Chapter 78: Familiar Encounters in the Canteen

I am so exhausted. Everyone slept in the entertainment hall with the fireplace that night, while I repaired their rooms. I better put an automatic heal on the wood this time, so if it gets damaged it will be repaired. I should have done this in the first place. With their rooms fixed, they can sleep in their rooms next time. I managed to get some sleep in my room that was untouched with Bibi and the Tamovin. Tamovin sounds depressing, so I will name him Darkie…don’t criticize the name.

When morning arrived, I was still exhausted, but I managed to awake before anyone else. Everyone should be hungry when they get up, so I better head to the kitchen to cook their meal. I made sure to put on my uniform for the Academy (custom made for my size) and then headed to the kitchen. It was empty…I mean really empty. SHOOT! I forgot to place food in here when I renovated the kitchen. I don’t think anyone is awake, so maybe I can go out and get some breakfast for them…and get groceries if there is a store nearby.

I left the dorm quietly and then walked down the path with Bibi in my arms, Darkie resting on top of my head and a small purse hanging from my shoulder. If you guys are wondering, I do have money in the purse.

I walked around realizing that it was pretty quiet around here. I guess everyone is still asleep. Good thing classes are starting late for today, since this is a new semester. I do like quiet, but I really need to get breakfast, so hopefully there is someone in the canteen area and maybe they can direct me to a store.

If I remember right, the map on the campus (I saw it around the dorm OK) said the canteen should be around…ah, here it is. It kind of reminds me a gym, but considering how many students are here, I shouldn’t be too surprised by the size. The door to the canteen opened thankfully, but I didn’t see any food that was ready. That’s not good.

“Hello?” I called as I walked in. I think I heard footsteps in the back and the next thing I knew a familiar face popped out from around the empty counter: Alden. You guys remember him, right? He’s my old boss in the bakery. Such a great guy. I think I mentioned that he works near the Academy now…I did say NEAR…I didn’t think he worked IN the Academy.

“Laveda!” Alden exclaimed in a very excited voice. I was also excited to see him, but I was surprised when he leapt over the empty counter and immediately lifted me off the ground to meet eyes with him.

“Alden, why are you here?” was all I could ask, since he didn’t mention about working in the Academy. He only mentioned he would be near here.

Alden chuckled saying, “I saw there was an opening in Anshumeva Academy for a cook, so I just had to apply and as you can see I got the job.”

“But weren’t you going to open your store near the Academy?”

“Plans change and working in the Academy is better for me: I get paid, I don’t have to pay for living expenses, and I get to see one of my favorite former coworkers.”

“Then congratulations I guess with your new job,” I stated. Alden seemed happy with my words, but then he asked, “So what brings you here to the canteen?”

Oh dear, I nearly forgot. I was so happy to see Alden that I nearly forgot to get breakfast.

“My dorm’s kitchen was empty, so I came here to get breakfast and to get directions to the nearest store to replenish the kitchen with ingredients.”

“I see,” stated Alden as he placed me back down on my feet, “I’ll bake ham and cheese bread for you.”

I thanked Alden and added, “Can you also make enough for about twenty people?”

Alden looks frozen. Why did he freeze? Alden smiled back at me, but it looks a little strained.

“So you are getting breakfast for all the people in your dorm?”

I nodded.

“I don’t want them to go hungry.”

Alden sighed and stated, “I’ll try to bake the bread as fast as possible, but no promises.”

I nodded and decided to sit in a vacant seat as Alden baked in the bake. Maybe I was asking too much, but I know he is a fast baker. I did work with him after all.

Now that I think about it, Bibi and Darkie were well behaved when I was talking with Alden…why aren’t they moving? Bibi…Darkie…WHY ARE THEY PLAYING DEAD? Are they really dead? Please don’t die! I placed the two on the table and shook them one by one. They soon began to move to my relief. Thank goodness, but why were they so still?

Bibi looks pretty angry and is doing air punches again. Darkie looks REALLY SCARY! Do not become a black mass of tentacles. It is way too scary! I managed to calm them down, but I really wonder why they are so angry.

I sat in the chair with Bibi and Darkie staring at each other in silence…are they speaking to each other telepathically? I should do something, while waiting, but I shouldn’t do anything that requires me to use my talents, since anyone could walk in.

Hold on, I feel like I am forgetting something…since yesterday…something is missing…WHERE IS FREDERICK? The last time I saw him, he said he would help me unpack at the Dorm, but he never came. Where did he go? I admit that I am slightly panicked. I was worried that he might have met some unfortunate event. If I think about it again, he wasn’t even mentioned in the game, so maybe he was forced to return to the mansion (the reason for him not being in the game)…I AM STILL WORRIED! Frederick, where are you?


I know that voice…what perfect timing. I can see Frederick walking into the Canteen with relief in his eyes. What were the chances that we would meet again here?

“Frederick!” I cheered as I practically jumped from my seat and embraced him around his waist. Frederick hugged me back.

“Where were you?” I asked.

“I’m very sorry, Laveda. I have been staying at an Inn near the Anshumeva, since being asked to leave.”

“Why were you asked to leave?”

“Well the man who took your luggage told me that I was just a driver, so I was not needed here and then told me to leave.”

“But father told you to stay with Abigail and me at the Academy and we even got the headmaster’s approval, so what gave the guy the right to kick you out?”

“I did tell the man that, but he froze me and then checked me into an Inn. I wasn’t able to get out until morning came and then searched for you in the Academy.”

…Froze him…this is obviously Kori Manta. I mean he was the one to bring my luggage into the dorm, instead of Frederick. Maybe I should really curse Kori after all. Oh dear, nearly went to the dark side again.

I hugged Frederick again and stated, “Well you are here now and I will make sure you get to stay in my dorm.”

“Is that allowed?” asked Frederick, “I remember that a dorm for servants is on the grounds of the Academy.”

“I know, but I want you close.”

I smiled at Frederick and he smiled back. He really is my best friend.

I suddenly saw Bibi and Darkie looking very angry and told them not to do anything to Frederick. They calmed down, but Bibi still looked a little peeved. Frederick seemed to notice them, but then he asked, “When did you get a black rabbit?”

“Last night,” I answered without pause, “His name is Darkie. Darkie is cute right? He is right?” Frederick gave a nod with a smile. I knew he would agree with me.

I was really enjoying my moment with Frederick, but the sound of something dropping broke it. I looked back and saw Alden with wide eyes with a tray of bread on the floor. I’m glad the bread didn’t fall off the tray, but why does Alden look so shocked?

Alden approached us and then looked at Frederick asking who he was…has Alden never met Frederick. Frederick smiled at Alden saying, “My name is Frederick, a servant from the house of Lorenzino.”

“A servant…I see. I remember that Laveda did tell me that she was a daughter of a Duke, so you are her servant.”

Frederick nodded.

For your information, I forgot to mention that I did tell Alden about my background as a noble when Theodore started working in the bakery with me. I couldn’t keep it a secret forever with Theodore around in my work place.

Alden smirked slightly before heading back to the tray of bread. He then began to wrap each of the bread and place them in a basket. Afterwards, he approached us again with the bread filled basket and held it toward Frederick.

“I was concerned that Laveda might find difficulty carrying all this, but since you are here, then I expect you to carry it for her.”

Frederick nodded as he took the basket filled with bread. I guess Alden was concerned about the load I would have to carry back…I’m glad for his concern, but I am stronger than I look…sometimes.

Alden then looked back at me and stated, “You mentioned that you were looking for a store close by to buy ingredients. There’s one down the road just pass the Crescent Inn, you can’t miss it.”

“That’s good. I’ll head there later,” I stated as I realized that with the time it took to bake this bread, I would need to head to classes after eating. Shopping after lessons would be a good feeling anyway. Just like my time back in high school when I was in the going home club, such nice memories.

By the way, Alden gave the bread to me for free. He is super nice. I should make him an egg custard when I have the time.

I was about to leave with Frederick, until I noticed that Bibi and Darkie weren’t with me. WHY ARE THEY UNCONSCIOUS AGAIN? I scooped them up and immediately left with Frederick. I wonder if they have an allergic reaction in the Canteen.

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