Stage 11: The First Village

Day had finally arrived in the game world and Anthea, Hazel, and Sky were once again walking down the road. Hazel was smiling as he walked and Anthea smiled at him asking, “Was the Jackel Deer Potato Stew with toast a good breakfast for you Hazel?”

“Very good, Miss. NPC,” cheered Hazel. Anthea giggled, but Sky frowned wanting Anthea to smile at him, but then looked at Hazel and asked, “So are you in a better mood today for us to go to a village?” Hazel nodded and then patted Anthea’s head saying, “I thought about it and we can practically get free items thanks to Miss. NPC.”

Anthea sighed and stated, “I still need ingredients and can you please call me by my name?”

“No way, Miss. NPC. You need to earn that right.”

“And cooking for you doesn’t gain that right?”

“That’s a different matter,” stated Hazel with a chuckle. Anthea sighed and then glanced down the road.

“The village we are headed to. Is it called Athensan?”

“That’s right, have you been there Anthea?” asked Sky with a smile. Anthea nodded and stated, “I went there to set shop before. The villagers there were really kind to me.”

Hazel scoffed and stated, “Those villagers are NPCs too and don’t have a personality.”

Anthea pouted saying, “They do have a personality and you wouldn’t notice since you are a hero.”

Sky looked at Anthea with a raised eyebrow and asked, “What does being a hero have to do with that?”

“Well when the game gained awareness, so did the NPCs, but our programming stayed the same when faced with a hero. I admit it was quite frustrating to be forced to say our set lines.”

Hazel chuckled saying, “I guess us heroes had it good then.” Anthea nodded with a slight frown on her face.

Sky on the other hand was hoping that when he first met Anthea that she was trying to say something else to him and just the thought made him smile.

They soon began to head toward Athensan and as they walked, Anthea glanced at Sky and asked, “I think I should have asked this sooner, but is there an easier way to gather the heroes?” Sky nodded and immediately summoned his screen and changed it into the map function.

“You know about the map, right?”

Anthea nodded.

“Well this map can reveal your goals when you enter a quest. For example: if I wanted to get to the Elemental Caves, I would enter a quest with the Elemental Caves as the goal and it will be highlighted in the map with a green dot. I can also highlight my goal by just clicking on it so I won’t get lost.”

Anthea examined the map and asked, “So I can make the map show me where the heroes are?” Sky nodded and added, “Since they are people goals, the dot indicating them will be blue and the dot will be moving around to indicate their movement.” Anthea nodded.

Anthea then summoned her screen and went to the map function. To her surprise, she saw that the map was littered with moving blue dots. What made her even more surprised was that one of the blue dots was in Athensan.

“One of the heroes is in Athensan,” stated Anthea with wide eyes. Sky and Hazel looked at her map with equally wide eyes.

“I wonder which hero it is,” muttered Sky.

Hazel rubbed his chin saying, “It can’t be Plato since he should be in the Church of Hirusei learning that new spell of his. Hasani hates villages, so it can’t be him. Yami might be in a forest to train that new spirit of hers…obviously this hero wasn’t with us recently.”

Anthea touched the dot that was in Athensan. But the map only rippled and then vanished along with her screen.

“I guess the only way to find out is to enter the village,” stated Anthea, Sky and Hazel nodding in agreement.

They picked up their pace and in no time at all, finally reached the village. The village was bustling with people, who were either buying from stands or selling at the stands. Some were just wandering around, while talking to one another.

“This village seems a lot livelier compared to the last time we were here,” stated Sky in thought.

They entered the village and almost immediately, a small child collided into Hazel’s legs making him groan and yell, “Watch where you’re going!” The small child whimpered and apologized repeatedly before running off making Hazel stare at the back of the retreating boy with a confused look.

“That kid…it doesn’t seem like he said any mechanic lines.”

Anthea nodded and stated, “Maybe just like me, the NPCs here are no longer bond by the programming.”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” exclaimed Hazel, but paused when he began to hear people mutter on how loud he was being. Hazel groaned with crossed arms.

“This might need some getting used to,” muttered Hazel.

Anthea looked at Sky and asked, “So where would a hero like you hang out in a village.”

“Well I would go to an item shop to buy some supplies or a weapon shop or even to a bar.”

“A bar? Do you drink Sky?”

“Sometimes…but not too much,” stated Sky hoping that Anthea wasn’t bothered by it. Anthea then looked at Hazel and asked, “Is it the same for you?”

Hazel nodded and added, “Unless I was in a quest, so I would need to break into a cabin to get some goods.”

“…That sounds really wrong.”

Hazel chuckled and stated, “Ah come on. Before this game gained awareness breaking into houses was a common practice. One can’t go through a day without breaking vases in a house and rummaging through drawers for items.”

“That still sounds wrong,” stated Anthea with a judgmental look that made Hazel give a low groan.

“Well I’m a thief, so what do you expect?”

“Well Jemima did mention that your character is messed up.”

“Well I’m proud of it,” stated Hazel with crossed arms and then stuck his tongue at Anthea making Anthea roll her eyes at him.

Anthea glanced at Sky and asked, “So should we head to the item shop or weapon shop or bar first?”

“I would suggest…”

They suddenly heard what sounded like a frustrated roar of a tiger and then someone flying out a pair of swinging doors and colliding into a hay stack.

“…I think we should head to the bar,” stated Sky focusing on the building where the man flew out of it. This very building was labeled as just “BAR.”

Sky was the first to enter the bar with Hazel rushing behind them, but Anthea walked behind them with a bewildered look wondering why a man flew from a building. Sky looked toward the bar area and saw a familiar face at the bar holding two men in the air by the front of their shirts and broken furniture around him.

The man holding up the two men wore wolf pelt as a vest revealing his hairless chest and pants made of the same pelt. His feet were bare revealing the dirt on it. He had bushy beard that resembled that of a bear and his eyes were green like the trees in summer. His long hair was brown and in a tangled mess like he hadn’t brushed in years. There were a few scars on his body most likely from endless fights from monsters. This man was the Barbarian Hero.

The Barbarian tossed the two men out of the bar with a grunt and finally took notice of Sky looking at him and smirked.

“So the Swordsman has arrived in the village.”

Hazel then entered and scoffed at the sight of the Barbarian. The Barbarian chuckled and added, “And so has the Thief. Come here for a drink?” The Barbarian then ordered the bartender, who hid behind the bar to serve him a big glass of his best wine. The bartender nodded and immediately began to grab the most expensive wines in the bar.

Sky approached the Barbarian and stated, “I see that you are terrorizing NPCs again.”

The Barbarian took a jug of the wine smacking his lips and stated, “You have a problem with it?” The Barbarian then gestured toward the door where the men flew through and added, “Besides, they started it this time. Saying they were going to pay me back for all the suffering they went through. Too bad for them that they became punching bags.” The Barbarian chuckled taking another jug of the wine.

Hazel scoffed saying, “This guy gets on my nerves. Does he really have to come?” The Barbarian stopped drinking and glanced at Sky and Hazel with raised eyebrows.

“Were you planning to recruit me for one of your missions? Well, I have news for you: I only team up with pretty girls like Yami, Maya, Sapphire is also quite pretty.”

“You disgust me,” muttered Hazel, the disgust showing in his face. The Barbarian and Hazel soon began to glare daggers at each other and Sky noticed that Hazel was beginning to draw one of his daggers. Sky held Hazel back and whispered, “We need him in our party.”

Hazel groaned and put away his dagger. The Barbarian chuckled saying, “Do you really need me this badly?” Sky nodded and stated, “You noticed that the shops and bars in town are running low on supplies right?”

“Now that you mention it, that is true. Does your mission have something to do with it?”

“It does, and it requires you to join as a hero.”

“Look Swordsman…”


“All right, SKY, I don’t care about your stupid mission. If I need supplies, I will look for the Merchant, so please leave me be.”

Sky frowned expecting the answer. Hazel also expected it and had to fight the urge to beat the Barbarian.

“Sky, Hazel, don’t leave me behind!”

Sky and Hazel looked back and saw Anthea finally entering the bar with a huff. Anthea fixed her hair and approached the two saying, “I am not used to your speeds yet.” Sky smiled scratching the back of his head sheepishly, while also apologizing, but Hazel chuckled saying, “We better train your speed then, Miss. NPC.”

Anthea groaned with a pout, but then she noticed the Barbarian sitting in a bar stool staring at her. Anthea smiled at the Barbarian giving a greeting. The Barbarian remained silent and suddenly smiled grabbing Anthea’s hands in his.

“Why hello there, young Miss. My name is Geronimo, the Barbarian Hero and you are?”


“Anthea, such a nice name. Would you like to join me for a drink?”

“Not really, but you really are a hero?”

“That’s right, the strongest one.”

“Would you join my quest?”

“Anything for you my dear.”

A screen suddenly appeared in front of the Barbarian, Geronimo, making both Sky and Hazel yell out in disbelief.

“Are you serious? He really does only agree when a pretty girl asks,” stated Hazel with an annoyed look.

Geronimo looked at the screen that appeared in front of him.

Anthea has asked you to join her party. Do you accept?

  • Yes
  • No

Geronimo raised an eyebrow and then looked at Anthea asking, “Are you a hero?”

“Not really, but I am on a quest and I need you to join to complete it,” stated Anthea. Anthea’s eyes seemed to resemble that of a begging puppy that Geronimo felt he had no choice, but to click on “yes.”

Anthea’s screen appeared before her and she smiled at the change.

Flower Field of Memory Expert

The first flower from the Field of Memory has been recovered and the journey begins. All seven flowers must be gathered to reach the truth of the Dragon Lord and the heroes must also be gathered to reach the final Truth of the world. The Dragon Lord must be slain at the end to complete the Quest.

To be completed

  • Gather the Flowers of the Field of Memory

þGoddess Flower

  • Avalon White Rose
  • Queen Amaryllis
  • Bells of Vahala
  • Angel Blessings Carnation
  • Aphrodite Gardenia
  • Crimson Dragon Lily
  • Gather all the heroes



  • Priest
  • Merchant
  • Fairy
  • Shaman
  • Detective
  • Alchemist
  • Magician
  • Dancer
  • Ninja
  • Monk
  • Beast Tamer
  • Knight
  • Mercenary
  • Winged-Warrior
  • Elf Archer
  • Beastman


  • Defeat the Dragon Lord

Anthea was glad to have another hero in her party, but then Geronimo looked at her screen and scoffed when he saw that Sky’s and Hazel’s titles were checked as well. He glanced at them and asked, “So you two joined her?”

Sky nodded and stated, “Her mission is what I was talking about.” Geronimo groaned and then looked back at Anthea smiling.

“Can you explain exactly how you entered this mission, dear Anthea?”

Anthea nodded and urged Geronimo, Sky, and Hazel to join her at a table that wasn’t damaged. Anthea also looked at the bartender with a charming smile asking for any food dish they had to serve. The bartender nodded and rushed toward the back.

Anthea glanced at the table where the three heroes sat and prepared to explain her mission from the beginning to Geronimo, the Barbarian.

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