Chapter 76: Cuteness is Justice!

I nearly lost my train of thought when Kori revealed Kai’s room at such a bad time. I have to focus on the problem right now. Montgomery is about to be attacked by the Tamovin. I tried to leap from Kai’s hold, but he won’t let me go.

“Let me go, Kai!”

“I won’t,” Kai snapped, “If the Tamovin gets him, it will just leave.”

Did he seriously say that? He is such a jerk. I clenched my fist and punched my arm really hard.


Kai released me as he gripped his arm cringing. You deserved that punch this time. How can you even think of sacrificing Montgomery? I won’t let Montgomery die.


Wind burst from me and then formed into Chi, my dragon made of wind. Chi spun in the air before kicking the Tamovin away from Montgomery. Chi and the Tamovin began a fight as I went to Montgomery’s side asking if he was all right.

“I’m fine,” he said, but his voice was shaking. He must have been really scared.

“Where did that dragon come from?”

Oh yeah, I revealed Chi to save him, so it is only right for him to question where Chi came from.

“That dragon…is my wind animal form.”

“Wind animal form? Wait a minute, weren’t you a No Talent? Why are you able to use wind?”


I immediately shoved Montgomery to the side as a tentacle attempted to grab us. SCARY!

“Laveda, get over here!” I heard Kai scream, but should I really go to him after he basically threw Montgomery under the bus to be sacrificed…on the other hand…THE TENTACLE IS TOO SCARY! I pulled Montgomery toward Kai dodging the tentacles that seemed to be getting longer.

Chi is really trying hard to fight back. He is even biting the tentacle that is attacking us…is it just me or is that Tamovin getting stronger? I don’t want to think about that.

As Montgomery and I got closer, I noticed that there was a barrier around Kai and Kori. That barrier was obviously made by Kai. I saw a hole open up and ran toward it, but Montgomery was suddenly flung into the air. When did the tentacle whip him? I used my wind talent to catch Montgomery, but then a tentacle grabbed my leg and whipped me into the air. KYAHHHH! That was way too sudden. I used my wind talent to catch me, but when I noticed a tentacle coming at Montgomery, I tossed him into the barrier and then began to use wind blades to cut at the Tamovin.

The Tamovin gave out a wail of pain, but the tentacles began to heal themselves. This is totally unfair. A tentacle grabbed my leg and slammed me down on the floor…it didn’t hurt, but I can’t say the same for Kai. He is rolling in pain on the ground, but he is maintaining the barrier, so he is still OK…I think.

Chi was suddenly flung next to me before he vanished back into me. That’s not good. The Tamovin towered over me like a predator about to devour its prey…SCARY! I summoned my wind around me, but the Tamovin slammed a tentacle next to me making me flinch. Was that a warning? I tried to use my fire talent, but the tentacle once again slammed extremely close to me. So it can tell when I am about to use a talent…this is so unfair.

The Tamovin suddenly wrapped around me blocking any form of light from my form. I think I heard Montgomery calling my name, but I can’t be sure. It is too quiet in here. Am I going to die? I want to use my talents, but for some reason…they are sealed. Why are they sealed at such a crucial moment? I don’t want to die. I still have goals to obtain. You will not make me fall to ruin!

I felt a warm light begin to surround me. Is this the light talent…no, this is different. What is this feeling? I could hear the Tamovin wail in pain, but the darkness still didn’t leave. Only the light around me was guiding me in this darkness.

I clenched my fist as the light around me intensified.


The darkness vanished and I found myself lying on the floor of Kori’s room.

“Laveda?” I heard Montgomery say as he knelt next to me. I guess Kai lowered the barrier, but what happened? The light around me and the darkness of the Tamovin had vanished.

I saw Kai approach me, but he looks angry. Well I did get hurt and he felt the pain…sorry about that. Kori also approached, but he looks amused…wait a minute, Kai and Montgomery’s faces look confused…why?

“Laveda, what is that on your chest?”

My chest…now that Montgomery mentions it, I do feel a slight weight on my chest. I glance toward my chest and saw something black resting there…what is this thing? I sat up making it slide down to my lap. The moment it touched my lap, it shook its head revealing long ears. It glanced at me with red eyes and a pink nose that twitched. Isn’t that a fluffy tail on its bottom? This is a rabbit no matter how you look at it, right?

The rabbit gave out a small yawn and buried its head in my lap…SO CUTE! I wanted to hug it, but Kai suddenly stated, “I think that animal is the Tamovin.”


“It might have changed form, but I can feel that same dark essence that I felt from the Tamovin.”

“So this cutie is the Tamovin that attacked us?”

Kai nodded. I looked at the Tamovin with a complicated look, but when it gave another small yawn, my heart just melted.

“It’s cute, so all is forgiven!” I announced as I cuddled the transformed Tamovin.


“Cuteness is justice,” I stated as I stood up with the Tamovin bunny in my embrace. I noticed that Montgomery was staring at the Tamovin with an uneasy look and I don’t blame him, since the Tamovin did almost kill him.

“This is very strange,” Kori said as his gaze landed on the Tamovin, “I have never heard of a Tamovin changing form like this. It looks like a real rabbit.”

“It does. It was scary at first, but now it is cute. Maybe this is what the headmaster meant when he said to make the Tamovin obey. In this form, he is very docile and cute,” I stated as I dangled the Tamovin in front of the three men before me.

Kai frowned and then flicked the Tamovin’s small nose.


“I was just punishing it for nearly killing us. You can’t let it get away scot-free just because it became a rab…”

A tentacle suddenly rose from the rabbit and slapped Kai in the cheek. Kai gasped in pain as the tentacle sank back into the Tamovin. The Tamovin then began to bury its head to my chest…I don’t know what to think about that.

Kai looks ready to kill it.

I whacked the top of the Tamvin’s head and stated, “You can’t attack people like that, understand?” The Tamovin nodded with a guilt filled look. This Tamovin has definitely mellowed out, but I still don’t know why. It must be because of the light, but I am still not sure.

I suddenly noticed Montgomery reaching his hand toward the Tamovin before pulling his hand back.

“You can pet it if you want to. I don’t think it is dangerous anymore,” I offered. Montgomery gulped before running his hand against the head of the Tamovin. The Tamovin glanced at Montgomery before rubbing its head against Montgomery’s hand.

“It really did become cute,” commented Montgomery with reddening cheeks. As I said before “Cuteness is justice.”

“I still can’t believe you guys forgive it that easily,” commented Kai as he rubbed his red cheek.

Kori suddenly chuckled getting our attention.

“I believe the excitement is over, so you three should return to your rooms.”

“Oh yeah, we were looking for Simon’s room after all. I remember Kori mentioned that room fifteen is Simon’s room.”

Kori nodded and then pointed at Laveda saying, “Your room is number sixteen.”

“I know that since I already made it my own,” I stated remembering that was the room I made for myself when I first renovated the place. Hold on…KAI IS MY NEIGHBOR?

“I believe it is best for SIMON to be your neighbor,” stated Kori. This was obviously intentional when it turned out Kai is my neighbor.

I’m not in the mood to argue. Time to head to my room and then figure out how to break the curse on the rooms. Maybe I will have another miracle. I also need to introduce this Tamovin to Bibi. Bibi must be in my room considering that I haven’t located him yet.

“Um guys?”

“What is it Montgomery?”

“I think the Tamovin destroyed my room, so where am I going to stay?”

“…That is a very good question.”

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