Chapter 54: Hachiko RUN…no wait, CRAWL!

This is seriously bad. I have to protect myself, but now I have to protect Hachiko. He was almost eaten by the giant snake, but I managed to save him in time.


Don’t act cute with me. You are getting a lecture about when to enter a scene when this is over.


Don’t call me Mama now, either. Kyahh! This snake is not backing down. Too dangerous! I am running with all my might using my wind talent, but I can’t seem to leave the area…WHY?

“You can’t get away,” I heard Evil Twin say and then heard him add, “My barrier can’t be broken.”

SINCE WHEN DID HE HAVE A BARRIER MAKING SKILL! This is so cliché. I want out. If this was my previous life, I would be calling 911 right about now. I wish this world had a reset button in this world. This is just too scary. Even that Medusa monster in the mountain wasn’t this scary. Kyahh!


Hachiko, seriously can’t you see that I am trying to escape with our lives on the line. Ah, don’t pull my hair…don’t laugh either.

Oh Sweet merciful heaven! The tail of the snake nearly got me. I managed to jump away, but for some reason I feel lighter…HACHIKO!


Hachiko is flying in the air. I am such a bad Mama. How could I have let him go when dodging the tail?



Looks like Hachiko saw Theodore, but Hachiko, please don’t be fooled. That is not Papa right now…WHY AM I SAYING IT LIKE THEODORE AND ME ARE REALLY HACHIKO’S PARENTS?

First things first: Got to save Hachiko! I ran with the power of my wind and tried to catch Hachiko, but Hachiko for some reason changed directions in the air. Ah come on, you can’t do that. Just fall into my arms like a good boy.


Hachiko is reaching his arms out toward Theodore…Evil Twin. You are not allowed near Hachiko Evil Twin! I try to grab Hachiko again, but then he was out of sight.


I looked toward Evil Twin and saw that Hachiko was in his arms. HACHIKO!

Evil Twin smirked looking at the giggling Hachiko.

“So this is the little runt, Theodore named,” stated Evil twin and then looked in my direction.

“You seem to care for the runt, so how about a deal: I give him back and you make the Demon’s Deal with me. Do you still refuse?”

Evil twin pressed his hand toward Hachiko’s neck as if he were ready to snap it. I don’t want to make a Demon’s Deal, but…

“All right, just don’t hurt Hachiko.”

Evil Twin’s smirk looks truly evil just like from a manga. His Familiar snake finally stopped thrashing around as he began to approach me, his hand still on Hachiko’s neck. This really sucks. I was threatened.

When Evil twin stood before me, he leaned toward me and stated, in a low tone, “Don’t worry it won’t hurt.”

It’s totally going to hurt and he is going to take my first kiss too. This day totally sucks. Evil Twin leaned toward my lips to the point I could feel his breath. My heart was seriously beating. This is to save Hachiko. This is to save Hachiko…


The next thing I knew, Evil Twin was kicked in the cheek and sent flying into the tree once again. Hachiko was in turn tossed in the air. I caught him with relief in my heart. Thank goodness. Thank you, Chi. I forgot you were still out.

“Chi, chi,” Chi purred rubbing his body against my leg.

Evil Twin groaned as he got up with blood leaking from the side of his lips.

“Meddlesome pet. Kraken!”

I guess Kraken is the snake’s name.

I expected the snake to be lashing out at me again, but it was silent. Even Evil Twin looked confused. I look toward the snake and saw that it was lying on the ground unconscious with a teddy bear standing on top of it in a proud manner like a wrestler when he succeeded in taking down his rival. Hold on…BIBI! Bibi defeated the snake.

Bibi jumped off of the snake landed on top of my arms near Hachiko’s laughing form. How did Bibi get here? Oh yeah, Hachiko wouldn’t let go of Bibi, so he must have brought him along, but where was Bibi this entire time.


Hachiko grabbed Bibi’s arm and Bibi immediately went limp…I guess Bibi is afraid of Hachiko. Chi, on the other hand, went on top of my head glaring daggers at Evil Twin, who seemed to still be in shock.

“A teddy bear…a toy defeated my familiar?” Evil twin’s eyes are really wide in disbelief.

I adjusted Hachiko in my arms glaring at Evil Twin.

“As you can see, I have very strong allies, so get out of Big Brother right now or face the wrath of Bibi and Chi.”

“…Couldn’t you have come up with better names? Those names sound too cute for those animals.”

“Ignore my naming sense and give back Big Brother now!”

Evil Twin smirked and stated, “You really want that weakling back so bad? Then make a deal with me.”

“I refuse, so give back Big Brother or face the wrath of Chi and Bibi.”


“Not now Hachiko.”

Now that I think about it, I must look pretty ridiculous. I have a very cute dragon resting on top of my head, a baby in my arms, and a teddy bear dangling from the baby’s arms…this doesn’t look threatening at all. Shoot, even Evil Twin is trying not to laugh. He must have realized that my look is not very threatening…JUST LAUGH YOU JERK!

Evil Twin is shaking slightly, but he smiled and stated, “Your pets don’t frighten me. I won’t give back that weakling and your power will be mine.” A black light began to surround his form. OH SHOOT! Is he going all out? I better activate my powers…huh? I feel lighter again. Bibi is in my arms, but…WHERE IS HACHIKO?


EKKKK! Why is Hachiko crawling toward Evil Twin? Come back Hachiko. The black light is heading toward Hachiko. RUN AWAY!


A gold light suddenly exploded from Hachiko’s form. The explosion was so strong that I went tumbling back as did Bibi and Chi. Actually Chi just disappeared. He must have gone back into my body.

When I got up, Hachiko was in Evil Twin’s arms. The dark light was gone too. Hold on, Evil Twin’s eyes look softer and he is holding Hachiko gently with confusion in his eyes.

“Hachiko, why are you here?”


“I’m not your Papa.”

That’s not Evil twin…That’s Theodore, my big brother. I immediately ran toward Theodore and then embraced him making sure not to crush Hachiko.

“Big Brother you’re back!” I cheered.

“Laveda, what do you mean I’m back? Actually where are we?”

I immediately began to explain everything to him, but Theodore looked so confused. Well I guess even I would be confused if I was told I had an Evil Twin inside me. By the way guys, I told Theodore about my powers during the explanation, since I felt I needed to explain everything to him for him to understand. Also the fact that I was the fox he met yesterday. Theodore believed my words thankfully.

“Did all of that really happen?”

I nodded and added, “I was seriously scared.” Theodore stared at me and then patted my head with a solemn look.

“I can’t believe something like that happened. I’m sorry I scared you.”

Theodore’s touch was so comforting that I nearly cried, but what happened to the Evil twin and what exactly did Hachiko do? I better read more on Beastkin.

“What is this?”

Hold on, I recognize that voice. I look at Theodore, but Theodore is still normal. He doesn’t look evil at all. I look around and then noticed, lying in a bush, was Evil Twin…Huh? Why is Evil Twin out of Theodore? In the secret route, when he was expelled from the body of Theodore he just vanished into smoke. Why does he have his own body?

Evil Twin stumbled from the bush glaring toward us. Theodore held me protectively as he glared at Evil Twin.

“Who are you?”

Evil twin smirked at Theodore and stated, “I am you.”

Theodore shook his head saying, “You are not me. I would never try to harm Laveda.”

Evil Twin chuckled and then stated, “Is that so? I never planned to hurt her. I just wanted her power.”

“You can’t have it. Just disappear.”

Evil twin smirked as he began to chuckle.

“Me, disappear? That’s not possible. You don’t have the power to do so,” stated Evil Twin and then added, looking in my direction, “Especially since I have my own body.” Evil Twin tried to reach for me, but I flinched back burying myself closer to Theodore. This Evil Twin seriously scares me. This day forward, you will be known as Kowai (scary) in my dictionary.

Theodore increased his hold on me saying, “I won’t let you anywhere near Laveda.” Kowai seemed to snap and suddenly lunged toward us with a black mist surrounding his form. This looks like a horror scene of an anime. SCARY!


Hachiko held his hand toward Kowai as he began to glow a gold light again. Kowai cringed and then Hachiko, said, in his adorable childlike voice, “Not Papa.” The next thing I knew, Kowai was nowhere in sight. Was he vaporized? The gold light was gone too.

Hachiko began to giggle as he clapped in delight and then began to tug on my hair saying, “Mama.” He then tugged on Theodore’s arm and said, “Papa.”

I want to refute being called Mama again, but Hachiko saved the day, so I will let it slide. I got up from the ground with Bibi dangling from my back and Hachiko in my arms. Theodore got up as well and then looked in my direction.

“I know that evil twin is not in me anymore…I don’t feel any trace of the darkness, but I still created that thing somehow when I was living in the slums and he nearly hurt you too, so…”

Theodore bowed deeply before me saying, “I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”

“Forgive? Why would I do that?”

Theodore visibly flinched. Even I know what my words sounded like.

“There’s nothing to forgive. I don’t blame you and you protected me from that guy when he tried to get me, right?”

Theodore met my eyes and then I saw…tears? Why is he crying? Did I say something wrong?

“Big Brother…?”

“Thank you.”


“That voice…that darkness always said I was alone…that I couldn’t trust anybody. Even after I was adopted by father, I felt I couldn’t trust anyone, but then I saw you. You were a fox then, but you made me want to open up and when I met you in your real form, you didn’t judge me and even wanted to call me Big Brother. I felt that you were the one I wanted to open up too. You made me feel like I wasn’t alone.”

Oh yeah, the voice…Kowai always made Theodore believe that he was alone and he was the reason why Theodore was alone before he even met the heroine. My mother, sister, and I also isolated him, which gave Kowai more convincing power. Kowai is now gone, so the voice in Theodore’s head is gone and mother and I are not bullying him, so his future in the game has changed. It definitely has changed, but he will still meet the heroine…maybe a new problem will appear, but this problem should not able to resurface.

I grabbed Theodore’s hand smiling and stated, “We are family, so please smile.” Theodore smiled and hugged me. I like this hug for some reason. Maybe because he is now my family…a family with love that I missed.


Hold on, I recognize that voice…voices. Before I even knew it, golem dolls had tackled Theodore to the ground and then a gust of wind sent him flying for a short moment. Needles also flew in his direction, but he managed to dodge those.

Without me even realizing it, Cecil, Roland, and Harold had arrived and I soon realized that Abigail also appeared when a flurry of snowballs were thrown at Theodore too. Abigail was the first to approach me and hold me in a protective manner saying my name repeatedly. Abigail is my family, but considering her pass bullying, I am finding it hard to enjoy this hug when compared to Theodore’s.

“Laveda, I was so worried. Why are you here?” Abigail said in a slightly whiny voice.

“I was…exploring with Big Brother,” I stated. I refuse to reveal that Theodore was possessed. Abigail might use it as an excuse to bully him.

Whoa, why does she look pissed? Sister that is a huge snowball. Please get rid of it. THEODORE RUN AWAY!

Oh good, Theodore managed to dodge, but he is glaring daggers at Abigail…looks like is glaring at Cecil, Harold, and Roland too, while hitting the golem dolls away.

“Can you guys not attack me at first sight?”

Harold crossed his arms as his wind circled his form.

“I had the right to attack you, since you did that bird attack on me back at the mansion. That scared me half to death,” stated Harold with a grumble. It would have been horrible if Harold got a bird phobia from that, especially when his wind animal form is a falcon.

“Let bygones be bygones.”

“I also won’t accept you hugging Laveda.”

Cecil, Roland, and Abigail nodded…you guys agree with that? It was just a hug.

“Abu…Mama,” stated Hachiko breaking the tension.

I looked at them and asked, “How did you guys find us anyway?”

Cecil glanced at Hachiko and stated, “If it wasn’t for this little guy, we wouldn’t have found this place.”

“Huh, Hachiko was the reason you guys are here?”


“Yeah. Aunty brought that little guy into the hall, where we were waiting, to talk about something with Uncle, but he suddenly began to whine and then crawled out of the mansion and into the back forest.”

“…Why didn’t you stop him?”

Roland clicked his tongue and answered, “We tried, but that little guy moved fast. I actually thought for a moment he had the wind talent.”

“Then why didn’t Harold, who has the wind talent, catch him.”

“I tried too, but when I got close, he would move farther in a blink.”

I glance down at Hachiko, who was clapping his hands in delight. I guess Beastkin are fast too.

“We managed to catch up and what do we find when we catch up, you and that guy in an embrace,” stated Cecil in annoyance and asked, “Why were you hugging him?”

“…He’s my big brother and I was happy with him.”

Is hugging such a crime?

“So you aren’t trying to seduce him?” demanded Roland.

“NO, he is my big brother? Why would I seduce him?”

What is running through their minds? Theodore and I just shared a friendly hug and now I am accused of trying to seduce him? Come on.

Abigail and the boys look relieve for some reason…Why does Theodore look depressed?

Theodore did look depressed, but it looks like he recovered, but he is still glaring at the boys and Abigail, who is still holding me…please let me go.

Hachiko suddenly wiggled from my hold and landed on the ground next to the bear form of Bibi (He is staying still because Abigail is present). He began to crawl to Theodore and then stated, in a coo like voice, “Papa.”

Hachiko, you shouldn’t call Theodore Papa right now. Theodore should reject the title right about now…he’s silent.

Theodore suddenly smiled, but it seems mischievous for some reason, and picked up Hachiko saying, “That’s right, I’m your Papa.” Theodore accepts the title? That’s a surprise. Hachiko giggled and then looked back at me from Theodore’s embrace reaching toward me saying, “Mama.”

For some reason the temperature has dropped by A LOT. I look at Abigail, Cecil, Harold, and Roland and they seem to be in shock. Cecil seemed to break from his shock and yelled, “Seriously why does that kid call you two Mama and Papa?”

Theodore chuckled and stated, “Because Laveda and I are Hachiko’s Mama and Papa.”

…Theodore, please don’t label us as parents. We are not even married. Holy crud, everybody looks ready to kill. Harold, calm down your wind. Roland, stop your golem dolls from picking up those sharp looking rocks. Why is a snowball getting bigger over Abigail and me? CECIL, WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY NEEDLES?


Hachiko, please don’t speak for now. Everyone looks really scary right now. EKKK, even Bibi looks angry and he isn’t even moving.



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