Chapter 71: Lake Monster?

I was wondering where Montgomery and Eleanor were, but I suddenly heard Montgomery calling for Eleanor in a panicked voice, but it doesn’t look like anyone else heard his voice except for me. I have no time to puzzle over this. It sounds like his voice came from the direction of the lake. I ran toward it ignoring my friends calling my name. I don’t know what happened, but I am seriously worried. Even Bibi looks concern as I carry him.

I reached the lake in no time and what I saw was Montgomery…WHY IS HE FACE DOWN IN THE LAKE? I had to drop Bibi in order to dive into the lake to rescue Montgomery. I managed to pull him out and the moment I did, he was coughing out the water. Glad I didn’t need to do CPR on him, but…

“Why were you face down in the lake?”

Montgomery looked at me with exhaustion in his eyes and then with panic saying, “I was trying to save Eleanor.”

“Eleanor…is she in the lake?”

Montgomery nodded saying, “We were admiring the lake and then a gust of wind came. I was able to maintain my balance, but Eleanor fell in the lake. I tried to jump after her, but…I remembered I couldn’t swim.”

…It is nice that you tried to save her, but please don’t endanger your life in the process. He says Eleanor fell in the lake, but I don’t see her and I don’t remember this happening in the game either.

I stood up as I said, “I’ll see if I can find Eleanor. Please get help.” With that, I immediately dove into the lake enveloping my form with an air bubble. Hopefully Montgomery didn’t notice. I searched deep within the lake. If Eleanor is down here, I hope she hasn’t drowned. Actually the likelihood of her drowning is very high…no, no, I must think positive. Eleanor is the heroine, so she must live.

Huh, I thought I saw something huge swim by the bubble. It must be my imagination.

Help me…help me…

            OK, I heard that, but how can someone speak to me under water?

Wait a second, I see something in the distance…ELEANOR? That’s Eleanor right. She looks unconscious and she is entangled in seaweed. Is she dead? No, I can see her breathing, but what is that on her face.

I stop the air bubble in front of her and see that she is definitely breathing, but that thing on her face looks like algae. This isn’t the time for observations. I drag Eleanor into the air bubble and rip the green thing from her face. Eleanor gasped for air before passing out again. I better take her back to the surface.

I guide the bubble to the surface, while using almost all my strength to hold Eleanor up. I managed to make it back to the surface, bursting the bubble around me and swam Eleanor back to shore. The moment I placed her on the shore and slapped her cheek gently. Eleanor opened her eyes weakly and then faced me saying my name.

“Are you OK, Eleanor?”

Eleanor nodded asking, “Why are you here?”

“I heard Montgomery calling for help, so I came and then saved you from drowning.”

Eleanor’s eyes suddenly widened as she sat up quickly saying, “Where’s big brother? He didn’t drown did he? He can’t swim!”

“Don’t worry, I saved him first and told him to get help.”

Eleanor sighed in relief, but then looked confused. Why is she confused? I followed her line of sight and saw Bibi staring at us. Oh dear, I did drop Bibi to save the twins. I should apologize.

Before I could say anything, Eleanor suddenly squealed. My goodness, I didn’t think she could be so loud. The next thing I knew, she had embraced Bibi wetting his bear body with water droplets from her hair.


I have to agree there, but Bibi looks angry. I should really get him away from Eleanor, but Eleanor looks so happy. I’ll make it up to you, Bibi, so please allow Eleanor to hug you. My message seemed to get across, since Bibi didn’t look as angry. I should get him some cookies later as an apology.

I better get out of the water now to get dried up…WAH!

WHAT THE HECK! Something is dragging me under water! I was able to cover my mouth with an air bubble at least, but I am going down too fast. I look down and saw…a mermaid? Her hair is like seaweed and her eyes are glowing dark blue…SHE LOOKS SCARY! If this is a mermaid, it is very different from the movies and fairy tales. I try to kick her off, but she won’t come off at all. She’s smiling at me…SCARY!

“You have finally come…your majesty.”

            Is she talking into my mind? Why is she calling me your majesty too? I’m going deeper. I try to use my water talent, but the water doesn’t want to obey me right now…WHY NOT? I am really scared. Somebody, please help me…


This voice…Sensei? I felt strong arms grab me and yank me upward. The mermaid released my leg as a result and I was pulled into a chest.

“I got you Laveda.”


I was really near tears. I felt the water circulate around us. I looked at the mermaid and saw her still smiling. She waved her hand before swimming off.

“I await your call.”

            I seriously don’t understand.

“Hang on tight.”

I nodded at Sensei’s words and felt us drifting to the surface. As we drifted, I held onto Sensei’s shirt with a whimper.

“Are you OK, Laveda?”

I nodded and stated, “That mermaid was so scary.”

“Mermaid? There wasn’t a mermaid?”


“There was only seaweed caught on your leg.”

That can’t be, I know I saw a mermaid. She was horrifying to look at, but she was there. Why didn’t Sensei see her?

…Is it just me or are we going up faster?

“Laveda, stay close, I can’t control the water flow!”

Huh? Did Sensei just say that? That can’t be right, but we are moving pretty fast to the point I think we might…OH MY FREAKING GOD!

We are erupting from the lake like an exploding volcano. AHHH! Too high! I was about to activate my wind talent to prevent us from crashing, but the water began to change form. It looks like a developing cloud. It caught us and it was surprisingly soft. Sensei was still holding me tight as the formed water rushed along the surface of the lake before placing us at the opposite shore of the lake. If I look closely, the other shore has some students and teachers looking in curiosity.

The formed water looked like it was bowing before sinking back into the lake. That was really weird.

“Laveda, are you OK?”

I nodded at Sensei, but I admit that I must look very confused.

“What just happened?” I managed to squeak out. Sensei stared back at the lake and answered, “I don’t know.”

Sensei looks concerned instead of surprised. Well I would be concerned if the lake was acting strange and that my talent was deactivated for a short while. Speaking of my talent. I burst the air bubble on my face and then used my index finger to control the water. The water made a small circle on the lake before settling. My talent is working fine again.

Sensei suddenly placed a hand on my hand and whispered, “Don’t use your talent right now.” I nodded at Sensei. I nearly forgot that he is aware of my secret of me controlling all talents. I did tell him after all.

Sensei suddenly began to touch my cheek as he made me face him. He really has beautiful eyes and I have to admit that he looks pretty hot with water dripping from his hair.

“Are you sure you are OK?”

“I am fine Sensei, but how did you know I was in the lake?”

“A student reported that you had jumped in the lake. I arrived first and only saw Bibi and another female student. You weren’t in sight, so I believed you were still in the lake.”

“Thank you for saving me, but I must ask: did you really not see a mermaid when you saved me?”

“There was nothing.”

I could only frown. I hope the academy investigates this. There is obviously something in the lake, but I don’t know if this was in the game.

Sensei suddenly hugged me and stated, “I’m glad you’re all right. If anything happened to you, I wouldn’t forgive myself.”

Sensei…those words…I recognize them. These are the words you said to Eleanor when you first rescued her. You shouldn’t say them to me.


Next thing I knew, Sensei was kicked in the cheek by Bibi. When did Bibi arrive? Sensei was forced to let go of me as he twitched. That kick must have really hurt.

Bibi hugged me with his head buried in my chest…SO CUTE! I hugged Bibi in delight, but he was immediately peeled away from me by Sensei. Sensei dangled Bibi by the leg holding him over the lake. BIBI!

I was going to rescue Bibi, but I was suddenly hugged by Theodore (I knew I heard his voice order Bibi to attack).

“Laveda, are you OK? Did Professor Bosatsu try to harm you?”

“No, Sensei saved me.”


“That’s what I call Ryunosuke.”

“Ryunosuke…you know his first name?”

I nodded and added, “We are friends, so no worries.” Theodore looks angry for some reason, but he seems to calm down when Goldie jumped onto my head to comfort me.

Goldie began to tug on my hair as Theodore rescued Bibi from Sensei. Theodore is saying something to Sensei in a low voice, but I can’t hear it. Now Sensei looks angry…I wonder why?

I noticed my other friends approaching along with other students and teachers, but when I lifted my hand to wave to them, Goldie suddenly tugged my hair again.

“Your majesty, must be glad to meet the guardian of the water spirit.”

            “Guardian of the water spirit? What do you mean?”

“You met her, didn’t you, your majesty?”

            “I don’t know…”

My head is starting to feel funny. I actually feel dizzy. I felt like this before when I saw the statue in the academy.


I feel so tired. I felt my world go black again.

You must grow your power before the eclipse. You must gain the key. You must.

            I seriously don’t understand. Was this in the game?

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