Chapter 4: Envy Part 4

Christopher’s alarm clock rang at exactly 6:00 A. M. filling the room with high pitch sounds. Christopher groaned slamming his hand on his alarm clock making it fall silent. Christopher rubbed his eyes with a yawn.

“I better get ready for today,” stated Christopher and attempted to get up only to feel something wrapped around his waist. He looked to his side and saw Avalon sleeping soundly with her arms around his waist. She was wearing one of his large shirts, but it was so loose that her right shoulder was exposed the bottom of the shirt rose up revealing her smooth thighs. Christopher turned red, while giving out a gasp.

Christopher recounted yesterday’s events. After he comforted Avalon, they ate their delivered food and then prepared for bed. He offered to sleep in the sofa, while she slept in the bed, but the puppy look she gave him made him feel inclined to stay next to her until she fell asleep. Christopher clasped his hands over his face remembering that it took so long for Avalon to fall asleep that he fell asleep himself.

Christopher glanced at Avalon’s sleeping form and decided at the moment that he really needed to make boundaries between the two when it came to private matters. Within moments, Avalon also awoke with droopy eyes. She cuddled close to Christopher’s chest with a smile making Christopher fall still.

Christopher had a feeling that Avalon was wishing him a good morning, but he could feel her warm body pressing against his chest along with her firm breasts. He had to repeat, “boundaries” in his head to keep his sanity in check.

Christopher peeled away from Avalon and stated, “I’ll make breakfast, so you go get washed up.” Avalon stared at him with puppy like eyes again making him sweat nervously. Christopher gulped and stated, “I helped you get washed last time, but you need to do it yourself this time.” Avalon’s head lowered in a solemn form making Christopher gasp.

Christopher gulped and lowered his head saying, “Fine, but you really…”

Christopher couldn’t even finish his sentence when Avalon pounced on him nearly making him fall over. Avalon smiled up at him making him turn a deep shade of red.

Christopher helped Avalon bathe, while averting his eyes to allow some form of privacy for Avalon, and afterwards left Avalon to let her change, while he began to cook bacon and eggs on the stove and toast bread. He also started the coffee maker to brew some fresh morning coffee. As he did this, his phone suddenly began to ring. With his left hand still holding the skillet of cooking eggs, he picked up the phone with his free hand.

“Christopher Pike speaking.”

“Mr. Pike, this is Joshua Collins”

“Mr. Collins, glad to hear your voice,” stated Christopher in a chipper tone.

“By the sound of your voice, I can tell you are feeling a lot better compared to yesterday.”

“I am feeling better.”

“That’s good to hear. I do need you to come to the office so we can get ready to accept some new cases and complete the ones we already have.”

“Excuse me?”

“Did you have other plans?”

“Well yes. I bought a computer yesterday since I thought it could help organize the cases we already have, but it was damaged on route, so I am expecting a repairman to come in today to fix it. He should be here in another hour.”

“I see, but the cases have piled up since your absence yesterday, Mr. Pike.”

“I know, but this is important too, so can I come in later today.”

“All right, but if you are not here by noon then you know that I will have to report this to a higher-up in the detective agencies.”

“I promise not to disappoint you,” stated Christopher.

“Well get that computer fixed and try not to spend too much money. You aren’t making enough here right now for any luxuries.”


Christopher said his farewells to Joshua before hanging up. Christopher sighed as he placed the cooked eggs on separate plates.

“Trying to solve a case before it happens and working with Joshua Collins. This is going to be difficult.”

Christopher heard his bedroom door open and glanced back seeing Avalon enter wearing a white blouse with pink rose designs around the neck line and a pink skirt that flowed freely down her legs. Her long brown hair flowed freely down her back making it look smooth to the touch.

“Hey, Avalon,” greeted Christopher with a smile. Avalon wrote a greeting in her notebook and showed it to Christopher with a smile.

Christopher placed a plate of cooked eggs and bacon with a slice of bread on the table and told Avalon to help herself. Avalon did so, when she sat down in front of the plate. As she ate, Christopher sat in front of her with his own plate of food and then offered Avalon a glass of milk, which she accepted with a smile. The way Avalon ate reminded Christopher of a hungry puppy.

“Is it good?” asked Christopher. Avalon nodded with some bread crumbs on her cheeks making Christopher chuckle. Christopher ate his share of food and then glanced at the clock on his wall showing that it was 6:55 A. M; just five more minutes before the appointed time for James to arrive.

Christopher immediately finished his share of food and then stood up looking at Avalon and saying, “I’m going to change before Mr. Connor arrives.” Avalon nodded and watched Christopher walk off.

The moment Christopher was in his room, Avalon shoveled down the rest of her food and then got up to go to the broken computer. Avalon sat in front of the computer with her notebook by her side and tried to turn it on again to no avail. Avalon pouted pressing the power button repeatedly.

Avalon, suddenly, heard a knock on the door and got up taking her notebook with her. She peeked through the peephole of the door and saw James Connor standing before the door in casual clothes with a computer repair kit in his left hand. Avalon opened the door cautiously glancing up at James. James smiled at Avalon and stated, “Surprise I came on time?” Avalon nodded and opened the door fully. James stood before Avalon and with closer inspection he wore jeans with small tears and a red shirt with Wiles Enterprise’s logo on the left of his shirt.

“May I come in?” asked James. Avalon nodded moving to the side to let him walk in. Avalon immediately closed the door to prevent anyone from catching sight of her. James looked around the small apartment and stated, “This place is quite small.” Avalon wrote in her notebook quickly and showed it to James.

“It is small, but it is one of the best places I have been to so far.”

            James smiled saying, “This must be a great home then?” Avalon nodded.

The door to Christopher’s bedroom suddenly opened revealing Christopher wearing a brown suit and a black tie. He adjusted his tie and then caught sight of James.

“Wow, you came exactly at seven,” stated Christopher. James smirked at Christopher and said, “Well I am a business man.” James then glanced at the computer on the small table and then back at Christopher.

“Is this the computer you need to get fixed?” asked James. Christopher nodded. James knelt in front of the computer and pressed the power button, but nothing appeared on the screen. He rubbed his chin and then opened his repair kit. He pulled out what looked like electrodes that were usually used in hospitals to measure a person’s heartbeat and pressed two of them to the top half of the computer. The wires of the electrodes were connected to a black box with a measure dial for electricity and a red turning knob. He turned the knob slightly and the next thing Avalon and Christopher knew the computer screen flipped on.

“What did you do?” asked Christopher with wide eyes.

James showed his device saying, “I sent a surge through the computer to get it to turn on temporarily. This way, I can see if the problem really is the mother board without having to open it up.” The computer screen showed a password screen making Christopher turn pale. James looked at Christopher and asked, “Can you tell me the password please?” Christopher began to stutter trying to come up with a password, but then he noticed Avalon writing in her notebook.

“Avalon?” stated Christopher making James look at her. Avalon showed her notebook to James and Christopher.


            James smiled and typed the word into the password box. The moment he clicked “enter” on the screen keyboard, the computer connected to the desktop. James chuckled saying, “A password meaning butterfly, very adorable.” Christopher stared at Avalon with wide eyes and mouthed, “How did you know?” Avalon pointed at the butterfly sticker on the computer. Christopher looked at the sticker carefully and laughed silently to himself when he saw the password was printed on the wings of the butterfly.

James examined the screen thoroughly and then glanced at Avalon asking, “Are curious on what I am doing?” Avalon nodded. James urged Avalon closer until their shoulders touched.

“I am doing a sweep of the computer to find any errors using special codes only known to my company and if any errors are found, I will then open up this computer and fix them directly using delicate tools meant for computers only.”

Avalon stared at the computer in awe making James smile at her.

Christopher watched their interaction and furrowed his eyebrows when he saw how close they were to each other. Christopher huffed out a few times and then took a sip of his coffee. James noticed the coffee in Christopher’s hand and asked, “Is it Ok for me to have a cup too?” Christopher nodded and then headed to the coffee pot.

While Christopher prepared a cup of coffee for James, James leaned toward Avalon’s ear and asked, “So how old are you?”


            James read her age in her notebook and rubbed his chin in thought.

“Quite the age gap, huh?” muttered James making Avalon stare at him in bewilderment. Christopher cleared his throat loudly making James look at him. Christopher pushed a cup of coffee to James saying, “Please drink up Mr. Connor.” James nodded taking the cup. He took a sip and gave a contented smile.

“Very well made coffee,” stated James and then placed the cup down, going back to work. After typing in a different code in the computer he glanced at the clock and then at Christopher asking, “This is going to take a while, do you mind me staying pass noon?” Christopher flinched remembering the time he had to go to work.

“I do have work at noon,” admitted Christopher. James smiled and stated, “I promise not to disturb your place, so can I stay while you go to work?”

Christopher had an uneasy look as he looked toward Avalon. Avalon wrote in her notebook quickly and showed it to Christopher.

“If you’re worried about me being alone here then don’t be. I will remain here with James Connor and get as much information I can to prevent his death.”

            Christopher nodded and then looked at James.

“You can stay to fix the computer, while I am at work, but please don’t stay too long,” stated Christopher. James nodded and then glanced at Avalon asking, “Is she going anywhere today?” Avalon shook her head and turned the page of her notebook. She wrote quickly and showed it to James.

“I will stay here with you.”

            James’s smile seemed to grow brighter making Christopher’s uneasiness grow. Christopher sat on the floor between Avalon and James and stated, “I still have time, so I’ll just watch you work too with Avalon.” James showed a professional smile at Christopher and stated, “Of course, Mr. Pike.”

Avalon didn’t know why, but she could have sworn that she saw lightning between Christopher and James as they smiled at each other. As Avalon stared at them in bewilderment, Christopher and James began to have insulting thoughts about each other.

How dare this brat sit between us? Hurry up and go to work!

            He must be a desperate man to make a pass at Avalon. Stupid guy, just finish the repairs and leave.

            James and Christopher were both smiling, but their thoughts of each other were very insulting. It came to a point that Christopher almost forgot that the goal was to save James from dying.

Their thoughts were interrupted when Christopher’s phone began to ring. Christopher picked up his phone with a groan.

“Christopher Pike speaking.”

“Mr. Pike.”

“Ah, Mr. Collins. Did something happen?”

“As a matter of fact yes. A case has turned up and I need you here as soon as possible.”


“Look here, Mr. Pike. If the repairman is there already, just leave him to his work and come to my office now. This case can’t wait.”

Christopher sighed saying, “I understand.”

“Good, now please hurry up.”

Joshua hung up the phone as did Christopher. Christopher glanced at James and Avalon and said, “I have to go to work now.” James smiled and said, “Then have a safe trip.” Avalon nodded with a smile. Christopher groaned noticing that James was eager for him to leave, but then noticed that Avalon’s hand was shaking. Christopher walked to Avalon and knelt before her with a smile.

“I’ll be back soon, so be a good girl, OK?”

Avalon nodded and gave Christopher a quick hug. Christopher hugged back smiling, but his smile faded when he felt a murderous aura emitting from James’s form and he could have sworn that the computer’s codes on the screen were spelling “KILL” repeatedly. Christopher felt even more uncomfortable on leaving Avalon alone, but he knew that Avalon wanted to help out with the case and he had to trust Avalon.

Christopher separated from Avalon and went to the door. He glanced at James and stated, “If you get hungry, there is a fast food place just down the road, please use the spare key under the table, or you can order take out. I’ll cover the cost for this since you are staying over time.” James nodded and the look on his face seemed to be telling Christopher to “beat it” already. Christopher rolled his eyes and took one glance at Avalon to reassure her before disappearing through the door.

The moment Christopher was gone, James increased his typing speed to a point that Avalon could barely see where James’s fingers were. James hit one final key just as the computer shut down. James glanced at Avalon and stated, “The computer is now fixed.”

Avalon showed a bewildered look and then wrote in her notebook quickly.

“I thought the repairs were going to be longer?”

            James chuckled saying, “The problem on the computer was easy to fix and I made a few updates on the software, so it should be as good as new.”

“Then why did you tell Christopher that you were going to stay till noon?”

“I just wanted an excuse to stay over,” stated James and then leaned toward Avalon making her inch back slightly.

“So can you tell me about yourself like your last name or your parents?”

Avalon frowned and wrote in her notebook quickly.

“I don’t have a last name. As for my parents, they died when I was still an infant.”

            James showed a concerned look saying, “Sorry to hear that.” James moved away from Avalon running his hand through his short brown hair.

“I lost my parents too when I was young,” stated James and added, “I vaguely remember them. All I remember is them singing happy birthday to me before…”

James shook his head and stated, “Let’s talk about something else.” Avalon nodded and showed the words in her notebook.

“Are you popular with the ladies?”

            James laughed and brushed his hair back with his hand.

“I sure am. Whenever I appear on TV for the company or appear in magazines, I have a bunch of women aiming for me. They are almost like wolves. Even the company women love my looks.”

Avalon smiled and wrote, “You must love it.”

            “Not really. There was one time I couldn’t leave the building without some woman trying to sexually assault me. I even considered quitting just to escape women.”

“Sounds difficult.”

            “It is, but I love my work too much to leave it behind.”

Avalon slightly grew serious and wrote, “Have any women ever stalked you recently?”

            James raised an eyebrow at the written question.

“Strange question,” stated James, but then placed a hand to his chin adding, “Now that you mention it. I have felt that someone has been watching me, but it might be nothing.”

Avalon frowned having a feeling that Envy was already stalking James without his knowledge.

“Promise me that if you feel someone watching you that you will contact Christopher.”

            “Strange request, but alright since you trust him.”

Avalon smiled warmly making James’s heart skip a beat. He cleared his throat placing his equipment in his kit. He locked the kit and then stood up smiling down at Avalon.

“How about we hang out around the block?” asked James. Avalon slightly flinched remembering that she was still wanted. Avalon shook her head and wrote, “I really shouldn’t go out without permission.”

            “Come on, Avalon. Mr. Pike shouldn’t mind and does he expect you to stay cooped up in here?” asked James, trying to persuade Avalon to go out with him.

Avalon could tell that James wasn’t going to back down, so she got up and ran to Christopher’s room making James bewildered. Avalon then walked out of the room with a pair of sunglasses and a white baseball hat on her head. She wrote in her notebook and showed it to James.

“As long as I can go out like this then it is OK.”

            James nodded and patted Avalon’s head saying, “Then let’s go.” He then took Avalon’s hand and led her out of the apartment taking the spare key with him.

Meanwhile, Christopher had finally reached the office of Joshua Collins with sweat running down the side of his face. Joshua, who was sitting with a female client, glanced at Christopher and stated, “I’m glad you could make it, but really, you should learn to take a bus.” Christopher nodded panting and placed his coat on a coat hanger.

Christopher sat next to Joshua with his notebook in hand. Joshua nodded in approval and looked at the female client.

“Now please repeat all that you told me for my assistant.”

“Of course. Just as I told you, the police are accusing my daughter of murdering her father, which is just ridiculous. Just because she was the last person with him doesn’t make her a murderer. From what they told me, they believe her father drove her to a secluded park in order to abuse her and she murdered him in self-defense. Self-defense case is in her favor, but the blows to my ex-husband’s chest are too large to be her. The police are just being lazy and want someone to blame.”

Joshua nodded and asked, “Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I believe it is my ex-husband’s mistress. He was quite the man whore and slept with another woman besides his mistress.”

Joshua nodded and looked at Christopher asking, “Do you have all of that?” Christopher nodded. Joshua looked back at the female client and said, “We will finish this case before your daughter’s trial.” The female client nodded and then left the office.

Joshua looked at Christopher and stated, “We need to have this finished before tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” exclaimed Christopher. Joshua nodded and stated, “Mrs. Allin’s daughter’s trial is tomorrow evening.” Christopher tapped his pencil on his notebook in annoyance. Christopher abruptly stood up making Joshua look at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Pike?”

Christopher began to write rapidly in his notebook as he spoke.

“The daughter did not murder her father and the mistress is not responsible either. At the time of death, the mistress was at Cougar Love Hotel with her other lover, Bradley Potter. Bradly Potter can verify the time and so can the owner of the love hotel. The true murderer was Mrs. Allin’s new husband, Kevin Allin. He was sexually assaulting his step daughter, Emily Starling, for quite some time and so the daughter’s real father was trying to protect her since his ex-wife didn’t believe the daughter, but Kevin caught wind of it and beat him to death with a rock that was impossible for Emily to pick up. The murder weapon is displayed near the fountain of the park. No one noticed it since the water was slowly wiping away the blood, but the hair of the victim should be within one of the crevices. Emily can verify it as well when her mind is clear since she is still in shock and she is scared of her stepfather.”

Christopher then tossed the written notes to Joshua and stated, “I wrote all the information in there for the other cases not yet solved in here.” Joshua was struck speechless as he stared at Christopher.

“How did you…?”

“I was just lucky and if you don’t believe me then investigate all the notes I gave you,” stated Christopher. Christopher then began to head to the door.

“Where are you going?” demanded Joshua. Christopher glanced at Joshua and then bowed deeply.

“I’m sorry to say this, but I quit.”


“Don’t get me wrong. I love helping you, but there is something I need to do now that could save a life and I can’t do that as your assistant.”

Joshua frowned and stated, “You can’t just quit.”

“I can and I know that any detective work I take will cost me a whole lot more money unless I become an official detective, but I will still do this.”

Christopher bowed again apologizing and then walked out the door with his coat in hand.

Joshua stared at the closed door and then at the notebook filled with investigation notes. Joshua slammed the notebook down and stormed to his desk. He picked up his phone and dialed a number. The phone rang before someone picked up on the other end.

“Detective Agencies located in the States, who is speaking?”

“This is Joshua Collins. I need to speak with Mr. Ozma.”

“Of course, Mr. Collins.”

Joshua heard a transfer tone followed by a male voice.

“This is Rick Ozma speaking.”

“Mr. Ozma.”

“Joshua, long time no hear. What makes you call me this time?”

Joshua clenched his fist saying, “My assistant, Christopher Pike, just quit on me.”

“Christopher Pike quit? Now that’s strange. I remember when I told him that you chose him as your assistant he was ecstatic. Do you know why he quit?”

“I don’t know, but I know he is hiding something.”

“By the sound of your voice, you are really upset that he quit. I can help find you a new assistant.”

“That won’t be necessary. You know that I am picky about who I can work with.”

Joshua heard Rick laugh on the other line.

“Very true, so what do you plan to do?”

“First of all, I am going to investigate all the notes Mr. Pike gave me.”


“He handed me notes before quitting and these notes, according to him, will solve all the cases I currently have.”

“He could be lying.”

“Mr. Pike sounded truthful and then I plan to discover why he quit on me.”

“And do you plan to hire him back, Joshua?”

Joshua smirked and stated, “If he still wants it, but of course I will make him beg as punishment for quitting in the first place.”

“You can be quite the sadist. Is that all you needed to tell me?”

“I just wanted to inform you just in case someone notifies you that I am short an assistant.”

“Then thanks for the heads up and good luck.”

Joshua said his farewells to Rick and then hung up. Joshua looked back at the notes with a dark look.

I won’t let you make a fool of me, Christopher.

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