Case 16: Scarred Memory

In Kurosagi Complex, Hatori was vacuuming the new room that Kurosagi had installed for Hatori a month after his birthday. Hatori closed the vacuum and wiped the sweat off his brow. He peeked out of the room and saw Kurosagi sitting at her desk eating a plate of double fudge cookies, while watching the cooking channel on her computer. Hatori frowned.

“Can you at least pretend to help me clean?” asked Hatori.

“No,” said Kurosagi bluntly and then bit out of the cookie in her hand. Hatori sighed knowing that it would be a miracle for Kurosagi to clean with him. Hatori placed the vacuum against the wall and asked, “Can you at least tell me when the bed is coming in?”

“It should come around noon today,” answered Kurosagi and then swallowed the last of the cookie in her hand. Hatori nodded and decided to dust the little furniture he had in the room.

Kurosagi reached out for another cookie, but the phone began to ring. Kurosagi picked up the phone with a sigh.

“This is Kurosagi’s office,” answered Kurosagi through the phone.

“Hello little girl; I am calling from Nabi Bar and I wanted to ask if you could please pick up your older brother.”

Kurosagi raised an eyebrow.

“Older brother?”

“That’s right. He got a bit violent with one of our customers, so he is in the back room waiting for you to pick him up.”

“What’s his name?”

“Kohaku Hiwatari…you are his little sister Kurosagi, right?”

Kurosagi was silent as she held the phone to her ear, but then smirked and said, “I am, I’ll be there soon.”

“Thank you,” said the person on the other line and then hung up. Kurosagi hung up the phone too and then glanced back at Hatori, who was dusting his new set of drawers.

“I need to go to Nabi Bar,” stated Kurosagi. Hatori flinched and looked at Kurosagi with wide eyes.

“Why do you need to go there?” asked Hatori in shock. Kurosagi sighed with crossed arms.

“Apparently my BIG BROTHER, Kohaku Hiwatari, needs me to pick him up,” stated Kurosagi. Hatori remembered the case concerning Kohaku and asked, “Why is he calling himself your big brother?” Kurosagi shrugged and added, “That’s what I’m going to try and find out.”

Kurosagi grabbed her bag from under the desk. She slipped her bag on as she headed toward the door. Hatori dropped his duster and slipped on his shoes as he ran after Kurosagi. Kurosagi glanced back at him as she walked and asked, “Why are you coming with me, Ogami-San?”

“I can’t let you enter a bar by yourself,” stated Hatori like a strict parent. Kurosagi sighed allowing Hatori to follow her out of the office.

Kurosagi grabbed her bike as did Hatori and began to bike out of the complex. Hatori biked next to her and asked, “Do you have an idea why Hiwatari-San had your number?” Kurosagi nodded.

“When Hiwatari-San was still in his aggressive personality, he did enter my office. It might have been during that time that he got my phone number.”

Hatori nodded and then sighed.

“Hiwatari-San is in a bar, so maybe he accidentally drank some alcohol and became violent,” stated Hatori. Kurosagi nodded in agreement. Kurosagi sighed.

“If Hiwatari-San is in his other personality, I bet he wants me to pay for the damage he made.”

Hatori chuckled thinking that Kohaku in his aggressive mode would plan for Kurosagi to pay for his handy work.

Kurosagi slid her bike to a stop in front of the Nabi Bar. She parked her bike in a nearby bike rack and walked toward the door. Hatori walked to her side after placing his bike next to hers. Kurosagi pushed the door open. The bar was filled with people of different ages, but she was still able to spot the bartender behind the bar making a martini for a customer. Kurosagi was only able to take a few steps before a man who looked to be in his fifties grabbed her shoulder. Kurosagi glanced up to him. The man groaned and said, “No children allowed.” Kurosagi frowned.

“I’m older than I look child,” retaliated Kurosagi.

“Stop lying! You are obviously in elementary,” exclaimed the man. Kurosagi was ready to talk back, but Hatori yanked her away from the man. Hatori pushed her behind him looking at the man with defiant eyes.

“What are you…?”

“You have no right to force her out,” stated Hatori abruptly making the man flinch.

“She looks like this, but she is an adult. Besides, she was called here to pick up her brother,” stated Hatori. The man scoffed and walked away from Hatori not wanting to bother with him. Kurosagi smirked at Hatori and said, “Good job, Ogami-san.” Hatori nodded.

Kurosagi tried to approach the bar again, but she was this time pushed by a passing customer. Hatori caught her before she could hit the ground. Kurosagi thanked Hatori, but her gratefulness was short lived, when Hatori lifted her up off the ground and held her in his arms like how a man holds a baby. Kurosagi frowned.

“I don’t want to be held,” stated Kurosagi angrily. Hatori smirked and said, “Just this once or do you want to be stopped again before you reach the bar.” Kurosagi sighed and allowed Hatori to carry her. Hatori smiled and pushed through the crowd gently.

The minute Hatori was in front of the bar, Kurosagi pushed his face demanding him to put her down. Hatori nodded and placed her on top of a bar stool. Kurosagi urged the bartender to come to her. The bartender approached her and said, “Sorry little girl, but this bar doesn’t serve children.” Kurosagi lightly slapped the bartender on his cheek making his eyes widen.

“I was called here to pick up ‘brother’ dear sir,” stated Kurosagi. The bartender thought awhile and then gasped.

“Oh yes, you must be Kurosagi. Your brother is in the back.”

The bartender urged Kurosagi to follow him. The bartender noticed Hatori following Kurosagi and asked, “Are you her father?” Hatori shook his head.

“I’m not her father. My name is Hatori Ogami and you can call me her assistant.”

The bartender stared at Hatori and then chuckled making Hatori confused.

“I guess calling you her assistant is a way to make you look younger,” stated the bartender still laughing. Hatori was speechless. He looked at Kurosagi and noticed her chuckling.

“Don’t laugh. You know that I’m not that old,” chastised Hatori. Kurosagi smirked at Hatori and said, “All right Ogami-San.” Hatori frowned.

They were led to the back room. The bartender unlocked a door revealing Kohaku in his aggressive personality lying on the sofa chewing on a toothpick. Kurosagi crossed her arms at Kohaku.

“I came to pick you up, Hiwatari-Nii-San,” stated Kurosagi. Kohaku glanced at her and smirked removing the toothpick from his mouth. He sat on the sofa smirking.

“I knew you’d come Kurosagi,” stated Kohaku. Kurosagi glanced at the bartender and said, “Ogami-San and I need to speak with him privately before leaving, is that OK?” The bartender nodded and told them to be out soon. The bartender also handed the bill of the damage Kohaku did to Hatori.

When the bartender was out of the room, Kurosagi glared at Kohaku and demanded, “Why were you in a bar when you know that your other personality can’t handle alcohol?” Kohaku scoffed.

“He drank the alcohol by accident BEFORE coming in here and call him Kohaku.”

“Do we call you Kohaku too?” asked Hatori. Kohaku shook his head and said, “Just call me Haku, idiot.” Hatori had to prevent himself from attacking Haku.

“All right, Haku. How could Kohaku drink alcohol before coming in here?”

“I seem to recall him talking with a pretty girl. She must have snuck alcohol into his coffee to make him an easy target, but when I took over, she was already leaving.”

“Why did you come into this bar instead of going home?”

Haku ruffled his hair with seriousness in his eyes.

“I thought I saw someone I knew walking in here. I followed that person, but then some bastard decided that I wanted to start a fight and one thing led to another and now I am here. I was allowed to call a family member to pick me up and pay for the damage. I still had your number in my pocket and told the bartender to call you.”

Hatori stared at the amount of money for the damage and asked, “You expected Kurosagi to pay five hundred dollars’ worth of damage for you?” Haku nodded.

“Chances are she has the money,” said Haku. Hatori frowned. Kurosagi chuckled and asked, “I have a feeling that you called me because you wanted something else, am I right?” Haku smirked.

“You really are a detective. I actually need you to get Kohaku and me a job,” stated Haku.

“A job?”

Haku nodded and admitted that since the case of the party massacre was solved last year, he had yet to find a job that would keep him. Haku lowered his head and said, “I really need a job to help support Kohaku.” Kurosagi sighed and said, “I’ll see what I can do, but we need to leave this bar now.” Haku nodded as he stood up from the sofa.

They headed for the door, but then Hatori came to a realization.

“What happened to the guy you were fighting with?” asked Hatori. Haku scoffed.

“He must have run off, stupid bastard,” muttered Haku. Kurosagi narrowed her eyes.

Kurosagi heard running footsteps and stepped back from the door. Haku and Hatori looked at Kurosagi and asked if something was wrong.

The door was suddenly kicked open revealing two policemen with their guns pointed at Kurosagi, Hatori, and Haku.

“You are under arrest for the murder of Ryouga Hiwatari, Kohaku Hiwatari,” exclaimed one of the policemen. Hatori and Kurosagi looked at Haku, who had a look of shock.


Haku gripped his hand and whispered, “He’s dead?” Kurosagi narrowed her eyes. She looked at the policemen and asked, “Why is he being charged for murder?” One of the policemen looked down at Kurosagi.

“We don’t have to tell you anything young lady. Now surrender Hiwatari to us.”

Kurosagi smirked and pulled out her bureau badge from her bag.

“I’m afraid you have to tell me for I work for the Bureau and I order you to tell me everything,” stated Kurosagi. The policemen’s eyes were wide as they stared at Kurosagi’s Bureau Badge.

“So the Bureau wants to get involved in this?”

A woman around her twenties entered the room. She wore a brown women’s suit and had a gun attached to the side of her leg. Her hair was long and chestnut brown, tied in a loose ponytail.

Haku gasped and pointed at the woman yelling, “She’s the bitch that gave Kohaku…I mean me, alcohol!” The woman chuckled and said, “I assure you that it was an accident. That drink was meant for me and when I realized that the cups were switched, I left of course.” Haku groaned.

The woman cleared her throat and said, “Well my name is Mii Kaiba, an officer of Nobunaga Police Headquarters.” The woman, Mii, pointed toward Kohaku and added, “I was immediately put in charge of capturing Hiwatari-San for the murder of Ryouga Hiwatari.”

Kurosagi placed her badge away and asked, “You’re in charge so can you tell me why he is being charged for this murder?” Mii sighed.

“I guess I have to because you are part of the Bureau even though it is hard for me to believe since you’re a child.”

“I happen to be older than I look, CHILD,” stated Kurosagi. Mii frowned and crossed her arms.

“Anyway, he’s being charged for the murder because he has motive to murder Ryouga.”

“What is the motive?” asked Hatori. Mii smirked.

“Well Hiwatari-San is the nephew of Ryouga Hiwatari. Ryouga abused him from a young age. The abuse was so bad that Ryouga was put in jail and Hiwatari-San placed in foster care. Ryouga was released a week ago. Hiwatari-San has the perfect motive and has no alibi as far as we know.”

“How do you know that Hiwatari-San doesn’t have an alibi?” asked Kurosagi with crossed arms. Mii pointed at herself.

“Because the murder happened an hour before he met me. I spoke with him and he told me that he was at his home trying to find a job ALONE.”

“So there’s no way to see if he was telling the truth,” stated Hatori. Mii nodded. Haku clenched his fist and screamed, “Kohaku…I mean I was telling the truth. I was trying to find a job in my apartment room, but then I got thirsty and went out for coffee. I didn’t kill that bastard!” Mii shook her finger at Haku.

“Give it up Hiwatari-San, you have no alibi and you are the only plausible suspect.”

Haku groaned clenching his fist so hard that it began to turn white. Kurosagi stood in front of Haku glaring at Mii.

“Are you sure it can only be him? There are always others, you know.”

“Are you suggesting that Kohaku Hiwatari is innocent?” asked Mii with a smirk. Kurosagi nodded and stated, “Hiwatari-San could never kill anyone.” Hatori smiled as he looked at Kurosagi while Haku stared at Kurosagi with wide eyes. Mii chuckled.

“Then how about you find another suspect, Miss. Bureau Employee? If you find another suspect then I will personally try to erase the charges that Hiwatari-San is facing right now, OK?”

Kurosagi could hear the sarcasm in Mii’s voice, but all Kurosagi did was smirk and say, “All right, but I am defending Hiwatari-San, so I will need a payment from him.” Kurosagi glanced back at Haku with her opened hand extended. Haku scoffed scratching the back of his neck.

“It’s always about payment with you,” muttered Haku. Haku dug in his pocket and pulled out twenty-five dollars. He dumped it into Kurosagi’s small hand and said, “That’s all the money I have in my possession. If you want more then I’ll pay you again when I get a job.” Kurosagi nodded and clenched the money in her hand.

“The deal is done, but I hope to get more money from you in the coming future.”

Haku nodded. Kurosagi looked at Mii and said, “Remember this, Kaiba-San, I will find someone else and then you will owe me: Kurosagi, the great detective.” Mii’s eyes widened at the mention of Kurosagi’s name. Mii shook her head and then ordered the other policemen in the room to leave. She glared at Kurosagi and said, “Don’t get cocky because you’re famous.” Mii then glared at Haku and said, “I expect that you want him with you in this little scavenger hunt, right?” Kurosagi nodded. Mii groaned and stated, “If you find someone then bring that person to the Nobunaga police station WITH Kohaku Hiwatari.” Kurosagi nodded and watched Mii leave the room.

Hatori looked at Kurosagi and asked, “So where do we start in looking for answers. I mean she didn’t even leave us a file to look at.” Haku nodded in agreement and added, “That bitch obviously wants you to fail and take me back to jail.” Kurosagi sighed and pulled out her cell phone from her bag. She pressed the five key speed dial and then held the phone to her right ear.

“Who are you calling?” asked Haku. Kurosagi held up her free hand at Haku telling him to be quiet. Haku pouted as a response. The other line connected allowing Kurosagi to hear Orchie’s voice.

“Orchie speaking.”


“Kurosagi, glad to hear your voice. I’m guessing you’re calling about something related to a case right?”

“That’s right. I’m surprised you didn’t make a joke this time.”

“Well I’m busy with work lately, so I’m a little tired, but I can still talk. What do you need?”

“There’s been a murder that happened today. Your police headquarters should have been notified about the murder.”

“That’s right, the murder of Ryouga Hiwatari. What about it?”

“Can you make a file for me? I need it for a case.”

“That’s not a problem, but what does this murder have to do with your case?”

“I’ll let you know when I get to your place.”

“My place? Do you mean my work place or my place, my place?”

“Your work place of course.”

“All right, just come to Kou Police Station, but you can still come to my pl…”

Kurosagi hung up the phone and dumped it back into her bag. She looked at Hatori and Haku and said, “Let’s head to Kou Police Station.” Hatori and Haku nodded and began to follow Kurosagi out of the room.

As they walked to the exit of the bar, all the customers’ eyes were on them. They began to whisper that Kohaku had killed again or that Kohaku was planning to hurt his “sister” next. Haku frowned and increased his pace to get out of the bar faster.

When they were out of the bar, Haku began to breathe heavily with clenched fists. Hatori looked at Haku and asked if he was OK. Haku shook his head.

“Kohaku was already proven innocent concerning the Party Massacre, but people still say that he’s a murderer. Now they are accusing him of killing someone else. Why does this always happen to him?” yelled Haku. Kurosagi held his pant leg making him look at her.

“I will prove that both of you are innocent, so try to calm down,” reassured Kurosagi. Haku nodded his form trembling.

Haku suddenly noticed the bikes of Kurosagi and Hatori and asked, “Are these yours?” Kurosagi and Hatori nodded.

“I thought you had motion sickness according to Kohaku?”

Kurosagi smirked and said, “I am fine as long as I am in control.” With that, Kurosagi removed her bike from the bike rack and hopped on. She glanced back at Hatori and said, “Let Haku ride with you, Ogami-San.” Hatori nodded as he grabbed his own bike.

Haku stood on the back of the bike and placed his hands firmly on Hatori’s shoulders. Haku gave out a sigh and commented, “This would be a lot less embarrassing if you were a girl.” Hatori frowned telling Haku to be quiet.

They biked along the road following the traffic and taking turns around corners when necessary. Haku looked up ahead at Kurosagi and asked, “So why are we going to Kou Police Station?”

“I need to get the case file of Ryouga Hiwatari from Orchie.”

“Who is this Orchie guy?”

“He is a detective of the Bureau and one of my connections.”


Kurosagi nodded. Haku went into deep thought and then asked, “So why is he at Kou Police Station when he’s a detective of the Bureau?”

“He is the one in charge of the entire Kou police station, after all, Haku.”

Kohaku and Hatori’s eyes widen.

“I never heard about this!” exclaimed Hatori. Kurosagi smirked and replied, “That’s because you never asked.” Hatori frowned.

After what seemed like hours of biking, Kurosagi, Hatori, and Haku reached Kou Police Station. Kurosagi parked her bike to the side of the building and began to walk in. Hatori and Haku followed suit after parking Hatori’s bike.

Kurosagi pushed through the glass doors of the station revealing many police officers running around doing their duty within the building and criminals handcuffed to benches or in front of officer desks. Kurosagi walked up to the desk designed to attend to civilians and rang the front bell getting the female officer at the desk’s attention.

“Do you need something young lady?”

Kurosagi nodded and stated, “I came to see Detective Orchie.”

“I’m sorry, but he’s busy at the moment.”

“Just tell him that Kurosagi is here for him.”

The female officer nodded and began to dial on her desk phone just as Hatori and Haku were entering the station. Haku clicked his tongue and muttered, “I hate police stations.” Kurosagi glanced back at Haku and said, “You get used to stations after a while Haku.” Haku raised an eyebrow at Kurosagi wondering what she meant.

The female officer had a puzzled look as she hung up the phone. She looked at Kurosagi and said, “He hung up after hearing your name.” Kurosagi sighed as she yanked out her road kill spray. Orchie emerged from one of the halls of the police station and ran toward Kurosagi with a smile.

“You finally came, Kurosa…”

Orchie stopped in his tracks when he saw that Kurosagi had her road kill spray pointed at him daring him to hug her. Orchie laughed uneasily as he stood up straight. Orchie cleared his throat.

“Well I’m glad you finally came. I have the file you asked for in my office, so please follow me,” stated Orchie. Kurosagi nodded and began to follow Orchie with Hatori and Haku behind her. Orchie narrowed his eyes when he took notice of Hatori.

“Are you still with her?” asked Orchie in an annoyed tone. Hatori smirked with crossed arms.

“I’m not leaving Kurosagi anytime soon, Orchie,” stated Hatori. Orchie groaned. He suddenly took notice of Haku and frowned.

“Why is there another guy with you?” asked Orchie. Kurosagi glanced back at Haku and said, “He’s my client so no jealousy OK, Orchie.” Orchie nodded, but half of him was ready to push Haku out the door.

They entered Orchie’s office, which was organized so well that even a child of eight could find what he was looking for. Orchie grabbed a red dyed file folder from his desk and handed it to Kurosagi.

“This is the case you wanted right?”

Kurosagi flipped the folder open with her thumb revealing the murder file of Ryouga Hiwatari along with two pictures. One picture was of Ryouga Hiwatari with short black hair and a beard wearing an orange uniform with a prison number. The other picture was of his body as pale as a ghost.

“This is definitely the case I was looking for,” stated Kurosagi. Kurosagi thanked Orchie.

Haku looked at the file over Kurosagi’s shoulder and frowned.

“That’s definitely the bastard who hurt Kohaku,” stated Haku. Hatori looked at the file too and asked, “So that guy really is your uncle?” Haku nodded with clenched fists.

“He was always drunk and beat Kohaku when he felt like it. Always saying that Kohaku’s parents died because of him.”

Haku showed the scar on his face and added, “He made this using his switchblade just because he felt like it.” Hatori cringed at the thought of how the scar was made.

Orchie stared at Haku and asked, “So are you related to the victim?” Haku nodded and then pointed at Orchie.

“Just because I’m related to the bastard doesn’t make me automatically his murderer,” stated Haku. Orchie sighed and said, “I wasn’t even thinking that.”

Kurosagi scanned through the file.

“Looks like Ryouga Hiwatari was stabbed fifteen times. The murder weapon was not found. He was murdered today in his apartment hours before we got here.”

Orchie nodded and added, “I was informed that they had the culprit, so I was ready to discard this file, but when you called, I held onto it.” Kurosagi shut the file.

“I’m glad you did.”

Orchie glanced at Haku and asked, “As much as I’m guessing, you are trying to prove the innocence of this man, who was accused of killing his relative, am I correct?” Kurosagi nodded. Orchie stared at Haku for a long while and came to a realization.

“Isn’t he the guy that was in death row for a party massacre and proved innocent by you?” asked Orchie, remembering the case he saw on TV the year before. Kurosagi nodded and added, “He was accused once, so he is most likely to be blamed for the murder of someone so close to him.” Haku frowned.

Kurosagi glanced back at Orchie and said, “I appreciate you giving me the file, but I can see that you have other cases to take care of, so I will leave you to your work.” Orchie frowned with crossed arms.

“You’re right, but call me if you need anything.”

Kurosagi nodded and instructed Hatori and Haku to follow her. As the door closed behind them, Orchie fell to his desk chair with his right hand against his forehead.

“Sometimes you can be cruel, Kurosagi.”

As Kurosagi walked out of the station, she pulled out her cell phone and pressed number six key for speed dial.

“Who are you calling now?” asked Hatori.

“Noda, so he can get the body of Ryouga Hiwatari ready for me.”

“Who the Hell is Noda?” asked Haku.

“He’s one of my connections, a doctor. He was the one who examined Carol Conrad’s body in Kohaku’s case. You met him briefly, if I remember right,” stated Kurosagi.

Hatori nodded and added, “He’s also Orchie’s cousin.”

“Are all of Kurosagi’s connections related?” asked Haku. Hatori paused and then replied, “Not all of Kurosagi’s connections are related, but I’m not sure if I have even met all of them.” Hatori went into deep thought recounting all of Kurosagi’s connections, while Kurosagi waited for Noda to pick up the phone.

Kurosagi heard the other end connect with a click followed by Noda’s voice.

“Noda Sato speaking.”


“Kurosagi, nice to hear your voice. Did you need something?”

“That’s right. I’m surprised you didn’t make any jokes this time.”

“Well I am busy for today, but I can still talk if it’s you. So what do you need?”

“I need you to acquire the body of Ryouga Hiwatari. He died today, so the body should still be fresh.”

There was a pause before Noda spoke again.

“That body was transferred here, but the Nobunaga police headquarters had a warrant that forbids me from examining the body.”

“I see, I guess Kaiba-San is doing everything she can to prevent me from proving Kohaku Hiwatari’s innocence.”

“Kohaku Hiwatari again? Are you sure he’s innocent?”

“I believe his words for now.”

“All right, but there’s only so much I can do. Even if you work for the Bureau, you won’t be able to get to the body at this point of time.”

“I’ll find another way to solve this murder, but if it proves to be difficult I will see that body.”

“I understand, but please be careful.”

“Goodbye Noda.”

Kurosagi hung up her phone and glanced back at Haku and Hatori.

“I am forbidden from seeing the body,” stated Kurosagi.

“So how will you solve the murder without the clues?” asked Hatori in worry.

“I’ll manage,” replied Kurosagi. Haku looked at Hatori and then back at Kurosagi.

“What’s this about clues?” asked Haku in confusion. Kurosagi smirked with crossed arms.

“Kohaku and you never saw me use that secret.”

“Secret, do you mean those weird powers like controlling a dead body and seeing Kohaku’s and my memories?”

Kurosagi nodded and added, “I have other secrets that even Ogami-San has never seen before.” Haku scratched the back of his head.

“I’m guessing the secret that relates to clues had something to do with the body of that bastard?” asked Haku. Kurosagi nodded and added, “But I won’t be able to use that secret without the body, so I will solve this murder without the words of the dead.” Hatori nodded, while Haku grew confused all over again.

Kurosagi opened the red case folder to review the murder file of Ryouga Hiwatari again. She found the address of the murder scene and shut the folder with her small hand. She mounted her bike and looked back at Hatori and Haku.

“We are going to the murder site, so let’s get moving you two,” said Kurosagi. Hatori and Haku nodded as they mounted Hatori’s bike.

They biked along the road avoiding as much traffic as possible. As they biked, Haku’s vision began to blur. Haku cursed under his breath making Hatori glance back at him.

“Is something wrong Haku-San?” asked Hatori. Haku cringed placing a hand to his forehead.

“Kohaku has crappy timing.”


“When Kohaku becomes sober, he takes control again.”

“Does that mean…?”

Haku smirked and added, “Just punch Kohaku or give him alcohol to call me back.” Haku’s form fell against Hatori’s back making Hatori nearly lose control of his bike.

Kohaku opened his eyes and placed a hand against his forehead.

“What a strange dream,” he said with a yawn, until he noticed that he was standing behind Hatori, who was riding a bike.

“Ogami-San, is that you?” asked Kohaku and then looked at his surroundings.

“Why am I riding behind you on a bike?”

Hatori sighed and asked, “I presume that you are now Kohaku right?” Kohaku raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean? I have always been Kohaku…”

Kohaku turned pale and gulped.

“Did Haku by chance take over me and speak with you?” asked Kohaku. Hatori nodded and looked straight ahead at Kurosagi.

“He actually spoke with Kurosagi. It was actually to help him get out of a bar he damaged, but then…”

“But then what?”

“Police from the Nobunaga police headquarters came to arrest you for the murder of your uncle, Ryouga Hiwatari.”

Kohaku’s eyes widened, his hands beginning to shake.

“He’s dead and I was accused for his murder, but why?”

“You had no alibi and had motive, so you were immediately accused, but Kurosagi is trying to prove your innocence and we are headed to the crime scene right now.”

Tears began to escape from Kohaku’s eyes making Hatori gasp.

“I already said we are trying to prove your innocence.”

“It’s not that. I just can’t believe Uncle Ryouga is gone and it was a murder,” stated Kohaku. Kohaku clenched Hatori’s shoulder and whispered, “I had nightmares of killing him with my own hands, what if I really did kill him?” Hatori shook his head.

“You didn’t hear it, but Kurosagi told the police that you would never kill anyone. I believe her words and you should too, Kohaku-San.”

Kohaku smiled with tears in his eyes and added, “Just Kohaku is fine, Ogami-San.” Hatori nodded as he turned right at a corner after Kurosagi.

Kurosagi slid her bike to a stop in front of an apartment complex surrounded by police cars from either Nobunaga Station or Suoh Police Station. Kurosagi parked her bike with a smirk.

“I guess because we have the ‘culprit’ with us, they still need to keep watch on the crime scene,” stated Kurosagi as she observed her surroundings. Hatori nodded in agreement as he parked his bike with Kohaku behind him.

Kohaku approached Kurosagi from behind and said, “I want to thank you for taking on my case.”

“No problem, Kohaku Hiwatari,” replied Kurosagi. Hatori’s eyes widened and asked, “You can tell he’s no longer Haku?” Kurosagi nodded and added, “Besides the personality, the voice changes as well. Kohaku’s voice is a little higher than Haku’s voice.” Kohaku touched his throat.

“We have different voices?”

Kurosagi nodded and added, “You wouldn’t really know until someone tells you or you record his and your voice.” Kohaku nodded with bright eyes. Kurosagi pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear as she looked at Kohaku.

“I believe Ogami-San filled you in already, so let us see the crime scene that could prove your innocence.”

Kohaku nodded and followed Kurosagi with Hatori by his side. Kurosagi walked pass a Suoh Police car and before she could climb the stairs of the apartment building, the Suoh Police car door opened followed by a voice saying, “Kurosagi, long time no see.” Kurosagi paused and looked back only to see Suiji, the commissioner of Suoh Police station.

“Suiji-San,” replied Kurosagi. Suiji smiled as he approached Kurosagi with a clipboard in his right hand.

“What brings you here, Kurosagi?” asked Suiji.

“I’m here to observe the crime scene for my current case,” stated Kurosagi. Suiji nodded, but paused when he saw Kohaku beside Hatori.

“Isn’t that man Kohaku Hiwatari, the one who murdered the man of this murder scene?” asked Suiji in shock. Kohaku whimpered grabbing hold of Hatori’s back. Hatori sighed and said, “We are actually trying to prove his innocence at the moment.”

“I see,” said Suiji with an uneasy look. He looked back at Kurosagi and asked, “Do you really believe he is innocent?” Kurosagi nodded. Suiji sighed and said, “Well you proved he was innocent once, so you have my permission to see the scene.”

“Thank you Suiji-san and I believe the scene has not been altered, correct?” stated Kurosagi. Suiji nodded. He looked at one of the officers from the Nobunaga station and added, “The Nobunaga officers wanted to clean the scene up, but I forbid it. Whether the culprit is caught or not, we still need to gather evidence.” Kurosagi nodded with a smirk.

“I’m glad that you’re on my side, Suiji-San.”

Suiji nodded.

Kurosagi, Hatori, and Kohaku ascended up the stairs and then walked through the walkway pass apartment doors. Kurosagi pointed at an apartment door with yellow tape in the front and said, “That’s your uncle’s apartment and where the murder took place.” Kohaku nodded still clinging to Hatori’s back.

Hatori sighed and asked, “Do you still need to hug something?” Kohaku nodded and added, “I think Haku might have dropped Yellow Bear somewhere when he took over.” Hatori looked at Kurosagi with begging eyes. Kurosagi sighed and tossed her bag to Kohaku. Kohaku released Hatori and grabbed hold of Kurosagi’s bag holding it close to his chest.

“You can hug my bag, but I expect you to hand the supplies I need to me when I ask for it, all right?” instructed Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded hugging Kurosagi’s bag tightly like a teddy bear.

Kurosagi opened the apartment door making sure not to remove the yellow tape. Kurosagi ducked under the yellow tape as she entered the apartment. The apartment still had a few officers left searching for any type of evidence and the little furniture in the room seemed to be untouched. Kurosagi walked down the narrow path of the apartment, until she reached the area where Ryouga Hiwatari was brutally murdered: the living room.

The living room’s gray carpet was stained with blood that seemed to have mostly dried up from the passing time. White crime tape in the shape of a person stuck to the ground near the blood. None of the officers remained in the living room.

Hatori and Kohaku entered the room with puzzled looks. Hatori scratched the back of his head as he looked around the crime scene.

“This is where the murder took place, so why won’t the officers search this area more thoroughly?” asked Hatori. Kohaku nodded in agreement. Kurosagi smirked.

“Chances are that they believe that the living room has been searched enough and decided to search elsewhere,” stated Kurosagi. Kurosagi kneeled next to the dried up blood and then held her hand to Kohaku.

“Hand me the vials labeled ‘chameleon’ and ‘eagle,’ Kohaku,” ordered Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded and flipped open Kurosagi’s bag. Kohaku tilted his head as he searched Kurosagi’s bag.

“You mean the glass tubes in the tray, right?” asked Kohaku. Kurosagi nodded. Kohaku yanked out the vials Kurosagi asked for and handed them to Kurosagi. Kurosagi double checked the vials to make sure they were the right ones and nodded in approval. She glanced at Kohaku and said, “Don’t tell anyone what you see today.” Kohaku nodded as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of his face.

Kurosagi popped the lids off the vials and consumed the ashes within them with one gulp. Kurosagi shut her eyes as she took in a deep breath. Her eyes then flung open, her pupils becoming dilated. She focused at every corner of the room, revealing markings that a normal person would never be able to see with the normal senses. Kurosagi focused at a dent in the wall and approached it in a quick haste.

“What’s wrong, Kurosagi?” asked Hatori as he walked behind her. Kurosagi placed her hand against the wall and widened her eyes making the vision before her clearer. In the dent was a strand of gray hair. Kurosagi held her hand at Kohaku and said, “I need the tweezers and a plastic bag in the medical kit.”

Kohaku nodded as he searched Kurosagi’s bag. He managed to find the tweezers and plastic bag in the bag and handed them to Kurosagi. Kurosagi took them and carefully used the tweezers to remove the strand from the dent. Kurosagi could see the strand clearer, but Hatori and Kohaku could hardly make it out.

“What is it?” asked Hatori as he squinted his eyes in an attempt to see the strand.

“It’s a strand of gray hair. It must be a split end to be this small,” stated Kurosagi as she placed the strand in the plastic bag. She sealed the plastic bag shut and blinked a few times to return her sight back to normal. Kurosagi smirked as she looked at the bag that looked like it was empty to normal eyes.

“This strand of hair is our first clue,” stated Kurosagi. Hatori rubbed his chin and asked, “But what if it belongs to the murder victim?” Kurosagi chuckled.

“That is a possibility but please examine the scene. There isn’t any blood against the wall. The blood is only on the floor, so Ryouga-San was pinned to the ground when he was brutally stabbed. The dent isn’t small enough to match Ryouga-San’s build, so whoever made that dent was rather large. The walls are also a bit old fashioned, so they can snag any trace of hair without anyone noticing. The strand is also gray, while other hair fragments that managed to stick to the wall are brown. Ryouga-San has brown hair with no traces of gray when I saw his picture in the file. It may be a slim chance, but I believe this hair belongs to a person who hated Ryouga-San or a person Ryouga-San hated for this person was shoved against the wall at some point.”

Kohaku clapped in amazement, while Hatori thought to himself. Hatori sighed and said, “I see your point, but shouldn’t we continue to look around for more evidence?” Kurosagi nodded. Kurosagi suddenly felt Kohaku’s hand on her shoulder making her look at him.

“Do you need something Kohaku?”

“It’s amazing how you found that strand, but can you tell me what happened when you ate that powder candy?” asked Kohaku. Kurosagi smirked.

“That wasn’t powdered candy. It was ashes of a chameleon and eagle.”

Kohaku turned pale.


Kurosagi nodded and added, “When I devour the ashes of a cremated body, I will gain a single ability. In this case, I gained the keen eyesight of a chameleon and eagle combined to find the evidence.”

“That’s amazing and disturbing,” stated Kohaku. Hatori chuckled wondering if Kurosagi was insulted or complimented.

Kurosagi took a few steps against the carpeted floor, but stopped in her tracks when she heard the floor creak. She glanced down at the area of the floor she stood on. She tapped the floor with her left foot creating the same hollow sound repeatedly. She tapped a different area of the floor, but a sound could barely be heard. Kurosagi smirked and held her hand to Kohaku.

“Hand me the vial labeled ‘elephant,’ Kohaku,” ordered Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded and yanked out one of the vials. Kurosagi checked the vial before swallowing the ashes within it. She handed the empty vial to Hatori as she clenched her fist.

“What are you doing?” asked Hatori. His answer was soon answered when Kurosagi smashed a hole into the floor before her. Kohaku, Hatori, and the officers still within the apartment stared at Kurosagi with mouths wide open.

“Was that really necessary?” exclaimed Hatori. Kurosagi tossed a strand of hair behind her ear chuckling.

“It was faster this way, Ogami-San,” stated Kurosagi. As Kurosagi began to remove the broken floor fragments, the officers were approaching her asking what she was doing. Hatori blocked the officers from approaching Kurosagi and said, “Please don’t disturb her, while she is working.”

“Who is she?” asked one of the officers.

“Detective Kurosagi,” answered Hatori making all the officers gasp in surprise.

The officers began to rain Hatori with questions about Kurosagi, while Kurosagi continued to search through the broken floor. Kurosagi felt something like flour against her fingers and narrowed her eyes. She gripped a soft object within the hole and lifted it out. It was a package of white powder that Kurosagi recognized as cocaine.

“Looks like Ryouga Hiwatari was keeping a stash of cocaine after being released,” stated Kurosagi. Kohaku shook his head.

“Uncle Ryouga was a drunk, but he never used cocaine. He said that cocaine gives you allergies,” remarked Kohaku. Kurosagi smirked.

“He might have sold it then, but the question is where he would obtain cocaine and where he would sell it.”

Kurosagi tossed Hatori the package of cocaine making him gasp. Kurosagi held her hand to Kohaku and ordered him to give her phone. Kohaku pulled her phone out of her bag and handed it to her. Kurosagi pressed the nine key for speed dial and then waited for the call to connect.

“Who is she calling?” asked Kohaku. Hatori shrugged.

“Yes, who is she calling?” asked one of the officers in excitement. Hatori ignored them wondering if Kurosagi was just entertainment for them now.

Kurosagi heard the phone ring on the other end three times before it connected.

“Terry Cheshire speaking.”


“Hey, Kurosagi. What can I do for you?”

“I’m glad that you’re being serious about work today too.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Now what do you need?”

“I need you to obtain the phone records of Ryouga Hiwatari from after his release from jail.”

“Ryouga Hiwatari, let me narrow down the search first. He has a criminal record, but can you tell me like his social security number or something.”

“Well according to the murder file I obtained on him, he was born in Kyoto on June 7, 3868.”


Kurosagi could hear the sound of the keyboard from the other end of the phone, but raised an eyebrow when she heard Shigure on the other end say, “He has a total of fifty calls from his number with a guy named Francis Pletka being the majority call both incoming and outgoing.”

“Thank you, Shigure, but are you sure it was wise to eavesdrop on Terry’s phone and even grab it to tell me your findings?”

“What?” replied Shigure. Kurosagi suddenly heard Shigure scream through the phone making her pull her phone from her ear. Kurosagi pulled her phone back to her ear when she heard Terry say, “Shigure is an ass, but he is correct. Is that all you needed?”

“Can you tell me the address of where he currently lives?”

“All right.”

Kurosagi heard the sound of the keyboard again.

“He lives in Raidon Apartments in apartment address 7819. Do you need me to send you the directions?”

“That would be most helpful.”

“All right, the directions have been sent to your phone. Is that it?”

“That’s all for now. I’ll call if something comes up and go easy on your second pair of hands, Terry.”

“I know, but he’s so annoying. He’s such a stupid rat.”

“And you’re a stupid cat!” yelled Shigure. Kurosagi heard Shigure give out a scream of pain before the line went dead. Kurosagi sighed and shut her phone. Her phone then beeped. She flipped it open sideways showing the directions to the apartment.

“We need to see this Francis Pletka,” stated Kurosagi with a smirk. Hatori and Kohaku nodded. Kurosagi was about to step forward, but stopped in her tracks when she heard a faint beeping noise. Kurosagi looked at the officers within the room and asked, “Is there anyone in this apartment building at the moment?”

“Well because of the murder, all occupants were told to leave until the end of the day,” replied one of the officers. The other officers nodded in agreement.

“Then you should leave too quickly,” stated Kurosagi. Kurosagi looked at the hole she made in the floor and added, “If you don’t leave then that bomb in the floor will definitely kill you.” The officers, Hatori, and Kohaku turned pale.

“Bomb?” they exclaimed. Kurosagi nodded. All of them rushed to the door eager to get out.

Almost a minute after they were out the inside of the apartment was consumed by flames. Broken glass flew from the windows and managed to injure most of the policemen. Hatori dodged the glass and flames, but a single shard managed to scratch his cheek. Kohaku managed to protect himself using Kurosagi’s bag. Kurosagi, on the other hand, had her right arm burned and a large shard of glass impaled into her neck.

Kohaku was breathing heavily with sweat against his brow. Kohaku looked at Kurosagi and saw her burned arm and the glass in her neck. Kohaku screamed making Hatori look at him. Hatori saw Kurosagi and asked, “Kurosagi, are you all right?” Kurosagi yanked the glass shard from her neck sending blood flying. Kohaku turned pale. The wounds on her neck and arm healed at an alarming rate as she looked at Hatori and Kohaku.

“I’m fine, Ogami-San,” stated Kurosagi. Hatori sighed in relief, while Kohaku stared at Kurosagi in utter amazement. Kurosagi urged Hatori closer and placed a hand to his wounded cheek making him flinch.

“Let’s get out of here, so I can heal that cheek of yours,” whispered Kurosagi. Hatori nodded. Kurosagi glanced at Kohaku ordering him to follow. Kohaku nodded as he began to follow Hatori and Kurosagi. Kurosagi descended down the stairs only to see Suiji running toward her.

“What happened up there?” exclaimed Suiji.

“There was a bomb hidden in the floor. It looked like it was set to activate when Ryouga Hiwatari’s stash was discovered,” remarked Kurosagi. Suiji’s eyes widened.

“There was a bomb?”

Kurosagi nodded and added, “There was no one in there, but you will need to get an ambulance to get the wounded officers treated.” Suiji nodded and grabbed his hand radio to give out his instructions. While Suiji was distracted, Kurosagi, Hatori, and Kohaku left the scene with their two bikes in hand.

Kurosagi led Kohaku and Hatori to an empty alleyway and then glanced at Kohaku.

“I need to heal Ogami-San’s wound, so don’t tell anyone what you see,” ordered Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded, hugging Kurosagi’s bag tighter. Kurosagi held her hand to Kohaku and ordered him to give her the sewing kit. Kohaku did as told still confused.

Kurosagi removed one needle from the sewing kit. She yanked out a strand of her dark hair and looped it through the eyehole of the needle. She urged Hatori to kneel in front of her and said, “There will be discomfort, but please bear with it, Ogami-San.” Hatori nodded. Kurosagi pushed the needle through Hatori’s wounded cheek making Hatori flinch and Kohaku begin to turn pale. Kurosagi sewed Hatori’s wound shut and then tore the needle from the remaining strand. The wound on Hatori’s cheek healed fast leaving no evidence of a wound. Hatori touched his healed cheek and thanked Kurosagi. Kurosagi nodded and looked at Kohaku, who seemed to be in shock.

“Are you all right, Kohaku?” asked Kurosagi. Kohaku gulped and asked, “I’m guessing that two of your secrets is that you heal fast and that you can heal another wound on a person by sewing in your hair into the flesh?” Kurosagi smirked and nodded.

“You’re accepting this pretty well,” stated Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded and added, “I can believe anything after seeing what you did during my first case.” Kurosagi chuckled.

“Then let’s continue your current case by going to Francis Pletka’s residence.”

Kohaku nodded as he went to the back of Hatori’s bike. Hatori climbed on his bike wiping the remaining blood from his wounded cheek. Kurosagi hopped onto her bike and biked away quickly with Hatori and Kohaku close behind.

Every time Hatori hit a bump on the road, Kohaku would flinch and grip Hatori’s back with one hand. Hatori sighed and said, “You can just put Kurosagi’s bag over your shoulder for now. That way, you can hold onto me without falling.” Kohaku shook his head.

“I need to hug something or I won’t feel right and besides, Kurosagi trusted me to hold her bag.”

Hatori chuckled.

“Well that’s true, but Kurosagi will get mad if you end up dropping it,” warned Hatori. Kohaku bit his lip, uneasiness etched all over his face.

Kurosagi, Hatori, and Kohaku soon reached Raidon Apartments. Kurosagi slid her bike to a stop and climbed off making sure to park it in the bike rack in front of the apartment complex. Hatori did the same with Kohaku behind him.

Kurosagi walked up the stairs making sure to look at the numbers on the apartment doors. She glanced at Hatori and Kohaku and stated, “Keep your eyes peeled for the apartment number 7819.” Kohaku and Hatori nodded. As they looked at the apartment numbers, Kohaku hugged Kurosagi’s bag tightly with a frown.

“Is something wrong Kohaku?” asked Hatori.

“I don’t know why, but the name Francis Pletka sounds familiar,” answered Kohaku.

Kurosagi stopped in her tracks and glanced at Kohaku with a smirk.

“Is that so? Do you remember even a little about the name?” asked Kurosagi. Kohaku’s eyebrow twitched as he tried to remember why the name sounded familiar. Kohaku gasped and said, “I think he was in my college before.”

“Are you sure?” asked Kurosagi. Kohaku hugged Kurosagi’s bag tighter.

“I may be wrong, but I know I heard the name in my college,” stated Kohaku. Kurosagi chuckled and continued to walk.

“This is getting interesting.”

They soon found apartment 7819 at the end of the fifth floor. Kurosagi cleared her throat and looked at Hatori and Kohaku.

“Just to be on the safe side, I want you two to have something that you can use to defend yourselves.”

Kohaku nodded gripping Kurosagi’s bag. Hatori placed his hand in his pocket holding a taser he bought after Kurosagi had got him his own room. Kurosagi then approached the door of the apartment and knocked on it three times with her right fist.

“Who is it?” asked a voice of a man behind the door.

“My name is Kurosagi and I have to question you about a case.”

“What case?”

“A murder case.”

There was silence, but then it was broken when the door opened a crack revealing a brown eyed man around his twenties. The man raised an eyebrow at Kurosagi and the others.

“Is this some kind of sick joke?” asked the man in an irritated voice. Kurosagi shook her head.

“This is a very serious matter and I would advise you to let us in or I will have no choice, but to go to the police.”

The man groaned and opened his door.

“I’m only letting you in because I don’t think a kid like you could do me any harm,” stated the man. Kurosagi nodded and was about to walk in, but stopped in her tracks when she heard Kohaku say, “Kevin?” Kurosagi glanced back at Kohaku, whose eyes were wide with shock.

“Aren’t you Kevin?” asked Kohaku, his focus on the man. The man narrowed his eyes.

“Who are you calling Kevin? My name is Francis Pletka, idiot.”

Kurosagi smirked as she looked at Kohaku.

“I see why the name Francis Pletka sounded familiar to you now. That boy at the party massacre was named Kevin if I remember right. Is Kevin’s last name Pletka by any chance?”

Kohaku gasped and nodded.

“I remember now. Kevin did mention back in college that he had a younger brother in middle school…Francis.”

The man, Francis, clenched his fist with anger in his eyes.

“I get it. You’re Kohaku Hiwatari aren’t you? I thought the police already took you away for another murder,” spat out Francis. Kohaku flinched clenching Kurosagi’s bag.

“I never killed anyone,” stated Kohaku. Francis laughed.

“Yeah right, I know you killed my older brother during that party eleven years ago, bastard!” yelled Francis making Kohaku back up into Hatori. Kurosagi laughed making Francis look at her with wide eyes.

“What’s so funny, kid?” demanded Francis. Kurosagi smirked at Francis.

“I didn’t even need to question you to know that you are one of the people responsible in framing Kohaku Hiwatari for the murder of Ryouga Hiwatari,” stated Kurosagi. Francis clenched his fist with anger in his eyes.

Hatori looked at Kurosagi and asked, “When you say ‘one of the people’ are you saying that there is more than one person related to the case?” Kurosagi nodded.

“It makes sense when you think about it. There is no way something so elaborate can be done by one person. I believe Pletka-San was responsible with getting close to Ryouga-San in order to get Ryouga-San killed, which would then put the blame on Kohaku. As far as the murder goes, Pletka-San wasn’t the one who killed him, but is an accessory to murder.”

Francis growled and grabbed Kurosagi’s wrist yelling, “Shut up, you brat!” Kurosagi chuckled as she yanked her hand away and pushed Francis with incredible force sending him flying back into his apartment room. Francis collided into the wall creating a dent the size of his small frame. Francis was shaking in pain against the wall as Kurosagi, Hatori, and Kohaku walked in.

Hatori stared at Francis’s shaking form and the dent and sighed.

“I guess you still had the effects of the ashes,” stated Hatori. Kurosagi nodded and then approached Francis. She kneeled in front of Francis making him look at her.

“If you don’t want me to get more violent on you then please give me all the information you know about the murder,” threatened Kurosagi. Francis nodded the pain still apparent in his face.

“A year ago, all of the people related to the victims in the party massacre gathered to see the execution of Kohaku Hiwatari, but then…then we were told that Kohaku Hiwatari was proven innocent and released. Some of us couldn’t accept that the one who murdered our family and friends was running free, so we…we came up with a plan to get Kohaku Hiwatari to commit another murder.”

“I see, so you decided that Ryouga Hiwatari, Kohaku’s abusive uncle, was the perfect murder victim.”

“That’s right. I was in charge of getting close to Ryouga Hiwatari. I got him involved with the drug world to get Kohaku Hiwatari’s attention, but…but…”

“The news never reached Kohaku. You all thought that Kohaku would be involved in criminal activity and would hear the news, but Kohaku was a law abiding citizen. That’s why you all decided to do a frame up instead.”

Francis nodded and added, “One of us killed Ryouga Hiwatari, while another made sure Kohaku Hiwatari had no alibi.” Hatori’s eyes widened and looked at Kurosagi.

“Doesn’t that mean Mii Kaiba was part of the group to frame Kohaku?” asked Hatori in shock. Kurosagi nodded and added, “That would explain why she was insistent that Kohaku was the murderer.”

“Who is Mii Kaiba?” asked Kohaku.

“The woman who ‘accidentally’ gave you alcohol,” answered Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded and then gasped.

“The coffee stand is the last place I saw Yellow Bear,” said Kohaku in a panicked tone. Hatori sighed and said, “Now is not the time to…”

“Actually, it is the perfect time, Ogami-San,” interrupted Kurosagi with a smirk. Kurosagi held a hand to Kohaku and said, “Hand me the handcuffs in the bag.” Kohaku nodded and then paused.

“You have handcuffs too?” asked Kohaku. Kurosagi nodded. Kohaku began to search her bag wondering what other supplies she had in her bag. Kohaku managed to find the handcuffs and handed them to Kurosagi. Kurosagi handcuffed Francis from behind his back and stood up.

“Bring him with us, Ogami-San,” ordered Kurosagi. Hatori nodded as he approached Francis. He forced Francis on his feet and led him out the door.

As they walked down the stairs to the bottom floor, Kurosagi glanced at Francis and said, “I need you to tell me all the people who are involved in this frame up of yours.”

“Why should I tell you?” spat out Francis. Kurosagi smirked and ordered Hatori to stop. Kurosagi went up to Francis and held two of her fingers together.

“Please cover his mouth, Ogami-San,” ordered Kurosagi. Hatori nodded covering Francis’s mouth. Kurosagi stabbed two of her fingers into Francis’s left leg making him give out a muffled scream and Kohaku to turn pale.

You will tell me all that you know or I will break you.

Francis nodded with tears falling from his eyes. Kurosagi removed her blood soaked fingers allowing Hatori to uncover Francis’s mouth. Francis was gasping in pain. Kurosagi smirked and continued to walk, but Kohaku grabbed her shoulder making her look at him.

“Why did you stab his leg?” asked Kohaku. Kurosagi wiped her bloody fingers against her dress and replied, “I spoke into his mind to make him more cooperative.”

“By inserting your fingers into his leg?” asked Kohaku. Kurosagi nodded and added, “When I stab my fingers into the flesh of a person, I can communicate into their mind.”

“If that’s the case, why didn’t you just do the hair eating thing like you did to see my memories?” asked Kohaku. Kurosagi chuckled.

“It is best for them to speak themselves especially since we need to prove your innocence, Kohaku,” stated Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded. He glanced at Francis, who was still in tears, and then back at Kurosagi.

“Can’t you at least heal his leg?” asked Kohaku. Kurosagi nodded and then ordered for Kohaku to hand over her sewing kit. Kurosagi approached Francis with her sewing kit. Francis had fear in his eyes as he tried to pull his wounded leg from Kurosagi. Kurosagi held Francis’s leg roughly making him cringe and said, “If you move while I treat you then you will get worse.” Francis fell still.

Kurosagi yanked out a strand of hair and a needle from the sewing kit and immediately began to sew Francis’s wound shut. Francis screamed out in pain forcing Hatori to cover his mouth. Kurosagi tore the end of the hair off just as the wound on Francis’s leg healed rapidly. Francis’s eyes were wide as he stared at his healed leg. Hatori removed his hand from Francis’s mouth allowing Francis to speak.

“What are you?” asked Francis shaking. Kurosagi smirked.

“Just a monster,” replied Kurosagi as she tossed the sewing kit back to Kohaku.

They continued down the steps, until they reached the bottom. Hatori stared at the two bikes and then back at Kohaku and Francis.

“How are we going to bike with four people?”

Kurosagi chuckled and said, “Pletka-San will ride with me of course.” Francis turned pale as he shook his head.

“I don’t think you have a choice, Pletka-San,” stated Hatori. Kohaku nodded in agreement. Francis had a look of fear as he was forced behind Kurosagi. Kurosagi forced Pletka to lean on her head as she began to bike. As Kurosagi biked, Francis feared that he would fall off for he was too big for the small bike.

Kohaku watched Kurosagi bike ahead with Francis and asked, “Is he going to be all right?” Hatori shrugged indicating that he didn’t know.

As Kurosagi turned a corner, she glanced at Francis and asked, “So who is part of your group?” Francis gulped.

“Well you already know Mii Kaiba is part of the group. Sylvester Edgeworth, the owner of Nabi Bar and a bartender. He was in charge of holding Kohaku Hiwatari in one place, until Mii came with the arrest order. I heard that he paid a thug to start a fight with Kohaku Hiwatari to force Kohaku Hiwatari to stay. He also told me to lure Kohaku Hiwatari into the bar. Kazuo Seiga, the commissioner of Nobunaga Headquarters. He was in charge of granting the arrest. He was also the one who discovered about Kohaku Hiwatari’s uncle. The last one is Lilliet Jade, a Tokeino College Student. She was the one who came up with the frame up plan in the first place.”

Kurosagi frowned and asked, “Can you tell me more about Lilliet Jade?”

“Well she didn’t lose anyone important in the party massacre, but she was a victim of Kohaku Hiwatari too. Her boyfriend was framed for the murders when he wasn’t even involved.”

Kurosagi chuckled making Francis confused.

“So you all thought that Jacob Chester was framed? I hate to tell you this, but he was indeed guilty. He convinced a troubled girl to murder the members of the party and then killed her himself. He then framed Kohaku for the murders. He confessed it to me and we even have a recording of the true party massacre.”

Francis’s eyes widened and asked, “What recording?” Kurosagi smirked.

“I think I understand. You, Mii Kaiba, Sylvester Edgeworth, and Kazuo Seiga left the execution grounds before the police could show you the recording to put you guys at ease. That led to your misunderstanding.”

Francis shook his head.

“If that’s true then we nearly got an innocent man killed,” whispered Francis his form shaking. Kurosagi shook her head.

“One of you has already killed someone,” stated Kurosagi. Francis began to tear up wondering what to do now.

Kurosagi slid the bike to a stop near a coffee stand that was the closes to Nabi Bar. Hatori did the same. As Kohaku hoped, Yellow Bear was lying on the grassy ground harmlessly. Kohaku immediately picked up Yellow Bear and embraced him with Kurosagi’s bag still in his hold.

“I thought I lost him,” said Kohaku in relief. Kohaku’s relief was short lived when Kurosagi yanked Yellow Bear from his grasp.

“What are you doing with Yellow Bear?” asked Kohaku. Kurosagi tore open the back of Yellow Bear making Kohaku gasp. Installed in Yellow Bear’s back was a pin pad. Kurosagi pushed in a few buttons quickly creating a beeping sound afterwards. Yellow Bear’s eyes lit up. Kurosagi focused Yellow Bear’s eyes to the cement ground revealing an image of Kohaku looking through newspapers.

“Isn’t that me?” asked Kohaku in confusion. Kurosagi nodded.

“Mr. Blue, your original bear, had a nanny cam function, so I made sure Yellow Bear had the same function. He also has a GPS function to prevent you from getting lost.”

Kohaku smiled and asked, “Is that why Yellow Bear talks once in a while when I am traveling?” Kurosagi nodded. Kohaku thanked her. Hatori examined the image and said, “There’s also a time on the image.” Kurosagi nodded and added, “The time on the footage gives Kohaku his alibi during the murder.”

“Why didn’t you just do this before?” asked Hatori. Kurosagi smirked and stated, “I wanted to know who the culprit was before I proved Kohaku innocent.” Hatori nodded. Kurosagi glanced at Francis, who was sitting on her bike silently.

“I want you to summon all involved to Nobunaga Headquarters. I want this misunderstanding cleared up.”

Francis nodded and asked, “Can you please give me a phone?” Kurosagi nodded as she handed her own phone to Francis. She then looked at Hatori and Kohaku and asked, “Are you ready to follow me into the darkness?” Hatori and Kohaku nodded.

Kazuo Seiga sat in his office tapping his black pen against his desk. He heard a knock on his door.

“Who is it?”

“Mii Kaiba, sir.”


Mii walked into Kazuo’s office making sure to close the door behind her. Kazuo looked at Mii seriously.

“Has Detective Kurosagi returned with Kohaku Hiwatari?” asked Kazuo. Mii shook her head and added, “But I doubt she’ll find anything linking the murder to us.” Kazuo nodded in agreement.

“Kohaku Hiwatari won’t be judged for the party massacre, but at least he will be executed, which should have happened in the first place.”

Mii nodded and added, “Finally, Nii-San will be avenged.” Kazuo clenched his fist and added, “I know what you mean. I’ve waited years for that murderer to be executed for killing my younger brother. I had to help kill that abuser, but it was worth it.”

Kazuo suddenly heard a knock on his door followed by a voice saying, “Kazuo, Mii, it’s Sylvester, let me in.” Mii opened the door revealing the bartender from Nabi Bar: Sylvester Edgeworth.

“What are you doing here, Sylvester?” asked Mii. Sylvester cleared his throat as he closed the door behind him.

“Francis told me to meet you guys here,” stated Sylvester.

“Why would he do that?” asked Mii in confusion. They suddenly heard a knock against the right window. Kazuo peeked at the window and saw Lilliet waving to him. Kazuo opened the window, letting Lilliet in.

“Did Francis call you too?” asked Kazuo. Lilliet nodded and added, “He sounded troubled, so I came.”

Kazuo’s phone suddenly rang making him jump. He picked up his phone with a bead of sweat against his brow.

“This is Kazuo Seiga speaking.”


Kazuo raised an eyebrow at the familiar voice.

“Francis is that you?”


“What is it and why did you ask Lilliet and Sylvester to come here?”

Kazuo could hear Francis crying on the other end of the phone as he spoke.

“Seiga-San, we should have never tried to frame Hiwatari-San. He never killed anyone,” cried Francis.

“What are you talking about?” asked Kazuo, pressing the phone closer to his left ear.

“Kohaku Hiwatari was framed by Lilliet’s boyfriend. Jacob Chester is the true murderer.”

“Why are you saying this?”

Francis gulped and said, “There was a recording of the true party massacre. We left the execution grounds before we could see it.” Kazuo’s eyes widened.

“That can’t be. It has to be a lie!” yelled Kazuo making the others in the room jump.

“What’s wrong Kazuo?” asked Mii. Kazuo glanced at Mii with his form shaking.

“Francis says that there was a recording of the true party massacre, showing that Jacob Chester was the true murderer.”

Mii covered her mouth in shock, while Sylvester shook his head.

“If that’s true then we framed an innocent man,” muttered Sylvester. Lilliet grit her teeth and glared at Kazuo.

“Francis is lying. My Jacob is innocent!” yelled Lilliet. Kazuo glanced at Lilliet.

“Now that I think about it, were you even sure that Jacob Chester was innocent. You told us that Jacob was framed and that Kohaku was a criminal at heart, but he wasn’t involved with any shady business. There isn’t even a criminal record of him.”

Lilliet shook her head and screamed, “Are you telling me that you would believe in a man who killed your family and friends?” Kazuo’s hand was shaking.

“I don’t know what to believe.”

Lilliet chuckled and said, “Well you have to believe in me. You helped me kill Ryouga Hiwatari.” Lilliet pointed at Kazuo and added, “You even have a bruise from when you were shoved against the wall.” Kazuo stepped back with gritted teeth.

“No matter what any of you say, we all helped in framing that bastard and now he is going to die,” stated Lilliet.

The door to the office suddenly opened revealing Kohaku, Hatori, and Kurosagi. Lilliet’s eyes widened.

“Aren’t you that kid that went to my college?” asked Lilliet. Kurosagi nodded and added, “My name is Kurosagi and I thank you for giving me the evidence I needed.” Hatori held up a recorder in his hand and pressed play.

“Well you have to believe in me. You helped me kill Ryouga Hiwatari. You even have a bruise from when you were shoved against the wall. No matter what any of you say, we all helped in framing that bastard and now he is going to die.”

Lilliet gasped, while Kurosagi smirked.

“Francis did a good job of summoning you guys here and leading you guys to speak the truth. With this recording and Francis’s testimony, I can proudly say that Kohaku Hiwatari is innocent.”

Kazuo looked at his phone that emitted the sound of Francis crying and asked, “Where is Francis?”

“In Suoh Police Station speaking to Suiji-San of the frame up job. I made sure to deliver the nanny-cam that proved Kohaku’s alibi as well.”

Lilliet shook her head and said, “I won’t believe it. Kohaku Hiwatari framed my Jacob. He deserves to die like his uncle.” Kohaku clenched Kurosagi’s bag in his arms as he looked toward Lilliet.

“Did you kill Uncle Ryouga?” asked Kohaku. Lilliet glared at Kohaku.

“I killed him and good riddance. He reminded me too much of my father,” spat out Lilliet. Kohaku flinched. Kurosagi smirked and glanced at Kohaku.

“Lilliet Jade: she was abused by her father since she was ten according to her college records. The abuse resulted in her having an unstable mental state. Her mental state is similar to Carol Conrod’s murderous side.”

“How do you know my file?” yelled Lilliet. Kurosagi chuckled.

“I had my hacker look at your file before coming here. To be honest, I already suspected that you were the murderer when I first heard Francis mention your name.”

Lilliet gritted her teeth. Kurosagi looked at Mii, Sylvester, and Kazuo making them flinch.

“All of you are involved with the murder, but Lilliet will get the brunt of it for she was the mastermind and the one who did the deed. If you turn yourselves in without a struggle then your sentence will be a light one.”

Sylvester was the first to lower his head and say, “I’ll come in quietly only if I see that recording of the true party massacre myself.” Mii and Kazuo nodded in agreement. Kurosagi nodded.

Lilliet glared at them and screamed, “You cowards! How dare you betray me!” Kazuo glared at Lilliet.

“If what Detective Kurosagi says is true then I rather turn myself in. Besides, I am still an officer and an officer does the right thing,” stated Kazuo. Lilliet’s form began to shake.

Lilliet suddenly tackled Mii making Mii give out a quick scream. Lilliet grabbed Mii’s gun as she shoved Mii into Sylvester. Lilliet pointed the gun at Kohaku making Kohaku gasp.

“If I’m going on death row then Kohaku is dying first!” yelled Lilliet. Lilliet pulled the trigger releasing the bullet in the barrel. Hatori immediately grabbed Kohaku to avoid the bullet. The bullet impaled the opposite wall. The sound of the gun firing alarmed the other policemen in the station forcing them to rush toward Kazuo’s office.

Kazuo tried to grab Lilliet, but Lilliet kicked him away and fired toward Kohaku again. Hatori forced Kohaku to dodge, but Hatori slipped and accidentally slammed Kohaku into a wall head first. Hatori turned pale as Kohaku’s eyes widened. Kohaku dropped Kurosagi’s bag and punched Hatori in the cheek screaming, “You only had to hit me to bring me back, you didn’t have to slam me against a wall!” Hatori clenched his cheek and said, “It was an accident.” Kohaku scoffed and glanced at Kurosagi.

“So did you need me?”

Kurosagi smirked and said, “I guess I do. You better restrain Lilliet before she shots you dead, Haku.” Haku glanced at Lilliet, who pulled the trigger again. Haku dodged as he glared at Lilliet.

“Is she the bitch who framed Kohaku?” asked Haku. Kurosagi nodded. Haku rushed at Lilliet making her gasp and then punched her in the stomach. Lilliet gasped in pain as she hunched over. Haku then twisted her arm behind her back making her scream and shoved her to the ground making sure to kick the gun away.

“Let me go!” screamed Lilliet. Haku twisted her arm harder making her cringe.

“I should kill you for what you put Kohaku through, but I exist only to kill one person,” stated Haku. Lilliet gritted her teeth.

Kurosagi approached Lilliet and Haku and said, “Death is the easy way out.” Kurosagi held her hand toward Lilliet making Lilliet flinch and smirked.

“I will make sure that you join Jacob Chester in his torture.”

Kurosagi’s red eyes seem to glow as she began to speak.

“Francis Pletka’s words and your words showed the truth. Everything has fallen into place now fall into the darkness Lilliet Jade.”

Lilliet gave out a scream that forced all present to cover their ears.

The very next day, Kurosagi sat in her office eating a bag of chocolate chip cookies, while Hatori vacuumed his now furnished room. Hatori closed the vacuum and glanced at Kurosagi.

“Did you already finish the file for Kohaku’s case?” asked Hatori. Kurosagi nodded.

“It didn’t take long.”

Hatori nodded with a smile.

“I’m glad the frame up group were taken into custody and Suiji-San is now also in charge of Nobunaga Headquarters. That’s quite the promotion.”

Kurosagi nodded and added, “Well he is the only one capable of watching over two police stations.” Hatori nodded.

“It’s also a relief that Kohaku is no longer a murder suspect.”

“Well Kohaku can never hurt a fly, but Haku is another story.”

Hatori raised an eyebrow and asked, “What do you mean?” Kurosagi held up a cookie as she spoke.

“A split personality is usually formed as a defense mechanism. Haku is meant to protect Kohaku from danger, but if you remember right, he said that he exists to kill one person.”

“Who is that person?”

“It could be his Uncle, but his uncle is dead, so Haku came into existence because of the abuse of someone else still very much alive as far as he knows. As long as he knows that person is alive, Haku will continue to exist.”

Hatori frowned and said, “That’s pretty messed up. I hope he never finds that person.” Kurosagi nodded as she bit out of her cookie. Kurosagi looked at the clock on her wall and said, “I believe our new employee should be arriving.” Hatori paused.

“New employee?”

The door to the office suddenly opened revealing Kohaku with a stuffed brown cat in his arms. Kohaku smiled and bowed to Hatori and Kurosagi.

“I’m here to work, Kurosagi-Sensei.”

Hatori’s eyes widened and looked at Kurosagi.

“You hired Kohaku?”

Kurosagi nodded and added, “He would be helpful in future cases and I did promise Haku to get them a job. For the time being, he is my second assistant.” Hatori glanced back at Kohaku, who was blushing.

“Please treat me well, Ogami-Senpai.”

“Please don’t call me Senpai, when you are older than me,” said Hatori. Kohaku nodded. Kohaku looked back at Kurosagi and bowed again.

“Please treat me well, Kurosagi-Sensei.”

Kurosagi nodded with a smirk. Kurosagi glanced at Kohaku’s new stuffed animal.

“Is Muddy to your liking?” asked Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded and cuddled the stuffed cat, Muddy.

“His GPS function is working well and he is so soft. I’m glad you got him for me,” cheered Kohaku. Hatori eyed the stuffed animal and asked, “Was Yellow Bear taken as evidence?” Kohaku nodded and added, “I’ll get him back eventually, but for now Muddy is my new companion.”

Kurosagi chuckled and then looked at Hatori.

“Make sure Kohaku is comfortable in your room, Ogami-San.”

Hatori sighed. He had a feeling that Kohaku was going to share his room when Kurosagi said that Kohaku was a new employee.

Kurosagi bit out of another cookie as she looked at Hatori and Kohaku begin to talk to one another. She hoped that Kohaku would remain innocent and hoped that Haku would never kill. She smirked as another thought crossed her mind.

Hopefully Ogami-San and Kohaku will still be alive as the cases grow.

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