Chapter 72: The Infirmary Again?

I can’t believe I passed out again. I managed to open my eyes and recognized the surrounding of the infirmary. I can’t believe I ended up here again in one day. Manirak must be peeved. I sat up with a groan.

“Glad to see you are up, Laveda.”

WAH! How long has Manirak been sitting next to the bed? It’s like he just appeared out of nowhere.

“I’ve been here for a while watching you sleep.”

“…That’s a little creepy and did you just read my mind or something?”

“It was written all over your face.”

Was it really? I guess my expressions can give away my thoughts, but it is still creepy that he was watching me sleep.

I suddenly felt his hand on my forehead making me flinch a bit.

“Manirak, what are you doing?”

“Checking to see if you have a fever. Passing out twice in one day is not healthy.”


That’s all I could really say. I don’t know why I passed out, but even I know this is not good for me. Something must be wrong.

“You don’t have a fever. My only guess is exhaustion. Have you been doing anything that could make you this worn out?”

I spoke with the rude headmaster in his office, I renovated the entire of the no talent dorm, ran for my life when I met Kai, met my friends who started to do glaring battles with each other, learned I am to change dorms, saved Montgomery and Eleanor from drowning, and then I struggled against a mermaid or something that resembles a mermaid…I guess those activities would exhaust me.

“I went through a lot.”

“I see. You maybe fifteen, but your body is that of a child, so please don’t push yourself.”

I nodded. I guess I should take it easy sometimes, but life knows how to beat me black and blue. I am just getting exhausted thinking about it.

I suddenly heard a groan and noticed that the bed next to me was also occupied…by Kai.

“Why is Simon here?”

I remembered to say his fake name. Manirak glanced at Kai with a sigh.

“He apparently passed out the same time as you. I don’t see anything physically wrong with him, but I think his fainting had something to do psychologically.”

“Why psychologically?”

“He kept muttering ‘stupid brat’ and ‘curse you’ repeatedly in his sleep.”

…I believe those insults were directed at me. I’ll pinch my arm to punish him later.

“Do you know when he will wake up?”

“It shouldn’t be long.”

Manirak suddenly glanced at me and added, “Laveda, I really am concerned about that fainting spell of yours, so I will discuss with the headmaster to let me be a dorm head in the new dorm you are living in.”


“If I am in your dorm then I can treat you if you fall unconscious again.”

He has a point, but I might not pass out again and he seems to be the only doctor in this Academy.

“I will just hire a nurse to watch the other students during my absence here.”


“I did not read your mind, so stop with that look.”

Manirak says that, but it really seems like he is reading my mind. Nah, he doesn’t have the talent to read minds…I think.

Anyway, it seems that Manirak is determined to be my doctor, even though I don’t need one, but he still needs the OK from the headmaster. I’m pretty sure the headmaster will reject the idea…did I raise a flag there. No way.

“Looks like Simon just woke up.”

Ah, Kai is awake…he is glaring daggers at me. I swear, it is not my fault that you fainted. It really isn’t. I swear.

The next thing I knew, Kai was already towering over me and whispered, “What did you do?”

“I did nothing, I really did nothing.”

“Then why did I faint and why are we both in here?”

“I don’t know why we fainted, so please don’t lay the blame on me.”

“I blame you.”

“So mean…”

I did not make him faint intentionally. I don’t even know why I fainted…now that I think about it: I fainted after Goldie told me something…What did he mean by Guardian of the Water Spirit? I have never heard of such a thing. I better ask Goldie the next time I see him.

Now that I think about it: Kai has grown quiet. I looked back at Kai and saw that he was being pinned to the wall by Manirak, who was smiling…his smile looks kind of scary.

“You shouldn’t treat a young lady like that young man.”

“Let go of me you old hag!”

Manirak slapped Kai’s cheek and stated, “Do not insult the doctor, young man.”

“Doctors should not create injuries!”

Manirak slapped Kai again…should I report this. This is abuse right?

I couldn’t sit still and watch Kai get abused, so I tugged on Manirak’s sleeve and said, “You should let Simon go. He meant no harm.” My words seemed to come across since Manirak released Kai and began to pat my head saying, “You have a kind heart.”

On the side, I could see Kai rubbing his cheeks giving death glares at Manirak. I am so glad glares can’t kill.

I suddenly heard a knock on the door followed by a male voice asking if he could enter. That voice sounds familiar.

Manirak granted permission and the door opened revealing a familiar figure I haven’t seen in years.


That’s right, the best friend of Sensei that I haven’t seen in years. If I remember right, Ebina, Sensei’s Ex-Fiance, fell in love with him after the engagement with Sensei was broken. He grew taller, but he basically looks the same. Actually, it looks like he has some muscle, Ebina must be proud of that.

Shuya seemed to take notice of me and smiled saying, “So Ryu was telling the truth. Laveda hasn’t changed a bit.” I wanted to smack him. I have grown a bit before this curse happened. Don’t look so amused.

Manirak raised an eyebrow at Shuya and asked, “You know Laveda?” Shuya nodded stating, “I met her when I first came to this kingdom. She was so tiny and cute calling Ryu ‘Sensei.’ I even thought about bringing her home with me.”

“Thanks for not doing that,” I stated bluntly.

Shuya suddenly patted my head crouching down to my height.

“I’m really glad to see you again, Laveda, so don’t make such an angry expression.”

Angry expression? I guess I must look angry, but can you blame me when you mentioned that I was still tiny. I have grown a bit before the curse you know?

Shuya then looked back at Manirak and asked, “So is it OK for me to bring Laveda and Simon to the dorm or do you recommend them to stay in the infirmary.”

I see, Shuya is one of the dorm heads of the dorm I will be staying in, so it is obvious that he just came here to pick up Kai and me.

“You can take them to the dorm, but please have them visit tomorrow before their class for a check-up just in case.”

Shuya nodded and began to escort Kai and me out of the infirmary.

As we walked down the hall, Shuya looked toward Kai and asked, “I have met Laveda, but not you, so can you give me the honor of knowing you?”

“Isn’t my name enough?”

Shuya fell silent, so I guess he figured out that Kai doesn’t want to talk. Kai still looks pretty angry, but at least he’s not glaring at me.

We walked out of the academy building and into the forest…wait a minute, I know this direction. I know this road…I know that building. That’s the dorm I renovated: Dorm Q…could it be?

“Welcome to the mixed dorm!” announced Shuya with a very bright smile.


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