Chapter 50: Animal Talent Club

I am trapped in a room with my mother and Theodore watching over the baby, Hachiko. Hachiko is crawling on the ground with his dog tail wagging. Between the three of us, he crawled to me the most and patted my knee. Bibi is shaking behind my back, but mother and Theodore didn’t seem to notice.


“He is just too cute!” mother exclaimed with her hands against her cheeks. She must really like Hachiko.

“The dress is also adorable on him.”

Ah yes, he is wearing a white dress meant for a baby girl with a diaper on his butt. I looked at mother with a raised eyebrow.

“Mother, we should really get boys’ clothes for Hachiko. It doesn’t seem right for him to wear a dress.”

Mother went into deep thought and then nodded saying, “He’ll wear the dress just for today.”



Hachiko suddenly crawled to Theodore and patted his knee saying, “Papa.”

“I’m not your Papa,” stated Theodore in an exasperated tone. Mother chuckled as she looked at Theodore and stated, “You named him, so you are his Papa.”


Theodore seemed to be troubled as Hachiko patted his knee calling him Papa repeatedly.

Mother sighed and stated, “Having you call me mother is troublesome, but I will allow it since Hachiko calls you Papa.”

Mother hasn’t really accepted Theodore as her son. Even in the game, she hated him, but I hope it will be different, especially with this child here.

Hachiko crawled back to me and then sat in my lap saying, “Mama.” I won’t even deny it. He’ll grow out of it…I think.

Mother just chuckled and then stated, “You were really lucky to find him in the woods, Laveda.”

“How so?”

“Well according to the books, Beastkin only appear once every hundred years.”


Mother nodded. Now that think about it, it was mentioned in the book about Beastkin. I need to study more.

Mother suddenly stood up and held her hands toward Hachiko saying, “How about coming to me, Hachiko?”



My mother seems to be on cloud nine, but isn’t she bothered that Hachiko called her sister…never mind, she must be thrilled.

Mother picked up Hachiko and held him with a giggle.

“Such an adorable boy,” stated Mother and then looked at me.

“I’m also glad that you are not talentless.”


Mother smirked at me…kind of scary.

“You can’t fool me now. Beastkin are quite close to people with the animal talent.”

Oh shoot. I did not know this.

“It could be coincidence.”

Mother giggled saying, “There are no coincidences when it comes to Beastkin liking you, so fess up my dear Laveda.”

“…Fine, I have the animal talent.”

Mother nodded and stated, “I don’t know why the orb said you were talentless, but we should let your father know.”

“Please don’t.”

Mother raised her eyebrow asking, “Why not?”

“I don’t…”

I really don’t know what to say. I don’t want them to know about my talents.

I suddenly felt my mother hugging me and Hachiko touching my cheek, while giggling.

“All right, I won’t tell your father, but promise me that you’ll talk to me once in a while.”

My mother is acting kind? I looked at mother saying, “But don’t you hate me for being talentless before.” Mother frowned.

“I swear your father. When we learned you were talentless I didn’t mind, but your father was insistent that you had to have a talent to gain our respect and he even taught Abigail that,” stated mother and then added, “It hurt my heart when I had to ignore you to please your father and I even tried to talk to you, but your father’s servants found ways to distract me.”

My mother hugged me again and whispered, “I don’t want you to be hated.”


I feel like I want to cry. Mother didn’t want to isolate me…it’s unbelievable, but one thing remains true…father definitely hates me. It kind of hurts.

Mother then faced Theodore and stated, “As for you young man.”


“You better keep the secret as well,” stated mother and then clasped a hand on Theodore’s head making him flinch, “If you do anything to harm Hachiko or my daughters then you will see HELL.” Theodore gulped and stated, “I will be a good boy.”

I guess mother scared Theodore pretty badly.

Hachiko began to giggle and reached toward Theodore calling him Papa again. Mother sighed and handed Hachiko to Theodore saying, “Don’t drop him now.” Theodore nodded and held Hachiko gently.

Mother then faced me and stated, “I don’t want your father to know my true feelings toward you right now, so…”

“It’s OK to act like you always do around me.”

Mother began to tear up as she hugged me. It feels nice, but I wonder if this was her true feelings in the game.

Wait a minute…I just realized something.

“Mother, you said Beastkin are close to people with the animal talent, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Then why is Hachiko comfortable with you?”

Mother smiled saying, “Because I have the animal talent too.”


Even Theodore was surprised.

“But I thought…”

“That I have the ice talent?”

I nodded.

“Just because I married your father, doesn’t mean that I have the ice talent.”

This was pretty shocking. I really thought her talent was ice not animal.

Mother suddenly grabbed my arm and Theodore’s and pulled us close to her in a hug.

“As animal talent users, we must get along and Hachiko can be our mascot.”


Hachiko seems to be in agreement. I looked toward Theodore and saw him smiling, but when his eyes met mine, his face turned red and then turned away. What is he embarrassed about?

Well this day, Mother, Theodore, Hachiko, and I created an animal talent club, but I am still a little worried.

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