Chapter 97: Can I skip…I really want to skip for my health

It is finally time for gym…actually, I am in the middle of falling from the sky with Bibi and Darkie holding onto my shoulders. I’m not really scared, since I already saw a Giant Red Bird heading my way with Hachiko on its back. Where does Hachiko meet these huge animals?

“Got you!” cheered Hachiko as I landed on the back of the bird and I was soon joined by Theodore and Goldie. Goldie shook his head as he held onto the top of Theodore’s head and then glanced at me.

“Are you used to flying, your majesty?”

            I nodded as I positioned Darkie and Bibi into my embrace to prevent any chance of them falling off.

I suddenly noticed Kai trying to grab the bird by the tail, but the tail avoided his hold. Kai groaned and I saw him look at me as if ordering me to let him on. I don’t like his look, but I don’t want him to be squished, so I glanced at Darkie and Bibi saying, “Can you pull Simon on?” Bibi and Darkie seemed reluctant, until I patted their heads. The petting seemed to be a good payment and they immediately took action. Tentacle like things popped out of Darkie’s body and Bibi grabbed hold of one of the tentacles and then pretty much swan dived in Kai’s direction. Bibi grabbed Kai by the arm and then was pulled up by Darkie’s tentacle. It was pretty impressive to watch.

Kai landed near me, but he also landed in Theodore’s lap. Theodore looks pretty mad and Kai looks annoyed. Did Bibi do that on purpose?

“Get off,” I heard Theodore say. Kai scoffed and pushed himself forward and ended up pushing against my back…wait a minute, did he accidentally kiss the back of my head? I can feel the softness of his lips against the back of my head, but he pulled away and then I heard him gasp in pain. I glanced back and saw Kai rubbing the back of his head with Theodore glaring at him with a tight a fist…did Theodore punch Kai?

I guess it really hurt for Kai to be punched, I mean he seems to be close to tears and his cheeks are red…does red cheeks count as being in pain?

“Big Brother, Simon didn’t mean to fall on you or land on me, so please apologize for punching him,” I stated hoping for Theodore to understand that the punch was not necessary. Theodore looked reluctant, but eventually apologized to Kai. I’m not sure if Kai accepted the apology though…he still looks annoyed after all.

When the red bird landed, it didn’t surprise me that the students on the gym field were shocked…some are even bowing…why? Anyway, after Hachiko dismissed the bird and the others landed on the ground too, we changed into our gym clothes…actually to be honest, I was ready to make a run for it the moment I entered the locker room (I want to skip gym), but Abigail dragged me in and we changed our clothes together. Eleanor for some reason decided to tie my hair up into a ponytail. I have to admit I like the ponytail.

I couldn’t escape when I was in the locker room with Eleanor and Abigail, so I made an excuse to go back to the locker room to escape them (the old forgot something excuse). Bibi and Darkie seemed to know what I was planning and followed me into the locker room. Good, I didn’t want to leave them behind. I know skipping is bad, but I don’t want to face Professor Oresama, especially since I didn’t make any progress in his test last night with Zayn.

I entered the locker room and climbed through the locker room window to escape (thank goodness for my jumping ability). After that, I began my transformation…the fox me has returned. There is no way, Professor Oresama will locate me now.

“Where is that brat?”

EH? That was definitely Professor Oresama’s voice. How did he know I would be trying to skip? Well, I didn’t appear in time.

“Doesn’t she know that she could get expelled if she doesn’t show up?”

…SHOOT! I totally forgot about Headmaster’s warning. I want to skip, but I don’t want to be expelled. Curse you Headmaster…huh? I thought I felt a shock there for a bit…must be my imagination.

I can’t really escape, so I changed back into my human form and stepped out from my hiding place revealing myself to Professor Oresama.

“There you are. Why are you back here?”

“…I dropped something.”

“…Sounds like a lie, but I’ll let it pass this time. Get to the gym field now.”

I nodded and began to jog back to the gym ground with Bibi and Darkie right behind me. I thought Professor Oresama would be angrier, but I guess I’m safe for now.

Hold on…I just remembered something. As I jogged back, I looked back at Oresama and asked, “Yesterday, wasn’t there supposed to be a part in gym class where all talent users got together?” I meant to ask this last night, but it slipped my mind after the whole getting sucked into a black hole in a storage shed.

“That…I changed my mind, but expect a group class near the end this time,” stated Oresama and I noticed a wicked smirk on his lips…what was he planning?

When I entered the gym ground (Bibi and Darkie went to Theodore and Hachiko with the other Animal Talent Users), I joined Kai, who was standing by himself. He glared at me as I joined his side and whispered, “Where were you?”

“…Trying to escape.”


“Never mind,” I whispered with a slight pout. I really don’t want to be in this class. I know Oresama must have something horrible planned for Kai and me.

Oresama stood in front of Kai and me saying, “I already told the teachers the plan, so get ready for your gym session.” Get ready for what? What gym session is going to happen?

I have no idea what happened, but a large hole formed under Kai and me, sending us falling straight down. It was so sudden that both Kai and me screamed just before we collided onto the ground of this large hole. My butt seriously hurts…or not. I keep forgetting that any wound or pain goes to Kai and not to me. Kai is seriously shaking in pain. I use my light talent a bit on Kai (I don’t want him shaking in pain through gym).

After healing Kai, I looked up and saw Oresama smirking down at us.

“I made some tunnels down there for you two to crawl through. Find the exit and you should be fine,” stated Oresama and then roared with laughter before walking off and sealing the hole with tight vines…he is such an ogre.

Kai and I both stood up in the hole staring at the closed top and then looked to one another.

“Looks like we need to find the tunnel he made first.”

I nodded and added, “I have a feeling that it won’t be so easy.” Kai nodded in agreement. We searched through the darkness of the hole and after running our hands along the walls, we found the tunnel that Oresama mentioned.

“Let’s go,” I stated and crawled into the hole first. Kai followed after. The tunnel was pretty small, but we managed to crawl through just fine…well, at least just fine for me, since I am small…calling myself small still hurts my heart. I wanted to look at Kai, but this tunnel is so dark…oh yeah. I used my dark talent to manipulate the darkness and made it so the darkness didn’t touch us. It allowed Kai and me to see in the dark.

“Nothing unusual so far,” I stated as I glanced back at Kai, but Kai was red for some reason…was he hot in here?

“Kai, are you OK?”

“Don’t say my real name here and move faster. I nearly ran into you.”

I guess he is able to move fast in this tunnel. Hold on…if he nearly ran into me, wouldn’t he hit my butt with his…KYAH! That is so embarrassing. No wonder he would go red. At least he didn’t touch me, so he is fine. I must move forward and let Kai know when I stop, so I won’t have him running into me.

I crawled forward, but then I felt sweat forming on my face. It is seriously hot in here…too hot! KYAH!

Flames burst in front of me making me back into Kai’s face. KYAH! It touched…his face touched my butt. So embarrassing! I don’t even have the courage to look at Kai.

Wait a minute…I should be more worried about the fire that burst in front of me. Why was there fire…fire…oh shoot! This is the gym ground and so there are other talent users training with their talents. Kai and I are underground…right under the gym ground. All the talents will most likely hinder our travel in the tunnels. ORESAMA YOU JERK!

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