Chapter 67: Can I lie out of this?

I have totally screwed up on the first day. I thought I would be alone in this dorm, so I redecorated in an extreme way, but I stupidly forgot that every dorm has a dorm head (just like in manga and anime). Well, this dorm head has entered the building and he is shocked to the extreme and I can’t exactly run right now, since he technically has my luggage hostage. Can I even cover up this with a lie?

The dorm head (I’m guessing) looked around, but then his eyes fell on my form. Shoot! He saw me. I guess I would be seen by standing in plain sight at the top of the stairwell. Stupid me!

Before I could even say anything, I was wrapped by cold ice. COLD! It’s been a while, since I felt this. Abigail had stopped freezing me after all, since developing a sister complex. It is no mystery to me that this Dorm Head has the ice talent.

“I don’t know why you are in here little girl, but I don’t have time to deal with you.”

Next thing I knew, I was flung out the door by the ice and then the dorm door was shut in my face…I WAS KICKED OUT? I began to bang on the door.

“Hey! Let me back in! I live here!”

The door opened, but I was hit by a blizzard this time sending me flying a few feet before the door closed…SERIOUSLY? I was almost tempted to bring the Dorm down with the Dorm Head inside. I can easily cover the evidence. Ahem, wow, I nearly went to the dark side.

I approach the door again and banged with all my might.


The door opened again and this time I was met with an icicle pointed at my face…SCARY!

“I already told you little girl that I have no time to deal with you. The change in this dorm needs to be investigated and I still need to wait for Laveda Lorenzino.”

“I’m Laveda Lorenzino!”

“…You are a terrible liar.”


I kicked the icicle to pieces and tried to punch this stupid dorm head, but he held me back with one hand with a bored expression. He is totally mocking me.

“If you are Laveda Lorenzino then tell me this, what is in the luggage that I have brought?”

“My clothes, books, hairbrush, soap, and a few snacks that Father made for me.”

I answered immediately, since I instructed what needed to be packed and the snacks were my father’s idea, since he recently got into baking. He actually picked up this hobby when I told him how delicious the pastries that Alden made are.

“…You are correct, but you are wrong about one thing.”

“And what would that be?”

I couldn’t have gotten anything wrong in my own luggage.

“There are no snacks in the luggage.”


“Since I ate them before arriving here.”

BRUTE! I wave my arms more frantically trying to hit this jerk, but he is surprisingly strong as he holds me back with one hand against my forehead.

“Since you knew about the snacks, I guess you are Laveda Lorenzino, but why are you so short? Could you have not consumed enough milk?”


He is now insulting my height. I have drunk enough milk in this life, you jerk.

“I see. Quite a horrible curse,” he stated and then sighed adding, “I was hoping that you would at least have a chest, so I have something to look forward to.”


He is now insulting my chest. It is not my fault that it can’t grow. Every word he speaks is like needles.

“Anyway, you may enter.”

I was finally released and allowed to walk in. I tried to at least get a punch in, but he blocked with a wall of ice. I’ll get one punch through somehow.

“By the way, do you know the reason for the change in the Dorm? I was sure it was falling apart when I last saw it.”

“…It was like this when I first got here. It must have been renovated.”

Must lie…absolutely must lie.

“…I’ll investigate this later with the head master,” stated the Dorm Head and then added, “Bring your luggage to your room.”

I nodded, but then realized that my luggage had increased somehow…Did I have this much luggage brought here?

“By the way, some of that is mine, so bring it upstairs.”


This guy is a jerk. Just like the headmaster. They must be related, right?

“That is not my name. My name is Kori Manta, the great and powerful. You may call me master.”

“You’re just narcissistic.”

He is now starting to remind me of how Zayn used to be when he was praising himself…hateful.

“I rather call you dorm head.”

“I prefer master.”


I seriously want to smack this guy. How am I going to survive being with this guy.

I grabbed MY luggage and began to head up the stairs, but the dorm head (Kori) stopped me saying, “I know that the assignment board said that you were the only one assigned to this dorm, but I am expecting one more person, so please return downstairs to greet him.”

…Another person. I didn’t know there was another person in this dorm. Was this mentioned in the game? Well, the people of the no talent dorm weren’t mentioned much, except that one time with my cameo…was that really the case? I feel like I am forgetting something again.

I only nodded at the dorm head before returning to my room with my luggage. I practically dumped my luggage to the floor, before sitting on my bed.

This is very exhausting. I thought I was alone in this dorm, but a dorm head shows up and one more person is going to join this dorm. I guess I should have thought twice before renovating. Too late now.

I better head downstairs, since I was ordered to wait for the other person.

The moment I was downstairs, I saw that the dorm head’s luggage was still waiting for me…I definitely refuse to bring those up. I kick the luggage a little pretending that they are the dorm head. The dorm head is a jerk and I will somehow get an attack through.

Turning away from the luggage, I faced the door and right on cue, the door opened. I guess the other guy has arrived. He is in this dorm, so he should be a no talent.

The guy entered with his own luggage in his hand…wait a minute, he looks familiar. Long dark hair with natural curls with a strand covering one of his crimson eyes, pale skin like he hasn’t had any sunlight, a slender neck with a noticeable scar (almost like his throat was almost slit). Actually when he readjusted the scarf he was wearing, the scar was mostly hidden. You would have to look hard to see it.

The first thought that ran through my head was vampire, but then his features seemed to change. His skin gained a bit more color and his eyes turned brown. It was almost like the previous look was an illusion.

OK, putting his looks aside, he looks really familiar. Have I met him when I was younger? Maybe he was a guest in the bakery I used to work in.

He suddenly faced me and asked, “Who are you, young lady?” He’s very polite unlike a certain dorm head. Wait a minute, I recognize his voice too. Where have I heard his voice?

I shook my head saying, with a curtsy, “My name is Laveda Lorenzino, a member of Dorm Q.”

He smiled at me saying, “Nice to meet you, Lady Laveda. My name is Simon Crawford. I will be staying in this dorm as well.”

Simon Crawford…AH!

“Kai Tushin?”

The boy (Simon?) was frozen for a while, but then chuckled saying, “I think you misheard. My name is Simon Crawford. The names don’t even match.”

“But you really look like…”

I don’t know what happened, but my voice disappeared for a moment and I could swear that a dark essence was leaking from this guy…SCARY!

“My name is Simon Crawford.”

You already said that and this dark essence emitting from you makes it clear to me that you are indeed Kai Tushin. Is your name a landmine with you?

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