Chapter 84: Was Physical Education this intense?

We finally reached the building and thankfully the building had separate dressing rooms for the boys and girls. If we were changing in the same room then I would need to have a very long talk with the headmaster.

Actually, for a changing room, this place is huge. There were lockers and what looked like a hot spring bath on the inside along with showers. Was this supposed to be a bathing house or something? Anyway, we better look for out lockers. If you don’t already know, Abigail and Eleanor are the ones in the changing room with me. Bibi and Darkie are waiting outside. They are boys after all and it would be rude for them to watch Abigail and Eleanor undress, especially when they are not their pets.

I already said this, but this place is huge! I don’t even know where to start looking for my locker. This one is taken and so is this one. Really, where is my locker.

“Little sister, I believe this is your locker.”

So, my locker is right next to Abigail’s. I guess that makes sense. I mean my name is on it and it doesn’t look like there is any problems…how did Abigail find her locker so fast?

“Big sister, how did you find your locker so fast?”

“It was glowing when I was trying to find it.”

“And mine didn’t glow?”

“It wasn’t glowing.”

…Headmaster is a jerk. I bet he made it to be difficult for me to find my locker. So mean.

Eleanor’s locker appears to be next to mine, but she is still looking away from me as she changes. Abigail is already done changing and headed toward the bathroom, so this is a good time to speak with Eleanor.

“Eleanor, I didn’t get to ask last night, but why did you slap me?”

Eleanor fell still after she slipped on her gym shirt (gym clothes were located in the lockers). She then looked at me saying, “I’m sorry I did that, but I was so angry that big brother proposed to you without even consulting me.”

“He needs to consult you?”

“We are twins. We tell each other everything and this is the first time he did something without telling me first.”

“Eleanor, I know you two are twins, but you don’t have to tell each other everything.”


“Look, Abigail and I are sisters and yet I don’t tell her everything and I’m pretty sure she has a few secrets she rather not tell me. I can tell you right now that some things are meant to be secret, so don’t pry too much at least that is what I think.”

“…Is that how big brother thinks?”

“Like I said, it is only my opinion. Anyway, I only see Montgomery as a friend and you heard me last night reject the proposal, so don’t worry.”

Eleanor nodded with a smile. I guess I made her feel a little better, but I hope she doesn’t slap me in the future. I’m actually amazed the others didn’t get angry at Eleanor for that attack.

“Little Sister, we should get going!”

I nodded toward Abigail after slipping on my gym clothes that were a little loose and then began to pull Eleanor behind me.

When we exited, the boys were already waiting for us, but I saw no sign of Sensei and Professor Shuya. I guess they went ahead, since we would be mixed with the students during PE.

We joined the students at the field and I have to admit I was amazed by the number of students. If I didn’t know better I would think we were getting ready for war. We were separated by our talents, so the only one standing with me was Kai. Bibi and Darkie were forced to join Hachiko in the animal talent class for PE, since it was a secret that I am their true owner.

I noticed all the teachers including Sensei and Professor Shuya were standing before all the students with no headmaster in sight. I wonder where he went. One of the teachers, who looked a little like a drawing of a God from myths with his long blonde hair and muscled body, stood before all the teachers as he faced us.

“I am Professor Oresama and I will be your Physical Education Teacher this year.”

Heh, heh, his name sounds like an ogre.

“All of you have been separated into groups based on your talents and there is a reason for this. Each group will be given two professors that hold the same talent as the group. Each day will be different activities that I will tell your teachers about and toward the end of class will be an activity that all groups will participate in. The activity for the end of class will change depending on my mood.”

I wonder what the activities will be.

“Now the teachers will head to their assigned groups and start the activity that I assigned them.”

At his words, the teachers went to the groups they were assigned. Sensei and Professor Shuya obviously headed to the water talents. The other teachers, I am not familiar with…wait a minute, that male teacher with the long brown hair looks familiar. He is the teacher for the earth users…hold on, why does he have breasts? Those are really big melons. I can tell he is a guy…could he be a crossdresser? I must be mistaken. For a while there, I thought that teacher could be that thief Demetri that I met a long time ago, but he doesn’t seem like the type to cross dress…let’s continue to believe that. I definitely don’t recognize any of the other teachers.

As for my no talent group (Kai and me) Professor Oresama is the only one standing before us…why is he before us?

Professor Oresama smirked at us before facing the other groups saying, “No slacking off.” He then turned back to us saying, “I said two teachers for each group, but since you two are no talents, I decided that I will train you myself.”


“That’s right. I will make it that you two will know what it means to sweat.”

Is it just me or does he look like a demon? Could he really be an ogre in disguise? I’m a little nervous.

While the other groups were using their talents during gym (it looks a little crazy out there), Kai and me were led to a wall.

“I want you two to climb this wall within three minutes.”

“Where are the foot holds?”

“There’s none, now climb!”

He wants us to climb this wall that is very flat…no problem! I used my earth talent secretly to prevent me from falling from the wall. I noticed Kai use his dark talent in secret as he climbed. We climbed that wall within two minutes. Who needs three minutes?

Professor Oresama looks a little shocked, but then he pointed at a tree saying, “Now climb that tree.”

I don’t need my talents for this. Kai and I got off the wall and climbed the tree without any problem. Climbing a tree is very fun.

“Jump from tree to tree!”

“OK!” Kai and I answered in a cheerful tone. Jumping from branch to branch is also fun. This seems more like a playground for me. Huh, the branch moved out of the way. I missed it and now I am going toward the ground, but before I could even touch the ground I was grabbed by my legs and dangled upside down in front of Professor Oresama. Looks like Kai was also captured and is dangling next to me. At least I know what talent Professor Oresama has.

“Tell me, have you guys trained before?”

I nodded saying, “I have no talents, so I thought it was best to work on my physical strength as well as my mental strength.”

“I’m the same,” Kai added in. Professor Oresama looked at us with a cocked eyebrow and suddenly burst into laughter.

“I underestimated you two,” stated Professor Oresama and suddenly dumped us on the ground adding, “Through my years here, I have always met with no talents that didn’t even bother to improve themselves, so I believed you two were the same.”

“Were you testing us to see if we were weak?” I asked.

“I guess you could say that. Also…”

I don’t know what happened, but we were suddenly surrounded by a barrier that was like a mirror.

“I have never met children who wanted to keep their talents a secret.”


Professor Oresama chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair revealing that strands of green were hidden in his blonde hair. Vines formed behind him creating a throne that he sat on.

“I guess this is pretty surprising for you two. I bet you never met a Guardian.”


“Guardian of the elements. Each of the elements holds a Guardian and if a User meets a Guardian of their element they will have a chance to reach the peak of power. In my case, I am Oresama, Guardian of the Element of Wood.”

A Guardian…I admit he looks pretty cool now, but why did he reveal himself to us?

“Why show yourself to us?”

“As I said, you two are hiding that you have talents, as for which element I am not sure, but I do want to know, so how about you show me?”

Next thing Kai and I knew we were being attacked by vines…OH MY GOD, that vine nearly split me into two. I don’t think this was in the game, but this does feel like a boss battle. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?

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