Stage 12: The first Village Quest

It seemed like hours after explaining to Geronimo from the time the Vendor village was attacked to the time of discovering the quest given to Anthea. Geronimo found the explanation unbelievable, but since Anthea revealed her screen, he felt he had to believe it. There was only one thing he didn’t like.

“Do I seriously need to fight alongside with these two losers?” asked Geronimo gesturing his thumb at Sky and Hazel.

“I think like it either!” yelled Hazel glaring daggers at Geronimo. Geronimo scoffed turning away from Hazel making Hazel fume in anger.

Sky sighed and stated, “We do have to work together and who knows, we might be able to finally defeat the Dragon Lord.” Geronimo scoffed again and muttered, “I still don’t care about this quest, but I can’t leave a pretty girl hanging.”

With those words, Geronimo held Anthea’s hands with sparkles practically around his form.

“So how about I get you that drink now?”

Sky glared daggers at the Barbarian and was ready to draw his sword to get the womanizer away from Anthea, but all was interrupted when the bartender asked, “Are you all really heroes?” They looked at the bartender and all, except for Anthea, nodded.

“If that is the case, can you please help me?”

They looked to one another, but Geronimo suddenly announced, “We’ll be happy to take the quest!” At those words, Hazel immediately sprung up from his chair and wrapped his hands around Geronimo’s neck screaming, “Don’t accept a quest without consulting us!”

Geronimo gagged and smacked Hazel away saying, “Aw come on. A quest here is usually getting a free drink.” Hazel groaned ready to choke Geronimo again, but Sky held him back this time, even though Sky had the same urge to murder Geronimo, but for an entirely different reason. Anthea on the other hand looked to the bartender and asked, “What exactly do you need us to do?”

“Well, I have been low on Aheena Spirit for the past few weeks and it is a popular drink and I would really like to make it from scratch to keep the pureness, so I was wondering if you would be willing to gather the ingredients for me to make a whole barrel to last me a few months.”

After the bartender’s explanation a QUEST screen appeared before Anthea.

The Bartender’s Drink Advance

The bartender of Athensan has asked you to gather the raw ingredients for his best drink: Aheena Spirit. He is willing to pay a hefty amount for the ingredients. Do you accept the Quest?

  • Yes
  • No

Anthea smiled and glanced at the three heroes by her side.

“I know Geronimo wants to take this quest, but what about you two?” asked Anthea directing her question to Sky and Hazel. Hazel groaned saying, “I don’t want to.”

“I have to agree on Hazel on this,” stated Sky scratching the back of his head. Anthea sighed and was about to refuse the quest, but paused and glanced at the bartender.

“Are you willing to pay for the raw ingredients?”

“Yes, I will pay any amount.”

“Then instead of money, can you please give us information on any bosses around the area?”

“Bosses, why would you want such information?” asked the bartender. Even her three companions were confused by her request. Anthea made her map appear and stated, “I am currently on a quest and realized that the map only shows where I can find the heroes, but it doesn’t show me where I can find the flowers of memory.”

Sky’s and Hazel’s eyes widened, realizing the same thing.

“I believe these flowers of memory are with the real bosses, so if you can direct us to any nearby then that will help us a great deal on our current quest.”

The bartender pondered to himself and then nodded saying, “I’ll agree to those terms, but I can’t promise high quality information.”

“Understandable,” stated Anthea and then clicked the “yes” button on the Quest screen. The screen blinked a few times and then displayed new information.

The Bartender’s Drink Advance

The bartender of Athensan has asked you to gather the raw ingredients for his best drink: Aheena Spirit. He is willing to pay information on bosses for the ingredients.

To be completed

  • Gather the raw ingredients for Aheena Spirit
    • 5 Plum Juice Berries
    • 5 Spirit Dew
    • 5 King Sugar Canes
    • 5 Angel Petals
    • Tears of a Jade Serpent
  • Give ingredients to the bartender of Athensan

Hazel peeked at the screen and stated, “Looks easy enough.” Sky and Geronimo nodded in agreement. Anthea looked at her companions and bowed at the waist saying, “I’m sorry for accepting this quest.”

“I don’t mind!” stated Geronimo with a smirk.

Hazel scoffed saying, “Considering the change in the award, I’m fine with you accepting this quest.”

Sky nodded adding, “I’m glad you realized the flaw in the map for our current quest.” Sky then looked at the bartender and added, “I hope we get useful information though.” Anthea nodded and then directed her gaze at the bartender.

“We’ll return soon with the ingredients.”

The bartender thanked them and watched them leave the bar.

As they walked toward the outskirts of the village, Hazel glanced at Geronimo and asked, “Are you absolutely sure about joining us?”

“As I mentioned before, I refuse to leave a pretty girl hanging,” stated Geronimo and suddenly flung his arm around Anthea’s shoulder adding, “So after this quest, let’s get a nice sip of that Aheena Spirit.”

Geronimo suddenly sensed a dark presence and glanced at Sky, who seemed to be surrounded by a dark aura as he gripped the handle of his sword. Sky glared at Geronimo with a demonic stare sending chills down Geronimo’s spine. Geronimo removed his hand from Anthea with an uneasy chuckle saying, “I was kidding.” With those words, Geronimo scooted away from Anthea, who looked at him with confusion, but then smiled when Sky came to her side.

Geronimo stared at the two and then leaned toward Hazel asking, “Are those two a thing?”

“I can’t say for now,” stated Hazel with annoyance apparent in his voice.

Anthea on the other hand smiled at Sky and asked, “So do you want to get the ingredients together or should we split up for this?”

“I rather stay by your side, Anthea,” stated Sky with a warm smile. Anthea felt her heart race and blushed slightly whispering, “Then we’ll stay together.” Sky blushed at her words. He felt like he was floating on air.

The warm atmosphere around the two didn’t go unnoticed by Geronimo and Hazel.

“Are they always like this?”

“I still can’t say, but I do have the urge to stab Sky when he is like this,” muttered Hazel gripping his dagger’s handle.

Anthea suddenly looked at Hazel and Geronimo making them flinch and stated, “I know an area filled with these ingredients, so let’s hurry.” With those words, Anthea grabbed hold of Sky’s right hand and pulled him along as she ran ahead of Geronimo and Hazel. Geronimo and Hazel watched Anthea and Sky’s retreating form and shrugged with a smirk before following them, not noticing the red eyes peering at them from on top of a tree.

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