Chapter 64: The Heroine has a clone?

This is Eleanor Quits, right, so why is she a “he?” This is so confusing.

“I’m sorry little girl, but I am in a hurry.”

The voice sounds like a boy…maybe this is not Eleanor Quits?

The Eleanor look alike stood up and then helped me up before bowing and saying, “I have to go. It is very important.” He was about to run off, but I immediately asked him, “Who are you?”

“Ah, my name is Montgomery Quits…please excuse my rudeness.”

He then ran off out of sight. So he really wasn’t the heroine, but he looks like her and even has the same last name. What is going on?

I was deep in thought when I was suddenly tackled to the ground from behind. Seriously?

“Mama, Mama, I was so worried!”

It was Hachiko who knocked me down obviously.

I managed to get up and face Hachiko with a stern look.

“I’m glad you were worried, but you shouldn’t tackle me down and please just call me by name.”


Hachiko looked pretty sad, especially with his dog ears drooped like that. I patted his head to cheer him up. I know he was cheered up, since his tail was wagging like crazy. I looked around and noticed that no one else was around and asked him if someone came with him, since it would be strange for him to be alone.

“I came alone, since Roland and Bibi was dragged off by one of the teachers to attend Roland’s assigned room in the dorm.”

“Is that so?”

Why was Bibi taken along too?

Hachiko nodded and then added, “One of the teachers also tried to grab me, but the birds defended me and even led me to where you are.”

Now that I look around, I see some birds watching from above…reminds me of a horror movie scene. Wait a minute…

“Can those birds lead me to the headmaster’s office?” I asked pointing at the staring birds. Hachiko nodded and grabbed my hand with a chuckle.

“Let’s go together Laveda.”

I nodded and then saw the birds fly up before hovering before us. I noticed them bow their little heads before flying down the hall. They are flying at a pace that is easy to follow.

As I walked, I suddenly glanced outside one of the passing windows and saw Montgomery heading toward a shack in the school yard. He looked troubled as he tried to remove a chain on the shack…why is there a chain on the shack.

Help me…help me…

Kyah, where is this voice coming from? This voice is a lot different to the one I heard before. I don’t feel dizzy either hearing this voice.

“I’m coming Eleanor!”

…Did Montgomery just say Eleanor?

“Laveda, what’s wrong?”

Hachiko is looking at me in concern, since I stopped waking to look outside the window. Even the birds are looking in concern as they hover near us.

“That boy…I think he is trying to save someone in the shack.”

Hachiko peeked out the window next to me and then gave a nod before looking at me.

“Do you want us to help?”

I nodded. I want to help Montgomery since he looks so desperate trying to break that lock. Hachiko suddenly narrowed his eyes as he pushed the window open…wait a second, these doors aren’t supposed to open…HE BROKE THE WINDOW OPEN! Hachiko stood on the edge of the broken window and then held his index finger and thumb together before blowing through them creating a high pitch whistle. When the whistle ended, everything seemed to fall silent, except for the rattling of the chain.

Hold on, it feels like the ground is shaking. The next thing I knew, the ground near Montgomery burst open sending dirt and grass flying. I could hear Montgomery scream in surprise. Even I was shocked, but I was more shocked to see gofers emerge from the ground like invading ants and from the center emerged a black bear…WHY A BEAR? The black bear gave a roar and I could swear that Montgomery screamed even louder. The bear ignored Montgomery and grabbed the chain on the shack before ripping it off and tossing it to the ground.

Hachiko laughed and then tugged on my arm saying, “The animals removed the chain.” This is obviously Hachiko’s doing. He looks proud of himself, so I patted his arm making his tail wag (I can’t reach his head, since he is standing on the edge of the window). I noticed the gofers and bear look our way, bow their heads and then jump back into the darkness of the formed hole out of sight. I wonder how I am going to explain this.

Montgomery still looks shocked as he looks up. Hachiko waved toward him and the next thing I knew, Hachiko pulled me up to the window making me slightly nervous.

“Laveda and I helped you, Mister,” stated Hachiko. I guess he wants to be praised. Montgomery only smiled and nodded before opening the shack door. A girl with the same blonde hair and blue eyes as him emerged from the shack and hugged him with a whimper…Isn’t that the heroine?

“Brother I was so scared.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Brother…brother…THE HEROINE HAS A BROTHER? I can’t get my head around this. The heroine didn’t have a brother in the game. Why is this so different?

“Laveda, be careful… LAVEDA!”

SHOOT! I was so confused that I forgot I was standing on the edge of the window too. I’m falling! Am I going to die by falling out of a window again? Hold on, I can just fly, but there would be witnesses besides Hachiko. I don’t want to die, so I better use my wind talent to save myself.

“I got you!”

Before I could even use my talent, strong arms wrapped around my small form and then I went flying into a bush. That really hurt. I could have saved myself without injuries, but this so called heroic person decided to save me causing the hurt. At least he tried.

“Are you OK?”

This voice belongs to Montgomery. I guess he was the one who saved me. I thanked him as I met eyes with him, but his eyes are pretty wide right now like he just saw a ghost.

“It’s you.”

What does he mean by that? Maybe he is remembering that we ran into each other not too long ago in the hallway.

“Brother, is she OK?”

Eleanor’s voice sounds very nice. She sounds just like the voice actress in the game. Such a pretty voice.

…Strange, Montgomery isn’t answering her. Huh…WHY IS HE SUDDENLY HUGGING ME? What’s going on?

“I finally found you.”



“My savior.”

HUH? What is he talking about? When did I ever become his savior? This is totally off script!

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