Chapter 85: Oresama might just be an Ogre for real

Seriously, WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? I started my first gym class in the same group as Kai with Professor Oresama as our instructor, but Professor Oresama is suddenly trying to kill us with vines. I don’t know what he means by Guardian, but are Guardians supposed to attack like this just for us to reveal our talents.

KYAHH! That vine nearly cut my head off.


Kai was nearly killed too! Professor Oresama is really strong and SUPER SCARY!

“Come on now, children. Just reveal your talents and then I will release you.”

“WE ARE TALENTLESS!” Kai screamed before dodging another vine that came dangerously close to cutting his head off. Kai, is it worth it to keep our talents a secret when Professor Oresama is obviously aiming to kill? I actually want to show my talents, but when I try, Kai grabs my hand preventing me from showing it. Why doesn’t he want me to reveal it?

Professor Oresama suddenly clicked his tongue and stated, “You two really do know how to dodge, but can you also protect someone uninvolved?” What does that mean? Huh…I see a silhouette near one of the trees.


That voice sounds familiar.

“Where did everybody go? Leaving the great me behind.”

ZAYN? How did he get here? Zayn emerged from the trees looking around with a bewildered look, but smiled when he and I met eyes.

“Laveda, are you part of my gym group?”

“…Technically yes…ZAYN, BEHIND YOU!”

The tree close to him tried to grab Zayn, but Zayn ran forward avoiding the reaching branches of the tree. It looks like he didn’t even notice the tree. I mean, he hasn’t torn his eyes away from me at all. Zayn ran toward me and vines tried to grab him, but Zayn avoided them without trouble as he got closer to me. This is pretty amazing.

Zayn soon reached me with rose petals exploding from his form.

“How about you do the activity of the obstacle course with me, my dear Laveda?”

“…Zayn, are you even aware where you are?”

“Should I be?”

Why does Zayn sound stupid this time or maybe he is just dense? OH MY GOD! The vines are coming at me, Kai, and Zayn. Kai tried to grab me, but Zayn grabbed me first and leapt into the air grabbing one of the vines. He used that vine like a catapult and then landed in a tree. I’m glad he saved me, but…

“Zayn, what about Simon?”

“He was here?”



Oh dear, Kai is flying in the air. I better save him. It really isn’t worth it to keep my talent a secret during this time of crisis and it is obvious that Professor Oresama is not going to stop until he knows what our talents are.

Since this place is practically surrounded by trees, I decided to use my wood talent. I might as well make Professor Oresama believe I have ONLY the wood talent. One of the vines seemed ready to smack Kai as he rushed toward the ground, so I took control of it. It seemed to resist before I was able to control its movements. Using the vine, I caught Kai and then placed him near the tree Zayn and I were in.

“Laveda, did you use your wood talent?”

I nodded and stated that it was necessary.

I suddenly heard Professor Oresama laughing and when I faced him I saw the smirk on his face, his gaze clearly on me.

“So you have the wood talent?”

I nodded. I decided this would be the only talent I show him. I just hope he doesn’t tell the headmaster. If the headmaster knew, then the wizard that convinced my father to treat me like trash would know the truth as well. I think I mentioned this, but the wizard is the one my family and I don’t want to know about my talents. He might take advantage. We also don’t want people to know that the test of the high wizard is not 100%, which will cause chaos if known.

Anyway, Professor Oresama knows about the wood talent I possess.

Professor Oresama is still smiling as he faces me and then chuckled saying, “I would prefer that BOTH of you revealed your talents, but knowing that you have the wood talent, I am pleased.”

“I’m glad you’re pleased, but can you not tell anyone about this talent.”

“Why should I do that?”

“I want to keep it a secret.”

That’s all I said, but Professor Oresama seemed to accept my reasoning. That’s good, but the tree Zayn and I were on suddenly stood up (it has legs for some reason) and approached Professor Oresama. Kai climbed onto the tree as it moved and sat on the branch near me and Zayn.

The tree stopped in front of Professor Oresama as Professor Oresama stood up from his throne. The vines lifted him up until he was face to face with me. He gazed at me and then at Zayn…why is he looking at Zayn? He then faced me again with a smile.

“I won’t reveal your talent, but in return you are not to reveal I am a Guardian and you must see me after school hours today with this other wood talent user.”

“You mean bring Zayn with me after school to meet you?”

Professor Oresama nodded and then added, “I expect to see you, so don’t skip.”

The next thing I knew, leaves poured down us making me yelp. Is it Autumn already? When the leaves cleared we were back in the gym area. Professor Oresama (back in his teacher mode) was already heading toward the center field to end gym class.

I guess I better follow him…I forgot that Zayn is still holding me in his arms.

“Zayn, you can put me down now.”

“But I want to hold you a bit longer my princess,” stated Zayn as he rubbed his cheek against mine.

“Who is your princess? Now let go!”

I smacked Zayn away before jumping out of his arms. Kai was still standing around bewildered, so I took the chance to grab Kai’s arm and follow Professor Oresama.

“Simon and I need to follow Professor Oresama, so please rejoin your group,” I stated as I continued to walk, but then I remembered that Zayn did protect me during Professor Oresama’s attack, so I stopped momentarily to glance back at Zayn, “I apologize that you got involved with Professor Oresama’s ACTIVITY with us and thank you for helping me back there.” With those words, I continued to walk with Kai.

“Laveda, I will see you after school to meet Professor Oresama!” I heard yell behind me before I heard him running to a different direction (most likely to join his group). I guess I will see Zayn later.

“Are you really going to see that crazy professor after school with that GUY?”

I guess Zayn is that GUY.

“I am. I don’t want my talent to be known and I am curious what a Guardian really is. There must be a reason for Professor Oresama to want to speak with Zayn and me after school.”

“Can I come?”

“I wouldn’t recommend it. Professor Oresama just might hurt you for coming uninvited.”

I heard Kai mumbling curses toward Professor Oresama, but at least he is not really cursing him through the Dark Talent…I hope.

I really do wonder what Professor Oresama has planned for Zayn and I.

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