Chapter 80: He’s Kind of Cute

Don’t worry guys, I was able to convince Hachiko to retrieve Kai, but Kai is pouting right now. He was pretty mad that he was almost left behind. His pouting face is kind of cute.

Anyway, this lion (if it really is one) is pretty fast. I bet this beast is faster than a leopard…actually this is way too fast. I feel like I am about to be tossed off. I held onto the back of Hachiko as the lion ran and asked, “I know we need to get to the classroom on time, but can you slow down a bit?” Hachiko shook his head.

“We need to get there before it starts or we will be expelled.”


“The Headmaster told me this in secret…after I gave him the rotten eggs.”

I hope the headmaster sits on a thousand needles. He didn’t mention this to Kai and me. He obviously left that out. I actually told Hachiko to go faster after that. The pace really did pick up, but then I noticed that Kai was standing behind me with his hands in front of him…there is dark magic coming from his hands.


“I’m going to make a portal to the classroom.”

“Don’t do that. I thought you were undercover.”

“I’m starting to think it is best to reveal my talent, so I can curse the headmaster openly.”


Kai was serious about the curse, but we can’t curse the headmaster…even though I was urged to do the same thing multiple times. Kai can’t go to the dark side…oh wait, he was the main bad guy in the game, forget about that. He is now under my orders, so no more bad stuff (especially curses).

I slapped my cheek causing Kai to yelp and stop his spell. Sadly, I forgot that we were riding something that was faster than a speeding train, so Kai was currently about to fly off…SHOOT! I grabbed Kai by his wrist and pulled him back onto the beast. Actually, he is pretty much fluttering in the air like a flag as I hold him, but he is technically still on the beast. Kai, please stop glaring at me.

I finally got him to sit on the beast, but the moment he sat down, he was hugging me from behind. I guess he doesn’t want to fall off. Actually he is holding on very tight…too tight…AREN’T YOU FEELING ANY PAIN FROM THIS?

“Hey, don’t hold Mama, so tight!”

“Would you rather me fall off?” talked back Kai.

“Go fall off a cliff!”

DID HACHIKO SERIOUSLY SAY THAT? I guess I better teach him not to pick up insults from the others. Anyway, Kai seems to have loosened his hold on me. That is a great relief.

In case you guys are wondering, I was tempted to make a portal to the room, but when I thought about it, I don’t know the location of the room anyway and neither does Kai, so if we made a portal, we might end up in the middle of nowhere. So me stopping Kai was good, OK.

The lion suddenly slid to a stop…while avoiding students that began to scatter with panicked expressions.




Wow, I feel like they are acting like a monster from Tokyo is coming.


Don’t you roar lion beast! You are scaring the students even more…look, some of them are even crying.

Hachiko jumped off the beast and then held his arms toward me urging me to jump down. I’m glad he is aiming to catch me, but…

“Simon, can you let go of me now?”

Kai had not released me yet. Actually now that I look at him, he looks pretty shaken…could it be?

“Did the ride scare you?”

“Don’t…Don’t be ridiculous. My heart was just racing after nearly falling off!”

…That’s called being scared. He looks pretty embarrassed…and kind of cute. Was he always this cute?

EEEEK! Why did the lion toss Kai and me into the air? Falling…I am falling! I prepared for impact, but only felt arms wrap around me and heard the sound of Hachiko chuckling.

“Sorry, but we should head to class now, Ma…Laveda.”

I nodded as Hachiko’s feet touched the ground. I guess he jumped up to catch me. I was let down gently, but then heard a thud followed by a groan…oh dear, Kai was not caught and crashed into the ground…is he dead?

Oh, Kai got up…with a very obvious frown on his face. He is glaring in my direction or more accurately at Hachiko. Hachiko looks pretty proud of himself.

“Hachiko, don’t be mean to Simon.”

“OK!” chirped Hachiko, but does he really mean it?

Kai joined us and so we continued toward our classroom. By the way, the lion ran back into the woods out of sight, but some of the students are still crying after their encounter with the beast. I hope they will be OK.

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