bibi exited the bear according to my wishes and began to jiggle his body as he rolled on the grassy ground. SO CUTE!

Theodore recognizing Bibi is a big problem for me, so maybe I should change the doll Bibi inhabits, but Bibi is so used to the bear now. I’ll let Bibi choose his new body when I have the time to go to the market with Frederick’s help of course. I really hope Frederick is OK after that ice attack.

Wait a second, now that I think about it, Theodore is introduced to Abigail on her birthday, but it is during the party…he came too soon. I wonder why father brought him out early. Well his eyes were pretty red, so maybe father brought him out early to cheer him up…is it my fault?

I guess I looked troubled, since Bibi is not rubbing against my leg. SO CUTE! I immediately began to cuddle Bibi with a smile on my face.

Huh, I thought I heard a rustle in the woods…must be one of my animal friends, but why aren’t they coming out? I have a bad feeling about this. I place Bibi back inside the bear just as a precaution and then approach the cluster of trees ready to use my talents if necessary. Bibi is in a fighting stance in his teddy bear form…SO CUTE, but I have to focus now (must cuddle Bibi later).

I push the through the green of the woods and felt my eyes widened. In the middle of a bed flowers that I wasn’t even aware existed laid a naked baby maybe a few months old sucking on its thumb…WHY IS THERE A BABY HERE? I was seriously panicked. Who abandoned a baby here? What do I do? What do I do?


…OK, that sound from the baby was really cute, BUT WHAT DO I DO? I should get Frederick. I was about to run off, but I suddenly felt a tug on my skirt. I looked down and the baby was holding the hem of my skirt. HOW DID YOU REACH ME SO FAST? I can’t exactly kick the baby away. I pick the baby up and examined the baby closely as the baby giggled in my hold. Definitely a boy child considering the worm there…Caucasian, one eye green and one eye blue…pretty smooth skin, so definitely a few months old, but I can’t pin point the exact age of this child.


A very cute voice as well, but why is the baby in the woods? Who would abandon him here?

OH SHOOT, Bibi don’t pounce at the child. Bibi tried to smack the child in my hold, but to my utter surprise, the baby caught Bibi in midair and began nibble on Bibi’s ear. Poor Bibi is trying to get away. Stay strong Bibi.

I guess I really can’t leave him here. I hold the baby to my chest and the baby began to giggle as he held Bibi with one arm and used his free hand to touch my cheek. This child is really adorable, but I have to find Frederick. He may know what to do with you.

I exited the woods, but I was shocked when I saw Abigail running in my direction with father and Theodore behind her. Using the wind I heard their words in the distance.

“Laveda has to be in the woods. She always loves to go in there.”

“Just leave her be. You have to get ready for your party.”


I am quite concerned about Abigail’s strange attachment to me, but Theodore didn’t say a word and he is right behind them.

They soon reached my position and Abigail (as predicted) tried to hug me, but I avoided her this time, since I was holding a defenseless baby in my embrace. Abigail gave out a whimper looking at me, but her eyes became the size of saucers when she saw the baby in my arms tugging on my long white hair. Abigail is not saying anything, so I guess she is shocked speechless.

Father also arrived and seemed ready to reprimand me when he saw me, but froze when he saw the baby in my arms.

“WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BABY?” my father demanded in an angered tone. Why is he angry?

“I found him in the woods. I think he was abandoned.”

I spoke the truth, but my father was still glaring at me. Did he think I stole the baby or something?

Theodore soon arrived panting, but then met gazes with me.

“Laveda, did I say something to make you run away?” he asked. I shook my head and a I heard what sounded like a relieved sigh come out of Theodore. Was he worried that I ran off because of him…well it was, but I better not tell him that. Theodore then took notice of the baby, judging by his changed expression, but before he could say anything, father approached me and plucked the baby from my arms.

“I don’t know where this child came from, but you are not holding him,” stated father in a stern voice. I nodded, since it would be best for the baby not to be with me, since I have no idea how to handle a baby, but after a few moments, the baby began to cry in father’s arms. Father looked panic as he tried to calm the baby down by rocking him, but the baby just cried louder.

“Father, you’re making the baby cry,” stated Abigail (looks like she is no longer shocked). My father continued to rock the baby, but the baby began to push at his face with tears in his eyes. That baby must not like father…I like this baby.

My father sighed and then stated, “We are ALL heading back to the mansion to discuss how to handle this child.”

“And my birthday?” asked Abigail with a smile. My father assured her that we would celebrate it and began to lead the way back to the mansion with the crying baby still pounding against father’s chest with Bibi still in his grasp. Bibi is being flung around…I’ll save you soon, Bibi.

As we walked, Theodore went to my side and asked, “So about that bear…”

Ah, he is bringing up Bibi.

“Have you ever seen it move?”

I shook my head. Theodore looked pretty puzzled, but I refuse to reveal the truth.

“Laveda, I have another question: have we met?”

“Never, until this morning,” I answered in a sweet tone. Does he suspect that I’m the fox he tried to keep? Theodore sighed looking disappointed.

“Why do you ask?” I chirped. Believe me, I am curious.

“Well when I first met you, your hair was white just like my pet fox.”

Hey, I was not your pet to begin with and he suspected me because of my hair? I guess my white hair did match the fur.

“Are you calling me a fox?” I asked in a displeased tone. Theodore shook his head with a panicked expression.

“Now way, but you are cute like a baby fox.”

“Is that a compliment?”

“Was it insulting?” asked Theodore in a panic. He sounds so cute overreacting, but I shouldn’t tease him.

“Thank you for your compliment, Big Brother.”


“You are my big brother now, right?”

Theodore turned red in the cheeks with a nod. I giggled finding his reaction cute. I was planning on skipping the party, since I thought Theodore would realize my secrets, but I don’t have to worry about that, so I’ll attend and stick with my Big Brother.

Abigail suddenly appeared between Theodore and me and pushed Theodore as far away as possible from me and then returned to me hugging me, while glaring at Theodore. My big sister is too clingy now.


The baby is still crying…father looks close to tears too. I slipped from Abigail’s grasp and then I approached father feeling a little pity for him and held my hands toward him saying, “I can hold him for you.” My father seemed reluctant, but then handed the baby to me gently with a look that seemed to say, “You drop him, you are dead.” I held the baby closely, while Bibi managed to hold my arm shaking slightly, but not enough for anyone to notice. The baby instantly stopped crying and touched my cheek with a smile.


Such a cute voice. Father is looking at me with wide eyes and now his eyes changed to one of envy. Father continued to lead the way, telling me to be careful with the baby. I nodded and walked behind father with Abigail and Theodore looking at me with wide eyes.

“Looks like the baby likes you,” stated Abigail with a smile. I nodded and then felt the baby tug on my white hair again. Abigail tried to poke the baby’s soft cheek, but the baby gave out a whimper and buried his head into my chest making Abigail frown.

“I guess that baby doesn’t like me,” stated Abigail in a disappointed tone. Theodore then approached and held his finger to the baby. The baby looked at Theodore and then began to giggle as he gripped Theodore’s extended finger.

“WHY DOES THE BABY LIKE HIM?” exclaimed Abigail in agony. Theodore just smiled as he poked the baby’s cheek making the baby giggle in delight. Even I was surprised. This baby sure likes Theodore.

Hold on, this image of a woman (me) holding a baby with a man (Theodore) playing fondly with the baby in the woman’s arms is like a loving mother and father fawning over a newborn…NOPE, I refuse that image. It is just two children babysitting a baby.

When we reached the house, mother was waiting at the front. She smiled when she saw father, but her look turned to shock when she saw the baby in my arms. Mother was very silent.

“Delilah, are you OK?” asked my father in a worried tone, but then mother suddenly slapped him across the cheek crying out, “YOU CHEATER!” before running back into the mansion in tears. Father was standing in shock with a hand on his cheek. Abigail and Theodore looked confused, but I had an idea what mother thought: father had an affair and brought home his mistress’s child to raise. Such a misunderstanding.

“Father,” I called to him, “You should explain things clearly to mother or she will hate you forever.” My father turned pale and ran into the mansion calling after my mother. I then looked at Abigail and stated, “You should also explain to mother in case she doubts father.” Abigail nodded and was about to run into the mansion after father, but not before glaring at Theodore. I guess she was warning him not to get close to me. She is really clingy to me now, but I am slowly getting used to it now.

When Abigail was gone, I looked at Theodore and stated, “We should bring the baby into the mansion. He must be hungry.” Theodore nodded and followed me into the mansion.

As we walked, the baby began to giggle, while tugging my hair and hugging Bibi…Bibi looks so worn out. Theodore leaned toward the giggling baby and asked, “So you really found the baby in the woods?” I nodded.

“Was it abandoned?”

“I think so, but this baby looks pretty healthy.”


Theodore suddenly smiled and asked, “Should we name him?”

“I don’t know. Father might get angry.”

“Then just a temporary name.”

“…I doubt your naming sense.”


I only spoke the truth, especially when he tried to name me in my fox form.

“We can come up with a name together.”

Theodore nodded, but he seemed a little sad about what I said previously.

“How about Sunny?”



“Definitely no.”


“…Are you trying to come up with the eighth dwarf?”

Theodore looks really dejected right now. I looked at the baby, who was still giggling as he tugged on my hair, and then thought of the first name that came to my mind.



“Hachi means eight and ko means prince, so I thought it would be OK, since it seemed like you were trying to come up with the eighth dwarf and prince makes him seem more charming.”

Theodore smiled and stated, “I don’t know what you mean by eighth dwarf, but Hachiko, seems like a cool name. “

“So are we in agreement?”

Theodore nodded. Theodore and I looked at the baby and stated, at the same time, “Your name is Hachiko.” The baby smiled with a giggle and suddenly gave off a glow. I felt my eyes widen and when the light cleared, the baby had some added features: Dog ears and a fluffy tail.

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