Chapter 99: Jack and the Giant Beanstalk?

Let’s see, Professor Oresama (calling him professor again to be respectful) said we are doing a group class activity, so we are back in the center of the gym grounds with the other talent users…so what does this giant plant have to do with the activity? It reminds me of a beanstalk the way it is reaching into the sky. Is a giant up there?

Ah, the others are just as confused as me judging by their gaping looks toward the stalk. Professor Oresama is standing next to the beanstalk with a smirk. I really want to smack that smirk off his face.

“Today we are doing the group activity,” began Professor Oresama, “This activity will require you to climb this stalk (courtesy of me) in groups consisting of five people. The first group to reach the top will be awarded extra points and a chance to skip a class within the semester.”

Extra points sound good, but I think people were more excited about the chance of skipping a class. I would definitely skip gym if I were to win.

“This activity will teach you the importance of working with other element users, so try to work together for the goal.”

That sounds like a good lesson. He actually sounds like a teacher now. A little bit more respect for him now.

Huh, why is he raising his hand up in the air?

“Of course, as your teacher, I will assign your groups…also start climbing the stalk within five minutes or you will be sorry.”

Five minutes…I am worried. KYAH! I felt a force drag me and then I noticed that I was standing in front of…isn’t he the boy I saved from falling into an acid pit during my gym activity? He has the wolf like birthmark, so it is definitely him. I’m glad he’s OK.

“You are…?”

Looks like he was going to say something to me, but another student collided into his back. Both of them fell to the ground with a grunt. This new student is a boy with flaming red hair…he looks kind of like a rock star, especially with the black streak around his bangs. Huh, he looks a little familiar…could he be…I better not jump to conclusions. I better hear his name first.

I want to hear his name first, but he is saying a slur of curse words that I rather not repeat. It is obvious that he didn’t appreciate getting dragged along the ground out of the blue. I can’t really blame him, but he should wash his mouth out with soap.

Ah, another student has joined…a boy who looks ready to cry. He has hair that is almost as white as mine, but maybe I should compare it more to that of silver. His hair is really pretty.

Here comes the last one…this boy is wearing a tiger mask or is it a lion mask. It’s hard to tell but it is some form of wild cat…right?

It looks like my group is decided, but I am concerned why I am the only girl in this group. Now that I think about it, most of the students counting people I already know are all boys. Does the school lack girls? I am really worried for some reason, but it is best not to think too deeply about this. The important thing is to figure out who I am teaming up with before five minutes is up.

“Hello,” I managed to squeak out, getting the attention of the boys in my group, but I admit I was shocked when the guy with flaming red hair yelled, “Why am I assigned in the same group as the pipsqueak!”

…PIPSQUEAK! OK, I wasn’t only shocked I was down right pissed. I am short, but he didn’t have to point it out and it isn’t my fault that this curse won’t let me get taller…OK, I killed the monster and that’s why I am cursed, BUT STILL!

“I am not a pipsqueak, you red gorilla!”

Ah, looks like the flaming red hair guy was shocked when I insulted him back. Serves him right.

“Excuse me.”

Ah, the silvered haired guy is trying to say something.

“I think we better start climbing now.”

Now that he mentions it, five minutes is nearly up. We practically dashed toward the beanstalk. I am pretty fast because of the wind talent…SO WHY ARE THESE BOYS IN MY GROUP FASTER? This is so not fair. My legs are shorter than theirs, so they are faster. NO FAIR!

Huh…flying? Oh, someone picked me up around my waist and is carrying me to the beanstalk. The one carrying me is…the guy with the wild cat mask. I didn’t even notice him go behind me.


“Don’t thank me.”

He sounds annoyed. If he didn’t want to carry me then he should have just let me run.

The masked boy grabbed onto the beanstalk along with the others and as if a timer had gone off, the ground around the beanstalk sank to the ground leaving a black void…WOULDN’T THAT HAVE KILLED US IF WE WERE LATE? Professor Oresama is pretty sadistic.

Thankfully, the others groups had managed to climb onto the beanstalk before the ground collapsed, but now we had to reach the top of this stalk.

I looked at the masked boy holding me and said, “You can let me go now.” He clicked his tongue and practically dropped me. Good thing I managed to grab the beanstalk. I don’t know if this masked boy is a good guy or not.

“Hey, get climbing you two!” I heard the flaming red head say before beginning to climb with the masked boy. This beanstalk is surprisingly easy to climb, but it looks like others outside of my group are having difficulties. I wonder why.

Since it seems easy enough, I think it is a good time to ask the names of my group.

“Hey,” I began, making sure not to stop my ascending, “What are your names and talents?”

“Why do you want to know?” asked the flaming red head. He definitely looks annoyed at me.

“Just asking, since we are in the same group. It would also be good to know our talents just in case of an emergency.”

My explanation seemed convincing, so he introduced himself first. Technically I should have mentioned my name first, since I was the one asking, but oh well.

“Orion Agni. My talent is in the element of fire.”

Orion…so my assumption was right. I knew he looked familiar. He is the original male rival character in Nate’s route. He is Nate’s cousin and was supposed to challenge Nate lots of times in the game. He was a really annoying character, but I wonder if anything changed with him, since Nate obviously has changed compared to the game.

“Are you related to Nate?”


“Nathaniel Agni.”

Huh, I thought I heard something snap. HEY! HEY! Why are you bursting into flames? We are on a VERY flammable object!

“That bastard…”


“He ruined everything…”

…OK, he is still very much a rival character against Nate. Must warn Nate about this, if he doesn’t already know this. I also still need to inform Nate about Nandalia too. Why does it look like that Nate is in constant danger?

“So your name is Orion Agni, now how about you?” I said making sure to face the silver haired boy next (I rather not talk to Orion now). He looked shy as he looked at me.

“My name is Ramiel Vankur. My talent is in the element of ice.”

So I met another ice user. To be honest, I don’t see many outside of my family, so I am pretty happy about this. The game? I don’t think he was in the game. At least I don’t think so, since his name doesn’t ring a bell.

I then looked at the boy with the wolf birthmark waiting for him to say his name.

He smiled at me saying, “My name is Phelan Arondelle. My talent is the element of time.”

Time…I expected as much, since he was in the training grounds for the time element users. His name sounded oddly familiar, so maybe he was mentioned in the game, but I don’t think he was an important character, since I can’t pin point which route he was in. I better not think too much on it.

Now for…

“Before you ask, my name is Yami Nim and I have the talent in the element of animal.”

“An animal talent user…do you already have a familiar?”

“…I do.”

“Where is it?”


Does he not want to answer? Is it embarrassing to say? Don’t be embarrassed.

OK, everyone introduced themselves, so it is my turn…was Yami Nim in the game? Definitely not. This name was absolutely not mentioned, so he is a minor character when it comes to the game.

Now time for my introduction.

“My name is Laveda Lorenzino, second daughter of the Lorenzino family. I don’t have any talents.”

Huh, I thought I heard someone click their tongue. I can understand if they are annoyed, since I am supposed to be the non-talent user, but don’t make your annoyance so obvious to whoever clicked their tongue.

Wait a minute, everything seems to have fallen silent. Why is it so quiet?

Everyone’s eyes are looking at something…WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

It looks like a huge Gorilla with fangs and oversized eagle wings. SERIOUSLY? IS THIS PART OF THE TEST? I’ll say it once again…ORESAMA, YOU JERK!

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 99: Jack and the Giant Beanstalk?”

  1. Can I ask a question to the author of this light novel , I start reading it before one month so I don’t now how long it usually takes you to make the next update (I fell in love with the light novel instantly , great and intresting story that is not boring) so if the author can answer if this series is going to continue until the end and in what days it is updated (sorry for my long comment and my bad english).


    1. Thanks for your interest. I have been busy with real life lately, so this story was put on hold for the time being, but I am still writing this story with great interest and if my life is not too hectic, I might be able to finish the short stories that will be published in the printed copy. Please look forward to more chapters in the future and if I do update, it will be on a Friday.


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