Kurosagi Child


(image by Kelly)

Hatori went to the Kurosagi Complex to get Kurosagi to solve the murder of his wife, but instead finds a little girl with a plate of cookies. Follow the story of Hatori and Kurosagi as they solve cases using Kurosagi’s “Secrets.”

Temporary Hiatus

Warning: There maybe some disturbing scenes, so please take caution

Season 1

Case 1: Blood Stained Church
Case 2: Street Blood
Case 3: Taboo Blood
Case 4: Innocent Blood
Case 5: Broken Star
Case 6: Bloody Nile
Case 7: Russia Death Tour
Case 8: Graveyard Secrets
Case 9: Psychic Approach
Case 10: Shut In
Case 11: Blood Stained School
Case 12: Blood Stained Orphanage
Case 13: Doppelganger
Case 14: Blood Covered Joker
Case 15: Killer Photo

 Season 2

Case 16: Scarred Memory
Case 17: Severed Bonds

2 thoughts on “Kurosagi Child”

  1. I love your stories! This is actually the first story of yours I ever read (on frictionless I think) and my personal favorite. After this is the Villainess Little Sister and NPC story. I hope you can update this story soon.

    I hate to admit this but in a fanfiction I was doing, I realized that my main character had a investigation hobby and some similar abilities (namely unaging after a certain point, unable to die etc) to Kurosagi but she had far more differences. If this offends you I can change it. I know how it feels to have a good idea only for someone to claim it as theres without asking.

    Let me know either way. Oh and I love your blog! It helped me find so many good manga and light novels!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your wonderful review. I am still writing these stories, it is just that I had to focus on real life. As for your fanfiction, it is fine, since it is a fanfiction. I am not going to turn into a devil as long as you don’t use word for word from Kurosagi Child. I’m glad you also enjoy my blog. I am always on the search for great reads and anime. I will try to update the stories you like as soon as I can. The cases for Kurosagi Child are just long and requires some research.


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