Chapter 10: Envy Part 10

Christopher and Avalon slept side by side breathing softly, but, unknown to the two, from the window of their room, a shadow passed by quickly. It moved so swiftly that not a sound was heard. This shadow scaled the walls of the estate before stopping in front of the window of an empty room. Using a needle about the size of a pencil, the shadowy figure poked his way under the window until it hit the lock. With a flick of the wrist, the needle snapped the lock open. The shadowy figure then pushed the window open and stepped into the empty room. He looked around a few times before approaching a cabinet in the corner. He placed a microphone on the corner of the cabinet and then opened the door of the room. He saw that it was as empty as the room and began to roam the halls.

As the shadowy figure roamed the halls, James laid on his bed wide awake. At this time of night, he would be asleep, but thoughts of Avalon and Christopher sharing the same room made him feel uneasy. It was to the point he felt like his head would explode. He already came to the realization that he held feelings for the innocent Avalon, but with that realization, he also realized that no one in society would look kindly to him with his feelings toward a young girl and with his career already taking off, he couldn’t risk it, but even with this second realization, he couldn’t help the feeling of envy toward Avalon and Christopher’s relationship.

James sat up on his bed and began to get up, but stopped in his actions when he heard approaching footsteps. He slipped back into his bed and covered his head with his blankets making sure to leave a small opening to see who the intruder was.

James’s door opened without a sound being let out and saw someone walk in, but it was too dark to see who it was, but he could already tell that the person was tall and could not be Christopher or Avalon. As the figure reached toward the corner of his room, James shot up from his bed and threw the blanket at the figure yelling, “Stop right there!”

The figure gasped in surprise as the blanket wrapped around his figure. The figure pulled the blanket from his face only to meet face to face with James’s fist. James’s fist collided into the intruder’s face sending him flying out the door. The figure gripped his face as he shot up to his feet and began to run down the hall. James ran after him in hot pursuit.


James’s voice was so loud that Christopher and Avalon both awoke at the same time. With seriousness in his eyes, Christopher patted Avalon’s shoulder saying, “Wait here” before grabbing a taser from his jacket pocket and heading out the door.

The moment Christopher opened the door, he saw a man with blood like eyes glaring at him. Christopher tried to taser him, but the intruder dodged the taser and dashed into the room. Christopher gasped trying to grab the man, but the man once again dodged Christopher’s hold and kicked him in the chest sending Christopher flying into James, who just caught up with the intruder. The man shut the door and locked it making Christopher’s eyes widen as he shot to his feet and twisted the handle trying to open the door to no avail.

James got up as well and asked, “Where is that intruder;” but his face grew pale when he saw Christopher trying to open the door to the guest bedroom where he had assigned Christopher and Avalon.

“Is that bastard in the room with Avalon?” exclaimed James. Christopher didn’t even nod as he tried to open the door. James practically ran to the door slamming his body against the door. Christopher did the same making the door rattle.

In the guest room, the man surveyed the area before looking toward the disorderly bed. He yanked the sheets off the bed and saw no one. He then looked under the bed and saw no one once again. He lifted his head and looked around the room removing the black covering from the lower half of his face.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” stated the man as he roamed the room ignoring the slamming against the door, “I know you’re in here.” The room remained silent of any voice.

“Silent as a mouse…that’s what makes you charming.”

The man opened the dresser door and then other places where a human could hide continuing to speak.

“I have watched Mr. Connor for quite a long time and he has always been a pain to watch, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him, since he had so much riches handed to him when he was nothing before…those riches should have been mine. Funny…I thought I wouldn’t be able to tear my eyes away from him as long as he breathes, but, for the first time, I was able to look away from him while he still lives…because of you. What draws me to you, little mouse?”

The man opened the last area of the room where a person could hide, but saw no one. He clenched his fist as his face distorted in anger. He threw a vase against the wall yelling, “WHERE ARE YOU?” He pulled out a knife from his waist and began to slash at the furniture and other objects in the room. He was about to slash at the mattress next, but the door began to crack from the continuous banging. He cursed under his breath before covering the bottom of his face with a black cloth and then opened the window and jumped out.

The moment the intruder was out, James and Christopher finally slammed the door open and looked around the damaged room frantically.

“Avalon, where are you?” Christopher exclaimed in a panic. Christopher tossed furniture around trying to find any trace of Avalon hoping that the intruder didn’t harm her. He turned to search the dresser again, but Christopher suddenly saw a shadow under the bed and jumped down to the floor. He peeked under the bed and saw Avalon climbing down from the bottom of the bed with her form slightly shaking. He could immediately tell that she had been clutching the bottom of the bed to elevate her body from the ground and thus hiding her in the darkness under the bed. It was the best hiding place for a person as small as her.

Christopher dragged her from under the bed and embraced her with tears of relief falling from his eyes. He couldn’t even say a word as he embraced her trembling form and Avalon’s eyes were wide before she began to weep too as she hugged Christopher back.

James on the other hand could only watch as they wept. He clenched his fist feeling a sting in his heart and then faced the opened window. He approached the window searching for any clue of who the intruder could have been, but saw no sign of a clue, but paused in his actions as a realization dawned on him: why didn’t the alarm go off? His estate was covered with security features that he helped design and there was no way to break through without a code. He immediately ran to the phone that now laid on the floor and dialed the number for the security company.

James spoke with the security company with anger at first, until they pointed out that the security system at his estate was in working order making his confusion rise.

As James listened to the status of the security features on his home through the phone trying to find an error, Christopher finally stopped his tears and looked Avalon, who was now reduced to small whimpers.

“Are you really OK?”

Avalon nodded with a whimper and then grabbed her notebook from the floor. She wrote rapidly in it and then held the written words in front of Christopher.

“He knew I was in here, but couldn’t find me. He also spoke about always watching James. He is definitely Envy. Envy is a man.”

“So he is a man. No detective has ever discovered this.”

“He also mentioned that he hated watching James, but couldn’t look away, so I think he killed the ones before James to stop looking. He wants to kill James to stop watching in envy.”

“He really is sick,” stated Christopher, but then he noticed the uneasiness in Avalon’s face and asked, “Is there more?” Avalon nodded and wrote something else in her notebook.

“He wanted to find me. He said that he was able to look away from James because of me.”

Christopher felt like a lump in his throat had appeared. If what Avalon said was true then it meant that Envy had changed in his MO and that the new target or added target had been made: Avalon.

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