Chapter 56: Humming while you work wasn’t really a good idea.

Laveda here and I have some great news. I have a job now! After that whole fiasco with Theodore’s evil twin and Abigail’s birthday party, I went to search for a job. Mother was against it (she was worried), but father didn’t mind telling me that it would be a good experience (He just doesn’t want me in the house). Hachiko seemed to be against it too, but I managed to calm him down with promises to play with him. Theodore and Abigail also objected, but I managed to convince them that I would buy them something with my first paycheck and that I really wanted a job. They sure are overprotective. I can’t have stuffed animals at work, so Bibi also stayed home though he seemed very reluctant (he still gestures to me without using his voice).

When Frederick drove me to town, I found a job opening pretty quickly. It was at the bakery. I bought some bread from there before and they tasted great. Just what you would expect from a baker that has the fire talent. In case you guys are wondering, there are no laws here against children working, so I am safe to work (I’m six now by the way). I asked Frederick to park the carriage where it couldn’t be seen and then I asked for the job making sure not to say my last name and since I wore the commoner clothes I bought before, he didn’t think I was a noble and gave me the job. Hooray for me!

With me gaining a job, I have initiated one of my goals for a decent job. YEAH! Baking bread and sweets is a pretty fun job and I worked as a sales clerk before in my previous life, so the selling part was pretty easy…is it just me or are there a lot of girls entering? They seem to be eyeing the baker, my boss. My boss’ name is Alden Templeman. He seems to be in his twenties and my guess is that he recently acquired this bakery from his parents. He has long red hair tied in a half ponytail and his eyes were brown. He wore the typical baker’s uniform found in anime. Speaking of anime, I would say that his looks are that of an ikemen. Definitely good looking…guess that would explain the girls that are coming.

I actually know a little about Alden, since I started working here. He was once married, but his wife died of illness and as a result of his love for her, he has remained single for years. My guess is that he married at the age of eighteen or seventeen. Pretty young for marriage, but this world really does have old customs. I also saw a letter (it dropped on the floor) sent from his parents asking when he would remarry…I also saw marriage portfolios on his desk once. His parents seem to want him to remarry, but Alden refuses.

There is a potential candidate for marriage…his cousin (apparently marrying your cousins is legal here…kind of strange). I think her name is Wendy. She comes here pretty often to flirt with Alden, but Alden treats her like a little sister. Well she is fifteen and he’s in his twenties, so I don’t blame him for his treatment on her. Now that I think about it, she sounded pretty mad when she heard Alden hired me (a girl), but instantly brightened up to me when she saw I was only six. I guess she doesn’t consider me competition.

Wow, this bakery thing sounds like a soap opera in the making and I have seen these type of plot lines in manga, but the hired personnel is usually a love struck girl in her teens, so I should have nothing to worry about…was that flag? I hope not.

“Laveda, can you make more cinnamon rolls?”

Ah, that’s Alden (I call him master to his face though). As you guys can already tell, I bake and my sweets are pretty popular here. Alden especially likes my cinnamon rolls and the egg custard tarts. Just thinking about those sweets makes my mouth water and I can only make them here since I have the required ingredients. This job is heaven to me.

“Oh my gosh, she’s so adorable.”

“So tiny.”

“Can I take her home?”

…I seem to be popular with the girls too, but in a cutesy mode. I worry for my safety a bit, but I will persevere.

I made the cinnamon rolls that are popular with the customers and then placed them in the oven. Just the smell of the cinnamon rolls makes my mouth water. It’s going to take a while for the baking time, so I’ll just make some egg custard tarts. Cooking is so fun.

The cinnamon rolls and the custard tarts finished almost at the same time. I brought them out freshly cooked and as expected they were being bought by the dozen. I expect a good paycheck this pay period.

Alden looks pretty proud of me as he pats my head. He has a habit of doing that recently. I’m not a pet, but this does feel nice. Reminds me of my previous life’s father. He would pat me just like this if I did a good job with my chores. Why couldn’t Alden be my father?

Oh dear, I have to fix the shelves. Those girls really mixed up the bread when they browse here. I organize the fresh smelling bread and then I started humming the theme song of Key of Fortune Love. Heh, heh, the song of the otome game was pretty catchy and I never skipped it when I played new routes of the game. This song is nice to play when you are doing chores. Do you guys want to hear the lyrics?

Key of Fortune Love

Open up your heart, listen to the melody.

It is within the soul and all around~

It never changes within yourself~

Even through time~

Key of Fortune Love

Listen to the melody. Let your heart soar. Let it radiate within your soul~

Key of Fortune Love –love-love

True Love is the key.

Pretty catchy right…wait, you guys can’t hear the melody, so it might not be catchy for you guys. That sucks. Oh well, just make up your own catchy melody and use the lyrics. That shouldn’t be too hard.

…Is it just me or did it get pretty quiet in here? I glance over my shoulder and saw the girls and Alden staring at me. Did I do something wrong?”


Whoa, that was a loud squeal. It looks like I was singing the lyrics out loud instead of humming and the girls seem to love it. Ugh, please don’t pinch my cheeks. Alden…boss, please save me from these girls.

I was being “loved” by these girls to the point I feared for my life. Alden eventually saved me by lifting me up from the girls and holding me to his chest.

“Sorry young ladies, but I need to start closing up soon for lunch.”

The girls apologized…with hearts in their eyes. Did Alden show a killer smile or something? The girls each bought the sweets I made and then left the shop saying things like how Alden is so handsome and how I am so adorable. I hope I am not making a fan club. That would definitely trouble me.

The moment the last girl left, Alden finally placed me down and smiled at me.

“You seem to be pretty popular, Laveda.”

I crossed my arms behind my back in a little girl manner and stated, “Not as popular as you, boss.” Alden chuckled in reply, but then asked, “So what song were you singing?”

“I made up song.”

I can’t exactly tell him it is from an otome game. He would call me crazy.

“I like it. Maybe you should join the talent show in the festival next week.”


What is Alden talking about?

“You don’t know about the festival?”

I shook my head.

“The festival is to celebrate the harvest of Golden Wheat.”

Oh, a fall festival. I guess I didn’t hear about it, since I was usually indoors and barely got out for a while, except for the times when I snuck out. I haven’t been to a festival for a long time.

“In this festival, there is also a talent show. The winners are gifted a bag of gold and a bag of Golden Wheat. Any talent is welcomed.”

“Talent show sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t like to join. I do want to go to the festival though.”

Alden nodded and then stated, “Then let’s go together next week.”


“You should experience the festival at your age.”

I nodded filled with excitement. I seriously want to go.

Alden patted my head once again and then stood up saying that he was going to close the shop for us to eat lunch. I didn’t mention this, but Alden’s cooking is so good just like his baking. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

As Alden reached for the door, he suddenly stopped with wide eyes. Why is his eyes wide? I followed his line sight and saw…a green haired boy with his face and hands pressed against the glass door staring in my direction. The boy’s green hair was long and tied back and his eyes were brown. His clothes were that of a noble with no sign of tears. This boy looked to be a few years older than me.

Alden opened the glass door peeling the boy off the glass and asked, “Do you need something, young man?” The boy ignored Alden and immediately walked up to me grabbing my hands…huh?

“Pretty flower please join me.”


Hold up, what is this boy saying? What does he mean by pretty flower? What does he mean by join me? There is too many context missing here.

“Who are you?”

The boy smiled…are those sparkles appearing around him?

“How rude of me not to introduce myself, especially to a pretty flower such as you.”

The sparkles are increasing…there are now rose petals emitting from his form. Why are there rose petals? I guess he has the wood talent, but why rose petals? Does he think he is in a host club?

“With looks that go beyond that of flowers in full bloom. Looks that have been gifted by God that makes others weep in envy. Even Aphrodite cries in envy…”

Wow, this guy is full of himself. Wait a minute…this dialogue sounds familiar…please tell me that he is not who I think he is.

“I am the drop dead gorgeous Zayn Rupus.”

I KNEW IT! Why did he appear before me? Why did this annoying capture target appear? Please disappear!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 56: Humming while you work wasn’t really a good idea.”

  1. LMAO


    Laveda, you already have a fan club. And dad is just being a tsundere. Just accept it already.

    I wonder if she’ll end up meeting all the capture targets before actually even attending the school, lol.

    Thanks for the update!!!! Wish Fridays would come around sooner ;-;


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