Chapter 9: I object…Sensei deserves Happiness!

I really feel like a fool. I just remembered why Ebina’s name sounded so familiar. Ebina is Sensei’s wife…who he killed. It wasn’t really a murder, but a kill in self-defense. I better explain, while Sensei is still watching the fight between Bibi and Shuya with Bibi with the advantage.

At the age of eighteen, Sensei married his long time fiancé, Ebina Sui. They were arranged to be married when they were born and were put in constant contact with each other. Sensei loved her deeply, but Ebina didn’t truly love him…she only wanted the money that came with his name. When they were married, Sensei would go to work as a teaching assistant and Ebina would stay at home, but she took this opportunity to seduce his best friend, whose name was never mentioned in the game, and started an affair with him. What a wicked woman! The affair lasted for years and then Ebina attempted to poison Sensei, so she could get all his money for herself. It looks like she planned just like a black widow would. Sensei discovered the poison and so with that failure, Ebina attempted to kill him using a carving knife. Sensei had no choice, but to fight her in defense, but his one attack killed her instantly. He was never charged when it was discovered that she tried to poison him, but the fear of women betraying him caused him to fear women to the point he would shake in fear. He managed to control this fear, while at work, but it resurfaced when he wasn’t at work. Poor Sensei.

If I remember right, he always wanted his own children, but Ebina never wanted any and he respected her wishes. Ebina really is a wicked girl.

I glanced at Sensei, who decided that the fight should end, when Bibi was punching Shuya’s face repeatedly with Shuya lying on his back. Sensei is so kind and he has such a sad future. No, Sensei doesn’t deserve to suffer like that. I want him to be happy and he can’t be happy with a wicked girl like Ebina. She may look like an angel, but she is truly a demon in disguise. I just need to figure out what to do…I mean Sensei is already in love with her judging by how he blushed around her. I don’t want him to suffer a heartbreak either…this is going to be hard.



I didn’t even notice Sensei was standing in front of me.

“We need to get ready for bed.”

I nodded and then froze. Now that I think about it, what am I going to wear to bed? Would it be proper to sleep in my lingerie…no way, even though I am a child, it is still improper to show my underwear to older men.

I guess Sensei noticed my uneasiness, since he grabbed a rather large shirt from the wardrobe and handed it to me saying, “This was a souvenir for my father, but I think you better use it, so you don’t have to sleep in your dress.” I took the shirt and Sensei’s form once again shined in my eyes.

Sensei really is nice. I won’t let him suffer his tragic future.

Wait a minute, now another problem has surfaced: how am I going to change into this without these two boys seeing? Think Laveda, think! I glanced at the wardrobe and without saying a word, I slipped into it making sure to shut the door behind me. I can hear Shuya laughing again…maybe I should let Bibi punish him…no, I have to be a good guest and to start off, I have to change in this dresser.

It really is dark in here, but I can’t use my light magic or they will learn about my talent in it. They already know about my animal talent, but I shouldn’t reveal anymore…this is seriously making me stressed and I am only three…with a mind of a woman in her twenties. Focus Laveda! Get changed and then get out.

I managed to change and stepped out of the wardrobe and the moment Shuya saw me…he began to laugh, I wonder if he can die laughing?  What is so funny anyway? I got the answer when I noticed that the shirt I was wearing was put on backwards. This is so embarrassing! I noticed Sensei was chuckling to himself. I really want to crawl into a hole…hole…I slipped back into the wardrobe pulling Bibi with me and closed the door behind me.

“Laveda, come on out. We’re sorry we laughed,” apologized Sensei, but I could hear him chuckling on the other side of the door. This is so embarrassing. I refuse to get out of this wardrobe until morning.


There was concern now in Sensei’s voice. He really is nice to worry about me being embarrassed…if only I couldn’t hear Shuya laughing in the background.

I peeked out from the wardrobe after fixing the shirt on my body. Sensei was standing there with a warm smile. Such a great smile. I don’t want it to ever disappear because of such a tragic future. I’ll find a way to bring you happiness. With those thoughts, I hugged Sensei burying my face in his waist with Bibi dangling from my back. Sensei patted my head and I smiled. It was such a warm feeling.

The boys got dressed with my back turned of course and then we each headed to our beds…I say beds, but Shuya slept in the sofa and I took his bed. The bed is surprisingly soft and Shuya was nice enough to let me have it for the night. I guess he isn’t such a bad guy.

I pulled Bibi onto the bed and held him to my chest before glancing toward Sensei’s bed. Sensei was already lying on his back and I could tell he was tired by the idleness of his eyelids, but I needed to ask him something before drifting.



“Do you love Ebina?”


I was silent, before I nodded and lay my head to the pillow hugging Bibi close to my chest. Sensei does love Ebina and that would make it harder for me to change his future. How can I change his future without him getting a broken heart? I want him to have a happy future.

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