Chapter 91: Where Did the Monsters Go?


I immediately returned to the Dorm and then changed back into my human form. On the way back, I came to a realization that there was one individual that mentioned about captive monsters or beasts to be exact: Kori Manta. I emerged from my room determined to question Kori about the monsters that were in the cave, but the moment I did, I was looking up at Kai, who had an angered expression on his face. I shut the door immediately.


“…No one is in here.”


“…Kai is not here.”


Why is Kai in front of my room? Why does he sound so angry?

“What in the world were you doing in your room? I felt like I was being choked multiple times and was even freezing at one point. WHAT WERE YOU DOING?”

Oh yeah, I forgot he feels any pain I feel instead of me…but I felt those symptoms too. Was there a glitch in this curse? I better not tell him.

“Kai is not here.”


Kai is banging on the door now. I have to face him eventually. Better to get it over with. The moment I opened the door I felt something rush pass me and the next thing I knew, I saw Kai falling backwards with a red mark on his chin…that’s right, Bibi was in my room. Darkie is still asleep on my bed by the looks of things. Bibi had a glint in his eyes as he raised his fist and stood proudly before his fallen victim (Kai). I picked up Bibi and stared down at Kai…I think he’s unconscious…oh wait, he is getting up and he looks really pissed…time to run.

I dashed down the hall determined to get to Kori’s room, but Kai is right behind me. EEEEK! THAT SHADOW BEHIND YOU IS WAY TOO SCARY!

I ran into the first opened door I saw and slammed it shut.


Kai is seriously banging hard on this door, but I refuse to let him in.

“Calm down first.”


“You are definitely not. Only an idiot would believe that you are calm with that tone of voice.”


Kai seems to be calming down now…I think.

“What type of play is this, little Laveda?”

I flinched at the familiar voice: Kori Manta. I was heading to his room, but who knew I would actually run into his room to hide. I turned my head toward Kori and I could have sworn that I was about to go blind. WHY THE HELL IS HIS BATHROBE HALF OPEN? This is not a rated-18 game.

“Cover up!” I screamed as I cover my eyes as well as Bibi’s. I couldn’t see what Kori’s face looked like, but he must have been smirking judging by the sound of his voice.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t my body to your liking?”


“Isn’t the one lewd you, since you barged into my room?”


I could only muster out single words in retort, but Kori seemed intent on teasing me. He even tried to remove my hands from my eyes.


“Look this way.”


The next thing I knew, Kori gave out a grunt and knelt before me holding his stomach…good job Bibi. Bibi looks pretty proud of himself for taking care of the pervert.

I hugged Bibi in thanks, but then I heard the door behind me burst open. I looked over my shoulder and saw Kai covered in darkness. TOO SCARY!

Is he going to attack me? I really thought my life was in danger, but Kai walked pass me and kicked Kori into the air…WHY?


…He was concerned about me? I guess if you were only listening from outside the door, it would sound like I am being sexual harassed…well, I was being harassed.

Kori recovered pretty fast saying, “I was only teasing her, your majesty.”

“How were you teasing her?”

“I was just trying to let her admire the body I possess?”


Kai is choking Kori, but I better put a stop to this before this turns into a homicide.

“I’m fine now, Kai, please stop.”

Kai seemed to calm down as he released Kori, but Kori earned another punch from my beloved Bibi when he said, “So you did want to see?”

I would be so happy not to see that pervert’s face again…oh yeah I needed to ask…

“So Laveda, can you explain now what you were doing in your room that caused me to choke so many times?”

…Crud, I forgot Kai was still demanding an answer.

“Well…I…went for a walk and got cuddled too much.”


I nodded.

“Explain in more detail.”

“I refuse.”


“I still refuse.”

I will not let him know about my fox transformation. He would definitely refuse to let me explore in my fox form if he knew.

“Damn it, Laveda!”

I stuck my tongue out and then looked back at Kori. I will definitely ask him now.

“Kori, answer me: Do you have anything to do with monsters hidden in a cave?”

Kori and Kai were pretty silent for a long while, before Kori asked, “How did you know about the beasts in the cave?”

“I saw them,” I told them honestly. I really wasn’t in the mood to lie. I will just avoid the truth. For some reason they are not pressuring me to tell the truth…strange. Hold on, what is Kori pulling out from his desk? Isn’t that an orb…I recognize that orb. In the books I read, there is an item that is like a security camera. It is called the All Seeing Orb, but it can only see areas where the user of the orb had been to at least once. I really shouldn’t be surprised that Kori has one…SHOOT, HE’LL SEE MY FOX FORM!

“Wait a minute, don’t look.”

“I’m just going to see when you entered the cave, Laveda,” stated Kori as he activated the orb. He’ll definitely see!

Something appeared in the orb, but I couldn’t see, but Kori looked confused as he gazed into the orb.

“The beasts are still there, but there is no sign of Laveda. I see two foxes entering though.”

He saw my fox form…I will just pretend not to know anything.

“Hold on…WHAT IS THAT?”

Kori yelled pretty loud. What did he see? Kai also gazed into the orb with wide eyes. Now I definitely want to see that orb. I managed to squeeze between Kori and Kai to gaze into the orb with Bibi. WHAT IS THAT?

A mist of blackness appeared at the entrance of the cave. It looked really creepy…THAT WAS BEHIND RICKI AND ME? The mist zoomed into the cave and then vanished without a trace. The monsters had also vanished. The mist was the reason for the missing monsters, but what was that mist?

Kai cursed under his breath and then glared at me. Why is he glaring at me?

“Was that black mist you?”

“AS IF! I may have the dark talent, but I can’t do anything like that!”

Kai actually believed that I was that black mist, the nerve.

Kai then looked at Kori looking for answers concerning the black mist that obviously stole the monsters, but Kori didn’t have a clue either. At least I know the monsters did belong to them, but now it was a mystery of where they went…now that I think about it the black mist did look familiar…ah, I remember now! That black mist was in the headmaster’s office when I first met the headmaster.

“That black mist attacked the headmaster before,” I stated looking at Kai and Kori seriously. Kai looked at me pressuring me for answers.

“Well when I first got into the Academy, I had to go see the headmaster in his office. When I got there, he was lying on the ground and the Black Mist was looking for some key in the office.”

That was my explanation, but before I thought the antagonist (Kai) owned the black mist, but looks like I was wrong. It was only a theory anyway.

Kai groaned saying, “That doesn’t give me any idea who or what the black mist is.” I have to agree on that. My story only revealed that the black mist had appeared before in the Academy besides in the cave.

Kori suddenly looked toward us with a thoughtful look and asked, “You mentioned that the black mist was looking for a key, could that key be the Key to the Country?”

“Maybe,” I stated, but I am already aware that the mist was looking for the key to the Country, since I played the game, but the identity of the mist is still a mystery, even in my previous life.

Kai crunched his knuckles stating, “Whatever that thing is, it will pay for stealing from me and for even thinking that it can get the key from me.”

I frowned saying, “Didn’t we agree that you wouldn’t do anything bad.”

“This is different.”

“Are you planning to hurt it?”


“Then it is not different. That is still bad.”

“…Can you make an exception?”

“Only if the black mist does something really bad.”

Kai clicked his tongue, but nodded. I hope he truly doesn’t act unless he is provoked by the enemy. Now for the other problem…

“Where do you think the monsters were taken?”

Kori chuckled saying, “I’ll find them. I am the one who captured them in the first place” and then began to usher Kai and me out of his room.

“Please return to your rooms, unless you want to examine my body.”


Kori shut the door behind us, but opened it again to toss out Bibi. I caught Bibi wondering when he escaped my grasp.

Kai and I stared at the door for a good few seconds before walking in the direction of our rooms.

“So, how did you know about the beasts in the cave?”

“I saw.”

“How did you see?”

“With my eyes.”


Kai is pretty mad, but I refuse to falter. If he persists, then I will have Bibi give him a good punch in the stomach.

“Forget it…if you won’t tell me then how about you tell me why you didn’t ask what the Key to the Country is?”

“Why would I ask?”

“The Key to the Country is a kept secret and only a few people of the court are aware of it. It is said to be the heart of the kingdom and whoever holds it is granted a wish plus the protection of the kingdom.”

“I already know that, since I read it in a history book. It was how this Kingdom was established.”

“…It was written in a book?”

I nodded. Is it strange for it to be in a book? Kai seemed to have gone into deep thought, before asking, “Where did you find this book?”

“In my family library.”

“I see…maybe your father was aware of the key as well, so that’s why he had a book about it.”

“Is it really that strange for me to know about the key?”

“It is. Your kingdom’s books never mentioned the key, so your book must have been a one of a kind.”


Kai nodded. That’s pretty shocking, but at least I don’t have to tell him that I actually knew about the key because of my previous life. Now that I think about it: where did that book about the Key of the Country go? I haven’t seen it in a long time. Another thing, the key only appears in the pure of heart, so why would the mist search for the key inside the headmaster’s office. More questions still keep piling up. I hope I can find an answer soon.

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