Chapter 49: Puppy Love?

I need to register this into my mind. I have a baby in my arms and this baby began to glow after Theodore and I gave him a name and now he has dog ears and a fluffy tail…HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

The baby boy was giggling as he wagged his new grown tail and tugged on my white hair. I can tell Theodore was shocked judging by how wide his eyes were.

“This baby is a Beastkin?”

“Beastkin?” I echoed and asked, “You mean those creatures in fairy tales?” Theodore nodded with wide eyes. Beastkin, in this world, can only be found in fairy tales and are known as a crossbreed between human and beast…not bestiality…I think.

I held the baby boy, Hachiko, from under his arms and dangled him in front of me as I examined his new dog features. This is very puzzling.

“So what do we do?” asked Theodore. Does he expect me to have an answer to this? Father, mother, and Abigail will be shocked when they see this too.

“I don’t know what to do, but…”

Before I could finish my sentence, Hachiko tugged on my hair with a giggle and then stated, “Mama.”

…SERIOUSLY! I am too young to be a mother. I haven’t even hit puberty yet.

“I’m not your mama,” I stated in a serious tone, but Hachiko still laughed and muttered, “Mama.” I hung my head down. Words aren’t getting through to this child.

Theodore suddenly plucked Hachiko from my embrace and held him at his eye level with a serious look.

“Hachiko, we don’t know if you are really a Beastkin, but I can tell you that Laveda is not your Mama.”

Nice wording Theodore.


…SERIOUSLY! Now Theodore is Papa? Child, please examine us closely. There is no way we can be your parents. We don’t even look like you.

Oh dear, Theodore looks shocked and he is turning red. Did he like being called Papa? Now that I think about it, I would like to be called Mama or mommy in the future, but that is only when I am married and have my own child.

I take Hachiko from Theodore and hold Hachiko to my chest.

“I don’t know what is going on, but let’s wait for father. He might know what to do.”

Theodore nodded trying to hide the blush on his face.

We decided to wait in the kitchen, since it would be obvious to feed the baby first, but what do we feed the baby. I don’t think real milk is a good idea, but maybe it is? I don’t know. Even in my previous life, I didn’t have to take care of a baby…oh wait, I did when I babysat, but I used powder milk bought from the store. Do we even have that? I doubt it.

I glanced toward Theodore to see if he had any ideas, but I saw him already filling a bowl with milk. Where did he retrieve that milk? Theodore then placed a silver spoon in the bowl and looked at me saying, “I think regular milk should be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Well calves drink milk from the cow, so it should be fine.”

Good point, but I am still worried. I suddenly heard a grumble from Hachiko. He must be hungry. I’ll let him have that milk. If he does get sick, I’ll use my light talent to help him. I handed Hachiko to Theodore and then Theodore began to feed Hachiko slowly using the silver spoon. If we keep the baby here longer then I should go to the market to buy baby supplies.


Such a cute sound from the child…oh dear, Bibi looks worn out in Hachiko’s arm. I better retrieve him. I managed to take Bibi from Hachiko, but Bibi still refused to move. He must be traumatized. I’ll make it up to you Bibi.

I suddenly heard footsteps approaching and when I looked up I saw father enter the room followed by Abigail and mother.

“So you do understand right, Delilah?”

My mother nodded at my father’s words, but I could still see traces of tears in her eyes. She must still doubt father.

Father then looked toward Theodore and me and stated, “I see you two had the idea to feed the child.” Theodore and I nodded. My father also nodded, but before he could say anything, Abigail ran to me and hugged me saying, “Mother seems to understand, so let’s play before the party.”

Abigail, did you already forget about the child I found? This isn’t really the time to play.

Abigail suddenly gasped and exclaimed, “Why does the baby have dog ears?” Ah, so she noticed. Father seems to have noticed and looks a little scared. I don’t blame him. A baby having dog ears and a tail isn’t exactly normal.

“How is this possible?” my father asked.

“Big brother and I just named him and then animal features appeared on him.”

I wasn’t lying, but father looked doubtful…Abigail looks angry. I guess it is because I called Theodore big brother. Please don’t be angry Abigail.

I just noticed, but my mother hasn’t said a word for a long while. She is just staring at Hachiko. Why is her cheeks growing red? Is she sick?


Woah, is that my mother squealing? Mother immediately lifted the baby from Theodore’s grasp and began to cuddle him. Mother, the baby will suffocate if you continue this.


My mother faced father with a confused baby in her grasp.

“Can we please keep this child?”


Mother actually wants to keep Hachiko. She doesn’t even seem disturbed about the dog features on the child. In fact, she looks excited.

“Delilah, I don’t think…”

“You adopted that boy without consulting me, so let me adopt this child.”


“If you refuse, I won’t ever speak to you again.”

Father looks utterly hopeless right now. Mother sure is strong.

“Well the child looked abandoned, so I guess it would be OK to adopt another child,” my father said in utter defeat. My mother practically cheered. I’m surprised Hachiko hasn’t cried or attempted to free himself from mother.

My mother held him at eye level and stated, “I am your new mommy.”

Hachiko’s visibly widened, but then looked toward me…I have a bad feeling.


SHOOT! He called me mama in front of mother.

“No, no, she is big sister. I am Mama.”

Mother is trying to correct him. Hachiko looked at mother.


He is not going her mama anytime soon, but mother doesn’t seem to mind as she cuddles him. At least he isn’t wailing like with father. Oh dear, father is looking at mother with envy in his eyes.

Mother began to leave the room saying, “I think I still have some baby bottles left over in the spare room and some clothes.” Mother sounds very excited, but the moment she tried to leave the room, Hachiko reached out toward me and Theodore saying, “Mama, Papa.” Please don’t call us that.

Mother seemed to notice and looked at Theodore and me. She doesn’t seem angry right now, but father and Abigail looked shock.

“Can you two please come with me?” my mother asked Theodore and me. We both nodded and began to leave the room. Us just coming along made Hachiko begin to giggle.

My mother then looked at father saying, “We will be on time for the party, so do not worry.” We then left the room, but I could hear Abigail complaining that she wanted to play with me and father trying to calm her down. Abigail is really too attached to me.

As we walked, mother looked at Theodore and me and asked, “Does the child have a name?” Theodore and I nodded.

“His name is Hachiko,” I squeaked, not really used to mother speaking to me directly.

“Hachiko…a nice name. So my new baby’s name is Hachiko. Since you named him, I guess that is the reason why he calls you two Mama and Papa.”


“Did you not know? In Fairy Tales with Beastkin, the person that names them immediately becomes their owner or in this case the parents.”

So that’s the case?

“But the name was temporary,” Theodore stated with panic slightly in his voice.

“There is no such thing as a temporary name when it comes to Beastkin,” My mother pointed out and added, “I hope this child calls me mother in the future, but it can’t be helped if he calls you two mama and papa.”

That is a problem. We are children, so how can we be parents. We shouldn’t have named him.

Mother eyes suddenly lit up and added, “We should go to the market tomorrow and buy a new crib and let’s not forget to buy some snowdrop Lillies to hang on the crib for good luck and also some baby food and newer bottles and…”

Mother is overly excited about this.

“Mother, do you by chance like Beastkin?”

“…I love them. I always wanted to have a Beastkin child, but everyone told me they weren’t real and that I should give up. My dream finally came true!”

Mother is really excited to the point that it is scary.

“I was angry that your father adopted Theodore without telling me, but since he allowed me to adopt this child and this child likes Theodore, I am just too happy.”

I can tell. You are TOO happy.

Mother looked at me and Theodore and stated, “I expect you two to help me watch over this child. Let’s get along.”

…I don’t get it. So mother will accept us if we help her watch over Hachiko…I just don’t get it.


Very cute sound.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 49: Puppy Love?”

  1. *Quiet Laughter* looks like Laveda is getting more and more confused as time goes on though I have to say the Mom’s sudden turn around is a little worrisome.
    Thanks for the chappy! Hope you feel better soon.

    (I feel the urge to draw Hachiko. I’ll make him super cute and send him to you okay? Would you prefer him small or a chubby baby?)


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