Chapter 83: Out the window…AND INTO THE SKY?

Class lasted for a pretty long time during the morning hours. Looks like Physical Education (PE) was next followed by the ever so loving lunch time and then more class (hopefully getting to the classroom won’t be so scary anymore). Anyway, I am off to PE…can we even leave through the door?

“How do we get out?” I asked Sensei. He must know the answer, right?

“I seem to remember the headmaster mentioning that the only way out of the room is through the window.”

“…Not through the door?”

“The door is an entrance only. Not an exit.”

“…The headmaster is a jerk.”

“I completely agree.”

So the way out of this room is through the window? Does the headmaster want us to do a mass suicide…he can’t be that cruel, right? I can tell that the others were hesitant, but Hachiko suddenly ran toward one of the windows and shoved it open. He then grabbed Theodore and my hand…I have a bad feeling.

“Let’s go!”

Hachiko leapt out of the window taking Theodore and me with him (Bibi, Goldie, and Darkie also followed, since they were riding on our shoulder). Falling from the window…SCARY! There were flashes of light to the point I thought I was in a thunderstorm. Seriously, make it stop!

Thank goodness, it finally stopped…WHY ARE WE FALLING FROM THE SKY? We need help…oh yeah, I nearly forgot about my feathered friend.


Within moments, Featherhead, the great Eagle Falcon, swooped down from above and caught Hachiko, Theodore, Bibi, Darkie, Goldie, and me. Thank goodness he came. It was pretty fast too.

“Thank you, Featherhead,” I said in gratitude as I rubbed my head against Featherhead’s back. Featherhead cawed in delight. He is such a good forest friend. In case you guys forgot, Featherhead is one of my forest friends that helped me get to a mountain where I met Nate for the first time.

“Laveda, is this animal yours?” I heard Theodore suddenly ask, but he sounds very confused…oh yeah, I never introduced Featherhead to him. I looked at Theodore and said, “This Eagle Falcon is one of my Forest friends. His name is Featherhead. He’s a little shy, so I never really got the chance to introduce him to you.”

“I see, but is he your familiar?”

I shook my head saying, “He’s a friend.” Featherhead nodded in agreement. He looks pretty proud of himself and not shy at all around Theodore and Hachiko. Such a good boy. Goldie, Bibi, and Darkie seemed to be conversing with Featherhead, but I have no idea what they are saying. I guess this is a secret conversation between forest friends. I guess Bibi won’t be having a jealous fit, since Featherhead obviously just wants to be friends and not a familiar.

Hachiko looks pretty excited as we soar through the air.

“Laveda, your Eagle Falcon is so cool!”

“I’m glad you like him, Hachiko,” I stated and then added, “When we reach the ground, please say that you were the one to summon Featherhead here.” Hachiko nodded still smiling.

Theodore smiled at me as he sat on Featherhead and asked, “Why can’t I pretend that I called Featherhead?”

“Considering that you have been in the Academy for a year already and haven’t called an Eagle Falcon before, people might doubt you.”

“I can’t deny that,” stated Theodore with a sheepish chuckle. Theodore looks pretty cute when he laughs…I think I hear something…SHOOT, the others are falling from the sky too. I guess they got up the courage to jump through the window, but I don’t think they expected to fall from the sky. Featherhead definitely can’t catch all of them. What do I do? What do I do?

Huh? Oh yeah, they do have talents. Harold used his wind to catch himself and began to float through the sky. I guess I could have done that too, if I wasn’t panicking at the time of when I was falling.

Nate formed fire around his body and began to rocket through the air. Wow, he is like a superhero now. I definitely need to learn how to do that.

Harold caught Roland with his wind, so Roland is safe, but Roland looks a little angry…now that I think about it: I still haven’t learned how to fly with Earth. I know it is possible, since I saw it once when I met that thief at Zayn’s mansion at the time of my kidnapping. I’ll try asking Sensei, since he knows about the talents more than me as far as I know.

Abigail used ice to form ice steps that reached the ground and began to descend them elegantly. That’s pretty cool. Maybe I can make an ice castle with steps like that if I practice hard enough.

Zayn summoned vines from the ground to catch him and guide him to the ground. The vines kind of remind me of snakes and they are pretty strong too. If I train the wood talent enough then maybe I can use the vines like that. I mean compared to me, Zayn’s control over the wood talent is better…if only he wasn’t such a narcissist. See, he is even emitting rose petals as he touches the ground.

Shuya and Sensei summoned water around them and then landed on a cloud. It looks like they are controlling the water within the cloud to guide them to the ground and are using the water around them to ride the cloud like it was a solid. It reminds me of a magic genie riding a magic carpet. Such a cool scene. I wonder if I can write a story about the Arabian Nights someday when I am free.

Montgomery and Eleanor are working together once again. They formed what looked like light disks under them. Wow, they are riding the disks like they are surfing on the waves. It’s not flight, but gliding down. It’s still pretty fast though, but Montgomery seems to have control over it as he holds Eleanor in his arms, so I guess they will be fine.

Cecil…IS STILL VERY MUCH FALLING! He has the time talent, so he definitely has no flying capabilities or element manipulating. He can form needles, but I am pretty sure that won’t help him now.

Kai is also in danger. He refuses to use his dark talent, since it is supposed to be a secret.

“Featherhead, save the two that are still falling!”

Featherhead cawed and swooped under Kai and Cecil catching them. I say catch, but Kai is practically dangling on the tail of Featherhead. Just hold on a bit longer Kai. Cecil, on the other hand, has fallen on top of Theodore. They’re alive at least.

“Featherhead, please land.”

Featherhead gave another caw before landing on the ground in the center of a field. I just noticed, but there are other students here already dressed for PE and they are pretty shocked to see Featherhead. Actually, I think they are shocked to see all of the students and teachers from the experimental class appear from the sky.

The moment Featherhead touched the ground; I slid off his back along with Theodore and Cecil (Bibi, Darkie, and Goldie joined us as well), who were arguing with each other about the fall. It was really no one’s fault, so please don’t argue. Kai landed on the ground just as the others finally touched the ground, but Kai immediately walked up to me glaring.

“You could have caught me the right way,” he whispered with a small growl.

“Sorry about that. You just landed on the wrong part of Featherhead.”

“What kind of stupid name is Featherhead?”

“Featherhead likes the name.”

I have no idea why, but Kai began to lecture me on choosing a better name. I, of course, ignored him and approached the others asking if they were OK.

Harold was the first to answer saying, “I didn’t expect to fall from the sky.”

“The headmaster is such a jerk,” added Roland. We are all in agreement.

Oh dear, I forgot that the other students for PE are still here. They are staring at us like we are a rare species. We really don’t have the time for this, so I approached one of the students and asked, “Where can we change into our gym uniform?” The female student I approached pointed at a large building. I thanked the student and then me and the others headed toward the building.

As we walked, I noticed that Hachiko patted Featherhead on the head saying, “Good boy” repeatedly, before allowing Featherhead to fly off. Featherhead really does seem comfortable with Hachiko. Now that I think about it, all the animals seem to love Hachiko and obey him unconditionally. The only animal that is afraid of Hachiko is really Bibi. Maybe I am thinking too deep on this.

I better just focus on trying to finish this day first before something too complicated appears again.

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