Chapter 88: It is not a Date!

Class has ended, but now I am once again falling from the sky. It isn’t as scary as before, since we now know the best way to land using our talents, but there is a little something different with my landing strategy: Featherhead didn’t appear this time. I admit I was a little panicked, since Featherhead always appeared when I called, but Hachiko summoned a red bird (phoenix?) instead to catch us. It was a pretty nice ride.

“Hachiko, when did you make friends with this bird?”

“Just now!” Hachiko chirped as he guided the bird toward the ground. Hachiko sure makes animal friends fast. As we descended, Theodore grabbed me from behind. I’m glad he’s holding me, since I really felt like I might fall off.

“Thank you big brother!” I chirped. I like calling him big brother when I have the chance. Theodore nodded and held me a little tighter. Hachiko glanced back at us momentarily and I could swear that his smile grew bigger for that moment.

When we finally landed on the ground, I saw that we had landed in front of the dorm. No one was there to greet us, so I could only guess that Kori was inside. The others also landed near us, so it was time to enter. Before I could even take a step forward, I was plucked from the ground by a vine.

“Zayn!” I yelled out as I was pulled to his side. Zayn chuckled and picked me up as the vine released my waist. He then looked at the others who were staring with wide eyes and stated, “Laveda and I have a prior engagement to prefill, so see you later.” With those words, Zayn immediately dashed off with me. I could hear the others calling out my name in the distance, but it soon came to the point that I couldn’t hear their voices (Zayn sure runs fast).

Zayn with me still in his arms looked me in the eye with a smile saying, “Let’s head to the gym grounds for our date, Laveda.”

“This is not a date,” I muttered, but Zayn only cradled me in his arms…I AM NOT A BABY TO BE CRADLED DARN IT!

I was pretty tired mentally dealing with Zayn’s insistence that we were on a date, so I allowed him to carry me. I was tired after all.

We soon reached the gym grounds, but it was completely deserted, I guess we weren’t supposed to meet Professor Oresama here. Just to be sure, Zayn and I searched around the gym grounds for any sign (Zayn put me down thankfully during the search). There was really no sign of Professor Oresama anywhere as far as I can see.

The only place left to look would be the storage area, but we need a key to get in…the lock is broken. In my previous life, I remember that horror movies started out like this, but this is an Otome game, so horror like situations shouldn’t exist…I can’t believe I can say that after all the scary situations I have faced in this world.

“Laveda, did you find something?” Zayn asked as he walked to my side. I pointed at the storage area saying, “The lock is broken, so maybe he’s in there.”

Zayn nodded and without another thought, he summoned a vine and yanked the door open using that vine. OH SHOOT, WHY IS THERE A BLACK HOLE IN THERE? It is trying to suck us in! I was lighter than Zayn, so I was the first to be lifted up and pulled toward the black hole. THIS IS TOO SCARY!

Zayn managed to grab my hand, while holding the trunk of a tree he grew in an instant with his other hand.

“I got you Laveda!”

“Don’t let go!”

Zayn pulled me closer to his position, but the tree he was holding suddenly withered and the next thing I knew, Zayn and I were flung into the black hole. Am I going to die again?

“You two finally arrived.”


Where in the world am I? I am kneeling on hard ground (looks like the dirt lacks moisture) and all around me are withered plants (they look close to turning to ash). Zayn was sitting next to me with a bewildered look. I guess he has no idea where we are either, but I expect Professor Oresama to know our location considering that he is standing in front of us with a smug look. Can I smack him?

“Where are we?”

Oresama chuckled as he spread his arms announcing, “This is a space pocket that I created just for you two!”

“Space pocket?”

Could he mean like a storage area like in video games and light novels? Those are very convenient from what I read. I should try making one when I have the chance…if I learn the process on how to do it of course.

“Call it another plain if you like,” stated Oresama and then yanked a withered plant form the ground, “After school hours, you will come to this place (no excuses) and try to revive the dead land in this space.”

Zayn clicked his tongue saying, “That should be easy enough with the wood talent, professor.” Zayn has a point, but when he waved his hand, the plants showed no reaction. Why won’t the plants come to life?

Oresama chuckled saying, “Sorry, but you will have to revive this land without the use of the wood talent, since this space seals your talents.”


“Did you really expect your test to be this easy?”


“You two interest me, so see this as an opportunity to grow stronger.”

With those words, Oresama vanished before our eyes, but I could still faintly hear his voice say, “You have three hours each day to work here, so make it count.”

Let me just hope he plans to teleport us out of this space after the three hours.

I looked at Zayn and saw that he was still trying to use his wood talent, but to no avail, so I approached him and said, “Let’s work together on reviving this land.” Zayn nodded, but he looked close to tears. I guess he is not used to not having his talent to depend on.

As far as I can see, we have plenty of light source coming in (I have no idea how), so the other lacking is water. This ground is so hard; I would think it is concrete. So first order of business, we must locate water (my water talent was also sealed by the way).

We searched around the land, but this place is so huge. I can’t even see the end of it. Does Professor Oresama really expect us to take care of this place for three hours each day? I am not a farmer, darn it!

Anyway, still searching, but there is no sign of water. Is this place a desert? Hold on, a desert always has at least one oasis, so I must continue the search.

Now that I think about it, Zayn is being pretty quiet…ZAYN FAINTED? I ran to Zayn and turned him over. He looks unconscious.

“Zayn, Zayn, get up.”

No answer. I am seriously getting worried. Maybe he’s dead…he does annoy me, but I don’t want him dead. I leaned close to his face trying to get any sign that he is alive…he kissed me on my cheek.

“My energy has returned.”

Zayn stood up chuckling…was he faking it? THAT JERK!

“Zayn, get back here, so I can really knock you out!”

“Would you like another kiss, my darling flower?”


I ended up chasing him, but Zayn is faster than me when our talents are sealed. I guess he did work out and is not entirely dependent on his talents. I am beginning to catch up…whoa! Zayn stopped suddenly and pulled me into his arms spinning me around.

“Zayn, stop playing around!”

Zayn did stop spinning, but he kissed my cheek once again.

“Zayn, you j…”

“You know I love you, right?”

…That was out of the blue. I know his feelings, but it is a short crush (just like Roland’s), so he’ll eventually get over it. Besides, I know that he will eventually fall in love with Eleanor.

“Zayn, I can’t return your feelings and you know that.”

“Is it because of your curse?”

“That’s not it.”

I can’t tell him that he will fall out of love with me, since the knowledge I know is from the game and I can’t use the time talent as an excuse all the time, since time does change and I can’t tell him exactly when he would fall in love with Eleanor. This is complicated.

I managed to wiggle out of Zayn’s embrace and say, “We have to find a water source.” Zayn only nodded, but he looks really sad. Seeing him this sad breaks my heart, but my heart was repaired when he flashed a bright smile saying, “I won’t give up.”

“…Zayn, you really need to…”

“I love you Laveda and that won’t change, so prepare to be wooed.”

“…Let’s just search for a water source.”

Zayn nodded and ran ahead of me saying, “The water source will be a present for you from me.” Zayn just doesn’t feel down. He’ll get over his crush on me eventually, so I’ll just endure for now (even with a verbal rejection, he refuses to give up anyway).

Sadly, the water source wasn’t found within the three hours and we were teleported back onto the gym field. I guess tomorrow, I better find a better way to locate a water source.

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