Case 1: Blood Stained Church

Technology was supposed to evolve over the years, but why was it going back? There were barely any hover cars created and robots never made it to the public. The only technology that managed to advance was reserved for only certain agencies that could afford it. A time way after 2012: a time where detectives were needed.

I don’t want to die…I don’t want to die…please…someone…anybody…please…save me!

            The noises of city life rang everywhere, until a person reaches a complex called Kurosagi, where all is silent. A twenty-one-year-old man named Hatori Ogami entered this silent complex with an old brown bag over his shoulder. He had brown eyes and dark brown hair combed back. He also wore a business suit that could only be found in the most expensive formal wear store in the city.

Hatori stood before the door of the complex with sweat against his brow. He glanced at his solid gold ring once and then turned the handle of the door with a tight grip opening it to an office. The office was just like any office he had ever seen. There was a glass cabinet with trophies, plaques, and certificates; lamp with ancient Chinese designs; a book shelf with Encyclopedias, dictionaries of every language, and other educational books that he was all too familiar with, rouge colored desk with a state of the art computer on top; a simple computer chair; and a royal purple sofa in the corner. Hatori looked at the trophies in the glass cabinet. The trophies had a clear number one on it with the name Kurosagi engraved on it.

Kurosagi is very talented to win this many trophies, but I wonder if Kurosagi is that great of a detective.

            Kurosagi Detective Agency was ranked number one in the entire nation for solving cases that were deemed unsolvable if paid the right price, but Hatori wanted to see for himself if Kurosagi was the greatest detective.

Hatori made his way to the empty desk. He looked around the desk wondering when Kurosagi would return. Hatori suddenly heard a door open and looked at the right of the desk only to see a black haired eight-year-old girl in a white loose dress walk out of a door with a tray of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. The small girl saw Hatori and cocked her head at him.

“A client?”

Hatori cleared his throat and held his hand to the small girl saying, “My name is Hatori Ogami, do you know where Kurosagi is, young lady?” The girl stared at his hand, and then she walked pass him to Hatori’s surprise. The girl placed the cookies on the desk and sat on the computer chair. She spun the chair to face Hatori with crossed arms.

“You must be new, Ogami-San, or you would have known who I was at a glance.”

Hatori stared at the girl wondering if she was a relative of the famed Kurosagi. The girl smirked with a strand of black hair in her face.

“I am the great detective, Kurosagi.”

Everything around Hatori seemed to fall silent. The girl’s words repeated in his head until he finally processed the information. Hatori’s eyes widen as he exclaimed, “You’re Kurosagi?” Kurosagi nodded.

“I know that I look like a child, but truth be told that I am a lot older than I look.”

“So you were the one who solved half the cold cases in the bureau and caught countless serial killers in just five years?”

Kurosagi nodded again and said, “Did you read about me in the paper?” Hatori nodded and admitted, “But I never expected that you would look like this.” Kurosagi chuckled as she brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“That’s what most people say, so tell me…”

Kurosagi gazed at Hatori with her surprisingly blood red eyes.

“Why are you here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Ogami-San. Only the desperate come here when all options have failed.”

Hatori clenched his hand as he gave out a sigh. He pulled out a file folder from his brown bag and held it to Kurosagi. Kurosagi took the folder flipping it open. In the folder was a picture of a brown haired woman in a tan business suit along with a case file with the stamp “closed” on it. Kurosagi read over the file quickly and glanced back at Hatori.

“Is this woman, Aoi Kumi, your wife, Ogami-San?”

Hatori nodded.

“According to the case file, she committed suicide in an empty church by slitting her wrists, so the case was closed. Is there a reason for showing me this?”

Hatori clenched his fist and declared, “I don’t believe she committed suicide. She always had a smile on her face and promised that she would see me when I got home from work.”

“Let me guess, she supposedly committed suicide on the same day she said she was going to see you at home.”

Hatori nodded. Kurosagi closed the folder and placed it on her desk gently.

“So you want me to prove that she didn’t commit suicide?”

“That’s right and I want you to capture the one who did this to her,” stated Hatori. Kurosagi looked at Hatori seriously and asked, “Do you want me to capture the culprit for your revenge?” Hatori nodded with anger clearly in his eyes. Kurosagi smirked as she entwined her fingers.

“I’m not very cheap, so tell me how much you had spent on previous detectives that failed you before.”

“How did you…?”

“Like I said, only the desperate come here.”

Hatori sighed and admitted, “I spent over three million dollars. I’m almost in the poor house.” Kurosagi chuckled and stated, “That would explain why you are wearing a worn out suit, which by my observation used to be quite expensive attire.” Hatori nodded. Hatori bowed deeply in front of Kurosagi that she had to look over her desk at him.

“I’m willing to give you anything, so please take the case.”

Kurosagi smirked and said, “I’ll take the case, but in return…”

Kurosagi held her small hand to him.

“I’ll be taking the pure gold ring on your finger.”

Hatori’s eyes widen. He glanced down at his wedding ring and then clenched his hand.

“How could I give something so precious to you?” asked Hatori with his voice shaking.

“Well then you have two choices: give me the ring and I’ll take the case or refuse and claim that your wife committed suicide, your choice, Ogami-San.”

Hatori stared at his ring with uneasiness. He gave out a sigh as he slipped the ring off his left ring finger. He slammed it on Kurosagi’s desk and yelled, “Now take the case!” Kurosagi nodded and removed the ring from her desk. She held it between her index and thumb with a smirk upon her lips.

“The deal is done.”

Kurosagi pulled out a backpack from under her desk tossing the ring into one of the side pockets. She flung it over her shoulders and said, “Take me to the crime scene.” Hatori nodded and walked out of the office with Kurosagi by his side.

As they walked, Hatori stared at his naked ring finger with longing. Kurosagi noticed this and asked, “So how long have you been married to your wife?”

Hatori clenched his hand and stated, “We’ve been married for three years.”

“Three years, so you two married young?”

Hatori nodded and added, “We were only eighteen at the time, but we were truly in love and we already had steady jobs, so we could support each other.”

Kurosagi smirked and said, “’Truly in love’? We’ll see after I solve this case.” Hatori felt insulted by Kurosagi’s words, but he already knew that she was his last hope.

They reached an old abandoned church that had black crows cawing from the old cross on the roof. Kurosagi crossed her arms and stated, “It’s such a shame that a church like this one was closed down.” Hatori nodded and added, “This is the church where my wife and I got married.” Kurosagi glanced at him.

“And where she supposedly committed suicide?”

Hatori clenched his hand, his body shaking. Kurosagi sighed and walked to the front of the church that had a yellow ribbon in the front. Kurosagi tore it away and pushed the door open. The inside of the church had a year’s worth of dust and cobwebs. Kurosagi walked down the dusty aisle until she reached the elevated podium. She saw that it was wiped clean and sighed.

“The police already cleaned up the scene.”

Hatori nodded and said, “They believed that it was pointless to keep any trace of the crime here when it was just a suicide.” Kurosagi placed her small hand on the podium and asked, “Is this where your wife was lying when she was found?” Hatori nodded. Kurosagi removed her hand from the podium and looked at Hatori.

“Besides her slit wrists, what else made the police and the detectives you hired think it was a suicide?”

Hatori looked toward the opened door and stated, “The door was nailed shut. No one else could have gotten in.”

“A Locked Room case, very typical.”

Kurosagi ran her fingers on the podium visualizing the dead body of Aoi. Kurosagi closed her eyes and declared, “I can’t solve the case if this is all the evidence that was discovered.”

“That can’t be! Aren’t you supposed to be the greatest detective of all time?”

Kurosagi smirked as she glanced at Hatori. She brushed her hair back and declared, “I am the greatest, but I still need evidence to solve a case. Now tell me, do you still have your wife’s body?” Hatori’s heart raced as he gave a nod.

“She’s at the funeral home. I was planning to have a formal funeral for her tomorrow.”

Kurosagi stepped away from the podium and looked up at Hatori with her red eyes.

“Bring me to her, so I can gain the evidence that I need,” stated Kurosagi making Hatori bewildered.

On the way to the funeral home, Hatori saw his best friend, Tamaki Kyo, and little sister, Kisa. They were married so it was no surprise that they were together that day. Tamaki waved toward Hatori calling out his name. Tamaki stopped in front of Hatori with Kisa by his side.

“Heading toward the funeral home to make the final preparations?” asked Tamaki. Hatori nodded with a strand smile. Kisa placed a hand on Hatori’s shoulder and said, “Cheer up, big brother, I’m sure you’ll find someone else in due time.” Hatori clenched his fist.

Tamaki spotted Kurosagi beside Hatori and pointed at her asking, “Who’s the kid?” Before Hatori could answer, Kurosagi held her hand up toward his face silencing him. Kurosagi showed an innocent smile and stated, “My name is Emi Suwa, a student of Ohtori Elementary School. Ogami-Sensei volunteered to tutor me, so it is only natural for me to be with him.” Hatori stared at Kurosagi with wide eyes.

Kisa giggled and said, “That’s so sweet. Big Brother is good at teaching.” Tamaki nodded and added, “I would have failed my exams if it wasn’t for him.” Tamaki punched the side of Hatori’s arm playfully and winked.

“Teach her well Hatori and try not to depress her over Aoi’s death,” whispered Tamaki. Hatori nodded glancing down at Kurosagi.

Kisa and Tamaki left Kurosagi and Hatori smiling like idiots. Hatori glanced down at Kurosagi and asked, “Why didn’t you tell them who you are?”

Kurosagi sighed and declared, “When I am in a case, it is not necessary for me to be introduced as a great detective, unless they already know of my face.” Kurosagi placed a hand on her face and added, “It is best for me to keep my identity a secret at all cost. That’s why my face never appears in papers.” Hatori nodded.

Kurosagi looked at Hatori with seriousness in her eyes and said, “Now take me to your wife’s body.” Hatori gave another nod and continued to lead the way.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the funeral home. Hatori opened the front glass doors allowing Kurosagi access. Kurosagi examined her surroundings and gave out a sigh.

“This place is depressing as usual.”

Hatori walked to a closed door and said, “My wife’s body is behind these doors.” Hatori’s hand was shaking. Kurosagi placed her small hand on his large hand and said, “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to.” Hatori shook his head gripping his hand.

“I need to see everything, so I can know the truth.”

“As you wish.”

Hatori opened the door revealing a row of chairs facing an opened coffin with a picture of Aoi just above it surrounded by black roses. Hatori prevented tears from escaping as he approached the coffin with Kurosagi beside him.

Hatori gazed at the face of his dead wife. She wore a white gown; her lips were painted red; and her skin was pure white. Hatori placed a hand gently on her face still trying to prevent himself from crying. He withdrew his hand and looked down at Kurosagi.

“Why did you need to see her?”

Kurosagi brushed her hair back and looked up at Kurosagi with seriousness in her eyes.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone about what you see today, Ogami-San.”

Hatori nodded clearly confused by Kurosagi’s words. Kurosagi held her hand over Aoi’s pale face and muttered, “Speak the three clues that will help solve this case, Aoi Kumi Ogami.” Kurosagi touched Aoi’s face feeling a rush of heat enter her body. Kurosagi gasped causing Hatori to jump back.


Kurosagi’s eyes became glazed as she spoke.

“Husband, glass, child.”

Kurosagi pulled her hand away holding her head. Hatori placed a hand behind her back, so she wouldn’t fall over.

“Kurosagi, what happened?”

Kurosagi smirked as she stood up straight. She looked at her hand and stated, “Husband, glass, and child: three evidences I need to solve this case.”

Kurosagi looked at Hatori and said, “Tell me everything you know about your wife, Ogami-San.” Hatori nodded even though he was still confused.

Kurosagi and Hatori went to a noodle house to discuss. Kurosagi drank her water and then asked, “So what can you tell me about Aoi?”

“What do you want to know?”

“Let’s start on when you met her.”

“I met her in high school freshman year. It was Tamaki who introduced us. It was love at first sight for us and immediately started to date. We got married in our senior year.”

Kurosagi smirked and asked, “Did your wife act strange in any way after you got married?” Hatori thought awhile and shook his head.

“Not that I know of. She was always so happy.”

“Always happy?”

Hatori nodded and added, “She always had dinner ready for me with a bright smile on her face.”

“Is this another reason why you believed that she didn’t commit suicide?”

Hatori nodded.

“Was she just a house wife or did she have another job?”

“She worked in a computer business called ‘Fuji Software.’ Her hours weren’t hectic, so she came home earlier than me.”

Kurosagi clasped her hands together with her elbows on the table.

“I need you to bring me to that business, Ogami-San.”


“You want to know what happened to your wife, right?”

Hatori gulped and nodded. Kurosagi placed a small amount of money on the table and then left the noodle house with Hatori.

Hatori looked at Kurosagi as they walked and asked, “Why did you ask for more information on my wife? Are you trying to find a reason to declare her death a suicide?” Kurosagi shook her head.

“I just want to solve this case.”

“With what? Now that I think about it, what were you doing to my wife’s body?” asked Hatori feeling troubled. Kurosagi looked up at Hatori with a smirk and asked, “Do you really want to know?” Hatori nodded. Kurosagi showed her small hand to Hatori.

“A long time ago, after an accident, I was able to communicate with the dead when I touched a corpse. The words are incoherent, so I have to ask for something specific. Their words escape my mouth.”

Hatori clenched his fist and asked, “If that’s true then why didn’t you ask her to tell who killed her?” Kurosagi sighed.

“They can’t. The truth must be known for them to speak the name of their cause of death. That’s why I can only ask for clues. For some reason I can’t get pass three clues for any murder case.”

Kurosagi clenched her fist and said, “I have many other secrets, Ogami-San, but you might not be able to see them all with just this one case.” Hatori was filled with utter confusion by Kurosagi’s words.

After almost thirty minutes of walking, they were standing in front of a “Fuji Software” main building. Kurosagi stared up at the building and then looked at Hatori.

“She worked here?” asked Kurosagi. Hatori nodded.

“They hired her even though she was so young. This job was a blessing for her and me.”

Kurosagi examined the building and then asked, “Do they require I. D. in order for us to enter?” Hatori nodded and added, “But they should let you in if you say that you are part of the police.”

“I guess that’s fine, but there is no need to tell them that I am Kurosagi, understand?”

Hatori nodded.

They walked into the building side by side. The minute they were in, they met a female receptionist at the desk. The receptionist looked up at them and asked, “Can I help you?” Kurosagi nodded and said, “I need to speak with your boss about one of your employees.”

“I’m sorry, but you need an appointment to speak with him.”

Kurosagi dug in her bag. She pulled out a badge and showed it to her with a wide smirk.

“I need to speak with your boss about one of your employees by order of the bureau, Miss.”

The woman stared at the badge with wide eyes. She gulped and told Kurosagi to wait as she reached out to the phone.

Hatori looked down at Kurosagi and asked, “How did you get that?”

“I am a famous detective, Ogami-San.”

The receptionist spoke into the phone and then looked at Kurosagi and Hatori.

“He will see you now. He’s on the top floor in room 109.”

Kurosagi thanked her and walked toward the elevator with Hatori trailing behind her. They entered the elevator with a man in his thirties holding a suitcase. The man looked at his watch and then down at Kurosagi.

“Are you here to see a relative, young lady?”

Kurosagi remained silent. Hatori looked at the man and said, “I’m sorry, but my DAUGHTER, doesn’t like to talk to strangers much.”

“I see. Then are you two here to see someone?”

Hatori nodded and said, “I’m here to see the boss about my wife.”

“Your wife? What’s her name?”

“I rather not say.”

The man chuckled and said, “She must be a very lucky woman to have a husband like you.” Hatori’s expression became sadden. Kurosagi noticed this and looked up at the man.

“I’m just curious, but who are you, mister?”

The man looked at Kurosagi and said, “So you decided to talk huh? Well my name Lian Hotohori, the assistant of Karabe Fuji.”

“Fuji? Is he the boss that daddy wants to talk to?”

Lian nodded and looked at Hatori.

“Fuji-Sama is a generous man, so I’m sure he’ll speak with you.”

Hatori nodded as the bell of the elevator rang. They exited the elevator and walked down the hall with Lian in the lead. They reached room 109. Lian pulled out an identification tag and slid it through a card reader. A green light lit up in the panel creating a clicking noise. Lian opened the door and welcomed them in.

Kurosagi and Hatori walked in only to see Karabe Fuji standing in front of a large window that showed the surrounding buildings.

“Fuji-Sama, there are some guests to see you.”

Karabe looked back at them with seriousness in his eyes. He walked to them and asked, “Are you two the ones from the bureau?” Kurosagi nodded to Lian’s surprise.

“Bureau? I thought you were seeing Fuji-Sama about your wife.”

Hatori sighed and said, “It is about my wife.” Kurosagi smirked as she looked at Karabe.

“By order of the bureau, tell me everything you know about Aoi Kumi Ogami.”

Karabe eyes widen and asked, “Did something happen to her?” Hatori nodded and stated, “She was found dead in a church.”


Hatori nodded.

“You didn’t hear anything about this?”

Karabe shook his head and said, “She just stopped coming to work one day.” Hatori’s eyes widen.

“What do you mean?”

Lian crossed his arms and said, “It’s just as Fuji-Sama says. Aoi Ogami stopped coming to work about a month ago, so her employment was terminated.”

“That can’t be. She was at work, while I was in the office,” said Hatori in denial. Kurosagi sighed and said, “The other detectives must have discovered that she was jobless and decided that she committed suicide because of the grief.” Hatori shook his head.

Kurosagi looked at Karabe and asked, “Before she stopped coming to work, how did she look?” Karabe sighed and said, “I hardly saw her, but when I did, she looked sad.”


Karabe nodded. Lian nodded as well and added, “I saw her a lot at her desk and she always looked like the world had crumbled around her.” Kurosagi looked at Hatori, who looked like he was in shock.

Kurosagi gave out a sigh and asked, “Do you know anyone else that may have been in contact with her?”

“She was always alone, a loner.”

Kurosagi bowed to them and said, “Thank you for your help.” Kurosagi grabbed Hatori’s hand and said, “Let’s go.” Hatori nodded with his head hanging down.

When they were out, Kurosagi looked up at Hatori and asked, “Your wife’s happiness was just a mask to her sadness. Do you still want to know the truth?” Hatori nodded.

“I want to know.”

“So be it, but don’t blame me if it is too much.”

Kurosagi and Hatori walked out of the building side by side. Kurosagi looked back at the building and then turned away with the wind blowing through her hair.

There’s something missing.

A ten-year-old boy suddenly ran into Kurosagi knocking her over. Hatori gasped and asked, “Are you OK?” Kurosagi nodded and looked at the boy. The boy apologized and began to search around the ground.

“My glasses.”

Kurosagi spotted the black lenses on the ground and picked them up. She handed it to the boy and said, “Put these on.” The boy thanked Kurosagi and slipped the glasses on. He smiled at Kurosagi and asked, “What’s your name young lady?”

Kurosagi smirked and stated, “My name is Emi Suwa and yours?”

“My name is Yuki Hotohori.”

“Hotohori? Is your father named Lian Hotohori?”

Yuki nodded and said, “He works as an assistant for Fuji-Sama. Have you met him?” Kurosagi nodded and smirked.

“Do you know Aoi Kumi Ogami?”

Hatori looked at Kurosagi in shock wondering why she asked Yuki that question. Yuki’s eyes widen making Kurosagi’s smirk widen. Kurosagi towered over Yuki and said, “So you do know her?” Yuki nodded shaking.

“I met her many times at the office.”

“Did she speak with anyone else?”

Yuki remained silent as his form shook.

“You can tell me, Yuki-Kun.”

Yuki nodded and looked at Kurosagi with begging eyes.

“Dad told me not to tell, but Ogami-San after work met up with this man.”


Yuki nodded and said, “I was curious, so I followed and saw them in an alley way. They were…”

“What were they doing?”

“They were kissing.”

Hatori felt his world crash around him. Hatori grabbed Yuki’s shoulders making him gasp.

“That can’t be true. Aoi would never cheat on me. Tell me it’s a lie!”

Yuki was beginning to cry. Kurosagi pulled Hatori away from Yuki. She looked at Yuki and asked, “Did you tell your father what you saw?” Yuki nodded.

“He told me not to tell anyone, but Ogami-San looked like she was suffering. She stopped coming to work afterwards.”

Kurosagi thought awhile and then asked, “Did you see her recently?” Yuki nodded and this time fear showed on his face.

“I saw her near a church.”


Yuki nodded and added, “She was with that man again.” Yuki placed a hand against his forehead.

“I ran toward them because I thought the man was going to hurt her. They went into the church before I could reach them. I heard crash noises inside and couldn’t get in. I heard a scream afterward and then everything was silent. I heard another noise toward the left side of the church and peeked around. I saw the man with a blood covered glass in his hand. He buried it in the ground and then ran off.”

Kurosagi looked at Hatori, who was shaking, and said, “Looks like your wife was murdered and this boy here is the key witness.” Yuki shook his head and said, “My dad told me not to tell anyone.” Kurosagi placed a hand on Yuki’s shoulder making him look at her.

“Did you take the blood glass from the ground?”

Yuki nodded and said, “I kept it with me against my dad’s wishes.” Kurosagi smirked and then asked, “Do you remember the man’s face?” Yuki nodded.

“This mystery is just about solved.”

Kurosagi looked at Hatori and asked, “Are you ready to follow me into the darkness?” Hatori nodded and took Kurosagi’s hand.

In the dark of the night, around the abandoned church, a dark figure was digging in the ground with his fingers.

“Where is it?”

The figure suddenly saw a small piece of paper and yanked it out. It read:

The murder weapon is inside the church.

The figure crumpled up the paper and glared at the glass window of the church. He pushed the glass window to the side creating a crunching noise. He stepped pass the window and looked around the dark church. He spotted a glimmer in the darkness and walked toward it. He reached out to it, but stopped when he saw a strand of brown hair on it. He drew his hand back.

“What is this?”

The lights of the church opened revealing Aoi’s body draped across the podium with lifeless eyes. The man gasped and stepped back.

“Why is Aoi here?”

“So it was you?”

The man looked back and saw Kurosagi sitting on a church bench with crossed arms. The man gulped and asked, “Why are you here?” Kurosagi smirked and pointed at the man.

“I’m here because the darkness has called me. That darkness was created by you…Tamaki Kyo.”

Tamaki stared at Kurosagi with wide eyes. Tamaki smiled and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Kurosagi jumped off the bench and stated, “You killed Aoi Kumi Ogami.” Tamaki was silent. Kurosagi chuckled and asked, “Why did you kill her?”

“I didn’t kill her.”

“Don’t lie to me. You wouldn’t have come in here if you didn’t kill her.”

“She wanted to break up with me. I was in love with her since I first met her, but she decided that she loved Hatori more. I snapped when they got married, so one day, when she left work three years ago, I finally claimed her. I told her that I would tell Hatori that she came to me willing, so to protect her own happiness, she had an affair with me. Every day after work, we made love. I was so happy, but then she told me to meet her in the old church. She pulled a knife on me and tried to kill me. I grabbed a broken glass shard and slit her wrists when she plunged at me. She lost a lot of blood and died right there.”

“And then you nailed the door shut with anything you could find and exited through a window.”

Kurosagi looked toward the opened window and added, “Those windows aren’t meant to be opened, so the police didn’t think of it as an escape route. That one window was an exception, meant to be an escape route for the war times.”

Tamaki clenched his fist and said, “I didn’t want to kill her but she left me no choice.”

“How could you?”

Tamaki perked up and looked toward a tattered curtain. Hatori walked out from behind it glaring at Tamaki.


“He heard everything,” stated Kurosagi. Hatori glared daggers at Tamaki and screamed, “How could you do that to her and what about Kisa?” Tamaki chuckled.

“I never loved her. I only married her, so I had an excuse to visit you and Aoi.”

Hatori ran at Tamaki and punched him across the face. Tamaki fell to the ground gripping his cheek.

“You bastard!”

Tamaki glared at Hatori and stated, “Aoi was never happy with you.” Hatori was ready to kick Tamaki, but Kurosagi held him back. She looked down at Tamaki and stated, “She was never happy with you, Kyo-San. She was only happy with Ogami-San.”

Kurosagi looked toward Aoi’s body and said, “When we carried her body back here, I was able to hear some of her words. She was with child.” Hatori and Tamaki’s eyes widen.

“She wanted to break up with Kyo-San to bring happiness to her unborn child. That child belonged to Ogami-San.”

“That can’t be. I did it with her more than him!”

“You were just unlucky, Kyo-San.”

Tamaki was shaking in anger. He suddenly pulled out a gun from behind his pants and shot Kurosagi in the head. Kurosagi fell over with blood flowing out of her wound. Hatori looked down at Kurosagi with wide eyes.


Hatori was shaking as he stared down at Kurosagi. Tamaki chuckled and said, “So that kid was the famous Kurosagi? What a joke.” Hatori glared at Tamaki and jumped at him screaming, “Murderer!” Tamaki shot at Hatori hitting his arm. Hatori gripped his arm cringing in pain. The blood fell to the ground as Tamaki glared at him.

“I can’t have any witnesses, so just die Hatori.”

Tamaki cocked the gun ready to pull the trigger.

“That was quite a shock.”

Tamaki and Hatori flinched. They looked at Kurosagi, only to see her getting up gripping her forehead. She smirked at them removing her hand. The bullet slipped out of her forehead and landed on the ground. The wound on her head healed instantly. Kurosagi looked at Tamaki smearing the blood on her forehead.

“That wasn’t very nice, Kyo-San.”

Tamaki shook his head pointing his gun at her.

“How are you alive? I shot you in the fucking head!” screamed Tamaki. Kurosagi chuckled and muttered, “That wound is nothing to me.” Kurosagi held up her hands and moved her fingers around making Hatori and Tamaki confused. They heard the podium move and looked toward it.

Aoi’s body rose up and began to twitch. Her legs moved forward toward Tamaki. Tamaki gasped and fell to his bottom dropping the gun.


Kurosagi chuckled and said, “I thought you loved her, so why don’t you greet her.” Kurosagi flicked two fingers upward. Aoi’s head shot up showing her lifeless eyes to Tamaki. Tamaki was shaking in fear.

“Husband meant the connection to the murderer; glass was the escape route and murder weapon; and the child was the main witness and the reason why Aoi Kumi was here that day. The connection has been made, so fall into the darkness, Tamaki Kyo.”

Aoi’s body launched toward Tamaki. Tamaki gave out an ear piercing scream.

The very next day, Hatori and Kurosagi were sitting in her office. Kurosagi munched on a cookie and looked at Hatori, who had his arm in a sling.

“So did you see Kyo-San?”

Hatori nodded.

“The police have him in custody and Kisa decided to divorce him. He will be put on trial with Yuki Hotohori as the main witness.”

“This case would have been solved sooner if Yuki-Kun just stepped up, but his father was worried that his son would be a target. That’s why Hotohori-San didn’t want him to step forward. It was to protect him.”

Hatori nodded. He remembered his wife and said, “Three years she was suffering and I didn’t notice.”

“She didn’t want you to know, but she was truly in love with you.”

Hatori looked at Kurosagi and asked, “How did you know that the baby was mine?” Kurosagi smirked and stated, “I made a call to a friend before we put my plan into action. He told me the autopsy reports and that your DNA was found on the fetus.” A tear escaped from Hatori’s eyes.

“So I really lost my wife and child.”

“At least you caught their murderer, Ogami-San, and without killing him.”

Hatori nodded. He suddenly remembered the events at the abandoned church.

“How did you survive a shot in the head and were you the one moving Aoi’s body?”

Kurosagi sighed and stated, “Ever since my accident, I was never able to die or age and as for Aoi, I was moving her body.” Kurosagi showed her hand and added, “I can’t quite explain it, but I can move dead bodies if they are close by like a puppet.” Kurosagi clenched her hand.

“Sorry for not asking permission to use her body like that.”

Hatori stared at Kurosagi and asked, “Do you have more secrets?” Kurosagi nodded and added, “But now that the case is over, you won’t be able to know.” Hatori went on his knees. He bowed his head to her and said, “I am broke now and lost my job, so allow me to work for you, Kurosagi.”

Kurosagi stared down at Hatori and stated, “You just crawled out of the darkness and now you want to jump back in? Are you prepared for this?” Hatori nodded.

“I want to help you as much as I can for clearing my wife’s name.”

Kurosagi smirked as she held a chocolate chip cookie to him.

“Then I welcome you to my darkness, Hatori Ogami.”

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