Chapter 9: Envy Part 9

On the lamppost lit streets, Joshua Collin and Galvin Moore made their way to the Women’s Clothes store that was indicated on the receipt that was on Christopher’s apartment refrigerator. As they walked, Joshua searched his smartphone for information on the Women Clothes Store called Sakura Apparels to see if any information stuck out that could indicate if there was another reason why Christopher chose to shop at this store when there were other locations to go to, but the information just told of minor details like the hours of operation with a few reviews that praised the low prices.

“This store seems relatively new,” noted Joshua before slipping his phone back into his pocket, “The store is still open at least according to the hours operation on the review site.”

Galvin nodded before removing the receipt from his pocket focusing on the writing on the receipt: Compare prices with this.

“Is your ex-assistant low on income or something?”

“Well his pay is based on his level as a detective, so his wages are pretty low as my assistant.”

“Then he must have liked this girl if he was willing to buy her all these clothes for $168.00.”

“…That is a surprise,” muttered Joshua when he noticed the price on the receipt. Joshua could not understand what his ex-assistant was thinking by buying these clothes for a girl he hardly knew or at least Joshua believed that Christopher recently met the girl, since he had never mentioned seeing a girl during his employment with him.

“We’re here,” stated Galvin when he saw the Clothes Store before them.

After making sure that the store was still open, they opened the door and were greeted by a female employee in a pink dress.

“Welcome, how may I…young men?”

Joshua could see the confusion in the employee’s face and realized that this was a women’s clothes store, so men attending as customers was rare. Joshua cleared his throat and smiled at the employee saying, “Excuse me ma’am, my associate and I are detectives and we need to view the footage of this store for April 11.”

The employee’s shocked expression changed to one of suspicion as she folded her arms saying, “Is that so? I would need to see ID cards.”

“Of course,” stated Joshua revealing his detective badge. The employee nodded at his badge and then looked at Galvin saying, “Yours too, buddy.”

Galvin nodded, but instead of a detective’s badge, he showed his Machina Hospital employee badge. The employee gulped at the sight of the badge wondering why a Machina employee wanted to see security footage.

“I think our badges are enough proof of our authority, so please lead us to the security cameras.”

The employee nodded and led the two men to the back, after asking another employee to take over the floor. She opened the security office door and led them to a computer in the corner of the room as multiple screens on the walls showed different images within the store as well as the area in the front of the entrance door. She typed in her employee code unlocking the screen and then hit the search bar before looking at the two men and asking, “So you want April 4 of this year, correct?” Joshua and Galvin both nodded.

The employee typed in the date and then after the screen flashed a few times, the footage of that day appeared as sections on the screen. The employee stepped aside saying, “This is all the footage of that day, so please let me know when you are finished.” With that, she stepped out of the room to let the men do their business.

Joshua sat on the chair as he began to browse the footage.

“According to the receipt, Mr. Pike bought the clothes in the morning at around 9 AM, so if we go a little before that time we should see him enter with the girl.”

Joshua adjusted the footage to around 8:55 AM and focused on the footage that contained the front entrance. After a few seconds, Joshua saw Christopher enter the footage with a young girl next to him. He froze the footage and then glance at Galvin asking, “Is this girl next to my ex-assistant, the patient you are looking for?” Galvin looked at the footage and felt a jolt when he saw Avalon’s face on the screen.

“That’s her…that’s Patient 6000.”

“I see and she is definitely entering the store with my ex-assistant,” stated Joshua as he examined the footage, before making the footage continue.

“Why continue viewing the footage?”

“You say that girl is the patient, but there is a chance that she is a lookalike, so I think before we head to the lab to do a DNA test, I would like to speak with the employee that spoke with Mr. Pike and the girl when they came here.”

“So double checking?”

Joshua nodded before pausing the footage again when Christopher was speaking with one of the employees.

“Officer Moore, can you please call in the employee?”

Galvin nodded and called in the employee that logged them into the computer. The employee approached them asking if they were done with their business, but Joshua glanced at her and asked, “Can you tell us who this employee in the footage is?” The employee approached staring at the screen and then smiled saying, “That would be Kate. She is in the supply closet looking over the inventory. Would you like me to get her?”

“Please do.”

The employee left the room and immediately returned with another woman employee wearing a light blue jean skirt and a white blouse. She looked at the two men dismissing the other employee that led her to the room.

When the other employee was gone, she went up to Joshua and Galvin and asked with her hands on her hips, “Cindy said you wanted to speak with Kate, so here I am. Now what do you want to speak with me about?”

Joshua stood up from the chair saying, “I am Detective Joshua Collins and this is my associate, Officer Galvin Moore. We need to ask if you remember speaking with a man and a girl yesterday. The man should go by the name Christopher Pike.”

The woman smirked saying, “I spoke with Mr. Pike and his little friend, Avalon. They were quite cute together.”

“Avalon…is that the girl’s name?”

“That’s right. Why are you looking for them?”

“That does not concern you, Miss. Kate.”

“Just Kate is fine.”

“All right, Kate, can you tell us what they asked of you yesterday?”

Kate shrugged her shoulders saying, “I just chose the clothes for them.”

Joshua was ready to ask another question, but Galvin cut in asking, “The girl…did she have a mark on the back of her neck?”

“Not that I recall, but something that stuck out about the girl was that she was mute. Wouldn’t speak a word.”

“Mute…it must be her,” muttered Galvin and then glanced at Joshua saying, “Let’s head to that lab now. I heard enough.” Joshua nodded, thanked Kate for her time, and then left through the door with Galvin.

When they were gone with the intention to head to the lab to check the DNA sample Joshua obtained from Christopher’s apartment, Kate rubbed her chin before looking at the still footage of Christopher and Avalon.

“Why are they searching for you two?”

Kate suddenly chuckled and untied her long hair saying, in a deep voice, “Maybe it would be best to finish my case here and then learn more about Avalon and Mr. Pike.”

I am after all, Caleb Cross Alexander, one of the top detectives in this century.

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