Murder Trail


What would you do if you could go back in time and prevent a murder? Well, Christopher discovers the answer when he meets Patient 6000, an escapee from Machina Hospital: a hospital that houses potential criminals. He names her Avalon and with her power, he travels to the past before a murder occurs; but can he save the potential victim, especially when the top criminals in history are becoming wary of Avalon’s power?

Updated on Wednesdays

Warning: This story will have violence and some inappropriate themes not suitable for anyone under the age of a teen. (nothing to extreme though)

Chapter 1: Envy Part 1
Chapter 2: Envy Part 2
Chapter 3: Envy Part 3
Chapter 4: Envy Part 4
Chapter 5: Envy Part 5
Chapter 6: Envy Part 6
Chapter 7: Envy Part 7
Chapter 8: Envy Part 8
Chapter 9: Envy Part 9
Chapter 10: Envy Part 10

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