Chapter 8: Sensei is so Kind

My family barely feeds me, unless Uncle and Cecil come to visit, which isn’t as often now since I told Cecil that I need to study, so I haven’t eaten a decent meal in a long time, but now, right before me, is a meal with an enticing aroma.

It’s a bowl of soup with thin noodles, but it is called Treasures of the Sea, so everything from the soup to the meat is made of seafood. I can smell the crab and shrimp mixed together in this dish. I haven’t eaten crab since I was reincarnated.

I looked at Sensei, who just smiled at me. I guess he is saying that this meal is indeed for me. I grab a metal fork and take a piece of crab meat and noodles. I blew on it letting some steam out and placed the food in my mouth. Oh my Lord, this is so good. The crab is so juicy and the flavor dances on my tongue. I could just die happy.

“Is it good?”

I nodded and continued to shovel the meal into my mouth. I want to give the chef who made this meal two thumbs up and five stars, no, this chef deserves more than five stars. I licked the bowl clean and then held my hands together in thanks.

I then looked at Sensei and said my thanks. Sensei just accepted my thanks with a warm smile. He really is like an angel.

I suddenly heard a bang and when I looked to the side, I saw that a young girl had fallen and was slowly beginning to cry. I guess the fall hurt her or she is just embarrassed. Sensei suddenly stood up and headed to the crying girl. Kneeling to her level, he offered his hand to help her to her feet. The girl took it with red cheeks. I guess she saw the charm in Sensei’s kind gesture.

“The floor here is a little uneven, so be careful as you walk,” stated Sensei. The girl turned redder. She is starting to resemble a bamboo’s butt. I thought she would walk away still red, but to my shock, she held Sensei’s hand and exclaimed, “Will you please be my husband?”

Wow, a proposal to Sensei! This girl is pretty daring to propose to someone she just met, but as I suspected Sensei rejected her politely, but what he said shocked me to the core.

“I’m sorry miss, but I am already engaged.”

Engaged? Sensei is engaged? Was that in the game? I hammered my mind trying to remember if Sensei was engaged during the game, but nothing came to mind. When was he engaged?


Oh my Lord! I was so confused that I didn’t even notice that Sensei had returned to my side. Of course, I maintained a proper position before him and stated, “Should we head back to the room?” Sensei smiled and nodded. He has such a kind smile. Whoever he is engaged with must be really happy…for some reason this is starting to sound familiar…must be nothing.

Sensei held my hand and we began to head back to the room. As we walked, I realized that I am indeed forgetting something. It’s not about Sensei…what did I forget?

I heard a crash from room 101 and then Shuya’s voice screaming…oh yeah, I forgot Bibi in the room. OH SHOOT! I ran toward the room as fast as I could and practically kicked the door of room 101 opened. The sight was shocking.

Shuya was surrounded by streams of water with his back against the wall and standing across from him with a coat hanger in his stuffed bear paws was Bibi, still in the stuffed animal. I admit Bibi looks cute in that position, but Bibi you were supposed to not reveal yourself.

“What’s going on?”

Sensei arrived saying those words, but his instant silent made it clear how shocked he was.

Shuya looked in our direction and yelled, “This stuffed animal is alive. It attacked me when I touched it!” I glanced at Bibi and the moment Bibi and I met eyes, Bibi dropped the coat hanger and fell on his back like he was a normal stuffed animal.


Bibi obviously used this trick on Shuya judging on how loud Shuya is being. I walked casually to Bibi and picked him up holding him to my chest.

“He is just a stuffed animal,” I stated. But Shuya and even Sensei looked at me in doubt. It really is hard to talk out of this one.

The water surrounding Shuya grew and he was glaring at me or more accurately, he is glaring at Bibi.

“He couldn’t have done something to make you this angry,” I stated in Bibi’s defense, but Shuya just looked angrier. He’s really scary right now.

“That THING kicked me in the balls more than once and then threw hard covered books at my head!”

That must have really hurt and getting kicked in the balls more than once? I wonder how he is still standing and will he be able to still have kids? Bibi, you may have gone too far in your attacks.

Shuya lifted a stream of water that resembled a sword and I seriously screamed. I’M GOING TO DIE! Just when I thought that, Sensei grabbed Shuya’s hand and the water instantly vanished. Am I safe?

“Shuya, I know you are angry, but Laveda wasn’t the one to attack you, so don’t hurt her,” stated Sensei in my defense. Shuya glared toward me and I gave him my post pathetic look. Please don’t hurt me or Bibi. Shuya’s cheeks turned slightly red as his glare softened. Red? He isn’t a pedophile right?

Shuya cleared his throat and stated, “I’ll forgive that stuffed menace.” I sighed in relief and then looked at Sensei saying my thanks. Sensei nodded with a smile. He really is kind.

“So what talent do you have to control a stuffed animal?”

Oh shoot. I didn’t want to reveal my talent to Sensei, but Bibi was discovered, so I have to tell…it really is hard to keep a secret when Bibi is around. Maybe I can still lie my way out, but Sensei is so kind, I don’t want to lie to him.

Just as I thought this, I heard a feminine voice say, “What is all this commotion about and what in the world happened to this room?” I glanced over my shoulder and saw a teenager girl in a light green girl school uniform. She had long blue hair that reached pass her mid-back and her blue eyes seemed to sparkle. She was really beautiful like a mermaid.

“It was just misunderstanding, Ebina,” stated Shuya, but I could hear the nervousness in his voice. So this girl was named Ebina, I remember Shuya mentioning her before, but this is my first time meeting her. Ebina huffed with her hands on her hip, now she resembles a model, maybe she is one. I should ask for her autograph or ask to take her picture…wait a minute, Sensei’s face is red as he looks at her.

“Sensei?” I squeaked out. Sensei glanced at me as his blush faded and stated, “Sorry Laveda. I was just a bit distracted.


Sensei nodded and was suddenly next to Ebina, who in turn blushed pushing strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Her name is Ebina Sui, my classmate and fiancé.”

Ebina nodded with a smile. Oh, so this pretty girl is Sensei’s fiancé…she really is pretty and seems to fit well with him.

“Hello, Ebina, my name is Laveda Reina.”

“Laveda, I remember Ryunosuke mentioning your name when we were leaving the bookstore,” stated Ebina, “and I believe he has intentions of tutoring you?” I nodded with a smile. Ebina seems nice…at least that’s what I thought, but what is this dark atmosphere appearing around Ebina? She’s smiling, but her eyes seemed ready to kill me. SHE’S SCARY!

I need to be brave, so I tried my best to hide my fear, but why is she giving out such a killing intent? I really am worried and scared.

Ebina suddenly looked at Sensei making the killing atmosphere disappear and asked, “Why is Laveda in your room when you told me that she was coming tomorrow at noon?”

“Well she missed her ride and I couldn’t leave her alone for the night.”

“Is that so?”

I’m starting to have a bad feeling.

“How about she sleeps in my room? We can have a girls’ night.”

Oh my Lord, she might kill me in her room. I was beginning to shake as I looked at Ebina and I instantly grabbed Sensei’s waist making him look down at me. Don’t let her take me away! I am sending you this SOS, so please don’t send me to this scary lady!

Sensei stared at me and then patted my head with a smile and then looked at Ebina saying, “She just met you, so I believe she wouldn’t be comfortable staying in your room and it is only for one night.”


Ebina nodded, but she looked at me and I could swear that she muttered a curse under her breath. Is this scary lady really engaged to Sensei? I am seriously starting to worry.

Ebina glanced around the slightly damaged room and then looked at Sensei saying, “Make sure to fix the room before sleeping. We do have a big day tomorrow.” Sensei nodded and wished Ebina a goodnight and before Ebina left, she sent a glare at me. I really think my life is in danger.

When Ebina was out of sight, I sighed in relief and released Sensei, but then I heard Shuya laughing. I glanced at him and saw that he was holding his sides as he laughed.

“I can’t believe you hugged Ryu right in front of his fiancé. She seemed ready to kill you,” laughed Shuya. If you noticed then why didn’t you say anything sooner? I seriously want to kick him. Wait a minute…Bibi can do that for me.

With that, I whispered a command to Bibi and Bibi, still in my teddy bear, leapt from my arm and kicked Shuya in the cheek. Shuya was silent and then began to try to kick Bibi, but Bibi dodged really well like he was a boxer. I wonder where he learned such moves.

Sensei suddenly cleared his throat and I glanced at him only to see him smile down at me.

“Can you now explain what your talent is?”

Oh shoot, I forgot about that. Well I only revealed one talent, now that I think about it, so I can tell Sensei this talent, but he should not tell others about it and I will make sure that this Shuya person doesn’t tell either.

I told Sensei about my animal talent and that Bibi was actually a slime, who was my familiar. Sensei seemed to understand, but then he pointed at Bibi, who was doing a pushing war with Shuya and asked, “Shouldn’t you make you familiar stop attacking Shuya?”

“He’ll stop eventually.”

Sensei chuckled watching the fight scene with amusement. It was nice to see Sensei smile. Smile…I wonder how much he would smile when he marries Ebina…Ebina…it sounds familiar…oh my Lord, I remember now. Ebina is the name of his wife in the game…the woman he killed.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Sensei is so Kind”

    1. It’ll be explained in the next chapter, but this story is not a tragedy. We must remember that this is an Otome game and there will be issues with the target characters, so please don’t worry.


  1. Just found this story today and I love it! You have such a great talent! Thanks for the chapters! I’m looking forward to what happens next!


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