Chapter 73: Change of Dorms

This can’t be right. In the game, the special dorm was unmarked and yet we are in front of Dorm Q. Does that mean in the original game, the no talents were put in a different dorm? I just don’t get it. Maybe I should just stop the comparison of this life with the game. It is just way too different.

“Are you OK, Laveda?”

“I’m fine Shuya…oh wait, I should call you Professor Tomayo, since you are a professor here.”

“Shuya is fine when we are not in class, Laveda.”

Shuya gave out a chuckle of amusement and then continued to lead us to the dorm. I really wonder why Dorm Q became the special dorm. My head hurts just thinking about this.

“So that’s why…”

I heard Kai mutter that, but why would he mutter that? Also why does he look a little angry?

We entered the dorm and I have to admit that I am surprised to see that the headmaster is standing in the main hall…alone? Why is he alone? Where are the others?

“About time you showed up,” the headmaster stated with a VERY rude attitude. He didn’t have to wait here. He could have just gone to bed and leave ME alone. I really don’t like this headmaster.

“Sorry for the wait, but the sudden change of location kind of threw me off.”

That’s what Shuya said, but what does that mean? The location of the dorm was changed? That would mean that the special dorm was supposed to be somewhere else. I wonder why it was changed?

“Sudden change or not, you should know the way to this no talent dorm…I guess it is called the special dorm now though.”

The headmaster suddenly faced Kai and me and stated, “I wasn’t planning on adding you two to this dorm, but after getting convinced by Mr. Manta, you two were added in the last minute, so be grateful to the pervert.”

…So it was Kori’s doing? Why would he even convince the headmaster to have the special dorm here? Hold on…didn’t the headmaster insult Kori at the end there?

The headmaster looked around the dorm.

“I admit that I am surprised on how much this place changed. It is like a master renovator worked on this. It makes me even want to stay here.”


Oops, I accidentally yelled that out loud, but I really don’t want this eager to insult guy to stay here.

“I guess I shouldn’t.”

Thank goodness.

“But maybe I should, since the bath looks very nice.”

Please leave.

“But I am accustomed to my own bed.”

Go sleep in that bed in a room far away from here.

“I’ll just transfer my bed into this dorm.”

Don’t stay!

“I’ll leave.”


“I’ll definitely stay.”


I accidentally blurted out my real thoughts again. The headmaster doesn’t look angry…he looks entertained.

“Don’t worry little girl with a stunt growth, I won’t stay here, since I have many duties to take care of in my home.”

…He was messing with me. I just know it and he definitely insulted me again.

“Now I am here to let you two know what I told the others staying in this dorm. You will be attending classes with the students involved in my little experiment and learning about the talents of the world (even though you two are trash). When it comes to physical classes, you will be with other students not involved in my experiment (game). You must also keep your grades in the top twenty or you will be booted off the experiment and returned to your normal classes. For you two though, if you fail, you will be expelled.”


Even Kai was shocked by the headmaster’s words.

“Because you two are no talents and your only qualification are your grades, so failing means you are below being nothing (utter trash).”

I seriously want to beat this headmaster. I have caught the instances when he called me and Kai trash and he actually considers this experiment as a game…I wonder if I can put a curse on him. Whoa, nearly went to the dark side again. I must remember that bad people will always get their just desserts. Just you wait Headmaster, I look forward to when Karma comes back to bite you in the butt.

“Well you two will have to work hard to stay in this experiment, so get to bed. Chop! Chop!”

He is treating us like children, but I am tired, so it is time to go to my comfortable room.

The moment Kai and I went on the stairs, the headmaster suddenly added, “Remember that failure equals the end of your lives.”

HE IS A MEGA JERK! He must have been born in a pile of horse feces.

I practically ran up the stairs to get away, but the moment I turned a corner on the second floor, I was lifted off the ground by Kai.

“What are you doing?” I asked, but Kai dragged me to a corner and stated, in a hush voice, “This is all your fault.”

“How is this my fault?”

“You renovated this place, right? If this place still looked like a Hell hole then the headmaster wouldn’t have even chose it for the experiment and I wouldn’t be in the radar.”

“Well I didn’t suggest it. You should blame Kori not me.”

“…You’re right. What was that idiot thinking when he made this suggestion for the experiment. Punishment is in order.”

I saw a dark aura begin to surround him. If I don’t stop him now, he will curse the building we are in. I used my own dark talent to cancel out the dark aura around him, but the glare he gave me made it obvious to me that he caught what I did.

“You definitely have the dark talent and another talent. If I am not mistaken, the wind talent. I also remember you mentioning that you have the time talent,” stated Kai and then added, “I promise not to tell, so tell me exactly what talents you have or it will be difficult for me to be with you.”

I don’t want him to be with me, but I really should tell him my talents. He can’t tell anyone anyway, since I have a curse on him.

“I have ALL the talents.”


I nodded. Kai looks really shocked. Was it really that strange? He actually looks ready to faint.

Kai seemed to gather his wits about him and looked at me with seriousness in his eyes.

“Are you even aware that you just might be the strongest being in this world?”

“I seriously doubt that.”

I truly do doubt it, since I know that this world is quite big and that other creatures stronger than me might appear in the future…I just don’t want to be facing them at the time. Was that a flag…I think not.

Kai looks a bit troubled, but he just let out a sigh and stated, “I won’t tell anyone about you having all the talents. Just please try not to get hurt.”

“…I’ll try.”

“That pause worries me.”

Well I can easily get hurt in a number of ways, but I’ll try not to get hurt unless I want to punish Kai for any wrong doing. Which reminds me…

I pinch my arm and Kai gives out a small yelp.

“Why did you do that?”

“For insulting me when you were unconscious.”

“How did you even know that?”

“Dr. Manirak told me.”

I could hear Kai muttering curses.

“Anyway, I won’t tell, not even the people involved in this experiment.”

“Don’t worry about that. They already know.”

“…They do?”

I nodded and added, “I met them all when I was really young and they are my friends, so of course they know.”

“Are you even capable of keeping a secret?”

I puffed my cheeks and state, “I can keep a secret. There were just times when I had to tell them.”

“…I see…just don’t tell them my secret.”

“I won’t,” I stated with absolutely certainty. I won’t break this promise.

Now that I think about it, we should head to our rooms. I began to walk, but noticed that Kai was following me.

“Why are you following me?”

“I wasn’t told where my room was, so I am staying in yours tonight.”


“So you would rather I sleep in the hall in front of your door and let your dear friends know we are close?”

I feel like I am being blackmailed…I better help locate his room. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if he stayed in my room.

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  1. lololol. Laveda’s just getting more and more exhausted. Don’t give in Laveda! The fallout will be wayyy worse tomorrow if he sleeps in your room! (sleeping outside will embarrass him anyway because he’ll look like an abandoned puppy )

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