Chapter 89: Night Exploration

Today seemed so long. I rushed to class, went through a rabbit hole look alike, met Buffy, jumped out a window, fell from the sky, met Professor Oresama, chased by living vines…way too tired mentally to recount everything. I can’t call in sick after one day of school (I wish I could though) and knowing how the headmaster has acted toward me, since I got here, he might use my absence as an excuse to expel me (he is such a jerk).

I am tired, but I also feel restless. Maybe because I moved around a lot during my search for water in that space Professor Oresama created. By the way, Zayn and I did return without harm, but Zayn was dragged off by the others for some reason when we returned. While he was being dragged away, I took this chance to escape to my room. I really didn’t want to be questioned where I was within the three hours I was gone. They might not believe it either. They can interrogate Zayn for all I care.

Anyway, I am restless to the point I can’t fall asleep. Maybe I’m hungry. I did skip dinner after all. I guess a good meal will help me sleep, but eating late is not very healthy. I can go shopping instead in the store that Alden recommended…oh wait, Frederick already went shopping judging by the grocery bags I saw in the kitchen on my way to my room. I really need to do something to help me sleep.

I have an idea! I haven’t transformed in a long time, since I discovered my curse, so let’s explore the grounds in my fox form. Let’s see, a little stretch and then transform! I shrink; grow white fur, a bushy tail and long snot with a pink nose and whiskers. The fox me is back, Yippee! I jump around the room excitedly and then jump on the ledge of my opened window (I keep the window open sometimes to let in a breeze). It is pretty high, but I am a fox and not a normal one at that. I jump down using a nearby tree as leverage. SO FUN!

The moment my paws touch the ground, I ran across the grass. The grass was tall before I cut it during my renovation of the dorm, but it is still tall enough to cover my small form slightly. Let’s crawl on the ground like a spy. I imagine the music from spy movies as I crawl and imagine that I am gathering intelligence for my spy group.

“We are approaching the enemy base over…no enemy in sight over…fox looking at me weird…over?”

            There is definitely a gold colored fox looking at me with a bewildered look…SO EMBARRASSING! I immediately stood on my paws trying to avert my gaze from his.

“I am not doing anything weird…just playing…really!”

            I spoke like this using the fox language (I automatically know it when I transform). The gold fox shrugged and then tilted its head at me.

“No need to be so defensive Whitey.”


            “I don’t know your name, so I called you based on the color of your fur and I must admit that the color is unusual for foxes around this area. Are you new here?”

            I have no idea why, but the fox (a boy I presume based on the voice) is trying to have a conversation with me…well it would be nice to have a small conversation that doesn’t end with a glare battle.

“I am new here. My name is Laveda.”

            I thought it would be best not to mention my last name for now, since I want to have a conversation without titles.

“Laveda…also a strange name. My name is Ricki, a strange name just like yours.”

            “Are all names strange to you?”

            The fox, Ricki, nodded and added, “Names are very unique, so I find them strange. Even ones that don’t sound like they were made to be called names are strange.”

            “That’s very confusing.”

            “So it is.”

            The gold fox waved his tail in the air and I could have sworn that some glitter rose from that tail. It was pretty cool.

“You said my fur is strange, but your fur is just as strange. Why is it gold?”

            “I was born this way.”

            “…I guess I can accept that.”

            That was very straight forward, so I guess there is no special reason for his fur to be gold. If I think about it, Goldie’s fur is also gold, so it really isn’t that strange.

Ricki turned his back on me waving his golden tail and then glanced back at me asking, “Do you want to see something else that is strange?”


            I admit I was nervous, but I was also curious what else this fox considers strange. We jumped into a few bushes (there sure are a lot), before crouching into what looked like a bush made of lilies (is there such thing as a lily bush?). Anyway, Ricki urged me closer to his side…strange he smells kind of sweet…almost like cotton candy. Oh dear, I was nearly craving for sweets. Anyway, when I went to his side he pointed at something using his small paw.

“The activity of this boy is strange.”

            I looked in the direction he was pointing…isn’t that Nate? What is he doing still up? Actually, who is he with? Nate looked like he is sparing someone, but this someone is someone I don’t know. Hold on…THERE ARE FLAMES EMITTING FROM THAT GUY’S FISTS! Nate doesn’t seem to have a problem. He is of the fire talent, but really…who is this guy that he is sparing with and why is his fists on fire?

“This boy comes out here every night, since he entered the Academy to fight this Fire Golem he made.”

            “Fire golem…that person with the fire fists is a fire golem? I thought those were impossible to make.”

            Fire golems, I read about them when I was younger. Unlike earth golems, Fire Golems require blood of a fire user to be made and Fire Golems are almost human like and can even have speech. They are basically man made humans if you think of it in a weird scientific way, but the process of making them is hard. I bet you guys are wondering how just adding blood would be difficult, but get this: when you add blood to the process of making a fire golem you are forced to face your worst fear, even if you weren’t aware what your true fear was. Not only that, but I read that some fire users became vegetables (brain dead) when they tried to make a fire golem, while others just round up dead. In other words, the process is dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted. I thought about trying to make a fire golem in the past, but let’s just say that the descriptions of the process of making this golem was like reading an R-Rated slasher movie (it traumatized me).

I wonder why Nate made the fire golem, even with all the dangers that came with making one. Actually, how did he even accomplish it without any permanent damage to himself?

“Do you know how he made the Golem?”

            “I do not know, but the fact that a Fire Golem even exists is very much very strange.”

            I have to agree with Ricki here. I should find a time to ask Nate how he made this Golem. I mean I have to admit that it does look pretty cool now that I get a closer look at him. Long white hair in a ponytail, black clothes that scream out ninja, golden eyes…THE GOLEM IS LIKE A MALE OLDER VERSION OF ME? The features of the golem is like me, but the chest…I touched my furry chest with my paws…I can’t really compare now, but it still makes me want to cry.

“Is something wrong, Laveda?”

            “I am fine…just fine…”

            I seriously want to cry, but the golem is obviously boy and a very strong boy indeed, so I shouldn’t feel too bad with this me look alike. I mean, he is practically cornering Nate right now. Oh, Nate is finally countering with kicks covered in flames. It’s like watching an anime.

“So cool.”

            “Cool? What does that mean?”

            “A nice kind of strange.”

            “I see.”

            Ricki suddenly perked up as his gold hair stood on end.

“Looks like the Fire Golem finally noticed our presence.”


            I looked toward the Fire Golem and saw that he was now looking in our direction. His stare sends a chill down my spine.

“What’s wrong?” I heard Nate say as he lowered his fists. The Fire Golem pointed toward Ricki and I making both of us back up in caution.

“The gold fox returned with another fox.”

“The fox came again and with a friend?” stated Nate and began to approach our area. Ricki turned to sprint away, so I did the same, but it looks like I was a little clumsy this time and tumbled over my small feet. I must have looked like a furry Rollie-Pollie for a short while (how embarrassing). The next thing I knew, the bushes was pushed aside revealing Nate hovering over my small fallen form.

“A white fox.”

Nate picked up my furry form and I began to bark in a panic. I was really panicked. Out of everyone, Nate is still not quite used to me admitting that I have all the talents (he might be in denial), even though I told all my dorm mates already (I think I mentioned this already). Nate held me at eye level the bottom half of my body dangling and then the next thing I knew, Nate was smothering me in his chest.

“So fluffy!”

…That’s right, Nate loves cute things, especially when they are fluffy. I’m glad he likes this form, but I might suffocate at this rate. I better change back…huh? I was pried from Nate’s arms by the Fire Golem. Thankfully his fists aren’t on fire anymore.

“Master, you shouldn’t smother this fox or it will die.”

“Sorry,” Nate chuckled out, “The fox was just so cute. Reminds me of Polka.”

“Don’t you mean Yuki?”

“Her Polka form was cuter.”

For some reason, Nate brought up Yuki, the woman from the mountain that helped us reach the peak of our fire talent. In case you guys forgot, Polka was the name I gave her little animal form (she was really adorable).

I was suddenly dangled in front of the Fire Golem, he looks pretty intimidating. He then faced Nate again and said, “This fox appears to be a girl.”

…WHERE WAS HE LOOKING? I feel so embarrassed.

“A girl…maybe Laveda would like to take this fox as a pet. She does own that black rabbit and possessed teddy bear after all.”

BIBI IS NOT A POSSESSED BEAR! My adorable jiggly Bibi is a slime and he is C-U-T-E! As for Darkie, he is also adorable. Cuteness is justice!

“Laveda…is she the girl you mistook for a boy all those years ago?”

Nate turned pretty red as he exclaimed, “It was an honest mistake and there’s no way I would mistake Rei…I mean Laveda as a boy now!” He was about to call me Reino again, right?

“I see,” stated the fire golem as he began to caress my head…this feels nice, “Too bad your friend looks nothing like me.”

“Well you do resemble her, since I made you in the image of her.”

My image…is that why this golem looks like me…I hope he doesn’t have the same strange hobby as Abigail. I wouldn’t be able to stand more clones based on my image.

“I may resemble her, but remember that you made me with the image of her as a man.”

“I know,” Nate muttered and added, “I can’t even tell her about you, since she may feel disgusted.”

Well I was surprised, but as I look at this Golem more (please pet me more), he is looking less and less like me. He seems to be a completely different person (he is different from me). Nate did a wonderful job in making this golem.

“As long as you don’t mention your sparing battles with me, she won’t know, master,” stated the golem, but I suddenly felt like the caresses against my head were starting to hurt.

“If I may ask, can you finally grant me a name?”

Nate didn’t name the golem? That’s an essential part in making a fire golem. Nate should name him.

“…I can’t…not yet.”

“…I understand.”

The caresses really hurt now. I whacked his hand away using my fluffy tail and jumped away from the golem. There doesn’t seem to be any wounds. That’s good.

I saw Nate staring at me, so I gave his legs a nice rub just to be nice. I know how much he wants to pet my adorable form.


Nate tried to grab me, but I avoided his hold and leaped away into a bush to hide. I don’t want to be smothered. Nate looks pretty sad that I ran away, but I can’t stay out too long. Huh, the fire golem looks sad too, but he is looking at Nate. He doesn’t have a name and a name as I mentioned is essential, especially when you want to make a bond with the creator.

The golem won’t understand me anyway, so let me grant him a name that I can secretly call him. It is already a miracle that a golem like him can exist, so I will call him Nissan (not the car). The name almost sounds like Big Brother from my Japanese language in my previous life. I never had any siblings as far as I know (father and mother never cheated…I hope), so maybe it would be all right to think of this Golem as another older brother.

“Nissan is a good name. You will be like a brother.”

            I said this in fox language, but the golem, Nissan, stared at me with wide eyes…did he understand what I said? There’s no way. I began to scurry off, but I slid to a stop when I saw Ricki hiding in another bush looking in my direction. Now that I think about it, he ditched me didn’t he?

“You left me!”

            My fur was standing on end as I glared at Ricki.

“Sorry Laveda, but that Golem is so strange that it scares me, but I am glad that you are unharmed.”

            “No thanks to you.”

            “Point taken…do you want to see something else that is strange?”

            “…Fine, but I have to return soon, so please make it quick.”

            Ricki nodded and began to run ahead of me. I followed without any problems, but for some reason, the name Ricki began to echo in my head. I feel like I have heard his name before. There’s no way. I met all the important characters of the game already, right?

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