Chapter 62: First Day of School…I want to cry when I look in a mirror

“Laveda, time to wake up. You have to get to the academy.”

Mother’s voice is calling for me. Her voice is like a melody, but I do have to wake up. It is finally the day…the day I enter the academy as a talentless User. It’s been nine years, so I am now fifteen…the age I am required to enter the academy. No more home lessons.

Oh yeah, guess what…the curse activated five years ago on my tenth birthday. You know the curse I got from defeating that Medusa creature in the mountains? You know what the curse was…I AM STUCK IN A TEN-YEAR-OLD BODY! I want to cry every time I look in the mirror. I am short. I haven’t changed. My chest hasn’t grown. I don’t think I even hit puberty…well I don’t have to worry about periods, but I am fifteen. How can I marry like this? I still have time. I can break this curse. I will definitely break this curse…even though the only way to break the curse is through true love’s kiss according to Yuki. There has to be another way.


“I’m up, mother,” I stated and started to grab my uniform for the academy…it was a special order for my size…I want to cry. I slip the uniform on after I washed up and then pick up Bibi holding him to my chest.

“Let’s go Bibi.”

Bibi jiggled and then we left the room, but I was immediately tackled back in by a small boy with dog features.

“Morning Mama!”

“Hachiko…please remember that you are bigger than me right now.”

Yep, this dog eared boy with the chipper smile hugging me is Hachiko. He has grown quite a bit and no longer does that cute coo that I was fond of. He rubbed his cheek against mine as he wagged his tail happily.

“Mama, are you ready to go? Big Sister said that we are going to the academy today.”

“I’m ready, but please don’t call me Mama. It just doesn’t fit and please call mother Mama and not Big Sister. She has been acting as your mother for years now.”

“…But I want to call you Mama.”

Hachiko is giving me puppy dog eyes again. It always gets me.

“You can call me Mama, but not in public please.”

Hachiko nodded and then helped me up. He began to lead me down the hall with his little dog tail wagging behind him.

This hallway is pretty long, so I guess I should tell you guys that I already revealed to my family that I have all element talents. They doubted me, except for Theodore, until I demonstrated my talents to them. I even revealed Bibi (he kicked Theodore during the demonstration for some reason). I decided to reveal the truth, since I get along with them now (I still give my father the cold shoulder sometimes), but my parents decided to keep it a secret, since the High Wizard (the one who told my father to be cold to me) might take advantage of me. It would also be chaos if the test of the High Wizard proved not to be 100% accurate. I agreed with that. The High Wizard seems like a really bad guy. In the end, I am registering in the school as a no talent to protect myself.

I guess I should mention this, but some of the servants did leave the mansion when my father and mother began to shower me with love. I guess it was true that people lose respect for you when you show love to a no talent user. I even heard the royal family has some problems with some of the aristocracy concerning the royal family’s respect toward me.

Luckily, Frederick stayed and he is still my best friend. I also told him my secret concerning my talents and he still accepts me. He is such a good friend, but Bibi now openly hits him when he gets too close to me. Please don’t be jealous Bibi.

As for my job as a baker, I continued that for a while, but under the condition that Theodore would also work there. Abigail wasn’t allowed, since it would be obvious she is a noble, especially with her attitude. It was also because Abigail couldn’t cook. Alden was fine with it, but for some reason gave more work to Theodore when we were scheduled to work at the same time. I eventually had to quit that job last week, since Alden decided to relocate to the Academy to get more customers. I was sad of course, but Alden promised that we would see each other again (he just didn’t mention how we were going to meet). As a side note: he was aware that I didn’t grow, but chose not to fire me. He was a really good boss. I miss him.

Oh, looks like we reached the front door where father and mother were waiting. Mother patted Hachiko’s head before giving me a hug.

“Be a good girl when you get into the Academy.”

“Mother, I’ll be fine. I am fifteen now, after all.”

“But you are so small.”

“…Thank you for reminding me.”

I also feel like I am being stabbed when my appearance is mentioned.

Father suddenly clenched his fist with a determined look.

“Do not worry, Laveda. I will find a way to break your curse.”

“…I hope so.”

I wished my parents farewell and then headed outside toward the carriage where Frederick was waiting with a bright smile. Hachiko was also by my side. I forgot to mention this, but Hachiko is also coming to the Academy early. My parents were against it at first, until he mentioned that he would run away to the Academy to be with me and Theodore. We couldn’t have him running away all the time, so my father gave a large donation to the Academy to make an exception. As it stands, Hachiko will be staying in the same room as Theodore and will be given a special tutor. He is not officially a student, but he still needs to learn. Such a spoiled boy.

I entered the carriage with Hachiko behind me. If you are wondering about my luggage, it was sent to the academy ahead of time. The moment I sat down, Hachiko hugged me rubbing his cheek against mine. I had to remind him not to act this close to me when we entered the academy. I don’t want any huge misunderstandings.

Frederick doubled checked on us and then we were driving down the road. Hachiko’s tail was wagging as he poked his head out of the carriage.

“Is the Academy close to here?”

“Not exactly, but we’ll get there in seconds.”

“Seconds?” asked Hachiko with his head tilted. I guess mother and father didn’t tell him the short way to get to the Academy. I pulled him into the carriage and stated, “Just wait.” I got Hachiko to settle down and the next thing we knew a blinding light surrounded the carriage. Hachiko was shocked, but I hugged him to comfort him. He’s really cute here…Bibi, don’t be jealous.

When the light faded, the surroundings of the carriage changed to a different road and just ahead of the carriage was the Academy, Anshumeva (quite difficult to pronounce). It looked more like a castle than a school, but what do you expect in this kind of setting.

“Mama, is that the Academy?”

I nodded and added, “Remember not to call me Mama here. Just call me Laveda.”

Hachiko whimpered, so I guess he was still reluctant to call me by my name. I can’t keep spoiling him after all.

I noticed other carriages around us. They must be freshmen like me, since the Senpais (higher level students) are still in the Academy. When we enter the Academy, we are not allowed to leave until graduation. We only visit our families during holidays. That’s why Abigail and Theodore weren’t at the house with me. They are already in the Academy.

If my game knowledge is correct, this should be the time the heroine, Eleanor Quits, also enters the Academy. She would be older than me, but she starts late since she was adopted when she was sixteen. I am kind of looking forward to see her, since she was my character when I played the game in my previous life.

“Mama…oh…I mean Laveda, we are almost through the gate.”

I nodded feeling proud that Hachiko called me by my name. I patted his head and waited for the carriage to enter the gate.

“We are here, Laveda, Hachiko.”

I opened the curtain and saw that we were parked in front of the main entrance of the Academy. I guess Frederick was informed that we would need to go the main building before the Dorms. I thanked Frederick and opened the carriage door. Hachiko jumped out first and then held his hands to me saying, “Laveda, I’ll help you down.” Now that he mentions it, it is a little high for me to get down safely, but I don’t want Hachiko to get crushed. I hate to admit it, but I have little faith in his strength.

Frederick suddenly moved Hachiko aside gently saying, “I’ll help her down.” Hachiko nodded facing me with a smile. I trust Frederick to catch me. I jumped into his arms with no problems. Frederick then placed me on the ground gently with a warm smile.

“I’ll send the carriage to the stables and then meet you at the dorms to help you unpack.”

I nodded and waved farewell to Frederick as he took the carriage down the paved road. Hachiko grabbed my arm with excitement in his eyes and asked, “Now where do we go? Are we going to see Papa?”

“Mother told me yesterday to go into the main building of the Academy. There should be a teacher to direct us where to go. As for Theodore…I don’t know where he is right now, but we can search for him later.”

Hachiko nodded and practically began to drag me toward the building with his tail wagging excitedly behind him.

As I was dragged, I could feel the stares on us by the other students entering the building.

“Why are there children in here?”

“Did the entrance level age change this year?

“I don’t think so. Maybe they are children of one of the teachers.”

“That boy has dog features…is that a costume?”

I can hear everything they are saying. I guess even I would be shocked if I saw children entering the Academy and also question if Hachiko’s features are a costume or not if I didn’t know him.


Oh, I see Roland approaching. I forgot for a moment there that we are the same age, so he is a freshman too.

Roland stopped in front of me and then knelt to my level. He really has grown taller and his hair has grown longer to the point it can be tied into a ponytail.

“I’m glad you made it.”

“Well I do have to go to school.”

Roland nodded with a smile on his face. Ever since Theodore, Cecil, Abigail, and Harold entered the Academy last year, he has been visiting my house to play. I say play, but I have caught him asking my father permission to marry me a few times. I like Roland, but I can’t exactly marry anyone in this form I am in now, and I also don’t want to accept the proposal, since he might be chosen by the heroine when we enter the Academy.

SHOOT! BIBI DON’T KICK ROLAND AWAY IN PUBLIC! Roland fell back, but immediately got up glaring at Bibi.

“I see that you are still acting as bodyguard.”

Bibi did some air punches toward Roland. Roland groaned and then three of his golem dolls appeared by his side. Where is he hiding them?

“Attack,” Roland stated calmly. The three golems with their beautifully detailed dresses dancing in the passing wind launched themselves at Bibi. Bibi gave them a few punches sending them flying and the next thing Roland, Hachiko, and I knew, the three glem dolls bowed before Bibi like he was a king.

“Again!” exclaimed Roland. Yeah, this always happens when the golem dolls face Bibi. Bibi beats them and then they swear loyalty to him. Bibi gave a small nod at the dolls and then looked toward Roland (like he is provoking him).

Roland and Bibi went into a glaring battle, but it stopped when Hachiko picked up Bibi saying, “Don’t be bad Bibi.” Bibi immediately went limp in Hachiko’s arms. I guess the trauma of being held by Hachiko when Hachiko was still a baby is still there. He only gets this limp when Hachiko holds him.

I suddenly noticed that the students were staring at us in wonder. This is kind of embarrassing, so I grabbed Hachiko, who was still holding Bibi, and Roland’s hands and began to urge them into the building to escape the eyes of the students.

Roland looks pretty happy…looks like flowers are blooming around him, but that can’t be possible since he doesn’t have the wood talent.

“Isn’t that Prince Roland?”

“Why is he with that girl?”

“Maybe a distant cousin.”

Looks like people noticed who he is. I release his hand to let him walk on his own…now he looks depressed. I wonder why.

“We better get inside.”

Roland nodded. I noticed he was trying to grab my hand, but Hachiko whacked his hand away saying, “Only Papa!” Roland groaned glaring daggers at Hachiko. Hachiko seems to be overprotective of me too.

We enter the building together with eyes practically on us. So uncomfortable.

“Welcome to Anshumeva.”

I guess this is one of the teachers…SENSEI?

I recognize that face anywhere and he looks exactly like in the game. I met him a long time ago when he was a toddler and he even taught me. He should be twenty-five right now. I didn’t expect to see him so soon. If you guys have forgotten, his name is Ryunosuke Bosatsu. I just call him Sensei out of habit from when I played the game and he doesn’t mind it either.

“Sensei!” I practically squealed and approached him. Sensei stared at me and then knelt to my level asking, “Are you looking for someone young lady?”

…Did Sensei forget me? I feel like I was struck by lightning. I feel like crying.

“You don’t remember me, Sensei?” I ask with a whimper.

“Sensei…could you be Laveda?”

I perked up nodding saying, “That’s me, so you do remember?” I was so happy.

Sensei’s eyes became wide as saucers. He gripped my shoulders examining me closely.

“What happened? Why are you so small?”

…I feel like lightning struck me again. Of course Sensei wouldn’t know about my curse.

“I am just cursed. I’ll break it somehow,” I said, but it hurts to say this.

Sensei suddenly smiled saying, “I don’t know how you were cursed, but come to me if you need any help.” I nodded filled with positive emotions again.

“Laveda, who is this?” Roland asked as he stood behind me. I glanced back at him and held my hand toward Sensei.

“His name is Ryunosuke Bosatsu, one of our teachers, so I guess we can call him Professor Bosatsu or Sensei in my case. He’s an old friend.”

Sensei nodded and then stood up holding his hand toward Roland.

“That’s right, and you must be the second prince, Roland Ozma. I recognize your face from the Royal Family Portraits in the school.”

Roland nodded taking Sensei’s hand into a handshake.

Hachiko suddenly began to jump up and down in excitement saying, “My name is Hachiko Lorenzino. I got to meet another one of Ma…I mean Laveda’s friends.”

Sensei smiled at Hachiko saying, “I heard of you. The Academy made an exception to let you stay because of a donation.” Hachiko nodded and then held Bibi up saying, “This is Bibi if you don’t know him.”

“I am aware of him.”

…Did I ever reveal Bibi to Sensei? Oh yeah, the time when Bibi and Shuya were fighting. Is it just me or is Bibi glaring at Sensei?

Roland cleared his throat saying, “I hope we get along Sensei.” Looks like Roland likes the title I gave Sensei. Isn’t that nice Sensei…why does Sensei’s smile look scary?

“Please call me Professor. Laveda is the only one who can call me Sensei.”

I wonder why? Roland also looks pretty angry as he looks at Sensei. Is another glaring match going to happen? WHY?

I suddenly felt Hachiko tug my arm and looked at him.

“Laveda, where do we go?”

“Oh yeah,” I stated nearly forgetting what Sensei’s role was.

I called to Sensei making him look at me and asked, “Where are the new students supposed to go to?”

“Oh, I was supposed to direct you. Just follow the line of students down the hall and head to the main hall. The headmaster will speak when all new students have arrived.”

I nodded and urged Roland to follow Hachiko and I. Roland released Sensei’s hand and followed me with a smile, but is it just me or does Sensei look a little angry. I made sure to thank Sensei before walking off. Sensei looked happy again when I thanked him. Sensei should always be smiling.

As we walked, Roland glanced at me and asked, “So when did you meet Professor?”

“When I was three.”

“That long ago?” exclaimed Roland. I nodded and added, “He even tutored me, even though he was going to school at the time.”

I giggled adding, “It was nice to see him again after so long.” I don’t know why, but Roland looks kind of depressed now.

We were about to reach the main hall, but I suddenly felt a slight shock. What in the world was that? I don’t know why, but I felt inclined to look out the large window just before the doors of the main hall and saw a large statue of fairy with a heart key at the center of her chest. I recognize that statue. That was the symbol of the Academy and it was one of the back pictures of the instruction guide of the Otome game in my previous life. If I remember right, the heroine looked at this statue when she entered the Academy and then…and then…what happened? I don’t remember and my head kind of hurts.

Your majesty.


Your fate awaits.

            Huh? I don’t know what happened, but I felt my world began to go dark.



Hachiko, I told you not to call me Mama, especially in public, but never mind. I feel so tired. What’s going on?

Eight remain…get stronger, your majesty.

            I seriously don’t understand.

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