Chapter 58: You are basically a stalker

Why is this happening? I hoped Zayn wouldn’t come back so soon, but…HE HAS BEEN COMING EVERYDAY! Alden can’t exactly kick him out because Zayn has been buying sweets from us. Can’t kick out a customer, but he is basically a stalker. He won’t leave me alone and keeps asking me for my name and for me to join him for the talent show. Why aren’t restraining orders in existence here?

Ahem, well I am working here still, despite this stalker…walking through the door with a cluster of rose petals coming in.

“I have returned, my pretty flower.”

I slammed the door in his face, before he could come in.


I don’t want to deal with him. I grab the broom and begin to sweep up the rose petals.

Alden, who was at the register, looked my way and stated, “Maybe you should ask the reason why he is so determined to have you join him in the talent show.”


“Because he is starting to affect business.”

Alden does have a point. Who knew some of the girls were allergic to roses? I opened the door, but placed my hand on Zayn’s mouth before he could speak.

“You will follow me into the backroom and explain why I have to be your partner in the talent show, understand?”

Zayn nodded. I removed my hand from his mouth and practically dragged him into the backroom making sure to let Alden know that I was on break.

I forced Zayn into a chair and then I sat across from him.

“All right, why do you want me as your partner?”

“Well I happened to hear…”

“Heard that explanation before, so tell me why it has to be me? I’m pretty sure there are other better singers than me.”

“…Well, to be honest, I almost chose another girl as my singing partner.”


“But when I heard your voice, your voice sounded more beautiful than hers, so I want it to be you.”

I sighed and stated, “I keep telling you no, so just ask that other girl to be your singing partner.”


I gave him a strict look. If there is someone else than ask that person and stop walking down the path of a stalker. Zayn looked pretty depressed, but I convinced him to ask that girl and he in turn finally left the bakery. Such joy. For the rest of that day, I had no stalker in sight. Alden looked pretty glad too.

But the following day, he returned, but he wasn’t alone: a girl about his age with long black hair wearing a white dress was standing next to him. She looked very petite and her chestnut brown eyes looked innocent. Zayn smiled at me, but it looked kind of forced.

“This is Teta, my new partner for the singing contest.”

The girl curtsied to me saying, “Nice to meet you. I am Teta.”

I bowed my head to Teta saying my greeting along with my name. Looks like Zayn did indeed ask her and she agreed, but Zayn looks pretty down about that, but I on the other hand am happy that he has someone else as his partner (not me).

“I’m glad you have a partner for the singing contest, but why are you here?”

“I came to buy some more cinnamon rolls.”

“Right away, sir.”

I grabbed some cinnamon rolls, bagged them and then brought them to the register to accept payment. As Zayn placed the money on the counter, he smiled at me and stated, “At least I finally heard your name, Laveda.”

…Oh yeah, I said my name when I spoke with Teta. Oh well, we probably won’t see each other again, unless I have to have contact with the student council when the game setting starts. Was that a flag…I don’t think so.

Zayn waved goodbye to me as he walked out with Teta.

“Aw, looks like he found another girl.”


Her appearance was way too surprising.

“Just now, Laveda,” stated Wendy and then she giggled, “Zayn sure made quite a catch with that girl.”

“You know her?”

Wendy nodded and stated, “She’s been singing in the square near the fountain for days. She is quite talented that girl.”

So Zayn got a girl who is talented at singing. I guess he is in good hands.

“Now where is Alden?”

“Oh, he went out to buy some more ingredients. He should be back soon.”

“Then can you give me some egg tarts, while I wait?”

“Of course. Please pay first.”

We are still a business after all and your puppy dog eyes won’t work on me.

Oh dear, looks like the garbage is getting full. I can’t let that sit there, so time to empty that out. A clean store gets more customers after all. I ordered Wendy to watch the store, while I take out the trash…the payment being two egg tarts. I don’t know why, but she is addicted to them.

I dragged the basket of trash through the backroom and then out the backdoor toward the dumpster. Glad we have one of these behind the store. I tossed the garbage into the dumpster and the moment I was ready to head back into the backroom, I saw…a dirty foot sticking out of a pile of stained papers…A BODY? Oh wait, that foot moved. Thank goodness. I thought this was going to turn into a crime scene or something.

I moved the stained papers out of the way and saw a boy with long blonde hair. His hair looks really tangled and dirt is clumped in it. He needs a bath bad. The boy looks a little older than me. He suddenly looked at me with blue weary eyes and raised his hand toward me, his form shaking. Now that I look at him, he looks way too thin.

“I need…”

The boy fell down…he looks dead, no he is still breathing, but he looks dead…I better feed him. I ran back into the backroom and grabbed some bread rolls I baked as a snack for Alden and me for our break and my extra apron. I also grabbed some water from the sink. I ran back to the fallen boy and shook him awake. I held the cup of water and bread to him telling him to drink and eat. He took the two items and began to drink the water and munch on the bread like crazy. He must have been starving. I then handed him my extra apron and stated, “Put this on to stay warm.

“Thank…thank you.”

The boy’s voice was quite low, so I barely heard his voice of thanks. I also handed him a few gold coins from my pocket and stated, “Use this to get some more food and a place to bathe. Being dirty is not a good way to stay healthy.” The boy nodded and struggled to his feet. I handed him another loaf of bread saying, “Be careful.” The boy nodded again and then ran off with no found strength. It’s amazing what food can do.

I didn’t get the boy’s name, but I still feel happy doing a good deed. Oops, I better return to the register.

When I got back, Alden had also returned and I saw him trying to avoid Wendy’s advances once again. I won’t tell Alden, but I find their interaction quite adorable.

…Is it just me or did I see Zayn peeking through the window again? Is this an illusion caused by trauma?

The door slammed open and Zayn marched right in. Why is he here again? Zayn went up to the register where I was and held my hands together saying, “It has to be you after all. Please join me, my pretty flower…no, please join me, Laveda!”



Ah, there is Teta. Teta, please make Zayn change his mind.

Zayn faced Teta and bowed to her saying, “I’m sorry, Teta, but seeing Laveda again and hearing her voice, I feel that I would sing better with her.”

“But you asked me!”

“I know and I am sorry, so please pretend I never asked.”

“This is unfair. You were supposed to be singing with me. If you don’t, I won’t get paid.”


What did Teta just say? Was Zayn planning on paying her? But Zayn looks confused just like me.

“What are you…?”

“Forget what I said and just sing with me.”

Teta looks pretty panicked right now…actually her eyes look scary. She looks really dangerous…I might regret this but…

“Zayn, I’ll agree to be your partner.”



Zayn looks super happy, but Teta looks dumbfounded.

“Just promise not to cause any trouble for the bakery or ask where I live.”

“I promise, my pretty flower, I mean Laveda. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”

Wow, he is super happy. He might have had too much sugar. Teta…looks pretty mad. Teta practically stormed out of the store, while Zayn tried to embrace me, but was plucked from the ground by Alden, who glared at him and stated, “If you don’t have any business here then please leave now.” With those words, Zayn was placed at the doorstep of the bakery.

Before leaving, Zayn looked back at me and waved saying, “Let’s make a song we can sing together tomorrow.”

When Zayn was gone, I sighed and then looked at Alden with an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry, boss. I don’t think I can walk around the festival with you.”

“That’s OK. Maybe next year.”

I nodded, hoping that we can keep that promise for next year. Wendy suddenly held Alden’s arm with a squeal and stated, “I can walk around the festival with you, my dear.” Alden reluctantly agreed to Wendy’s delight.

I really wanted to enjoy the festival. Maybe I can before the festival, if Zayn doesn’t prevent me from doing so.

Now that I think about it, why does Teta’s name sound familiar…am I forgetting something again?

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  1. -laughs- I’m pretty sure you are forgetting something, Laveda…

    Oh boy, they just come one after another huh?…;)))))

    Thanks for the chapter!


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