Case 4: Innocent Blood

Hatori dusted off Kurosagi’s bookshelf, while Kurosagi sat on the sofa munching on a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Hatori glanced back at her.

“How many times have I told you to stop eating so many sweets?”

“Stop being such a nag,” muttered Kurosagi as she munched on her cookies. Some crumbs fell on the sofa making Hatori groan.

“Can you at least clean the crumbs off the sofa? I sleep there you know.”

Kurosagi groaned and brushed the crumbs off the sofa. Kurosagi suddenly leapt off the sofa and ran to her computer chair. She typed on her state of the art computer making Hatori look at her.

“Are you going to watch the baking channel on the TV program of your computer again?”

Kurosagi nodded and stated, “I never miss a show and it only improves my baking skills.” Hatori sighed and continued to clean up.

Kurosagi clicked the “enter” button making a TV program appear in the computer screen. Kurosagi sat cross-legged on her computer chair with her cookies in her lap. She munched on her sweet cookies, while watching the baking program, but the show suddenly paused and was replaced with a “breaking news” logo.

“I hate these things,” complained Kurosagi with a pout. A female newscaster appeared on the screen and spoke in an urgent matter.

“Attention to all residence. This is just in. Kohaku Hiwatari, a murderer sentenced to death ten years ago, has escaped just hours before his execution was to take place. Please keep an eye out for him and if you see him, please contact the police immediately.”

After the newscaster said those words, a picture of a thirty-year-old man appeared on the screen. He had messed up black hair that covered his eyes. A muzzle could clearly be seen on his face and a moon shaped scar was on his throat. There was a frown on the man’s face as he held up a prison number in the picture.

Kurosagi stared at the picture munching on her cookie.

So this child is a murderer?

            Hatori stared at the picture of the escaped convict and said, “I wonder where he went and I hope he doesn’t kill again.” Kurosagi shrugged and hit her computer screen saying, “Now get back to the show.” Hatori sighed thinking that Kurosagi could care less.

The door to the office suddenly swung open making Hatori and Kurosagi look at the door. A ragged man ran in and slammed the door shut behind him. The man gasped for air as he leaned against the door.

Kurosagi looked at the man and smirked.

“What do you know? The wanted Kohaku Hiwatari has made his presence known to us.”

The man, Kohaku, gasped and looked up. He saw Kurosagi sitting on her chair with the bag of cookies in her lap and Hatori standing next to her with a feather duster in his hand. Kohaku was shaking. Kohaku launched himself toward them. Hatori grabbed Kurosagi making her drop her bag of cookies and leapt to the side avoiding Kohaku. Kohaku ignored them as he dove toward the bag of fallen cookies. Kohaku ate at the cookies like a wild animal sending cookie crumbs all over the floor. Hatori stared at Kohaku with wide eyes still holding Kurosagi in his grasp.

Kurosagi watched Kohaku eat her cookies and began to shake in anger. She pushed Hatori away allowing her to stand up.

“Excuse me, Hiwatari-San?”

Kohaku flinched and looked at Kurosagi with five cookies in his hand. Kurosagi had a dark expression as she crunched her knuckles.

“Do you know whose cookies those belong too?”

Kurosagi was about to punch him making Kohaku scream. Hatori grabbed Kurosagi and lifted her off the ground. Kurosagi screamed out protests, but Hatori held her tight.

“Please think this through. He’s a runaway murderer and he can easily…”

Hatori stopped midsentence, when he saw Kohaku scurry under the desk like a mouse. Hatori looked under the desk and saw Kohaku cowering under the desk hugging the bag of Kurosagi like a teddy bear. Kohaku looked at Hatori with teary eyes.

“Please don’t let her hit me,” whimpered Kohaku. Hatori was filled with confusion. Kurosagi glared at Kohaku, who was shaking like a scared child. Kurosagi managed to slip away from Hatori’s grasp and crouched down in front of Kohaku.

“You’re the runaway death row mate right?” asked Kurosagi. Kohaku nodded as he hugged the bag closer to his chest. Kurosagi sighed.

“You’re such a weakling. What in the world did you do to get the death sentence and how did you even manage to escape just hours before your execution and not to mention get in here?”

Kohaku expression became saddened as he spoke.

“Ten years ago, I went to a party in my college with my friends. They tricked me into drinking alcohol and I passed out. When I awoke, I was covered in blood with a butcher’s knife in my hand. All my friends and the party guests were killed. I was the only survivor, so I became the prime suspect and then was found guilty in court and given the death sentence.”

Kohaku choked as he answered the second part of the question.

“I was only able to escape because the truck transporting me crashed. I was scared and ran off. I found this complex and ran into the only unlocked door.”

Kohaku began to cry rubbing his face against Kurosagi’s bag. Kurosagi was shaking in anger as she watched Kohaku cry against her bag. Kurosagi maintained herself.

“Just tell me one thing: Are you the murderer?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t believe that I would kill all of them,” whimpered Kohaku. Kurosagi thought to herself and then looked at Hatori.

“So should we call the police on this guy or help him for a price?”

Hatori stared at Kurosagi wondering why she would ask him. Hatori looked toward Kohaku and saw that he was still crying on Kurosagi’s bag. Hatori sighed.

“I think we should help him, I mean he doesn’t seem like a murderer at all.”

Kohaku cried even more. Kurosagi looked at Kohaku agreeing with Hatori. Kurosagi leaned toward Kohaku and asked, “Hiwatari-San, do you want my help?” Kohaku looked at Kurosagi with teary eyes.


Kurosagi nodded and added, “I can help solve the murder of those people that night and maybe clear your name. Do you want that?”

Kohaku thought awhile and then nodded.

“I want to know what happened.”

Kurosagi smirked and said, “Then you have to pay a price, but I warn you that I am expensive.”

“Expensive? Are you a daughter of a detective or something?”

Kurosagi shook her head and stated, “I’m the detective. I’m the greatest detective of all time, Kurosagi.” Kurosagi gestured toward Hatori and introduced him as her assistant.

“Amazing, I never thought that detectives could be so young,” stated Kohaku. Kurosagi shook her head and said, “I’m older than I look child.” Kurosagi cleared her throat and said, “I doubt you have money, so I’ll take something else. So what do you have?”

Kohaku looked at himself and said, “I only have my clothes.” Kurosagi chuckled and held her hand out to him.

“Then I’ll take that. Clothes are precious to a person.”

Kohaku bit his lip and nodded. Kohaku crawled out from under the desk dropping Kurosagi’s bag. He began to pull off his shirt with Kurosagi watching. Hatori gasped and covered Kurosagi’s eyes.

“At least wait until she’s out of the room,” said Hatori in a panic. Kurosagi shoved Hatori’s hand away and said, “Oh come on, I’ve seen a naked guy before.”

“When was that? Were you in a suspicious business before?’

“Of course not! Guys in bath houses don’t care if a little girl is there when they undress.”

Kurosagi groaned as Hatori was beginning to lecture her about maintaining a line between females and males as an adult.

“I undressed, Kurosagi-Chan.”

Kurosagi looked at Kohaku and saw him holding his clothes in pure nakedness. Kurosagi had a blank expression, while Hatori began to panic. Hatori pulled off his jacket and immediately wrapped it around Kohaku’s waist.

“Don’t show that thing to Kurosagi!” screamed Hatori. Kohaku nodded clenching the jacket around his naked waist with a bright blush on his cheek. Kurosagi sighed.

“I don’t care about the male anatomy. Now then…”

Kurosagi grabbed the clothes of Kohaku with both hands. The clothes smelled of old sweat and urine, but Kurosagi could care less of the smell.

“The deal has been made.”

Kurosagi placed the clothes on the sofa to Hatori’s displeasure. Kurosagi looked at Kohaku and asked, “Do you know where your friends’ bodies were buried and if not, can you tell me where the crime took place?” Kohaku sighed clutching the jacket around his waist.

“I don’t know where they were buried. I was forbidden from going to the funeral.”

“But you do know where the crime took place, correct?”

Kohaku nodded.

“It happened in my old college ‘Tokeino College Academy.’ It was in one of the dorm rooms there. I can’t really remember the number of the room though.”

“Well it’s a start. We’ll figure out the room number later on, so let’s head to the college.”

Kohaku nodded. Hatori sighed and said, “But we need to put some clothes on him first.” Kurosagi nodded and added, “He’ll need to wear a disguise though to avoid the police.” Kurosagi smirked as she looked at Kohaku making Kohaku extremely confused.

After a few moments, Kurosagi and Hatori walked out of the office. Kurosagi looked toward the opened door and said, “Come on out, Hiwatari-San.” Kohaku stepped out of the room slowly in shocking attire.

Kohaku was wearing a sky blue evening dress that reached just above his ankles. The chest of the dress had two bulges that looked like breasts of a woman. He wore a blonde long haired wig upon his head with a blue round hat. Thin brown glasses rested upon his nose. His muzzle was shaved off and his bangs trimmed revealing his green eyes. There was blush and lipstick on him too. The makeup covered up his scar. He wore blue boots on his feet as well. Kohaku also held Kurosagi’s bag to his chest like it was a teddy bear.

Kohaku blushed as he hugged Kurosagi’s bag tighter to his chest.

“Is this really necessary?”

“Do you want to be executed?”

Kohaku shook his head whimpering. Kurosagi suddenly held her hand at Kohaku and asked, “Can I have my bag back now?” Kohaku shook his head and said, “I need to hug something or I’ll feel uncomfortable.” Kurosagi groaned. Hatori laughed uneasily and said, “Just this once, Kurosagi.” Kurosagi nodded and began to walk off.

“Don’t fall behind, Hiwatari-San.”

Kohaku nodded and followed after her with his skirt flowing in the wind. Hatori tried to hold back his chuckles at Kohaku’s disguise.

The minute they turned a corner, they saw police asking random citizens about Kohaku. Kohaku flinched and cowered behind Kurosagi digging his face into her bag. Kurosagi smirked when she recognized one of the policemen as Suiji.


Suiji flinched and looked toward Kurosagi. He smiled at Kurosagi and greeted her.

“Kurosagi, why are you here?” asked Suiji as he walked away from a citizen. Kurosagi smirked and said, “I’m just going for a walk to help solve a case.”

“That’s Kurosagi for you.”

Suiji took notice of Kohaku behind Kurosagi. He pointed at him and asked, “Who is that lady behind you?” Kohaku flinched and dug his face deeper into the bag.

Kurosagi sighed and said, “This young lady here is my new client, Emi Hiwatari. She’s an acquaintance of Ogami-San.” Kurosagi looked at Hatori.

“Isn’t that right, O-ga-mi-San?”

Hatori caught on to Kurosagi’s lie and nodded. Suiji chuckled and said, “Well I hope you can help her like how you helped Nobu-San.” Suiji scratched the back of his head and added, “I don’t think a killer like Kohaku Hiwatari would be stupid enough to go in your area, so I’ll tell my fellow officers to search the other streets.” Suiji waved goodbye to Kurosagi.

“Be safe, Kurosagi.”

While Suiji talked with the officers to search another area, Kurosagi looked back at Kohaku and said, “You’ll be fine as long as you are with me, Hiwatari-San.” Kohaku nodded with teary eyes.

Hatori suddenly remembered something and said, “Tokeino College Academy is all the way downtown. It’ll take days to reach by foot and Hiwatari-San might be discovered at the time.” Kurosagi looked at Hatori with a cocked eyebrow.

“And your point is…?”

“We should take a TAXI for a change to get there faster.”

Kurosagi pouted and said, “No way.” Hatori groaned and said, “Don’t be such a kid right now. Think about the well-being of Hiwatari-San.” Kurosagi looked at Kohaku, who was crouched down behind her.

“Do you want to take a TAXI?”

Kohaku nodded. Kurosagi sighed in defeat and looked at Hatori ordering him to call a TAXI. Hatori obeyed happily.

A TAXI parked next to the curb in front of Hatori, Kurosagi, and Kohaku. Hatori opened the door allowing Kohaku to slip in. Hatori looked at Kurosagi saying, “Please get in.” Kurosagi stepped in and sat in the leather chair of the TAXI. Hatori sat next to her closing the TAXI door behind him. Hatori told the driver their destination receiving a nod as a reply.

As the TAXI drove down the road in a speed limit of fifty, Hatori noticed how quiet Kurosagi was and how her complexion was beginning to change into a light shade of white. Hatori leaned toward her and asked, “Are you OK?” Kurosagi ignored Hatori as she looked at Kohaku, who was cradling her bag.

“Give my bag to me right now.”



Kohaku immediately handed her bag to her. Kurosagi opened her bag and dug into it in a fast haste. She pulled out a brown paper bag making Hatori and Kohaku confused.


Kurosagi flipped the bag open and began to throw up into it creating gagging sounds. Hatori gasped as he watched Kurosagi barf.

“Kurosagi, could it be that you get car sick?”

Kurosagi looked at Hatori with saliva on the side of her lips and bags under her eyes. She gripped Hatori by the front of his shirt and said, “Don’t you dare tell anyone about this.” Hatori nodded. Kurosagi glared at Kohaku making him promise not to tell anyone. Kohaku nodded shaking in fear. Kurosagi threw up again in the bag with Hatori and Kohaku looking at her in worry.

After going through three barf bags, they reached Tokeino College Academy. Kurosagi staggered out of the TAXI with the assistance of Hatori and Kohaku. The minute they were out, the TAXI drove off into the distance. Kurosagi was completely pale as she held the barf bags in her right hand. She discarded them in a trash can and looked at Hatori.

“Shall we?”

Hatori nodded as he followed Kurosagi with Kohaku, who had Kurosagi’s bag again, next to him. Hatori looked at Kurosagi as they walked and asked, “Are you really OK?” Kurosagi nodded.

Kurosagi looked at Kohaku and asked, “Does anything look familiar?” Kohaku looked at his surroundings and shook his head.

“They must have added new stuff since I was here.”

“That’s troubling. Do you at least know where the dorms are?”

Kohaku shook his head again.

“I was directionally challenged. My friends were the ones who guided me.”

Kurosagi groaned and asked, “Were you part of the special class?”

“How did you know? You must be a really talented detective to know that.”

Kurosagi sighed thinking Kohaku was a complete ignorant fool because other people would have figured it out. Kurosagi spotted a passing male student and waved to him.

“Excuse me?”

The student stopped in his tracks and looked toward Kurosagi and the others.

“Are you speaking to me?” he asked in a heavy Southern accent. Kurosagi nodded and asked, “Do you know where the male dorms are?”

“Why would you want to know that, little lady?”

Kurosagi held a hand to her chest and said, “My older brother is in the dorm and I want to surprise him. Is that all right?” Kurosagi showed puppy like eyes that shocked Hatori, who was used to her sinister smirks. The student smiled and pointed down a path.

“Just go through there until you reach a fork in the road. Take the left road and you should be there no problem, understand?”

Kurosagi nodded saying, “Thank you big brother.” The student smiled and patted Kurosagi’s head.

“You can call me, Henry Crawford, little lady.”

He looked at Hatori and Kohaku and said, “Your daughter is very sweet to want to greet her big brother.” Hatori nodded, while Kohaku blushed brightly hugging Kurosagi’s bag tightly.

When the student was out of sight, Kurosagi sighed and said, “He’s so young and treats an adult like a child.” Hatori chuckled and said, “Well I doubt he would believe that you are an adult.” Kurosagi nodded and then began to go down the path the student pointed out with Hatori and Kohaku behind her.

When they reached the fork in the road, they saw a girl arguing with a man around his forties. Kurosagi was ready to ignore them, but stopped in her tracks when she saw Kohaku approaching them. Kohaku stepped between them ordering them to stop fighting. The girl looked at Kohaku and then glared at the older man.

“Is this your little skank?” the girl screamed. Kohaku was struck speechless.

“You got the wrong idea, Lilliet. I don’t even know this woman,” said the old man in his defense. The girl, Lilliet, began to scream insults at the older man with Kohaku stuck between them shaking. Kurosagi sighed and approached the couple and Kohaku.

Kurosagi grabbed the hem of Kohaku’s dress making him look down at her.

“Mommy, let’s go see big brother now,” said Kurosagi in a sweet voice. Kurosagi’s statement made the two arguing couple look down at her.

“Do you know this woman kid?” demanded Lilliet. Kurosagi nodded and hugged Kohaku around his waist making him blush.

“She’s my mommy,” stated Kurosagi. She looked back at Hatori and added, “He’s my daddy and we are here to see big brother.”

Lilliet raised her eyebrow at Kurosagi and then looked at Kohaku.

“So you are only here by coincidence?”

Kohaku nodded nervously. Lilliet gave out a huff and glared at the older man.

“This isn’t over, Jacob Chester.”

With that said, Lilliet walked away with a frown. The older man, Jacob, sighed in relief and looked at Kohaku and Kurosagi.

“I’m very sorry that you got involved in that.”

“None taken, mister,” said Kurosagi in a happy like voice. Jacob chuckled and said, “You can call me Mr. Chester, young lady.” Jacob looked at Kohaku and said, “You look like someone I know.” Kohaku laughed nervously and said, “That’s a surprise Chester-Sensei.” Jacob gasped.

“How do you know I’m a teacher?”

Kohaku froze completely speechless. Kurosagi deduced that Kohaku knew the man and immediately took action.

“Mommy is also a teacher, so she can tell that you are one too.”

“Oh really? What does she teach?”

“Home Education.”

Jacob chuckled and said, “She looks like a woman who would do that.” Kurosagi nodded, while Kohaku blushed.

“So what’s your name?”

“My name is Emi Suwa.”

Jacob smiled and patted Kurosagi’s head saying that she was cute. He looked at Kohaku and asked for his name. Kohaku gulped trying to remember what Kurosagi called him before. Hatori could see how nervous Kohaku was and stepped forward. He placed a hand on Kohaku’s shoulder making him flinch.

“I’m sorry, but my wife is too nervous to talk.”

Jacob chuckled and apologized for making Kohaku feel uncomfortable. Hatori led Kohaku and Kurosagi away from Jacob and said, “Well we better go, so we can greet my son.” Jacob nodded and wished them a goodbye.

They walked down the path toward the male dorms. Kurosagi glared at Kohaku and demanded, “Why did you step in that fight?” Kohaku looked down as he hugged Kurosagi’s bag.

“Because fighting only causes people to hate each other.”

Kurosagi could sense the sadness in Kohaku’s voice and asked, “Do you have experience in that, Hiwatari-San?” Kohaku nodded and said, “My parents always fought and started to hate each other and later separated.” A tear escaped Kohaku’s eye. Kurosagi sighed and stated, “People always fight, so don’t feel bad about it.” Kohaku just continued to whimper.

Kurosagi remembered Jacob and asked, “Do you know that Mr. Chester?” Kohaku stopped whimpering and nodded.

“He was my English teacher in the college. He was always kind to all the students.”

There was warmness in Kohaku’s voice as he spoke. Kurosagi remembered the girl with Jacob and asked, “Do you know that girl too?” Kohaku shook his head.

“She must be new to the school, but she was really scary when she was yelling at Chester-Sensei.”

Kurosagi smirked and stated, “The way they were fighting, people would think that they are a couple.” Kohaku shook his head and stated, “The school is very strict, so student-teacher relationships are forbidden.” Kurosagi chuckled.

“That’s interesting.”

Hatori cleared his throat getting Kohaku and Kurosagi’s attention.

“We’re here,” stated Hatori pointing at the male dorm building in front of them. Kurosagi smirked when she saw the building.

“Shall we see the crime scene?”

They entered the male dorm building, where there was a man around his forties smoking in a corner. Kurosagi groaned hating the smell of the smoke. She approached the man and asked, “Excuse me, are you the one in charge of the male dorms?” The man looked at Kurosagi and nodded.

“That’s me kid. The name is Souta Sakuragawa. You need something from me?”

The man, Souta, puffed on his cigarette as Kurosagi spoke.

“Do you know of a room where a murder took place, Sakuragawa-San?”

Souta chuckled and said, “Let me guess, you are part of a mystery club in your elementary school and you want to solve the case titled ‘Party Massacre,’ am I right?”

“I guess you can say that,” stated Kurosagi with a smirk. Souta noticed Kohaku and Hatori and asked, “Are your parents chaperoning you?” Kurosagi glanced back at Hatori and Kohaku and nodded.

“They insisted on coming along.”

Kurosagi looked back at Souta and added, “So can you tell me about the massacre?” Souta nodded.

“Well I was the dorm manager during that time. It happened in the very top floor of the dorms. The dorm rooms in the top floor are a lot bigger than the ones in the lower floors. There was a wild party going on in that room. So wild, that I heard it in my office. It was around three O’clock in the morning when the noise calmed down. I thought it was over. I suddenly heard a scream and ran to the top floor. I saw blood seeping from under one of the doors and unlocked the door with my master key. All the boys in the room were dead and covered in stab wounds. There was so much blood that I puked.”

“All of them were dead?”

“Yes, except for one…the murderer Kohaku Hiwatari. He was the one who screamed and he was the one with the murder weapon in his hand.”

Kohaku hugged Kurosagi’s bag closer to his chest trying his best not to cry. Kurosagi glanced back at Kohaku and then back at Souta.

“Did you see Hiwatari-San kill anyone, Sakuragawa-San?”

Souta shrugged and said, “No, but I really thought he was the murderer because he was the only survivor and no one else, but me could get in there, unless they had a key.” Kurosagi sighed.

“Is there anything else you know about the case?”

Souta sighed and said, “Well I know that Hiwatari was arrested and was given the death sentence. He was supposed to be executed today if I remember right.”

Kurosagi nodded and then asked, “Can you tell me which room the murder took place in?”

“Room 999 is where it took place. No one is using it right now and I don’t think anyone would ever want to go in there.”

Kurosagi thanked Souta and walked pass him with Hatori and Kohaku behind her. Souta gasped and asked, “Where are you going kid?”

“To room 999 of course.”

“You can’t go to that room without permission.”

Kurosagi stared at Souta and asked, “Can I please go in that room?” Souta groaned.

“You’re persistent, but I still can’t let you in. It would be against regulations.”

Kurosagi sighed and then looked at Kohaku. She held her hand to him and said, “Open my bag and give me the brown container.” Kohaku nodded and began to search through Kurosagi’s bag. He pulled out Kurosagi’s badge and handed it to her. She flashed the badge at Souta.

“By order of the Bureau, allow me access to room 999.”

Souta was struck speechless. His cigarette fell from his lips as he looked at Kurosagi’s badge. Souta pointed at Kurosagi his hand shaking.

“You’re the famous Kurosagi?”

Kurosagi nodded tossing her badge back to Kohaku. She smirked at Souta and asked, “Now can this ‘kid’ enter the room?” Souta nodded still not over his shock. Kurosagi held her hand to Souta demanding for the master key of the dorms. Souta nodded pulling the key out from his pocket. He placed it into Kurosagi’s small hand.  Kurosagi thanked him and said, “The room is on the top floor, correct?”  Souta nodded.

Before Kurosagi could walk off, she heard Souta say something else.

“I don’t know if this is relevant, but the room wasn’t inhabitable because of the murders. The gothic kids would want to be in there. No one wanted to go in there because there was a terrible smell. It’s a smell that could make anyone puke.”

Kurosagi glanced back at Souta and asked, “What does it smell like?”

“Like something rotting. Some people say that the smell was from the spirits of the murdered victims. The smell has disappeared after a long while, but people are afraid that it will come back.”

Kurosagi’s expression seemed to grow dark. She turned away from Souta and said, “Do not allow anyone in the room.” Souta nodded and watched Kurosagi walk off with Kohaku and Hatori in tow.

Hatori noticed Kurosagi’s expression as they walked and asked, “Is something wrong?” Kurosagi remained silent as she increased her walking speed.

They reached the top of the male dorms and headed to the room where the massacre happened: room 999. Kurosagi unlocked the door and kicked it open. The room was completely empty and as big as a party hall. Kurosagi looked at Kohaku and said, “Whatever you see here today, do not tell anyone else.” Kohaku nodded. Kurosagi then looked at Hatori.

“This is only a guess but please try to calm Kohaku down.”

Hatori nodded wondering what Kurosagi was going to do. Kurosagi stepped into the room creating a creaking sound on the wooden planks of the floor. She lifted her hands up. Hatori recognized the position Kurosagi was in making his eyes widen. Kurosagi flicked two of her fingers upward. A knocking noise echoed in the room. Kohaku flinched clutching the bag closer to his chest.

“What was that?” asked Kohaku shaking. Hatori placed a hand on Kohaku’s shoulder trying to calm his nerves.

Kurosagi flicked her two fingers upward repeatedly. As she did this, the knocking noise continued. Hatori looked at Kurosagi with wide eyes.

“Kurosagi, is there…?”


Kurosagi looked back at Hatori with seriousness in her red eyes.

“There’s a body in here.”

Hatori and Kohaku were shocked. Kohaku was shaking as he asked, “Is there really a body in here?” Kurosagi nodded. Kurosagi moved her fingers making the knocking noise continuously. She looked at Hatori and said, “Find where the sound is coming from, Ogami-San.” Hatori nodded leaving a shaking Kohaku by the door.

Hatori searched around the room trying to pin point where the noise was coming from. He stepped to a corner of the room and began to feel a steady rhythm under his feet. He knelt down and pressed his hand against the dusted floor. He felt the beat under his hand and looked back at Kurosagi.

“I found it.”

Kurosagi stopped her movements making the knocking noise seize. She walked to Hatori’s side and stared down at the floor. She remembered Souta’s story and looked at Kohaku.

“Is this the corner you found yourself in when you discovered your dead friends around you?”

Kohaku approached Kurosagi and stared at the corner they were at. He had a mental picture of himself shaking against the wall with the knife in his hand. Kohaku bit his lip and nodded. Kurosagi smirked and stated, “Interesting.”

Kurosagi looked at Hatori and ordered him to break the floor open. Hatori nodded and readied himself to break the floor panel. To his surprise, the floor panel lifted off easily. He lifted each panel off wondering why they weren’t nailed down. Hatori and Kohaku gasped when they saw what was under the loose panels.

A skeleton wearing a tank top and jeans covered in dust was lying before them. Kohaku was shaking as he asked, “Is it real?” To his surprise, the hand of the skeleton moved and seemed to reach out to him. Kohaku screamed and stumbled back.

“It’s real,” stated Kurosagi bluntly with her hands up. Kurosagi placed her hands down making the skeleton drop its hand. Hatori looked at Kurosagi and asked, “Is this another victim of the party?”


Kurosagi kneeled next to it examining it closely. She lifted the jeans up by the waist and stated, “By the look of the pelvis, this skeleton is a female.”

“Is there any way we can figure out who she is?”

Kurosagi smirked and stated, “Noda would know.” Hatori nodded in agreement, while Kohaku was still shaking. Hatori suddenly realized something very important.

“How are we going to get the body out in one piece without anyone noticing?” asked Hatori. Kurosagi chuckled and stated, “Leave that to me.”

Souta waited at the bottom of the dorms wondering why Kurosagi was taking on a case that happened ten years ago. He flinched when he heard Kurosagi and the others coming toward him.

“Did you find any…?”

Souta gasped when he saw that a person had joined them. The person had a scarf covering all of the face, a cap, and a thick trench coat and pants. He couldn’t see the face, but he was sure that it wasn’t a person from his dorm.

“Who is this?”

Kurosagi smirked with her two hands in front of her.

“A person who will most likely help with the case,” stated Kurosagi and began to walk off with Hatori, Kohaku, and the mysterious person. Souta was filled with confusion as he watched them leave.

As they walked, Hatori looked at Kurosagi with uneasiness in his eyes.

“Is it really OK to have the body moving like this?” asked Hatori nervously. Kohaku was just shaking as he stared at the moving dead body next to him. Kurosagi chuckled and said, “Just relax. I’ve done this before many times.” Hatori and Kohaku were shocked and began to envision Kurosagi surrounded by movie rated zombies.

They were about to walk out of the academy, but stopped when they heard someone call out to them. They turned around and saw Henry waving at them.

“Come back to the academy soon,” called out Henry. Kurosagi nodded and began to walk out.

Kurosagi looked at Kohaku and asked, “Are students at this academy usually mentally challenged?” Kurosagi sounded annoyed. Kohaku chuckled hugging Kurosagi’s bag.

“Well, I was told before in the past that the academy was for troubled children to find peace.”

Kurosagi’s expression was filled with wonder.

Kurosagi this time was against riding the TAXI because she needed to control the body, so they walked to the Institute of Mura. Half way through though, Hatori and Kohaku were almost out of breath. Hatori grabbed Kurosagi’s shoulder making her look at him.

“How about we contact Sato-San to come here?” suggested Hatori sweating heavily. Kurosagi nodded and stated, “That might be best.” Hatori and Kohaku were relieved. Kurosagi looked at Kohaku and ordered him to pull out her cell phone from her bag. Kohaku nodded and began to dig in her bag. He found a pink patterned cell phone and showed it to Kurosagi.

“Hand it to Ogami-San.”

Kohaku held the cell phone to Hatori allowing Hatori to take it. Kurosagi looked at Hatori and said, “Press the six key in speed dial.” Hatori pressed the key on the phone and clicked send. The phone rang through the cell phone. In a matter of minutes, Noda’s voice could be heard.


“Sato-San, is that you?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“Hatori Ogami, Kurosagi’s assistant.”

“Oh yes, does Kurosagi need something?”

“She needs you to come to…”

Hatori looked at a street sign.

“…Hayes Road downtown. We need you to pick us up.”

“Why are you down there?”

“It’s for a case and Kurosagi can’t take a TAXI because of some circumstances.”

“All right. I’ll be there in an hour, so just wait in a restaurant. I’ll call you when I’m there.”

Hatori nodded and hung up the phone. Hatori looked at Kurosagi and said, “Sato-San will be here in an hour, so he told us to wait in a restaurant.” Kurosagi sighed.

“All right then.”

Kurosagi moved her fingers in a smooth motion making the body walk toward a corner casually. She made it go to a bench and then sat it down. She looked at Hatori and Kohaku and said, “I have to stay here, so go get something to eat for now while we wait.” Hatori nodded and began to lead Kohaku away.

Kurosagi sat next to the body on the bench with her hands still in front of her. She looked at the motionless body. She remembered Henry waving goodbye to her, but she focused her memory on his waving arm. Barely hidden under his sleeve were two scratch marks side by side like two tallies. Kurosagi asked Kohaku before if the academy was for mentally challenged students not because she was annoyed, but because she was curious. Even though Henry seemed normal the scratches on his arm weren’t normal.

Is that why Kohaku was immediately accused as the murderer because he was part of an academy of “special” children?

            Kurosagi suddenly felt something cold against her cheek making her jump. Kurosagi nearly lost control of the body as a result. She glared upward and saw Hatori holding a bottle of milk to her.

“Don’t do that,” scolded Kurosagi. Hatori smiled and said, “Sorry about that but I thought you would want something to drink.” Kohaku who was behind Hatori with a bag of cookies on top of Kurosagi’s bag nodded in agreement. Kurosagi eyed the cookies with Kohaku.

“I’ll accept the milk as long as I can have those cookies with Hiwatari-San,” said Kurosagi her focus mainly on the cookies. Hatori sighed.

“I thought you say that. That’s why I got a big bag for you two to share.”

Kohaku smiled at Hatori and said, “You’re very kind, Ogami-San.” Hatori smirked at Kohaku. Kohaku sat next to Kurosagi and opened the bag of cookies. The cookies were oatmeal raisin. Kohaku pulled out one cookie and began to munch on it. Kohaku was pleased with the taste and showed the bag to Kurosagi.

“Go ahead and take one,” urged Kohaku. Kurosagi glared at him and pointed out that she couldn’t move her hands away from controlling the corpse. Kohaku apologized immediately. He pulled out one cookie and held it to Kurosagi’s face closely.

“I’ll hold the cookie for you, so you can eat Kurosagi.”

Kurosagi nodded and bit out of the cookie in Kohaku’s hand. Kohaku chuckled and stated, “It’s like feeding a little kitten.” Kohaku urged Kurosagi to eat more pushing the cookie to her face. Kurosagi raised an eyebrow at Kohaku.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

Kohaku nodded with a chuckle. Hatori smiled and stated, “You’re really like a kid, even though you seem to be older than me.” Kohaku looked at Hatori with a smile.

“Well I was told a lot by my friends that I resembled a kid, but sometimes they told me that I was a lot stronger than I looked.”

Kurosagi perked up and asked, “Is that right?” Kohaku nodded and added, “But I told them they were mistaken because I could barely defend myself.” Kurosagi went into deep thought with a serious expression on her face.

“Hiwatari-San, do you…?”

“Do I what?” interrupted Kohaku. Kurosagi sighed and stated, “Never mind.” Kohaku and Hatori stared at Kurosagi filled with confusion.

They soon heard honking of a car horn and looked up. Noda waved from his car window calling out to Kurosagi.


Kurosagi jumped off the bench and made the body rise off the bench. She approached Noda’s car with Hatori and Kohaku behind her. Noda looked down at Kurosagi and said, “I thought you were going to wait in a restaurant for me.”

“I can’t wait in a restaurant with this,” stated Kurosagi and then flicked tow fingers upward making the body raise one of its arms. Noda cringed when he saw a glimpse of the skeleton arm bone just under the jacket.


Kurosagi nodded and stated, “I need you to figure out her identity.” Noda sighed and told her to get in the car. Kurosagi opened the door uneasily. Hatori and Kohaku pushed Kurosagi into the car gently allowing her to manipulate the body into the front seat of the car. Noda flinched as the body sat next to him.

“I really don’t like it when they move like this.”

“I apologize then.”

Hatori and Kohaku sat in the car with Kurosagi in between them. Kohaku dug in Kurosagi’s bag and pulled out three barf bags. He handed them to Kurosagi and said, “You need these, right?” Kurosagi sighed and nodded.

Noda chuckled and said, “I’ll try not to drive too fast, Kurosagi.” Kurosagi nodded again. The minute Noda began to drive, Kurosagi felt like hurling.

They reached the Institute of Mura allowing Noda to park in his special parking space. He exited the car and looked at Kurosagi, who was exiting the car with Hatori supporting her back and Kohaku asking if she was all right with four filled barf bags in his hand and Kurosagi’s bag still against his chest.

“Are you all right, Kurosagi?”

Kurosagi nodded the color in her face returning. It was a surprise that she was still able to manipulate the dead body out of the car. She regained her composure and followed Noda into the institute. They went pass the security and made their way to the operation room. Noda slid his card through the reader making the automatic door open. They all went inside allowing the door to close behind them. Noda pointed at an empty examination table and said, “Place the body there.” Kurosagi nodded wriggling her fingers. The body twitched and walked to the table. It laid down casually on the table. Kurosagi placed her hands down releasing the body. Kurosagi looked at Noda.

“You may examine now.”

Noda nodded removing his jacket. He slipped on rubber gloves and removed the clothing on the skeleton. He looked at the groin of the skeleton and stated, “It’s a girl no doubt.”

“I know that all ready.”

Noda touched the facial features of the body and closing his eyes.

“Just feeling the skull, I can tell that she was rather petite.”

Noda looked at Kurosagi and asked, “Was there really no identification on her?” Kurosagi nodded and stated, “She may be a missing person because we found her body under the floor boards of a dorm room.”

“Interesting. Which dorm was it and what room?”

“It was at Tokeino College Academy’s boys’ dorm and it was in room 999.”

Noda chuckled and asked, “Isn’t that the room where the maniac killer Kohaku Hiwatari slaughtered entire party of boys ten years ago?” Kurosagi nodded.

“I’m actually trying to help him.”

“But he was executed right?”

Kurosagi shook her head and pointed at Kohaku, who flinched and hid behind Hatori.

“That’s him right there.”

Noda stared at Kohaku with wide eyes and exclaimed, “But that’s a girl!” Kurosagi smirked and said, “It’s just a disguise.” Noda couldn’t believe that he was looking at a famous killer. Hatori sighed and said, “He’s really not dangerous, Sato-San, that’s why we are trying to prove his innocence.” Noda stared at Kohaku, who was shaking in fear. Noda sighed.

“Fine, but if he causes any trouble, I will call the police.”

“Fair enough,” stated Kurosagi. Noda went back to the body. Noda scraped off some of the outer layer of the bone and placed it on a glass slide. He took the slide to a strange machine. He pushed the slide into a slot on the machine and pressed a green button. The machine began to run and the screen upon it lit up.

“This will help us figure out who she was using her DNA,” stated Noda. Kurosagi nodded staring at the screen. The machine beeped and then revealed a picture of a nineteen-year-old brown haired girl in a white gown and information on the side.

“So that’s her?”

Noda nodded and read off the screen.

“Her name is Carol Conrod, age nineteen, a transfer student from Washington. She’s been missing for ten years.”

“Is she from Tokeino College Academy?” asked Hatori looking at the screen. Noda nodded. Kurosagi read through the information.

“Looks like she had mental problems. She always had wild fantasies that she believed to be real and would also hurt people on a rare occasion thinking they were monsters.”

Kohaku gasped looking at the picture of the girl. Kohaku pointed at it and said, “She was my classmate before.” Kurosagi looked at Kohaku with seriousness in her eyes.

“So you did know her?”

Kohaku nodded and said, “I didn’t know her very well. We only spoke once in a while about Chester-Sensei’s lessons.” Kohaku hugged Kurosagi’s bag tighter and added, “I had no idea that she was dead.” Kohaku began to whimper.

“Why was she hidden under the room?”

Kurosagi stared at the screen of Carol and then asked, “Do you really not remember what happened that night at the party?”

“I already told you that my friends got me to drink alcohol and I blacked out.”

Kurosagi sighed and held her hand at Kohaku.

“Give me a strand of your hair.”

Kohaku placed a hand over the wig and asked, “Why do you need that?” Kurosagi glared at him daring him to ask again. Kohaku flinched and immediately removed the blonde wig. He yanked out a strand of his hair and placed it in Kurosagi’s hand. Kurosagi pinched the strand of hair between her fingers and said, “Don’t tell anyone about this.” Kohaku nodded.

Kurosagi tossed the strand of hair into her mouth making Kohaku gasp. Kohaku looked at Hatori and Noda and asked, in a panicked voice, “Does she always eat hair of her clients?”

“Only when she needs too,” stated Noda. Hatori nodded in agreement.

Kurosagi closed her eyes remaining motionless. Kohaku waved his hand in front of Kurosagi and asked, “Is something wrong with her?”

Hatori scratched the back of his head and said, “She’s looking into your memories using your hair.” Kohaku didn’t know what to say as he looked down at Kurosagi.

Kurosagi began to hear booming loud rock music and the laughter of boys. An image of a wild party appeared before her eyes.

“Why is the party so loud?”

            The image focused on a twenty-year-old man in a black jacket smirking at her. The man patted her back laughing.

“Everyone is just having fun, so why don’t you too, Kohaku.”

            “But this is just too much for me. Can you just take me back to my room, so I can sleep?”

            The man laughed and pulled a pure blue teddy bear from her.

“Come on, Kohaku. You need to get loose once in a while.”

            The man tossed the bear to a corner. Kohaku gasped and the image moved toward the bear. Kohaku gasped again as the image focused on the man again.

“Mr. Blue can stay there for now. Here have some coke.”

            The man held a cup of coke to her. The cup disappeared from the image as she drank from the cup. The image blacked out making Kurosagi cringe.

That must have been the alcohol.

            The image returned immediately making Kurosagi confused.

“Why the fuck did you give me liquor, you asshole?”

            “Ah come on, you’re more fun this way and call me Kevin.”

            She saw Kohaku’s hands grab Kevin by the scruff of his shirt.

“Look here Kevin, if you hurt Kohaku in any way, I might just forget my promise.”

            Kurosagi suddenly heard a scream and the image switched to the door, where Carol was standing. Carol had a knife in her hand covered in blood. On the ground before her was one of the boys. She began running at the boys slicing them up like butcher’s meat.

“Ah fuck!”

            Kevin shoved Kurosagi away as he tried to run. Carol ran at Kevin and immediately began to butcher him.

“Holy shit.”

            The image changed to the doorway again, but the door was surprisingly shut. Kurosagi tried to open the door, but it was no use. The door would not open.

“What’s going on?”

            The image switched to Carol, who was laughing as she held a dismembered head with the entire party of boys dead all around her. She looked at Kurosagi.

“I killed all the monsters just what my watcher wanted me to do.”

            Carol pointed her knife at Kurosagi and stated, “Only one left.”  Carol ran at Kurosagi with the knife above her head. Kurosagi saw Kohaku’s hand grip Carol’s wrist preventing her from striking.

Get away from me you crazy bitch!”

            Kurosagi shoved Carol away and ran to a corner where Kohaku’s bear was sitting. She saw Carol running at her again. Kohaku’s hand punched her and pulled the knife away from her. Carol glared at Kurosagi.

“I am the slayer and I will always…”

            Carol stopped speaking as blood trickled down the side of her mouth. She fell to the ground revealing a shadow behind her.

“What the…?”

            The image disappeared as Kurosagi’s eyes flung open. She fell to her knees breathing heavily. Hatori and Noda ran to Kurosagi’s side asking if she was all right. Kurosagi nodded sweating.

“I just watched Hiwatari-San’s memories for too long.”

Kurosagi wiped the sweat off her brow and looked at Kohaku making him flinch.

“You saw everything: Conrod-San breaking into the party and killing all your ‘friends’; and Conrod-San’s death. Why didn’t you tell the police when you were arrested?”

Kohaku shook as he hugged Kurosagi’s bag and said, “But I really didn’t see anything. I was unconscious the whole time.” Kurosagi remembered the vulgar vocabulary in the memory. She clenched her hand and asked, “Have you ever cursed, Hiwatari-San?”

Kohaku gasped and stated, “Cursing is wrong. I would never say those things.” Kurosagi smirked and then asked, “Have you ever fought back or punched someone?”

“Fighting is wrong.”

Kurosagi stood up dusting herself off and asked, “Then why is it in your memory that you fought Conrod-San off by punching her and taking her knife away?”

“I never did that,” said Kohaku uneasily. Kohaku hugged the bag tighter and added, “I could never do that. I mean I black out when my friends just hit my arm a little hard, so how can I punch someone?”

Kurosagi put the pieces together in her head and smirked. She looked at Hatori and said, “Please punch the side of Hiwatari-San’s arm.”


“Just a little experiment.”

Hatori sighed and went up to Kohaku muttering a small apology. Hatori punched the side of Kohaku’s arm making Kohaku whimper. Kohaku’s eyes widen as the bag fell from his arms. He glared at Hatori and punched him clear in the face screaming, “Why the fuck did you hit me?” Hatori fell to the ground gripping his pain pulsing cheek.

Kurosagi chuckled as she looked at Kohaku, who was breathing heavily, while wiping off the makeup covering his scar.

“I see, so Kohaku Hiwatari has a timid personality except when any form of abuse is done to him, he switches to a more aggressive personality. In other words, he has a split personality.”

Kohaku glared at Kurosagi and asked, “Who the fuck are you brat?”

Kurosagi pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and stated, “My name is Kurosagi, the great detective, and I am trying to prove your innocence.” Kohaku smirked and sat on the closes chair in the room.

“So someone finally believes that Kohaku and I are innocent.”

Kohaku looked toward the body of Carol and stated, “This is Carol Conrod, the one who killed all of Kohaku’s friends, right?” Kurosagi nodded.

“Do you know how she died?”

“Well I was there. She was stabbed in the back by someone, but I can’t quite remember, but I do know that someone knocked me out and framed me for the murders.”

Noda and Hatori looked at Kurosagi and asked, “Is that true?” Kurosagi nodded and said, “I do believe there was a second person for the murders, but I’m not quite sure why that second person would kill Conrod-San.” They were in a stand still.

Kohaku groaned and said, “Only if I knew where Mr. Blue is.”

Kurosagi looked at Kohaku and asked, “Mr. Blue? Is that Hiwatari-San’s bear that was at the party?” Kohaku nodded and crossed his arms.

“I can’t always see what Kohaku is doing so I got him a bear that records everything around him.”

Hatori gasped and asked, “Is that a Nanny-Cam?” Kohaku nodded.

“Mr. Blue recorded the whole incident and that could prove Kohaku’s innocence and show who the real murderers are.”

Kurosagi smirked and asked, “Did anyone else know that Mr. Blue can record?” Kohaku thought awhile and nodded.

“The one who did inspections when Kohaku first enrolled into the academy.”

Kurosagi chuckled and asked, “Do you remember the name of the person?”

“How could I forget? He’s always around us?”

Kurosagi smirk grew wider as she looked at Kohaku. She held her hand to him and asked, “I am asking you and Kohaku. Are you ready to follow me into the darkness to prove your innocence?”

Kohaku smirked and clasped her hands in a tight grip.

“Fuck yeah!”

In Tokeino College Academy, Souta was sitting in his chair smoking a cigarette. He remembered Kurosagi holding her badge and wondered if she saw something that the police didn’t ten years ago. He remembered Kohaku’s crying form ten years ago as well and sighed.

“He did seem pathetic for a murderer.”


Souta looked up and saw Jacob looking at him. Souta sighed and asked, “Are you doing your inspection again?” Jacob nodded and said, “This should be your job you know?” Souta chuckled, sending smoke out of his cigarette.

“But when I find anything interesting in their rooms, I take it home with me.”

“Thief,” muttered Jacob. Jacob held his hand at Souta and ordered him to hand over the master key. Souta nodded and dropped the key in Jacob’s extended hand.

“You should finish this fast, so you can head home to Lilliet. She is your girlfriend.”

“Shut up! If anyone learns about that, then I am going to be fired.”

Souta chuckled and said, “I won’t tell for your sake, but do be careful.” Jacob nodded and was about to walk off.

“Oh yes, don’t go into room 999.”

Jacob stopped in his tracks and looked back at Souta.

“Why? Did the smell come back?”

Souta shook his head and said, “It seems there is another investigation going on about the party massacre, so I was told to keep people out of it.” Souta chuckled and said, “It would be interesting if Kohaku Hiwatari turned out to be innocent.” Jacob smiled.

“Well he was a sweet boy, if you ignore his other personality,” stated Jacob. Souta nodded in agreement.

Jacob ascended up the stairs checking every room. He soon reached room 999. He stared at the closed door and was about to walk past it, until he heard rock music from within. He immediately unlocked the door and flung it open screaming, “No one is supposed to be in this room!”

Jacob gasped when he saw that the room was completely empty. Jacob followed the trace of the music and realized that it was coming from the loose boards of the floor. Jacob grew pale as he fell to his knees. He removed the planks one by one. To his surprise, a CD player was on max volume lying in the dirt under the planks. He switched it off completely pale.

“What is this?”

He traced his fingers on the dirt and then looked toward the corner where Kohaku was crying ten years ago. He grabbed a loose plank from the wall and yanked it off. He saw the blur of a teddy bear’s paw peeking from the crack. There were traces of dried blood on its fur. Jacob sighed in relief.

“It’s still here.”

“So it was you after all.”

Jacob gasped and looked behind him only to see Kurosagi walking out of the closet with a smirk upon her lips.

“Emi-Chan, how did you get in here?”

Kurosagi held up a small kit and said, “As a detective, it’s good to have a pick locking kit.”

“Detective? What are you talking about?” asked Jacob with a smile. Kurosagi smirked as she held a hand to her chest.

“Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Kurosagi, the greatest detective of all time.”

Jacob was struck speechless. Kurosagi pointed at him and said, “Carol Conrod might have murdered those people that night, but you, the ‘Watcher’ convinced her to kill those people and were responsible for her death.”

Jacob smiled uneasily and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. Kohaku Hiwatari was the one who killed those people. You’re too young to play detective, Emi-Chan.” Kurosagi glared at Jacob making him flinch.

“Don’t play dumb with me. You convinced Conrod-San to kill those people and when she completed her task, you killed her and framed Kohaku Hiwatari.”

Kurosagi pointed at the paw of the teddy bear in the wall and said, “If you still deny what I am saying, then why don’t I show that Nanny-Cam to the police. That bear recorded the whole incident and I am sure that it caught your face as well.” Jacob clenched his fist.

“You little brat.”

Kurosagi chuckled and said, “So how about telling me why you committed this crime, before the police come.” Jacob smirked as he looked at Kurosagi.

“Do you know how it feels to have to watch over these troubled kids? They always want to kill themselves and the girls always convince themselves that I am their boyfriend. I always want to kill them just to get them to leave me alone. Carol was the same. She had this wild fantasy that I was her boyfriend and she always stalked me. Kohaku’s other personality saw Carol kiss me and said that he would tell the staff. That’s when I came up with an idea. I convinced Carol that I was her watcher and that she was a slayer. Then I told her that the party the boys were holding was filled with monsters. I told her to kill all the monsters in their den and then we could be together. She believed me and I snuck her into the party. She killed all the boys most of them troubled and then I killed her. I killed two birds with one stone. Kohaku’s other personality almost saw me, but I knocked him out. I drenched Kohaku in blood and then hid Carol’s body in the floor and the Nanny-Cam in the wall because I couldn’t remove its video. I locked the door using a duplicate key and then the perfect crime was made.”

Kurosagi sighed and stated, “So you did this out of frustration. You pathetic fool.” Jacob glared at Kurosagi his fist shaking.

“Those kids were troubled, so they needed to die and because Kohaku took the fall, I finally have a girlfriend that I can love for real.”

“Is that so?”

Kurosagi smirked and said, “But you won’t be able to be with her if you are imprisoned, Mr. Chester.” Jacob snapped and ran at Kurosagi ready to punch her. Kohaku, in normal clothing, burst from the closet behind Kurosagi and punched Jacob clear in the face. Jacob fell back nearly landing into the hole in the floor. Kohaku crunched his knuckles.

“You manipulative bastard!”

Jacob looked at Kohaku with his nose bleeding.

“Weren’t you executed today?”

Kohaku chuckled and said, “Watch the news and you would have known that Kohaku escaped.” Jacob gritted his teeth. He grabbed a plank of wood and threw it at Kohaku. Kohaku shattered it with a punch, but a spare piece flew at Kurosagi. Kurosagi dodged it and then noticed Jacob running to the door. Kurosagi held Kohaku back, before he could run at Jacob. Jacob flung the door open only to see Hatori blocking his path. Hatori grabbed him and said, “It’s over.” Jacob was shaking in anger.

Kurosagi approached Jacob and handcuffed him. She looked at Hatori and said, “The police should be at the gate.” Hatori nodded as he led Jacob out.

Kurosagi looked back at Kohaku and saw him grabbing Mr. Blue from the wall. Kohaku opened its back revealing a small TV screen. Kohaku punched in a code unlocking the video recorded. Kohaku rewound the recording and pressed play. It revealed the true party massacre and Jacob Chester killing Carol. Kohaku pressed stop and looked at Kurosagi.

“This is the proof of Kohaku’s innocence.”

Kohaku clenched the bear’s belly and said, “That bastard Chester was so nice to us. He even called Mr. Blue cute when he did the inspection on him.” Kohaku looked at Kurosagi and stated, “When I said I was going to turn him in ten years ago, I was joking. I had no idea he took it seriously.” Kurosagi placed a hand on Kohaku’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry.”

Kohaku shook his head and said, “He deserves to rot in jail for what he put Kohaku through.” Kurosagi was going to say something, until she heard a gunshot from downstairs. Kohaku and Kurosagi rushed down the steps.

At the desk, Jacob was holding a gun at Hatori, who was on the ground gripping his bleeding leg. Souta who was next to Jacob was saying, “Jacob, give the gun back to me.” Jacob pointed the gun at Souta and screamed, “Shut up! I can’t go to jail. It’s all these troubled students fault not mine!” Souta backed away fearing for his life.

Jacob saw Kurosagi and pointed the gun at her.

“Die Kurosagi!”

“NO!” screamed a voice.

Before Jacob could pull the trigger, he was tackled down by Henry Crawford. The gun flew from his hand and slid to Kurosagi’s feet. Kurosagi picked the gun up and looked at Jacob, who was struggling to get free from Henry.

“You attempted to kill, so you would get the death sentence, but I won’t allow that.”

Kurosagi dropped the gun and held her hand at Jacob. Kurosagi’s red eyes seemed to glow as she looked at Jacob.

“Mr. Blue revealed the truth of the party massacre, so fall into the darkness, Jacob Chester.”

Jacob’s eyes were filled with fear as he gave out a heart wrenching scream that echoed throughout the academy.

In Tokeida Hospital, Hatori lay on a hospital bed with his cast leg suspended in the air. Kurosagi sat next to him munching on a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Hatori sighed and said, “The doctor says that I was lucky, so I can go back to the office in two days.”

“That’s good,” said Kurosagi. The door to the hospital room suddenly opened revealing Kohaku back to his timid self.

“I heard you solved the case.”

Kurosagi nodded and said, “With your help.” Kohaku blushed and said, “I only blacked out.”

“You mean your other personality took over?”

Kohaku flinched and said, “Yes.” Kohaku pulled out a note from his pocket and stated, “This note is from my other personality. He told me everything.” Kohaku clenched the note with tears in his eyes.

“Why didn’t I know he existed?”

Kurosagi sighed and said, “Maybe he didn’t want to see you cry. He always protected you and as a protector, he always wanted you to smile. I guess he thought it was time to tell you the truth.” Kohaku nodded. Kohaku looked at Hatori and said, “I’m sorry you got hurt.” Hatori shook his head and said he was fine. Kohaku looked at Kurosagi and asked, “So what happened to Chester-Sensei?”

“He will be trialed for the murder of Carol Conrod and he may be charged with the murders of your friends at the party. Mr. Blue will be away at court to clear your name.”

Kohaku sighed and asked, “Will I get Mr. Blue back?”

“Perhaps, but…”

Kurosagi pulled out a yellow teddy bear from her bag and tossed it to Kohaku. Kohaku caught it looking at it confusingly.

“…just let Yellow Bear take over for the time being because you are not going to keep my bag forever.”

Kohaku blushed and hugged the yellow bear to his chest.

“Thank you, Kurosagi.”

Kohaku was about to walk out, but stopped in his tracks and looked back at Kurosagi.

“Can I visit you again in the future?”

Kurosagi nodded and added, “Just bring me some cookies.” Kohaku nodded and ran out of the room with a bright smile on his face.

Kurosagi bit out of a cookie and looked at Hatori. She was going to say something, until she saw Henry enter the hospital room.

“Why are you here?”

Henry smiled and said, “I just wanted to see how you were doing and also him.” Kurosagi thanked him and then asked, “Why did you save me back there?” Henry blushed.

“I felt it was the right thing to do seeing you in danger.”

Henry gulped and added, “You also looked like someone I know from when I was nine.”


Henry nodded.

“I was kidnapped when I was nine and sexual abused. I marked on the walls of my prison and was beaten for it, so I had to mark on my body where he couldn’t see. I always cried and then an eight-year-old girl was tossed into my prison. She looked like you.  When she came a rat also came and cheered me up. She also helped me escape and get back home. I developed OCD and I never saw her again.”

Henry smiled at Kurosagi with tears in his eyes and said, “If I ever did see her again, I want to thank her.” Kurosagi smiled back at him and stated, “She can feel your thanks.” Henry nodded and wished Kurosagi and Hatori goodbye.

Hatori looked at Kurosagi and asked, “Was that girl that saved Crawford-San in the past really you?” Kurosagi nodded.

“I just wanted him to stop crying, so I manipulated a dead rat and then I helped him escape.”

“How long ago was that?”

Kurosagi smirked and said, “Don’t ask about my age just yet, Ogami-San.” Kurosagi stuffed a cookie in his mouth and said, “Get better quicker, so you can be ready for the next case to come.”

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