Chapter 55: Theodore’s Familiar is decided?

Oh man, that was scary. I have to admit that between the fight with Kowai and the atmosphere of the almost fight, the almost fight was scarier. Somehow, Hachiko’s coos stopped the fight from happening and I am currently returning to the mansion with everybody.

Even though we are walking together back, Theodore is the closes to me. Why you ask? Well the reason is because Hachiko would whine if Theodore and I weren’t close to each other, so we are walking back together with Hachiko in my arms. Hachiko is giggling in delight with Bibi in his small hands…hang in there Bibi.

The others don’t look very happy, but they seem to tolerate it because Hachiko looks so happy with Theodore and I close together. The power of a baby is fearsome.

Oh, I recognize this area. We are definitely getting close to the outskirts of the woods. Just as I predicted, we have reached the end of the woods and I can see the mansion in our sights. We should return, so mother won’t worry. What about father? Father would only worry about Theodore and Abigail. I am excluded, since he still doesn’t like me.

“Laveda, Lady Abigail, Masters!”

That’s Frederick’s voice. He must have been sent to retrieve us, since we weren’t in the dining room. I saw Frederick’s approaching form and waved to him with a smile on my face. Hachiko imitated me by waving his hand toward Frederick too…SO CUTE!

Frederick stopped in front of us and asked, “Where were you? Master and Madam were really worried.”

I was about to answer, but Theodore stepped forward and stated, “We were just playing in the woods with Hachiko.”

“Is this true?” asked Frederick. Theodore winked at me, so I nodded as did the others. I guess Theodore wanted to keep our little battle with Kowai a secret.


I guess Hachiko will keep the secret too.

Frederick sighed and then began to lead us back to the mansion. As we walked, he suddenly held my hand and whispered, “Stay close Laveda.” I nodded with a smile. Frederick is so kind…why did the temperature drop? Abigail, please don’t freeze Frederick’s hand again.

Frederick’s hand was suddenly slapped away…by Hachiko. I guess this just proves that Frederick doesn’t have the animal talent. Frederick doesn’t seem bothered by Hachiko’s slap and just smiled at me. It looks like he adjusted his pace to match mine. He really is nice.

When we reached the mansion, Frederick took us to the dining room, where father and mother were waiting. Mother immediately ran to us asking if we were OK. Mother looks kind of panicked.

“We’re fine.”

Mother now looks relieved. Were we gone that long?

Mother thanked Frederick allowing him to leave the room and then looked back at us saying, “Now you aren’t hurt anywhere, right?” I shook my head. Mother suddenly faced Theodore and pinched his cheeks making him whimper.

“You’re really Theodore, right?”

Theodore nodded with tears at the corner of his eyes. Why did she ask such a question? Hold on…isn’t that Goldie on the table? Why is he here?

Goldie leapt onto mother’s shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Oh yeah, mother has the animal talent, so Goldie must have told her what happened. SO SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH! Is Theodore going to be discarded because of that incident?

Mother suddenly smiled and hugged Theodore saying, “I’m glad you’re all right.” Theodore was frozen and suddenly smiled whispering, “Thank you, mother.”

Mother then released Theodore and plucked Hachiko from my grasp. She smiled at Hachiko saying, “You were quite naughty running off like that.”



I guess mother knew that Hachiko had run off, but did Goldie tell her that too? I don’t think Goldie was present when the battle happened. Looks like Goldie is pointing behind me. I look over my shoulder and see birds fluttering around…did the birds tell Goldie what had happened? Talk about an animal connection network.

Father, who was silent the entire time, suddenly cleared his throat and asked, “So where were you children?”

“Playing,” we stated in chorus. Father doesn’t look convinced, but mother suddenly stood up with Hachiko in her embrace and stated, “They said they were playing, so let them off the hook.” Father sighed in defeat. Mother is really strong.



Mother cuddled Hachiko with total bliss on her face and Hachiko didn’t seem bothered.

While that was happening, I went to Abigail, Harold, Roland, and Cecil and asked, “Why did you decide not to tell what happened?”

“Because we don’t know exactly what happened, but it looks like you want it kept secret, so we won’t ask…at least I won’t ask,” stated Cecil, but the others seemed to be in agreement. It is so nice when they are in agreement and it doesn’t involve hurting someone.

Father cleared his throat again making us look at him.

“The other guests will be arriving soon for Abigail’s party, so please be presentable.”

Presentable…oh yeah, we are pretty dirty after that little trip in the woods. We better wash up. We began to head to the exit, so we could wash up, but Goldie suddenly leapt up and landed on my head making me gasp in surprise.

“I am glad you are safe, your majesty.”

            I wanted to respond, but father might notice. Goldie then leapt up again and landed on Theodore’s head making Theodore slightly flinch. Theodore reached up to grab Goldie, but Goldie suddenly kissed Theodore’s wrist. The next thing I knew, there was a white rose symbol on Theodore’s wrist…GOLDIE BECAME THEODRE’S FAMILIAR? Goldie was smiling as it began to hang from Theodore’s wrist. Theodore stared at the symbol on his wrist and then smiled as he looked at Goldie.

“I guess you and I are now connected.”

Goldie nodded and then stated, “My name is Goldie. It was given by her majesty.”

            Goldie means me when he says majesty, but I wonder why he calls me that.

“Goldie…I like that name,” stated Theodore and then smiled in my direction. I smiled back, but was suddenly dragged out of the room by Cecil. Harold and Roland tried to follow, but Cecil is pretty fast. Even Abigail couldn’t catch up.

Cecil dragged me all the way to my room and looked at me with seriousness in his eyes.

“Is something wrong, Cecil?”

“That guy, do you see him as an older brother?”

I nodded.

“Then why does that baby call you mama and him papa?”

“Is that what’s bothering you?”

Cecil nodded with a pout on his face.

“Hachiko, the baby, calls me mama and Theodore papa because we named him. That’s it. It’s not like Theodore and I are married. He is just my big brother.”

Those were my honest feelings. Cecil looks relieved. He held my hand tightly and smiled saying, “I was worried for nothing.” He suddenly hugged me making me gasp.


“I haven’t held you in a while, so you are not allowed to push away.”

“But you hug too tight.”

“Just bear with it.”

Speaking of bear…ah here comes Bibi. Bibi did an uppercut to Cecil’s chin sending him flying across the room. Cecil sure can fly when punched. I picked up Bibi, glad that he had recovered from his recent attack from Hachiko. Bibi sure is strong.

Cecil recovered and glared at Bibi. Bibi glared back. I swear these two are born enemies, but I am kind of used to it now. Bibi never aims to kill…I can’t really say the same about Cecil. CECIL PUT AWAY THOSE NEEDLES!

Whoa, why was my door slammed opened?


Harold and Roland have arrived, but how did they know where my room was located? Bibi just dodged the needles and the needles nearly hit Roland and Harold. They dodged, but immediately glared at Cecil. Harold summoned his wind and sent it flying at Cecil, but Cecil rolled out of the way, but then had to dodge one of the golem dolls of Roland that tried to kick him. Isn’t two against one not fair? Cecil chuckled after he dodged the doll, but I suddenly heard Goldie’s voice say, “For her majesty” and then I saw Goldie land on Cecil’s face and began to claw at it.

When did Theodore arrive and he looks pretty pleased with Goldie attacking Cecil.

“Are you OK, Laveda?”

“I am fine,” I squeaked. I am seriously feeling sorry for Cecil. Theodore held my hand, but wind suddenly separated us. Seriously? Is holding my hand such a crime. The next thing I knew, Harold was throwing wind at Theodore. Theodore dodged with a chuckle and then whistled. Oh boy, here come the birds again. The birds flew around Harold. Harold looks quite panicked. Please don’t get a bird phobia.

Goldie, suddenly went flying into the air and landed on Theodore’s face. I looked toward Cecil and saw him huffing in anger as he held one of the struggling golem dolls in his hand. Before I knew it, Cecil and Theodore began to fight one on one by pushing their hands against each other. They were saying something, but I couldn’t quite hear what they were saying. Roland seemed to hear, since he began to argue with them too. Harold finally managed to get the birds away from him and began to argue with the others.

They are arguing a lot. I wonder what they are even fighting about, but it is quite annoying. I used my wind talent to lift them all up and then tossed them out of my room along with the birds.

“I need to get changed so please don’t enter,” I stated and then shut my door. I am happy to have friends and a new brother, but I hate it when they fight.

I guess fights like this are going to be common, but I do hope that in the future they get along. I don’t even remember fights like this in the game. Well, they will meet the heroine eventually and then everything will be back on track…CRUD, I still need to work on changing my future. Just because I made changes now, doesn’t mean that I am safe. For all I know, Abigail might still bully the heroine and then the disaster flag will come again. New problems might surface for those capture targets too.

I have to work hard. I will get a decent job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy. Those are my goals. I must never forget them…I must also try to prevent fights from happening and that starts with figuring out the source…I’ll think about that later. I hug Bibi, who was the only one allowed to stay in my room and smile. Let’s just enjoy life and work hard for a better future.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 55: Theodore’s Familiar is decided?”

  1. Just keep on hoping for that Laveda…keep on dreaming~ 😛

    I can’t wait for the new arc and the introduction of another capture target (!!!), there are still a few left…Hehehe.

    Thank you for your hard work writing this chapter!


  2. Decent job- house wife
    Get married – with her reverse harem (and by the looks of it she’ll charm not only her sister, but even the heroine)
    Have kids – the guys will be happy about that (I’m not sure if I should include hachiko in this area though lol)
    Grow old happy


    I always enjoy reading this ^u^ Thabk you very much for writing~


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