Chapter 65: The Headmaster is a strange one

I seriously don’t know what is going on. This heroine look alike, Montgomery, is hugging me and calling me his savior. WHY?

“Brother, what are you talking about?”

Please answer her, so I know what is going on.

“Remember when I brought back bread for us to eat when we were still in the slums?”

“Of course I remember that. Eating that bread basically saved us from starvation. You also brought back some gold.”

Bread? Gold?

“I got that bread and gold from this girl. She’s our savior.”

Bread…gold…I REMEMBER NOW! That poor boy I gave bread to when I stilled worked in the bakery when I was six. Montgomery is that boy? This is too much of a coincidence.

Eleanor is looking at me with eyes of admiration. She bowed her head to me saying, “Thank you for helping my brother and I in our time of need.”

“There is no need for thanks,” I stated as Montgomery continued to hug me, but he suddenly released me when I heard Hachiko say, “Let go of Laveda!” before dropping a kick on Montgomery. Montgomery rolled away and Eleanor screamed in shock. Hachiko scoffed and then knelt before me asking if I was OK. I assured him I was fine and made sure to tell him not to drop kick people, especially when jumping from a broken window.

Montgomery rubbed his kicked head and then looked back in my direction still smiling.

“I guess I was a bit too close.”

Hachiko nodded, while I shook my head saying, “You did nothing wrong.” Hachiko began to pout as I stood up and bowed toward Montgomery apologizing for Hachiko’s sudden attack.

Montgomery chuckled saying, “I should thank him for saving my sister.”

I looked toward Eleanor and then at Montgomery asking, “So this is your sister?”

Montgomery nodded and stated, “This is my younger twin sister, Eleanor Quits.” Eleanor bowed to me and Hachiko saying, “Nice to meet you and thank you again for saving me and my brother in our time of need and for saving me today when I was trapped.”

“You’re welcome and my name is Laveda Lorenzino. The boy here is Hachiko Lorenzino. I hope we get along.”

Eleanor nodded with a bright smile. She looks really lovely. Just like how a heroine should look…but seriously, was it mentioned in the game about her having a twin brother? If I didn’t hear brother, I would have thought he was a clone. So confusing.

Hachiko suddenly tugged my arm with a frown on his face.

“Laveda, we need to go to the headmaster’s office.”

I nodded finally remembering where I was going. I looked back at the lovely twins and stated, “I have to go to the headmaster’s office, so if you would excuse me.” I was about to walk off with Hachiko, but stopped in my tracks when I heard Montgomery say, “Can we come with you?”


“Well, Eleanor and I missed the introduction, so we need to see the headmaster to explain why.”

“I see, then please follow us.”

Montgomery and Eleanor nodded and began to follow us, but for some reason Hachiko is glaring at them.

As we walked, I looked toward Eleanor and asked, “So why were you locked in a shack?”

Eleanor gripped her fists as she spoke.

“The girls I was with pushed me in. They told me they would lead me to the main hall when I was separated from my brother, but then locked me in the shack. They called me names before leaving me.”

“That’s horrible. Bullying is the worse.”

Eleanor nodded with a saddened expression and added, “When our new father enrolled Montgomery and me here for our second year, I thought things would be better, but I guess a commoner is still a commoner even if we do have talents.”

I shook my head saying, “That shouldn’t matter here. We are here to learn, not judge.”

Eleanor’s eyes widened slightly, but then smiled saying thanks to me. There was really no need for thanks.

“So what talent do you and Montgomery have?”

I already know Eleanor’s talent in light, but it would be suspicious if I told her that. As for Montgomery, I have no idea what his talent is.

“My brother and I have the light talent.”


Eleanor nodded still smiling. Light talent is supposed to be rare and she and her brother have it? In the game, only Eleanor has the light talent in the entire academy. That’s how rare it is and it was one of the reasons for her to get bullied. Why is this so different?

“Laveda, is something wrong?”

“I was just a little surprised.”

Eleanor giggled, but her eyes widened again as she asked, “I hope I am not being rude, but how old are you? You look young to be in this Academy and so does your friend.”

“…I am fifteen, but my friend here, actually my little brother is nine. His entrance here is an exception because of a donation from my family.”


Of course the twins would be surprised about that (I guess they weren’t surprised about Hachiko’s entrance into the Academy). I look like a ten-year-old after all. At least she didn’t call me short.

“Are you really fifteen?”

I nodded.

“So we are one year apart?”

I nodded again.

“Amazing. I wonder how you could look so young.”

“A curse.”


I nodded again. These twins can really scream in unison.

“Is there a way to break the curse?” asked Eleanor. I nodded and added, “I’ll find a way.” Eleanor nodded with a worried look and even Montgomery looked worried. They are worrying over me because of my curse. They are good people.

Eleanor cleared her throat and then asked, “So what is Hachiko’s and your talent?”

“Hachiko’s talent is the animal talent as you can tell by the birds leading us. As for me…I have no talents.”

“No talents?”

I nodded. I know she is the heroine, but I won’t reveal the secret to her unless it is absolutely necessary.

“Will you be OK in the Academy?”

“I’ll be fine, so don’t worry.”

Eleanor is even worried about me not having talents (even though I do). She is such a nice person. Montgomery looks concerned too, but he is staying quiet about it.

“Laveda, we’re here,” stated Hachiko as he tugged my sleeve. Before us stood a pair of huge doors. The birds bowed their heads before flying off. The animals sure like to bow toward Hachiko and me.

I took a deep breath in and knocked on the door. There was no answer, so maybe the headmaster wasn’t in. Montgomery knocked on the door too, but a little louder saying, “Headmaster, we need to speak with you.”

There was still no answer…I have a bad feeling and a sense of déjà vu. The door was locked, so I secretly used my wind talent to check inside the sealed room. I hear a voice inside.

“Where is it? Where is the key?”

Key…OH SHOOT! I remember this scene now. This was definitely in the game. I used the strength from my earth talent to kick the door open and as I suspected, there was the headmaster lying on the ground shaking in pain and a dark mist near the desk.

“Headmaster!” I exclaimed. The mist noticed my presence and immediately disappeared into nothing. I ran in, not bothering to wonder where the mist went, and knelt next to the headmaster. I noticed the bleeding wound on his forehead and called Eleanor and Montgomery inside.

“Any one of you would do. Please heal the headmaster.”

The twins nodded and they decided that Eleanor would heal him.

In the game, Eleanor was locked in the shack, but an unnamed student would let her out and bring her to the headmaster’s office, where a black mist looking for a key was inside and had hurt the headmaster. She would heal the headmaster revealing a scene of her light talent. It was a beautiful scene, but the black mist was never given an identity. It was thought that the mist was just a henchman for the antagonist of the game besides the villainous. I can’t remember who the antagonist is. This is definitely going to bite me in the butt someday.

“It’s done,” stated Eleanor as Hachiko entered the room. Hachiko grabbed my arm as the headmaster opened his eyes. I forgot to mention this, but the headmaster looks to be around his thirties. His hair is raven black and long. It is let loose, but he still looks pretty manly and his robes are light red with gold lining. The headmaster looked at us with confusion and asked, “What happened?”

“You were attacked,” I answered. The headmaster groaned and stood up rubbing his head.

“So you four saved me?”

Montgomery smiled and stated, “You should thank Laveda and Eleanor. They did most of the saving.” The headmaster looked at Eleanor and then to me saying his thanks before sitting in his chair and asking, “So do you know what attacked me?” I shook my head. I really don’t since the dark mist was never given an identity.

The headmaster sighed saying, “I will have this investigated.” He then looked at us equally and asked, “So why are you four here instead of heading to your dorms?”

He sure went into business mode fast.

“We were not present for the introduction ceremony because of circumstances. Eleanor was locked in a shack, Montgomery was searching for her, and I was in the clinic.” I handed the headmaster my excuse slip written by Manirak. The headmaster looked it over and then nodded, but then looked at Hachiko saying, “I know I saw this boy at the ceremony, so why is he here?”

“To be with Laveda!” cheered Hachiko before hugging me. I could only sigh. The headmaster also sighed before looking at the twins.

“This girl had an excuse slip, but what about you two?”

Montgomery lowered his head saying, “We don’t have anything on us to prove our words.” The headmaster sighed again before looking at me.

“I’ll take this girl’s words as truth then, since she did help save me.”

That’s good.

“Since this is a small group, I would like to hear your name, age, talent, and any hobbies if you have any.”

How laid back is this guy? He’s really weird.

The Headmaster looked toward Montgomery saying, “You first.”

“My name is Montgomery Quits, age sixteen. My talent is in Light element and my hobby is cooking.”

He cooks? That’s nice. He looks like such a nice guy.

“You must have a boring life to have a hobby in cooking.”

SO MEAN! Montgomery looks pretty shocked too. Looks like Eleanor is going to speak next.

“My name is Eleanor Quits, age sixteen. My talent is in Light Element and my hobbies include cooking, cleaning, and gardening.”

She seems like the perfect wife. I hope we can definitely be friends.

“Such boring hobbies.”

IS EVERYTHING BORING TO YOU? Eleanor looks shocked too just like her brother.

“I’ll talk next!” cheered Hachiko, but the headmaster stated, “I already know your information little spoiled brat.”


He even insulted Hachiko. How mean can this headmaster be? Hachiko looks like he wants to attack the headmaster, but I managed to calm him down, even though I want to kick this headmaster too.

“Now it’s your turn.”

“My name is Laveda Lorenzino, age fifteen. I have no talents and my hobbies…might be boring to you, so I better not mention them.”

I am not in the mood to get my hobbies insulted.

“Ah, I know that name. The little girl that is cursed. I actually thought you were lacking milk.”

He still insulted me! I really, REALLY want to kick him. Maybe I can curse him…I better not. I don’t want to fall to the dark side.

The headmaster suddenly tossed some papers to us saying, “I handed these out to the students in the ceremony. It will give instructions on where you need to go.”

I looked at the paper and it only had one word on it: Dorms. I guess he was too lazy to give detailed instructions. How is this guy in charge? The headmaster gave out a yawn and stated, “I have to start the investigation on the attack, so please leave and enjoy the Academy.” With those words, we were practically kicked out and had the door slammed in our faces.

We were silent until Eleanor asked, “Was it really OK for me to help him?”

I really don’t know how to answer that.

Hachiko tugged on my arm and stated, “Laveda, we should head to the dorm.” I nodded, but then stated, “When we reach there, you need to go to Theodore’s room.”

“But I want to be in Laveda’s room.”


That was all I could really say as we began to head to the dorms together. I don’t know why, but I still feel like I am forgetting something very important.

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