Chapter 93: A New Day Has Arrived!

Last night was pretty crazy, but it is a new day and I am determined to have a normal day. I say that, but my life isn’t quite normal anymore with all these game characters in my life. For now, let’s forget about the game and get going with morning arrangements: bath (being clean is important), brush my teeth (I definitely don’t want cavities), dry and comb my hair (I’ll braid my hair today), dress up (the school uniform fits nicely), and now for the important part: Make breakfast.

I know Frederick lives in the dorm with me and he is supposed to act as my servant, but I want to do things on my own, especially when it comes to cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I love Frederick’s cooking, but there are just times when I must have the taste of modern food that isn’t made in this world like biscuit sandwiches. They are just so good to the point it makes my mouth water.

Now let’s see…as expected of Frederick, he got all the ingredients I needed. So first I make the dough for the biscuits and then shape them using a cup and place them into the oven. As the biscuits bake, I slice some cheese and place them on a separate plate. Now for the bacon and eggs. Slice the bacon into thin slices and place them on the grill to cook and then crack some eggs in a bowl and scramble them until they are fluffy looking (adding milk helps) and then place them on a separate frying pan. It smells good already. The biscuits are about done (thank you time talent). Take the biscuits out of the oven and then slice them carefully in half. Place the cheese on first and then cooked bacon slices (three should suffice for each biscuit). Then cut the fluffy scrambled egg into squares or fold it into squares and place a square on each biscuit. Put the sliced biscuit together and Ta Dah! You have a freshly made biscuit sandwich.

I made enough for everyone, so Bibi and Darkie get their share as well. Darkie is in a form of a rabbit, but he still eats meat. It should be fine…I think. Bibi is enjoying the sandwich to the point of jiggling at each bite…SO CUTE! I want to cuddle him right now, but I don’t want to separate him from his meal.

“Something smells good.”

Oh looks like the others finally woke up.

“Good morning!”

I was in a good mood, since I managed to do all my morning routines. So happy.

I ate my breakfast savoring each bite, but then I noticed that Abigail was the only one not eating.

“Is something wrong, big sister?”

“Not really…but this reminds me of one of the breads that Jerk makes.”

“…Do you mean Alden?”

I know Abigail hates him, but when did she start calling him a jerk?

“Did he teach you how to make this?” Abigail asked. She sounds like a police interrogator. Is it so wrong for me to learn recipes from Alden? It’s not like he is trafficking drugs to me you know.

“I learned this recipe by myself,” I claimed. Can’t really say I learned to make this from my previous life.

“…If that’s the case, then I will savor this meal made especially for me by my dear little sister.”

Isn’t she aware that I made everyone a sandwich? Oh well, at least she doesn’t appear annoyed anymore. Now that I think about it, Alden does make a lot of dishes that have appeared in my past life like the spaghetti with clams…it must just be a coincidence.

Breakfast was really peaceful, but the moment I heard the chiming of our clock, the others; except for Frederick, Kai, Cecil, and Kori, disappeared from the room…Headmaster is a jerk. Frederick looked concerned as he looked at the empty seats around him, but Kori patted his shoulder saying, “You’ll get used to it.” Kori then left the room saying he was going to read a book in his room…lazy bum. Cecil (I guess the mark to prevent teleportation is still active), Kai, and me both left our seats wishing farewell to Frederick.

We weren’t in a hurry this time, so we walked leisurely to the location of the rabbit hole that would lead us to class. Now that I think about it, Cecil and I have a class with Buffy before we go to class with Sensei. I wonder what he will teach us in order to control our time talent.

…Strange…I feel like we are being followed, but I don’t see anyone in sight. Looks like Cecil and Kai noticed something strange too, but I admit I was shocked when Cecil suddenly summoned his needles and threw them in the direction of one of the thick bushes along the path.


That was a pretty loud scream and now I know for a fact that was a girl’s scream…unless this man has a really high pitched scream. Oh, it is a girl. She practically burst out of the bushes like a scared rabbit sweating up a storm. I guess the needles really scared her. Her long hair was filled with natural red curls to the point she resembled Raggedy Anne. She wore the Academy Uniform, so she was obviously a student here. Her eyes were chestnut brown and her skin looked smooth to the touch. She was really pretty to be honest.

The red head girl glared in our direction yelling, “Is that how you greet someone?”

“…Is hiding the way you greet?”


Cecil does have a point.

The girl stood up dusting off her skirt saying, “Well your attack was very rude.”


Is she serious?

The girl suddenly looked around us like she was scrutinizing us before asking, “Is Nathaniel here?”


“Nathaniel Agni, he should be in this special dorm, so where is he?”

This girl is pretty demanding and Nate is already in the classroom.

“Nate is already in class,” I stated, but she suddenly looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Is that so…you must be lying. All little children lie.”

WHAT THE HECK? She practically called me a liar and little. I am older than I look girl.

Cecil must have noticed how angry I was, since he stood between me and the girl. He glared at the girl demanding, “Who are you?”

“You don’t know who I am? The nerve.”

I really want to slap her.

“I am Nandalia Sagni, first and only daughter of the Sagni clan and soon to be a member of the Agni clan when my dearest Nathaniel weds me.”

…You serious? I didn’t expect to ever see this girl, since I felt the game I knew changed a lot, but it looks like she is here: another villainess character this time from Nathaniel Agni’s route. In the original game, she was the fiancé of another member of the Agni clan, but it wasn’t Nathaniel it was…I can’t seem to remember, well anyway, she bullied the heroine to please her fiancé and even made Nathaniel believe at one point that the heroine didn’t love him and bullied him as well. If you didn’t find a way to take care of this villainess, you would go to the bad end. She was pretty annoying. The game didn’t reveal what happened to her after the good end.

Anyway, looks like she isn’t engaged this time and seems to be infatuated with Nate (no way he is engaged to her…willingly). I’m glad Nate is already in the classroom.

“So where is my dear Nathaniel? Tell me where he is now, you commoners!”

She is seriously annoying.

“First of all, Laveda told you the truth that he isn’t here and is in class. Secondly, you are not supposed to be here, so leave now.”

Cecil is seriously angry at this selfish girl. Nandalia only flinched before she summoned her flames yelling, “I will not be ordered by someone so low!” She tossed the fireball at us and before I could use my talent to counter, the fireball vanished and so did Nandalia…where did she go?

Kai clicked his tongue shaking his right hand saying, “Annoying wrench.”

“Simon, did you do something to her?” I asked Kai in a low voice, but Kai only smirked saying, “How could I when I am talentless?” He definitely did something. At least Nandalia is gone now and what was she thinking tossing that fireball at us anyway?

“Laveda, was that your doing?” Cecil asked me. I guess he didn’t hear me ask Kai (thank goodness).

“No, but let’s just be glad that she is gone now.” Cecil nodded, but he looked pretty bewildered. I guess Kai’s secret is still safe. I wonder where Nandalia was sent anyway…I better not think too deeply into it. I better just focus on getting to class.

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