Chapter 77: Breaking the curse…on the rooms

A lot happened once again concerning the Tamovin, but we…actually I conquered it and now it is a cuddly little black bunny. It has taken a liking to me and no longer has murderous intentions, so all is forgiven as far as I am concerned, but I forgot that this little guy most likely destroyed Montgomery’s dorm room when it escaped, so we have a problem of trying to figure out where Montgomery is going to stay tonight.

“I think there are other rooms I can let you choose from,” I offered, but Kori then said, “The headmaster made it pretty clear that Montgomery would be staying in room ten, so he won’t be able to get another empty room. The headmaster made sure of that.”

The headmaster is a jerk.

“So what do you suggest?”

“He can share a room with someone else for the time being. He is only banned from other empty rooms.”

“Then maybe he can stay with you.”

“Sorry, but I rather be alone.”

Alone my butt. You just don’t want to share. The other rooms are still sealed and so that just leaves…Kai and me. I looked at Kai, but he seemed reluctant to share, so I then looked at Montgomery and said, “My room is pretty big, so you can stay with me.” Montgomery looks reluctant for some reason…oh, that’s right, he is a boy. He looked so much like Eleanor that I nearly forgot to consider his gender. That is so bad of me. I really can’t share my room with a boy when I am practically a grown woman…I know I look like a kid, but remember people that I am fifteen. I should tell him I changed my mind, but now that I think about it, it would be rude to change my mind after just a few seconds. Montgomery is nice, so I don’t think he will do anything to me if he stayed in my room. I guess I’ll let him stay in my room after all, but he has to be fine with it.

“If you don’t want to share then…”

“I don’t mind. Please let me stay in your room for the night.”

I nodded with a smile, but for some reason the temperature in the room has greatly reduced. Really, what is going on? I glanced toward Kai and saw the displeasure on his face. WHY ARE YOU MAD? You made it obvious you didn’t want to share, so why are you mad?

Kai suddenly grabbed Montgomery’s arm and stated, “Forget the brat’s room, you can stay in mine.” Did Kai just call me a brat? That jerk, but the most shocking thing to me right now was that he wants to share his room with Montgomery. This is so unreal, but that should be fine…

“I rather stay in Laveda’s room, but thanks for the offer Simon.”

…Montgomery refused, but why?

“Why do you want to stay in her room?”

“Well, I know her and you and I are practically strangers,” pointed out Montgomery. He does have a point, but he and I are practically strangers too.

“Strangers or not, you are staying in my room.”

“I definitely refuse.”

Kai looks like he is getting angrier. I’m a little scared.

“Think about it this way: Laveda is a young woman (kind of) and is at a marriageable age, if she were to graduate this year; so would it be appropriate for her to share a room with a man like you.”

Kai makes a very good point, but I already decided not to bother with that reason, since I believe Montgomery won’t do anything inappropriate to me. Oh, Montgomery seems to be thinking about what Kai said.

“If that is the case…”

“So you decided to share a room with me, right?”

Montgomery shook his head and the next thing I knew, he was kneeling before me with a very serious or should I say compassionate look in his eyes.

“Laveda Lorenzino, would you do me, Montgomery Quits, second son of the Quits Family line, the honor of becoming my wife when we graduate?”

…HUH? I don’t know what to say. Am I hearing this right? Did Montgomery just propose to me? This is way too sudden!

“Montgomery, what are you saying?” I asked as I hugged the Tamovin slightly to my chest.

“I know this is sudden, but I feel that you and I are a good match and with this engagement, it shouldn’t be a problem with us sharing a room.”

…So he proposed so we could share a room? Maybe Montgomery needs to get lessons on when it is the best time to propose marriage like maybe when you have a long time romantic relationship or when it is your dating anniversary. Those are good times…a bad time would be proposing to a girl you practically just met in order to share a room. You would be sending out mixed signals here.

I should reject the proposal here…KAI PUT AWAY THAT DARK SCYTHE! Kai seemed to get my message, since the weapon made of darkness vanished, but he suddenly grabbed Montgomery’s shirt from behind and made Montgomery face him.

“That proposal solves nothing,” stated Kai in a rather dark tone…are his eyes glowing red?

“It solves a lot of things. You say that Laveda can’t share a room with a man when she is unmarried, but if she is engaged to me than us sharing a room won’t be questioned.”

“Your logic sucks!”

Kai looks really angry, so I better reject the proposal right now and explain that I have no problems with sharing a room with Montgomery, to quench his anger…well at least I hope it will quench his anger.

“Montgomery, I can’t marry…”


Hold on, I recognize that voice. ABIGAIL? Abigail is standing at the foot of the broken door with her bluish white hair in a mess huffing angrily…how did she get out of her room? Abigail ran to me and hugged me to her chest…she really does have a chest.

“I don’t know who you are, but that proposal of yours is rejected 100%!”

She really doesn’t have the right to reject the proposal, but I was going to reject the proposal anyway. Montgomery and Kai look a bit shocked to see her…really, how did she get out of the room?

“Big Sister?”

Abigail smiled sweetly at me as if her angered expression was never there before.

“Yes, my dear little sister?”

“How did you escape your room?”

Abigail seemed to ponder to herself before answering me.

“I froze my room all over, but then some kind of image appeared before me. I saw you with these two talking and then I heard the blonde one ask for your hand in marriage and so I used my strongest attack to break the spell and ran over here to rescue you.”

An image appeared? Why did an image of the events here appear in Abigail’s room…why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Abigail glared back at Kai and Montgomery and stated, “I don’t know your names, but as Laveda’s beloved older sister, I forbid you to speak of marriage with her ever again.”

“That’s not for you to decide,” stated Kai with crossed arms and Montgomery was nodding in agreement.

Abigail was ready to retort, but paused when another familiar voice said, “Definitely not for you to decide, now step away from Laveda, Abigail.”

I glanced back and saw Theodore this time…he looks worn out.

“Big brother, you also got out?”

Theodore nodded and the next thing I knew he was already trying to drag me out of Abigail’s embrace, but Abigail only held me tighter with gritted teeth.

“Let her go, Abigail!”

“No way, Theodore, I am not a stranger to your thoughts toward my dear little sister.”

What thoughts is she talking about? I am quite curious about this, but something is telling me that I shouldn’t know.

WAH, why am I being lifted up by a vine…never mind, I know the answer: Zayn has also found a way out of his room.

“Laveda!” cried out my dear siblings, but the vine practically dropped me into the arms of Zayn, who also looked pretty worn out.

“My dear flower, I came as soon as possible when I saw what predicament you were in,” stated Zayn, but I am not at all relieved. I can also hear Montgomery and Kai screaming…ah, the vines are dangling them in the air. Oh, Theodore and Abigail are also being dangled now…for some reason the vines let them go. Maybe Zayn decided to…never mind, there is a needle sticking out from his forehead. Don’t worry, the needle isn’t deep enough to kill, but Zayn is in pain.

I was pulled from his embraced and into the familiar arms of Cecil.

“Like Hell I’m letting this pervert hold you,” muttered Cecil as he held me. Cecil must have escaped too, but he doesn’t look exhausted at all. Maybe he did find the easier way out.

Cecil knelt to my level and asked, “Are you hurt anywhere?”

I shook my head and stated, “Everything is fine, since cuteness is justice.” I held up the Tamovin when I said this. Cecil sighed at me and stated, “As long as you are all right.” Cecil is very sweet.

WAH, there’s an army of dolls carry Cecil away from me. If you guys don’t know Roland obviously got out of his room too. Roland looks pretty tired as he approached me.

“There are enemies everywhere,” I heard him mutter, but I didn’t have time to question him when I noticed the dolls also attacking the others with their makeshift weapons.

“Roland, make your dolls stop attacking!” I exclaimed, but Roland only frowned and stated, “My dolls won’t kill them…maybe just a few bruises.”


Why is Roland being so violent here? Roland was suddenly whacked on the back of his head by Harold, who just made his appearance. Just like Cecil, he does not look worn out.

“Call your dolls off, Roland,” scolded Harold, but Roland responded with a punch to Harold’s stomach. Roland is being too violent. Don’t be a delinquent! Oh dear, Harold and Roland are having a fist fight now. I should stop this, but Harold and Roland were suddenly lifted up by ropes made of water…Ah, Sensei has arrived.

“Stop fighting you two!” scolded Sensei, but Harold and Roland kicked his chin while suspended in the air. That must have hurt. Sensei looks pretty angry. Sensei held them higher and repeated his words, but with an even stricter tone. Sensei looks pretty scary.

AH, don’t use your talents to fight Sensei. Look, now Sensei is fighting them too.

I see Shuya is also here, but he is not doing anything to stop them. It looks like he is trying to hide. Please do something!

I should put a stop to this now…Huh, why am I being pulled back?

“Reino, are you OK?”

Oh, Nate finally came too. I thought he would stop calling me Reino, but I guess he isn’t comfortable calling me by my name yet.

“I’m fine, Nate. I’m glad you got out of your room just fine.”

For some reason, Nate is turning red as he looks at me. Is he remembering that I saw him half naked when I entered his room before? I better apologize.

“Sorry for walking into your room unannounced before. It must have been embarrassing.”

Nate only turned redder. Did my apology make it worse? Nate looks ready to make a run for the hills.

Oh dear, he fainted, what was he thinking about?

“Nate…Nate…are you OK?”

Nate obviously did not answer. I better find a way to take him to his room later.

I looked back at the war scene practically playing in Kori’s room…Kori is only watching calmly…the jerk.

Now let’s put a stop to…WAH!


Hachiko has awoken from his slumber and rushed here. Unlike the others, he had already broken the spell, so I am kind of surprised why he came here late. He is now hugging me from behind with small tears coming from his eyes.

“Hachiko, please get off. I have to stop this fighting right now.”


“I am not accepting the proposal, so calm down.”

Hachiko seemed to perk up with a smile when he heard my words. I should explain to him again that Theodore and I are not a couple. We are brother and sister.

I prepared to rush in, but Hachiko suddenly rushed ahead of me saying, “I’ll take care of it!”


Hachiko ran into the room and clapped his hands together as if he were ready to pray and then pulled them apart making a huge wave of air into the room. The pressure of the air caused every stop what they were doing. They were frozen like statues before facing the proud Hachiko. Hachiko chuckled with his tail wagging behind him as he spoke.

“Mama doesn’t like you all fighting, so please stop or get a spanking.”

Spanking…I don’t think anyone would like a spanking from a boy who just gave off such a strong pressure. Everyone finally stopped their fighting and the golem dolls went into a line behind Roland like he was a commander. They were silent as they looked at Hachiko.

Hachiko nodded in approval and then ran to me saying, “I did it Mama. I made them stop fighting. Are you happy now?”

I nodded and then patted Hachiko on his head. He really likes that judging by the wagging of his tail.

I then looked at the others and stated, “I’m glad you guys got out, but no fighting like this when we are in the dorm. I don’t want you guys to get hurt” All of them nodded. I’m glad they understand.

Now that I think about it, I think someone is missing…where is Eleanor?

“Big Brother!”

Oh, there she is. She is running down the hall…with Goldie and Bibi in her arms. How did she get them?

I ran to Eleanor saying, “Don’t worry, Montgomery is fine now.” Eleanor stopped in front of me just staring. She dropped Bibi and Goldie to the ground allowing them to go to their respective owners (Bibi goes to me and Goldie returned to Theodore). Bibi hung from my shoulder and began to poke the Tamovin. He must be confused, since this is their first meeting.

…I wonder why Eleanor is just staring at me? Is something wrong?


I suddenly felt a stinging sensation against my left cheek…Eleanor just slapped me. I placed a hand to my slapped cheek staring at Eleanor in confusion. Eleanor was glaring at me. She scoffed and then ran into the room calling for Montgomery. Why is she mad at me?

I secretly used the light talent to heal my cheek and returned to the room. Eleanor looks pretty normal talking with Montgomery. I’ll speak with Eleanor about the slap later on. I looked at everyone again.

“I need to ask you guys something: did all of you see an image of me with Kai and Montgomery in this room?”

They all nodded…Eleanor looks angry again. Where did that image thing come from anyway? I’ll investigate that later.

“Did you guys escape after seeing the image?”

They nodded again and I felt like a fight was about to happen again, so I took a deep breath and said, “I won’t marry Montgomery, so stop this hostile atmosphere.” Everything seemed calm again, but Montgomery looks pretty depressed. I wanted to tell him in private that I refuse to spare him, but the situation called for me to tell everyone my answer. I don’t want fights like this.

“I’m really sorry Montgomery,” I said as I looked in his direction.

“Don’t worry, I am fine,” stated Montgomery, but he doesn’t look fine. I should do something nice for him when I have the chance. Oh, Eleanor looks relieved…did she slap me because Montgomery proposed to me…a brother complex?  I hope not.

Kori suddenly clapped his hands making all of us look at him. Kori smiled saying, “No that the fight is officially over, can all of you return to your rooms?”

Everything grew quiet again…could it be?

“Did you guys destroy your rooms when you broke the spell?”

More silence…they really did damage their rooms, except for Hachiko, who looks pretty happy by himself. I better find them a place to sleep, so I can repair their rooms.

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