NPC (Non-Payable Character)


(image by Taki)

In the year 4000, an RPG has gained a mind of its own forcing it to be sealed from the general public, but the game characters and NPCs continue their roles. Follow Anthea, an NPC, as she journeys with the Swordsman and Thief to gather the other heroes to defeat the main boss and determine the fate of the game world.

Updated on Thursdays

Stage 1: The Vendor
Stage 2: Elemental Caves
Stage 3: The Swordsman
Stage 4: Flower
Stage 5: Unnamed Village
Stage 6: Dream
Stage 7: Reunion
Stage 8: The Quest
Stage 9: Training?
Stage 10: Camping
Stage 11: The First Village
Stage 12: The first Village Quest
Stage 13: Gathering Ingredients
Stage 14: Jade Serpent Boss
Stage 15: The Boss List and the First Drink
Stage 16: Captured
Stage 17: The Goblin Trail
Stage 18: The Goblin Village’s Prisoners
Stage 19: Goblin King?
Stage 20: Escape Attempt
Stage 21: Deal with the Ninja Hero
Stage 22: Shadow Wolves Battle
Stage 23: Goblin King Boss Battle
Stage 24: New Companions
Stage 25: Levels of Anthea’s companions
Stage 26: Anthea’s Self Training
Stage 27: Ruby Cat’s Message
Stage 28: Tiger Guardian Boss
Stage 29: The Puzzle Door
Stage 30: The Fire Fairy’s Grudge
Stage 31: The Water Fairy’s Refusal
Stage 32: The Water Fairy’s Deal

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