Chapter 68: I really want to hide from this psycho!

I remember now: the route of the game that I forgot because I played too fast (I should have played slower): Kai Tushin, the hidden character and the main, MAIN bad guy of the game. He is a king of the foreign country, Sarin, who transferred into the school undercover. In order to unlock his route, you have to defeat all the routes and fight hidden bosses. He is also the reason why the no talent dorm was mentioned…why I even had one line. He pretended to be a no talent, so no one would pay attention to him, while he searched for the person suitable to manifest the key of the kingdom (the heroine). If he got the key then the kingdom would be his. His route actually has the most bad endings according to the forums I read (I was lucky to get the good ending at the first go).

When he entered the school he changed his name to Simon Crawford and you wouldn’t hear his real name until the final confrontation. This guy is now in front of me and is emitting a dark essence like he is ready to kill me…SCARY!

“Lady Laveda, did you hear me?”

I nodded.

“Your name is Simon Crawford, so please don’t kill me Kai…I mean Tushin…I mean Simon. Yes, your name is Simon Crawford, not Kai Tushin!”

EH? His dark essence just grew thicker. I know I fumbled a bit with his name, but I said his fake name, right?

I was suddenly plucked from the ground by Kai…I mean Simon and was brought toward a room in the first floor. He dangled me in front of his face that was smiling…it’s a very scary smile.

“OK, little girl, tell me: how do you know my real name? I changed my records perfectly when I entered this school, so how could you know?”

“I don’t know anything,” I muttered averting my gaze.

“You’re a horrible liar.”

“…I know. Please don’t kill me.”

I seriously want to cry.

Kai…I mean Simon…I’ll just call him Kai, since there is no way he could read my mind…right? Anyway, Kai dumped me on the ground, but then pressed his hand on top of my head like he was trying to shrink me. Please stop that, I am already short as it is.

“If you know my real name then you should be aware of what I am capable of.”

“I know, please don’t kill me.”

“So you know that I am the king of Sarin, right?”

“I know, please don’t kill me.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on killing you just yet. Just tell me: does anyone else know my identity?”

I shook my head with cold sweat.

“That’s good. Now tell me how you know about me.”

“…I have the time talent…please don’t kill me.”

I might as well lie here. I do have the time talent, but I only know his information since I played the game before.

“So you are hiding such a great talent. Just wonderful.”

He met my eyes and added, “Use that talent to help my kingdom.”

“…Please…kill me.”


“Helping you is the same as betraying my country and that will lead to the death penalty, so I might as well die now than be executed later.”

I actually meant what I said. I know dying a second time would be awful, but either route here will lead to my demise. So frustrating.

Kai lifted his hand from my head and I could swear that I saw his eyebrow twitch.

“You sure have guts, kid.”

“I am not a kid!”

Kai chuckled placing his hand against his forehead.

“My plan is all messed up because of you. I should really just kill you now, but having you ready to die just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

He smirked as he faced me…SCARY!

“But I can at least place a curse on you to make sure you don’t speak a word of my identity.”

He pressed his hand to my forehead as a dark aura surrounded him. THIS IS TOO SCARY! Out of fear I punched forward, but I guess I should have realized that out heights were largely different. I meant to punch him in the stomach, but based on the height I punched…something that would make any man scream in pain.

The dark essence immediately dispersed with Kai standing still and my fist still in a place I don’t want to mention.


Kai fell forward clutching between his legs. I am so sorry. I hope your future children can still be made. I took this chance to run off and into my room.

I should really report Kai, but won’t that place everyone in danger. I mean he did kill off his entire family. That’s right, I forgot to mention this, but Kai only gained the throne because he killed his entire family. He is coldblooded and it makes me wonder why he was even a capture target. He’s way too scary.

“Laveda, come out, come out, where ever you are!”

EEEEK! He is searching for me. This is the horror version of hide and seek. If I am found, I will most likely be killed. I better escape through the window and report Kai to the headmaster. Open the window, open the window…THE WINDOW WON’T OPEN? Shoot, there is a dark barrier on the window. I can’t even break it with my talent. How advanced is Kai’s dark talent. If you guys don’t remember, Kai has the dark talent and it is at the level of an expert. I kick the window a few times, but the barrier refuses to shatters. I should have trained my dark talent better.

I heard the handle of my door rattle. Seriously, of all the doors to check, he actually manages to find my room! I crawl under my bed and use my own dark talent to cover me in darkness. Please don’t find me.

I could hear the door slam open.

“Are you in here, Laveda?”

Kai really came in. Please don’t let him find me.

“Found you.”

KYAAAAAAH! He still found me even though I had this barrier over me, but he looks confused.

“Dark magic…you have the dark talent too?”

I guess he noticed my talent, but I need to find a way to get away from him. I tried to crawl away, but he broke my barrier and dragged me from under the bed. I was seriously screaming as he dangled me by my feet.

I smirked at me saying, “You seem to be a rare one, but I do have to kill you now for that punch before. Don’t think too badly of me.”

HE’S GOING TO KILL ME FOR REAL! I was ready for death before, but now I’m not. Somebody please save me!

I shut my eyes ready to scream, but I suddenly felt a warmth envelope my body. I opened my eyes and saw that a blue light mixed with black was emitting from my chest. What is this?

The bluish black light burst making me shut my eyes. When the light had faded, I opened my eyes and found myself lying on my bed.

Was it just a dream? Ah, it wasn’t a dream. Kai is lying on my floor with a dazed look. I guess he was pretty shocked like me. Hang on, why is there a black collar on his neck?

Kai sat up placing a hand to his neck.

“What is this?”

Kai tugged on the collar, but it looked like it was glued to his skin.

“Why won’t it come off?”

Kai immediately stood up and stomped to my bed.

“What did you do?”

I tried to crawl away, but he grabbed my arm. His hold was pretty tight to the point I saw a bruise, but it immediately vanished without a trace. Kai cringed and I saw a bruise form on his arm.

Kai looks really shocked.

“A curse…you placed a curse on me?”

EEEK! He looks pretty mad. He is lunging toward me! I tried to run, but I bumped my head on the headboard. That really hurt…or not. I don’t feel pain. I looked at Kai and saw him lying at the edge of the bed with a dizzy look. Could it be?

I pinched my arm and Kai gave out a gasp of pain holding his arm.

I slapped my cheek and a red mark formed on Kai’s cheek.

I see, so all injuries that I get will be transferred to Kai. So convenient. That means he can’t kill me, since that would mean killing himself. I don’t know how I invoked this curse, but it totally saved me.

Kai is now glaring at me, but I don’t feel fear this time as I hold my hand toward my face.

“One wrong move will equal pain for you,” I warned. Kai groaned and sat cross-legged on my bed.

“Fine, you win. I won’t harm you.”


“Now undo this curse.”



“Only an idiot would remove a curse from a psychopath.”

Kai is glaring at me. Even if I wanted to, I can’t remove it, since I don’t even know how I invoked it. Guess he’s stuck with this curse and he can’t even hurt me.

“What do I need to do for you to not reveal my identity and for you to remove this curse?”

“Just don’t cause trouble in school like sending out high leveled monsters to cause chaos or framing people.”

I remember he did those acts in the game. Those bosses were really hard to beat.

“…Are you also a mind reader?”

“Time talent.”

“I seriously doubt it. I know you used dark talent.”

“It is all in your mind.”


I slapped my cheek and Kai fell over clutching his red cheek. This is kind of fun.

“Are you two playing a game?”

Eh, when did Kori appear at my door? Kori entered my room and looked down at the collared Kai. He sighed and for some reason handed me a leash. Where did he even get a leash?

“If you place a collar on a pet, then you also have to leash him too.”



“Stop it!”

He slapped my hand away, but he soon regretted it, since his hand began to shake in pain. I patted his head saying he was a good boy. Oh dear, Kai looks like he is about to cry. He is kind of cute now.

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