Chapter 8: Envy Part 8

In an undisclosed location a room filled with flat screen TVs lined the walls and each screen revealed footage of different locations: the workrooms and main hall of Wiles Enterprise; the surrounding stores frequented by rich patrons; and the inside of a mansion owned by none other than James Connor. One of the screens revealed a man buying a Rolex Watch and that screen was soon covered by fizzing liquid of a coke.

“Bastard is just wasting money. Money that should have been mine,” muttered a low manly voice from the shadows. This man sat in a recliner chair with the shadow of the screens covering his face. It was almost like he was wearing a mask. He drank whatever was left of his coke and then crushed the empty can before tossing it at the screen with the man wearing the Rolex.

“He should just burn in Hell!” he growled. His eyes then wandered to the screen displaying the inside of James Connor’s home. He grabbed a remote and clicked on the channel button. The display on the screen switched to different rooms of the mansion, until it stopped on the dining room area where James sat eating with Avalon and Christopher.

“There you are bastard.”

Unaware that they were being watched, James, Avalon, and Christopher ate the fresh cooked meal. Christopher had to admit that James was an excellent cook as he munched on a piece of beef. He was about to question James on where he learned to cook, but shut his mouth when James looked at Avalon and asked, “Is the food to your liking?” Avalon nodded with her cheeks stuffed like a squirrel. Christopher had to hold back his laughter as he looked at Avalon, but immediately noticed that James was doing the same judging by the shaking of his shoulders.

Avalon swallowed her food and then licked her lips to taste the sauce on her lips. After that, she began to write in her notebook and then held it in front of James.

“The meal was really delicious. You could be a chef.”

James chuckled saying, “Maybe, but I enjoy my work with computers.” Avalon nodded and then wrote in her book before holding it at Christopher.

“You like the food too, right?”

“…I do. Mr. Connor is an excellent cook (even if he is a jerk).”

Christopher muttered the insult, so Avalon wouldn’t hear, but James was able to hear this small insult sending a glare at Christopher and began to wonder if arsenic would have been a “better” spice for Christopher’s share of the meal.

“Mr. Connor, I have some news about the perpetrator concerning the case that happened at the restaurant with Avalon,” Christopher suddenly stated to get James’ mind off the insult he directed toward him not too long ago.

“Really?” James asked in a mild tone as he placed the knife and fork on the side of the plate, already forgetting his urge to kill Christopher.

Christopher nodded and stated, “Thanks to Avalon, we now know that the perpetrator was actually a man and not a woman.”

“A man…so the culprit is a man in drag?”

Christopher nodded and gestured toward Avalon, who continued to eat her meal saying, “Avalon has a way to notice someone’s gender, even if they aren’t wearing the right clothes.”

“Is that so?” stated James before smiling at Avalon saying, “You have many talents young lady.” Avalon only nodded before finishing the last of her meal.

James looked at the clock saying, “It’s getting late.” James stood up from his chair and offered to lead Avalon to a guest bedroom, but Christopher stood up standing between Avalon and James.

“Please lead BOTH of us to a guest room,” stated Christopher with a forced smile. James also forced a smile with the edge of his smile twitching as if it were the hardest thing to do in the world.

“Are you two planning to stay in the same room?”

“…No…actually yes…we do sleep in the same room in my apartment after all.”

“…You’re joking right?”

Christopher shook his head still smiling. James looked ready to beat Christopher black and blue, but Avalon not understanding the tense situation stood up from her chair and hugged Christopher around his waist with a warm smile on her face. Just the smile alone prevented James from connecting his fist to Christopher’s face. It was like a forcefield of innocence had surrounded Christopher. James cursed under his breath as he hid his fist behind his back and looked away.

“I’ll take you to a guest room.”

Avalon and Christopher both followed James as James mumbled curses under his breath hoping that his foul language would somehow damage Christopher by some miracle.

They soon reached a guest bedroom that was basically sparkling clean with no trace of litter in sight with two twin sized beds and other needed furniture like a dresser. Avalon explored the room with excitement glowing in her eyes as Christopher and James watched her.

James glanced at Christopher whispering, “You can share this room with her, but if you touch her…you will see HELL.” Christopher could hear a small growl at the end of the sentence, but chose to ignore it and nod to please James (and to make him leave faster). James wished Avalon a good night and then gave Christopher one more warning look before shutting the door behind him.

“That was tense,” muttered Christopher as he sat at the edge of the bed, but then realized that James didn’t leave any sleepwear for them. That was minus in Christopher’s mind toward James’ hospitality, but he had no problem with just sleeping in his boxers, until he realized that Avalon was also sleeping in the same room. He glanced at her as she began to play with the stuffed animals again, while running across the room. Avalon was truly innocent in heart, and so he didn’t want her to be traumatized by the sight of his boxers. He got off the bed and began to head toward the dresser hoping for some form of pajamas that he and Avalon can wear to bed.

Christopher pulled open one drawer and sighed in relief when he saw that it was filled with night shirts that would reach to his ankles. He did wonder why James had these in he guest bedroom, but he couldn’t really complain, since this was to his benefit. He removed two pairs before closing the drawer and then headed toward Avalon who appeared to be having a conversation with the animals, even though no words escaped her mouth. He held the night shirt to her saying, “Please change into this and then we can both wash up in the bathroom.” Avalon nodded and was about to remove the top part of her clothes, but Christopher grabbed her hands, while blushing and stated, “Wait for me to turn away.” Avalon nodded with a smile still plastered on her face.

With their backs turned from each other, Avalon and Christopher began to change into their nightwear, but as they did so, Christopher could feel his heart racing. As he buttoned up the nightshirt.

Is this really OK? I know I suggested we share a room, but that was only because Mr. Connor pissed me off. I mean why was he flirting with Avalon?

Christopher already understood how James was feeling toward Avalon, but the thought made him feel sick in the stomach, so his thoughts were filled with “Whys.”

Avalon on the other hand had already changed and walked up to Christopher with her notebook in hand. She tapped his shoulder making him look back at her after he slipped the last button on and showed her notebook with new words that she had written.

“After we wash up, can we sleep next to each other again?”

Christopher blushed as a response and then said, “There are two beds, so you should…”

He couldn’t even finish his sentence as Avalon looked at him with puppy like eyes. It was like she had been abandoned on the streets with her tail and ears drooped down. The next thing he knew, after they had washed up, Avalon was cuddled against his back as they laid on the same bed.

I just can’t say no to this girl.

Christopher could hear her breathing as she slept and found himself smiling before wishing Avalon a “good night.”

Unknown to them, on the dresser where Avalon left her stuffed animals, a camera zoomed onto their sleeping forms. If they were able to hear the other end of the camera, they would hear curses that would make any person cringe.

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