Chapter 96: The Rare Skills in the Elements

After my little trip to the past, I don’t feel any different. My level hasn’t increased and Cecil and I still don’t know what “time” we are supposed to watch. I have a feeling it has something to do with Luca, but I am not sure. Just to let you guys know, I was cleaned up thanks to Sensei, but my friends (except for Cecil) are still wondering how I got so much drool on myself. They didn’t wonder about Cecil’s change of appearance…basically because he still looked the same. It seems that he will only be a kid when we are in the past, which is good, since it would be hard to keep our time travel talent class a secret if he stays a kid.

Anyway, back to the class that is happening right now. Sensei before discussed that next class we would be discussing elements in more detail, but Shuya is complaining that he wants to teach the class again. Come on Shuya. You are hogging the class from Sensei. Actually, Shuya has been a bit more eager to teach when compared to the teachers from my previous life. He also mentioned a math equation last class that didn’t exist in this world, so maybe he really is…Nah, he can’t be a reincarnator like me…right?

“Come on Ryu, you can teach the next class.”

“Shuya, I have to teach this class sometimes, so sit back and read a book or something.”

Shuya finally gave up and sat down, grabbing a book from a shelf. I wonder what book he is reading.

“Now,” Sensei began, “Last class we demonstrated what we could do with our talents, so let’s discuss specifically what you would be able to do as time passes. Some of the skills I am about to mention may have already been mastered by you, but I am sure new skills for your talents will be mentioned as well.”

Sensei began to write on the board. I could see that the talents were written along with some skills that I was familiar with…well I was familiar with some.


  • Healing
  • Light in general
  • Laser power
  • Speed
  • Heart Connect (rare)


  • Illusions
  • Disguises
  • Curses
  • Teleportation
  • Invisibility
  • Shadow manipulation
  • Mind control (rare)
  • Barriers


  • Visions of past and future with touch
  • Silver needles (rare)
  • Freeze time
  • Speed up time
  • Rewind time
  • Repair damage on objects
  • Form of healing


  • Earth manipulation
  • Golems
  • Increased strength
  • Earth weapons
  • Metal manipulation (rare)


  • Fire manipulation
  • Temporary flight boost
  • Golem (rare)


  • Communication via wind
  • Controls sound
  • Wind manipulation
  • Wind weapons
  • Flight
  • Speed
  • Wind Familiar (rare)


  • Heal
  • Water manipulation
  • Water weapons
  • Cleaning
  • Mermaid transformation (rare)


  • Freeze
  • Ice weapons and armor
  • Golems
  • Ice travel Mirror (rare)


  • Communication with animals
  • Animal transformation
  • Animal attraction
  • Animal familiars
  • Animal Merge (rare)


  • Plant manipulation
  • Plant communication
  • Plant spying
  • Mass Healing (rare)
  • Plant growth from nothing

Looks like Sensei wrote the first three rares. I guess I never really mentioned it much, but Light, Darkness, and Time are the rare talents. Not many people have these talents. There are a few in the Academy, but the amount of Time and Light Talent Users together in the Academy can be counted with just two hands (Cecil, Eleanor, and Montgomery included). As for Darkness Users…not counting me and Kai, there are…zero. Yeah, Darkness is pretty rare just like Light. It’s no wonder that Eleanor and Montgomery were seen as special in the Academy as the only Light Users (not including me).

I think I mentioned this before, but even though Time and Darkness are rare, they are looked down upon because of how dangerous they are. Time reveals secrets that you want to hide and Darkness is seen as a power od the demons that were sealed a long time ago. Actually, I read before that the first Darkness Talent User was actually a demon, but I’m not sure if this is true or not.

Anyway, Sensei listed all the skills of our talents and I have to admit that I am quite surprised that there are so many skills I was not aware of for the elements, especially the ones labeled rare. If you don’t know, rare in the talents means that even though you possess the talent, you might not be able to learn the skill since only a few can gain it. Heck, I might not even get them.

If you didn’t read what Sensei wrote for the rare skills of the talents then let’s list them:

  1. Light: Heart Connect- User can use his or her talent to momentarily increase the power of another.
  2. Darkness: Mind Control- User can control the mind of an individual almost like a curse.
  3. Time: Silver Needles- Silver can be summoned to the User and the User can also use the needles to manipulate time of an object.
  4. Earth: Metal Manipulation- Anything with metal can be manipulated.
  5. Fire: Golem- User can combine smoke and flames to create a Golem with emotions.
  6. Wind: Wind Familiar- User can transform their wind to any animal familiar in their heart and take command of the familiar.
  7. Water: Mermaid Transformation- User can transform into a mermaid when under water and communicate with the water creatures.
  8. Ice: Ice Travel Mirror- User can travel through ice gaining access to any place with a reflection.
  9. Animal: Animal Merge- User can merge with an animal they are close to.
  10. Wood: Mass Healing- User can use the plants around to heal a large amount of people as if they had the light talent.

I was already aware of the Silver needles, Wind Familiar (thanks to the Mr. Dragon), and the fire golem, but the other rare skills…I haven’t heard of until Sensei introduced them. There really is only so much one can learn from a book. Sensei is so great.

The rare skills are so interesting. The Darkness one scares me, since Mind control is not my thing and I wouldn’t mind never learning it.

I already learned Wind Familiar thanks to Mr. Dragon and I am pretty sure I can make a Fire golem, since Nate can do it (We are most likely the same level), but making a Fire Golem as I mentioned requires blood and a trial to face your fear, but Sensei didn’t mention this in the lesson, so I guess he thinks that it is unneeded information…making a fire golem is still scary, so maybe I won’t attempt it.

I am still in the process of learning Silver Needles with the time class, but Buffy did mention I was close. Even though Cecil can use Silver Needle, he can’t read the time of objects that the needles impale or at least he hasn’t told me.

Metal Manipulation would be nice to use once in a while, especially if I ever need to repair a house again. If I think about it, Roland doesn’t have this skill, but maybe he can achieve it someday. I mean he is the youngest Earth Talent user to make golems.

Traveling by ice would be so cool (no pun intended), but I wonder what would happen if the ice broke when you were in it…was that a flag…I think not.

Mass Healing would come in handy, especially if lots of people were injured, but it would suck if plants weren’t around to activate the skill.

Mermaid Transformation makes me pretty excited, since I always need to use water talent to travel under water, so changing into a mermaid would be nice…sounds like a fantasy. Well I am in a fantasy genre game after all. Wait a minute, didn’t I already see something that resembled a mermaid in the lake of the Academy…too scary to remember.

Animal merge would allow me to merge with Bibi, since he is my animal familiar. I wonder what Bibi thinks about. I still can’t hear his voice, but that’s fine for now, since even without a voice I can still understand him…maybe I am close to accomplishing animal merge with him.

As for Heart Connect…it is super rare, since you would need to have a close relationship with a person. Now that I think about it, maybe that was the power boost that Eleanor did in the game. When facing the Final Boss the love interest that the heroine chooses gets a power boost when the heroine is in danger. Players called it the power of love, but I think it was really the power of Heart Connect, so Eleanor might learn this skill someday and maybe Montgomery will learn this too. I wonder if I can do this skill too.


“Yes, Sensei?”

I was so absorbed in the lesson and my own thoughts that I didn’t even realize that Sensei had called on me.

“Did you have a question?”

“No, I understood the skills just fine.”

“That’s good. It seemed like you were in a daze not too long ago.”

“It was just so interesting that I lost myself.”

Sensei chuckled at my honest answer and the others also laughed. I guess I looked pretty silly when I go into a daze.

Sensei faced all of us asking, “So are there any questions?”

Nate suddenly raised his hand asking, “Professor Bosatsu, for the fire talent skills, aren’t there more?”

“More…as far as I know Fire Talent users don’t have many skills, but they make up for it with power.”


Nate looks troubled. He has reached the peak of his fire talent, so maybe he discovered other ways to use the Fire talent. I should find time to ask him. I mean we have barely talked since I entered the Academy…I also need to warn him that Nandalia is stalking him near the dorm.

“Any other questions?”

Abigail raised her hand asking, “If I learn Ice Travel Mirror, does that mean I can watch my dear sister sleep during the night?”


“…Please don’t do that.”

I’m glad Sensei told Abigail not to do that, but now I’m worried. Please don’t let Abigail learn that rare ice talent skill…for my sanity.

Hachiko raised his hand next and asked, “Professor, Professor, can you turn into a mermaid?”

Can he?

Sensei shook his head saying, “I don’t think I have the skill for that, but I swim just fine, so it is unneeded.” That’s a shame. Imagining Sensei as a mermaid makes me oddly happy.

Hachiko looked disappointed that Sensei can’t turn into a mermaid, but then he looked at Shuya and asked, “Professor Tomayo, can you transform into a mermaid?”

“The right term would be Merman, but no, I can’t.”

“Aw, I want to see a mermaid.”

Hachiko looked really disappointed…I mentioned I saw something in the Academy’s lake that might be a mermaid…no way, that thing was scary. It might traumatize Hachiko. I’ll let him believe in the beautiful kind of mermaids. He is still a child after all…no mentioning that I look like a child.

“Any other questions?”

This time no one raised their hand, so I guess everyone had a good understanding of the known skills of the talents, but I hope to learn more in the future. Sensei nodded with a smile, but before he could say anything else, Shuya suddenly stood up and asked, “Can I teach now?”

Sensei sighed saying, “Fine, but there’s only a few minutes before the start of gym.”

“That’s fine.”

Sensei reluctantly let Shuya teach. Shuya was pretty excited as he taught us about literature…wait a second, wasn’t that book he was reading a literature book. Talk about being ready to take action. Well the stuff he is teaching is pretty straight forward like where to put punctuation and how to read into the characters when reading literature like with romance stories. A good example for romance is Romeo and Juliet (never really liked it though), but Shuya wouldn’t mention…

“A good example of romance in literature is Romeo and Juliet…”


“Professor Tomayo, what story is that?” asked Harold with his hand raised. The others were also confused and I’m not surprised, since that romance story doesn’t exist in this world. Could Shuya really be…?

“Oops, I meant the story of Rome and Jules, the classic story of a prince and princess who live in enemy kingdoms and fall in love.”

Oh, so it was just a mispronunciation. Rome and Jules is a love story that exists in this world and has a close resemblance with Romeo and Juliet, but the ending is a lot happier. That nearly shocked me. I almost thought Shuya was a reincarnator, but that’s not really possible and he never showed any signs when I first met him.

Anyway, class continued and it will be soon time for gym…nuts, I would need to see Professor Oresama during that time. Maybe I can skip gym.

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