Stage 24: New Companions

The battle with the Goblin King had ended in favor of Anthea’s group and Anthea had gained another flower of memory, but a new problem had arisen.

“So how about my payment?” asked Dash as he held his hand to Anthea. Instead of a question, it sounded more like a demand. Anthea smiled and was about to reach into her inventory to get the promised items and gold, but paused when she noticed that Hazel and Simba were also holding their hands to her.

“These guys promised that you would pay me for helping them, so pay up.”

“Don’t forget my payment too, Miss. NPC.”

Anthea sighed and began to hand out the items, but paused at Simba and asked, “So how much was promised to you?” Simba was silent for a long while and before he could even speak, Sapphire popped in saying, “A price was never discussed, so you name the price Anthea darling.” Anthea nodded, while Simba glared daggers at her.

Anthea reached into her inventory and handed Simba a bag full of gold coins saying, “There should be two thousand gold coins in there.”

Simba weighed the bag in his hand and asked, “Are you really giving me this much?”

“Your beasts were really helpful, so you deserve it,” stated Anthea with a bright smile. Simba turned red in the cheeks and then scratched the back of his head sheepishly saying, “Thanks for the payment and now I will be on my way.” Simba began to walk off, but stopped in his tracks and asked, “Are you currently on a quest?”

Anthea nodded.

“Does it require working with other heroes?”

Anthea nodded again. Simba spun around and stood proudly with his hands on his hip and announced, “Then accept my help on your quest!”

Anthea smiled and thanked Simba just as a screen popped up in front of Simba.

Anthea has asked you to join her party. Do you accept?

  • Yes
  • No

Simba clicked YES and was automatically registered into Anthea’s party. Anthea was thrilled, but Hazel stared at Simba with suspicion and asked, “Are you really joining us?”

Simba nodded.

“Can you tell me why? I know you buddy. You hate joining parties and yet you agreed the moment you met Miss. NPC, so what’s the deal?”

Simba scratched the back of his head with a light blush saying, “I can join a party of I want to.” Hazel noticed the blush and had his suspicions about Simba’s motive of joining the party, but his suspicion was verified when he noticed the glare Sky was giving the small boy.

Anthea then looked at Sapphire and gave her thanks, but Sapphire just smiled and then pointed at herself saying, “How about asking me to join your party already, Anthea Darling?”


“I already told your companions that I would join, but I need that screen to verify my joining.”

Anthea nodded and then the screen popped up in front of Sapphire. Sapphire immediately clicked YES and was registered into the party.

Out of excitement Anthea opened her QUEST screen and felt her eyes practically shine.

Flower Field of Memory Expert

The first flower from the Field of Memory has been recovered and the journey begins. All seven flowers must be gathered to reach the truth of the Dragon Lord and the heroes must also be gathered to reach the final Truth of the world. The Dragon Lord must be slain at the end to complete the Quest.

To be completed

  • Gather the Flowers of the Field of Memory

✓Goddess Flower

  • Avalon White Rose
  • Queen Amaryllis
  • Bells of Vahala
  • Angel Blessings Carnation
  • Aphrodite Gardenia

✓Crimson Dragon Lily

  • Gather all the heroes



  • Priest
  • Merchant
  • Fairy
  • Shaman
  • Detective
  • Alchemist
  • Magician


  • Ninja
  • Monk

✓Beast Tamer

  • Knight
  • Mercenary
  • Winged-Warrior
  • Elf Archer
  • Beastman


  • Defeat the Dragon Lord

Anthea was all smiles at the progress of her quest and then glanced at Dash, who was beginning to leave, and asked, “Would you join my group too for my quest?” Dash glanced at her and shook his head saying, “I don’t join groups so easily and I definitely don’t want to be in a group with the stupid thief.”

Hazel growled and yelled, “Well I don’t want you to join either stupid Ninja!”

“Who are you calling a stupid ninja? At least I have a better weapon than you.”

“Shuriken are so flimsy. At least with my dagger, I can multiply it and it is stronger.”

“Who says?”

“Says me.”

Dash and Hazel were soon in a glaring match. Anthea stared at the two and then at Sky, who had finally stopped his glaring at Simba and asked, “Are those two close?”

“Not really…well I guess you can call them that since they are twin brothers.”


“Did you not know?”

Anthea thought a while and stated, “Now that you mention it, my father did mention that back in the village when he was giving me the rundown about the heroes of this world, but it is so unbelievable to me.”

Anthea focused her gaze on the two brothers and saw that they were practically trying to strangle each other. Dash managed to kick Hazel away and stated, “Well, I don’t plan to join anytime soon.” Dash then looked at Anthea and stated, “If you still want me to join then prove that you are strong enough for my services.” Anthea nodded and watched Dash throw a smoke bomb before vanishing from their sight.

Hazel scoffed as he fanned the smoke from his face saying, “I really hate that Ninja.” Hazel then looked at Anthea and stated, “If we meet him again, don’t ask him to join. I rather him be the last member, so I don’t have to hang around him too long.” Anthea nodded with a sigh.

Anthea then looked at the bigger group and stated, “I think an explanation of what we are doing is needed.” With those words, Anthea began to explain to Simba and Sapphire of her quest and as she explained, none noticed that in one of the trees above: a man with a quiver filled with arrows watched from above with crossed arms.

“A new hero was made huh? This could be interesting,” whispered the man and pushed a strand of his long white hair behind his pointed ears.

Very interesting indeed.

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