Chapter 87: Such a Rare Skill!

THIS TOTALLY SUCKS! I bet you guys are wondering why I am so mad, well here is the reason: the others have vanished the moment lunch period ended. Kai is still with me though, but this is ridiculous. Kai and I now have to run all the way to the hole in the ground to get to class. The headmaster obviously doesn’t like Kai and me, and it seems that Hachiko was transported with the others this time, so Kai and I are definitely on our own.

Hold on…CECIL IS WITH US TOO? Why? Did he do something to make the headmaster angry?

“Cecil, why are you here?” I asked as I continued to run. Cecil glanced at me saying, “I had a feeling the headmaster would use the teleportation spell again, so I made sure to draw a counter spell on myself during gym class.”

“You had time to do that?”

Cecil nodded adding, “I couldn’t let you be left behind again without any help.” I had no idea Cecil learned how to draw counter spells. I’ll ask him how to do it later.

Cecil is very sweet to make a counter spell to stay with Kai and me when the teleportation spell was invoked. I muttered my thanks, but Cecil suddenly glanced at Kai saying, “I also didn’t want you alone with Simon.”

Kai glared at Cecil yelling, “What’s so bad about her being alone with me?”

“Ever since you entered the dorm with her, you haven’t left her side. It’s annoying.”

“Just because we are together doesn’t mean we are a couple or anything you jealous prick.”


“Jealous prick!”

“How about I make you into a cactus?”

“Try it!”

“NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO FIGHT!” I yelled making them fall silent. Seriously, no fights when we are rushing to class. We have to get to class before we are marked tardy. I don’t want to be expelled from school, you know.

We reached the hole in the ground (rabbit hole) and immediately jumped in. This is still scary! I am getting dizzy too. We soon landed gently on the ground in the room with the door that shows us the riddles. Kai looks OK (I guess he got used to it), but Cecil looks like he is about to fall over.

“Are you OK, Cecil?”


“The headmaster most likely.”


Cecil heaved out a sigh and then glanced at the door saying, “We better solve the riddles.” I nodded glad that Cecil was aware of the riddles…well, the headmaster did tell him about the riddles with the others after all (Headmaster is a jerk).

Cecil went to the door and stated his name activating the riddles. The first riddle should appear…why isn’t the riddle appearing? I have to admit that I was quite bewildered, even Kai and Cecil look confused. To my surprise, the door opened automatically and sucked us in. What happened to solving riddles?


Cecil grabbed me and held me close to his chest. This is the first time really that I realize that Cecil has grown. We used to be the same size, but he is now bigger than me…it makes me feel a little sad and makes me aware that I still haven’t grown up. I feel like I am being left behind.

Ah, the darkness has wrapped around us again. This is really scary.

“You returned!”


Whoa, Buffy has returned. I nearly forgot that he was behind the door. He still reminds me of the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Buffy tilted his head at me with a smile, but then his smile changed to confusion asking, “Who is that man holding you?”

Oh, Cecil is here too (Kai isn’t in sight). I guess he was dragged here because he was holding me. Cecil increased his hold on me slightly glaring at Buffy.

“Who are you?”

“I asked for your identity first,” Buffy retorted.

“..Cecil Memphis, now tell me who you are!”

“Ask politely.”

“..PLEASE, tell me who you are.”

Cecil seems to be struggling to say please. Is this another hate at first sight incident? I mean, Buffy hasn’t done anything to make Cecil hate him as far as I know.

“Very good, my name is Buffy.”

“Buffy…what kind of stupid name is that?”


“Laveda gave me this name.”

“…Nice name.”

You already called the name stupid, Cecil. I know I don’t have a good naming sense, but don’t call the name stupid.

“So why are we here?” asked Cecil. Buffy tilted his head making his rabbit ears twitch. That was really cute.

“I brought Laveda here the moment she arrived at the door, but for why you are here, I do not understand…unless…”

Buffy suddenly tapped Cecil’s forehead and smiled saying, “I see, you awakened the other power of time: silver.”

“Silver?” I muttered out loud. I don’t remember this being mentioned in the game or in the books I read.

“The time talent doesn’t only reveal the flows of time to the user, but can also allow the user to control silver.”

“Is that why Cecil can summon silver needles out of nowhere?”

Buffy nodded and added, “I believe the last Time talent user to unlock silver was over a thousand years ago.”

“So Cecil is special?” I asked. I was pretty excited to learn that Cecil unlocked something so rare. Cecil seems happy too, but he is pretty red. I wonder why?

“He is indeed special, but so are you, Laveda. Actually, you are pretty close to unlocking the power to control silver as well.”


I can do it too. This is very exciting. I will try my best to unlock this. I mean, I always wanted to learn how to do the silver needles like Cecil, ever since he showed it when we were younger.

Buffy was suddenly pushed away from us by Cecil’s foot. Cecil looks angry for some reason.

“Don’t get so close to us. I still don’t trust you.”

Cecil is so mistrustful toward Buffy. Buffy really hasn’t done anything to make you hate him.

“You sure are overprotective, young man,” I heard Buffy mutter as he floated a little closer to us, “Anyway, I wonder if you two would be interested in some training.”


“You two are so talented to the point I want to help your powers grow in time talent. Accept to be my students, so I can make your powers reach their peak.”

Cecil frowned asking, “Could you really do that?”

Buffy nodded and asked us to please accept. Cecil looked uncertain, but I don’t feel any hostility from Buffy.

“I’ll become your student,” I stated and the next thing I knew, Cecil also agreed to become a student of Buffy. He sure agreed fast after me.

Buffy smiled taking out his watch from his breast pocket saying, “I will expect you two to meet me two times a day before the start of your classes. Don’t worry; you will never be late for your classes.”

Cecil and I nodded, but the next thing I knew, Buffy had plucked me from Cecil’s arms and held me at eyes level. Ah come one, don’t hold me like a doll or a dangling cat! Cecil is also yelling curses at Buffy to let me go.

Buffy pressed his forehead to mine and whispered, “I promise to play with you after the lessons, little Laveda.”

“Don’t call me little,” I said with a pout. Buffy chuckled and then tossed me back to Cecil. Cecil caught me with no problems, but he was still glaring at Buffy.

“I can’t see Laveda’s future, but I can see yours, Cecil. I can see that you will accomplish great things after my lessons.”

A flash of light then covered Cecil and me. When I opened my eyes next, I was in the classroom with my other friends staring at me, but my chair feels softer…oh, I am in Cecil’s lap. Cecil looks pretty embarrassed and I have to admit that I am embarrassed too. I know I look like a little girl (sadly), but I am fifteen, so this sitting in the lap business is very embarrassing. I was going to apologize, but I was suddenly lifted from Cecil’s lap by Sensei. Sensei is smiling, so nice.

“I’m glad you two made it. I was getting concerned when only Simon appeared in his seat,” stated Sensei as he placed me in my chair gently. Why is Cecil glaring at Sensei…actually, WHY IS EVERYONE GLARING AT CECIL? Cecil did nothing wrong.

“We just ran into a road block,” muttered Cecil as he placed one of his textbooks on the table. Sensei was still smiling, so maybe he isn’t angry at Cecil…why does Sensei’s smile look scary?

The others began to gather around me asking if I was OK, but they dispersed when I said I was unharmed and that class should start soon. Shuya taught the class this time explaining about the Geography of the countries that surround us. He is actually a very good teacher. I wonder why he didn’t appear in the game.

Anyway, after this class session it would be time to go home, but Zayn and I need to meet with Professor Oresama…actually where am I supposed to meet him? Professor Oresama said to meet him after school, but he failed to tell me the location. I guess it would be best to head to the gym area and hope to run into him or maybe I can use this as an excuse not to see him…nah, he might send vines to attack me at the dorm, so I better just take my chances.

As for Buffy, I will have to meet him tomorrow with Cecil before the start of my classes, so I better get used to the rabbit hole. I really have a busy schedule.

“Just like the States…”

Wait a minute, did Shuya just say States? There are no States in this world!

“What are the States?” I heard Harold ask with his hand raised. Shuya chuckled scratching the back of his head.

“My mistake, I meant to say the Countries in the West,” Shuya corrected himself and continued the lesson, but where did Shuya hear the word States? When States was mentioned in my previous life, it meant the United States of America (long name), but there is nothing like it in this life. I should question Shuya about it later…or not. It must be a slip of the tongue. There is no way he would be a reincarnated person like me…could he be? He never gave any hints when we first met. There is just no way.

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