Chapter 5: Please don’t touch me!

How did things turn out this way? Currently Cecil is fast asleep right next to me hugging me to his chest. I know I should be happy, but this feels awkward. Cecil hates touching people and yet he is hugging me close just like a teddy bear. I did try to squirm away but for a four year old, he is pretty strong.

Note: must work on my muscle strength to live a good life…and to get free from crushing hugs from cute boys.

How did things turn out this way? Well, after we had cleared our tears after revealing our time talents, I repeated to Cecil that I had all the talents. This time, Cecil believed my words.

“So what is it like, having the time talent?”

Looks like he was only concerned with the time talent, since this was his first time meeting someone with the same talent without having to lie. He might have been concerned with the animal talent too, since he flinched every time Bibi got too close. Bibi really did traumatize him…don’t attack Bibi.

“I don’t use the talent much.”

“Are you avoiding it like me, by not touching people or getting too close?”

I shook my head.

“My family doesn’t really like getting close to me or touching me, so I don’t really avoid them because of my time talent.”

“Do they know about your talents?”

I shook my head.

“Do you want to tell them? They might respect you more because of your talents.”

I shook my head.

“I won’t tell them and even if I did, I might be taken advantage of and it might put me in danger as well since I don’t know anyone that has all the talents.”

Cecil nodded his head, so I can only guess that he understood what I was saying.

“Your family is cruel to you.”

Cecil’s voice was low and filled with spite and so I knew that when he was touched by Abigail during dinner he saw how my family treated me.

“They are cruel, but they are still my flesh and blood.”

I say those words, but even I hated those words. I wished that they weren’t my family. I want a happy life with a family that loves me, but that dream is still far.

Cecil didn’t say anything so I guessed he understood that I would never tell my family, but he suddenly grabbed my hand and all I could do was look at him. I noticed his red cheeks. Is he seeing something embarrassing from my past again? I was ready to yank my hand away, but paused when I heard him say something strange.

“Why is it that when I touch you, I don’t see any of your time?”

Does that mean he can’t see my past or future? But that shouldn’t be possible. Anyone he touches he can immediately see their future or past. What makes me different…maybe because I have my previous life’s memory? Could the time talent be getting confused with me? There’s just no way!

Cecil then hugged me.

“I haven’t touched anyone before without seeing their time. This feels nice.”

Cecil is getting too close and my heart is racing. This is really awkward…I wonder why Bibi hasn’t attacked him yet. I look at Bibi and saw that Cecil’s foot was on top of Bibi with Bibi struggling. My poor Bibi! I tried to pull away, but Cecil held tighter pulling me down. I DON’T LIKE THIS POSITION! I struggled to get free once again, but noticed that his eyes were closed and he was silently breathing steady. He fell asleep? Well he is young and it was getting late…BUT NOW I’M TRAPPED!

So that’s what happened, Cecil is asleep and I am trapped in his embrace. This is not good for my heart and Bibi can’t help me since Cecil’s foot is on top of him. My poor Bibi, I’ll save you after I save myself. I tried to inch away again, but this time, Cecil’s right hand pushed me back in his embrace, while petting my head like a cat. I AM NOT A PET AND ARE YOU REALLY ASLEEP? Must escape…

I tried to slide away by slipping under his arms, but his hold became tighter and he continued to pet my head. I really want him to stop touching me. I should feel lucky to be in a cute guy’s embrace, but I just want to get away.

I think hours passed before I finally gave up and dozed off. My body is young, so it was about time for me to crash, but I wish I got free before I ran out of energy. Please stop touching me, Cecil. I am not a pet…

When I awoke, I felt someone playing with my long white hair. It was no mystery who it was: Cecil, at least I was no longer in a bone crushing hug.

“Good morning,” I heard Cecil say. I looked up at him and saw him smiling and that was when I noticed that I was in his lap. I shot up, not tearing my eyes away from him.

“So we slept out here all night?” I asked.

Cecil nodded, still smiling. Seeing him smile so much makes him cute…wait a minute, where is Bibi? I remember Bibi was under Cecil’s foot, but now he is obviously not there. Was that rock always in my hut? I saw the rock shake…BIBI! I immediately lifted the rock off of Bibi and saw Bibi jiggling. Bibi leapt into my open arms with tears in his closed eyes. My poor Bibi! I glared at Cecil, but he was still smiling. He felt no remorse for what he did to Bibi…I guess he wouldn’t since Bibi tried to murder him just last night.

Cecil chuckled and walked up to me. I held Bibi protectively, while shooting warning glares at Cecil. I won’t let him harm Bibi.

Cecil held his hand to me with a slight bow saying, “We should head back before our family realizes we are missing.” I nodded letting my guard down slightly. I placed Bibi back in my teddy bear and slipped out of my hut avoiding Cecil’s extended hand. Cecil slipped out with his hand still held to me, but I refused to hold his hand. He might pull me into a bone crushing hug again.

I was suddenly lifted off my feet and was being carried like a princess by Cecil. He really is strong for a four year old. But more than that…this is scary! He did a twirl with me in his grasp. I’m going to fall! Please put me down!

My reaction must have been funny since Cecil was laughing as he ran back to the mansion with me in his grasp.

When we reached the house, the servants were already running around with frantic looks. I guess they discovered that Cecil and I were missing. One of the maids, I think her name is Yuna, spotted Cecil and I. I could see tears of relief in her eyes as she ran to us.

“Thank goodness you two are all right,” Yuna exclaimed as she approached us. Before Yuna could touch any of us, Cecil stepped back giving the maid a warning look that seem to say, “Touch us and die.” I guess the message went through since Yuna pulled away and bowed.

“I will take you to the dining room where your family waits.”

Cecil and I both nodded and then followed Yuna down the hall. I say we, but I was still in Cecil’s arms.

“Can you put me down?”

“But you’re so light.”


I was prepared to ask a bit more politely to be put down, but Bibi, in my teddy bear, used the bear’s leg to kick Cecil’s cheek.

Cecil was silent as he finally placed me down and then he suddenly grabbed Bibi’s teddy bear form and dangled him in the air with his small hand wrapped around the bear’s neck.


I tried to save Bibi, but Cecil held him away from me with me crying for Bibi with outstretched arms. Stop being mean to Bibi!

“Young master, Lady Laveda, please stay close,” insisted Yuna, who didn’t seem to notice Bibi’s movement in the bear. Cecil nodded grabbing my right arm with his free hand and dangled Bibi by the neck. It looked like my poor Bibi was being hanged. I’ll save you soon.

When we reached the dining room, I saw my father, mother, Abigail, and my uncle sitting at the table with breakfast placed in front of them.

“Where were you two?” demanded my father with my mother trying to calm him down.

The sound of my father’s angry voice made me slightly flinch. Cecil stood before me dumping Bibi to the ground and stated, “I apologize uncle, but Lady Laveda and I were just playing in the back woods.”

Silence filled the room as I picked up Bibi; and my father began to approach us. He pushed Cecil aside gently and then slapped my cheek. Cecil’s eyes widened, while I remained quiet.

“Abigail was in charge of taking care of Cecil, not you. You had no right.”

My father’s voice was filled with anger, but I just remained silent.

Cecil stood before me with anger clearly in his eyes.

“Lady Laveda…no, Laveda was a better companion for me and I asked her to play with me, so don’t punish her for something I asked.”

Cecil’s face was filled with determination to protect me and I have to admit that it felt nice. My father seemed ready to say something, but paused when my uncle, Cecil’s father, said, “I agree with Cecil.”

All eyes fell on my uncle. My uncle stood up glaring at my father.

“My son asked your youngest daughter to play with him, so you punishing Laveda for obeying my son’s wishes is in poor taste. I believe you owe her an apology.”

My father was hesitant, but I guess uncle’s look was enough to make my father obey. He muttered an apology to me, which I accepted, but with a timid voice. I swear this is the first time I heard my father mutter an apology to me. My uncle really is a great person.

My uncle nodded in approval and then smiled in my direction.

“I’m glad my son enjoyed playing with you and if you like, you can come over to play with him again.”

I was hesitant at first, but nodded when I saw the look of excitement in Cecil’s eyes. I guess he really wanted to play with me.

With the agreement of a future play date, Cecil immediately hugged me with a smile. Oh dear lord, I am being crushed again. I want to use one of my talents but there are witnesses. Please let me go.

I noticed my uncle staring at Cecil with wide eyes. Now that I think about it, Cecil didn’t like touching people and now he is touching me too much. That must have been shocking to my uncle, but my uncle only smiled warmly. It must be a heartwarming sight, but please get Cecil off of me, he is hugging too tight…Don’t attack Bibi.

…Please stop glaring at me Abigail. I really don’t know want to do, but I won’t let Cecil knowing my secret prevent me from accomplishing my goals. I will get a stable job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy…and get stronger to survive bone crushing hugs from Cecil.

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  1. Thanks for the chapters i’ve just finished reading all the chapter and i find it pretty good !! Wainting for more chapters.


    1. Thank you so much! You are the first person to comment and you are not a silent reader. I was so worried that this site with the story was just going to be a place where I talk to myself. I plan to update soon, so look forward to it.


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