Stage 13: Gathering Ingredients

In a vast meadow just beyond the borders of Athensan, Anthea and her companions were gathering ingredients from the green grass and trees. Geronimo whistled in amusement as he plucked a handful of Plum Juice Berries and tossed them into his inventory.

“I’ve been in this game for quite a long time, but I have to admit that this place is new to me,” stated Geronimo, picking more of the berries. Hazel nodded in agreement swiping some Angel Petals from the hanging trees.

Hazel tossed the petals into his inventory and then grabbed a King Sugar Cane saying, “This place is a treasure mine.”

Sky gathered some spirit dew from the blades of grass and added, “I have to agree. I never gathered ingredients quite this fast before.” Sky glanced at Anthea, who was gathering some flowers from the meadow ground, and asked, “How did you know about this place?”

Anthea sniffed a purple flower and placed it into her inventory saying, “This is one of the areas I came to gather ingredients when I was still a Vendor. I found it by chance to be honest.”

Hazel chuckled gathering more sugar canes.

“By chance? Are you serious? What did you do to find this place? Fall from the sky?”

Anthea could hear the sarcasm in Hazel’s voice, but she still giggled and stated, “Actually, I found the place thanks to a friend from the sky.” Anthea placed the rest of the gathered flowers in her inventory as she spoke.

“I was heading to Anthensan to deliver some supplies to the other villagers, NPCs, and a horned pigeon suddenly snatched an alchemy bowl from my wagon. I was quite shocked and at the time, the bowl was a one of a kind that I made, so I chased after it. I followed it all the way to this meadow and the funny thing is that the horned pigeon returned the bowl to me when I reached the meadow.”

“So a little bird told you?” stated Hazel with a chuckle. Anthea nodded with a smile.

“That must have been a glitch then,” stated Geronimo with a shrug and added, “Horned Pigeons would never do that for anybody.”

“Well this one did and I am grateful, whether if it was the result of a glitch or not,” stated Anthea with a giggle.

Geronimo found Anthea’s giggle quite charming and felt his cheeks reddened as he looked at her face, but immediately turned away when he also caught sight of Sky’s demonic look. Geronimo couldn’t really explain it, but when Sky was giving that demonic glare he felt that he had to avoid his wrath at any cost.

Not noticing Sky’s angered look toward Geronimo, Anthea opened her QUEST screen to view the status of her current side quest.

The Bartender’s Drink Advance

The bartender of Athensan has asked you to gather the raw ingredients for his best drink: Aheena Spirit. He is willing to pay information on bosses for the ingredients.

To be completed

  • Gather the raw ingredients for Aheena Spirit

þ5 Plum Juice Berries

þ5 Spirit Dew

þ5 King Sugar Canes

þ5 Angel Petals

  • Tears of a Jade Serpent
  • Give ingredients to the bartender of Athensan

“It looks like we have everything except for the Tears of a Jade Serpent.”

“Jade Serpent, those guys are hard to find,” commented Hazel placing more ingredients than necessary in his inventory.

Sky and Geronimo nodded.

Sky rubbed his chin and stated, “Maybe that’s why this quest is advanced, since a Jade Serpent is a high leveled monster and if you need to get the tears than that will be even harder.”

Geronimo chuckled saying, “I killed a Jade Serpent once, but I only got blood, no tears.” Anthea rubbed her chin in thought.

“My friend Kermit made Aheena Spirit liquor before for the villagers and even sold some to Vendors. I think he mentioned that in order to get the tears you need to use Onion Scents.”

“Onion Scents?” Geronimo, Hazel, and Sky asked in unison with confusion clearly in their faces.

“That’s a rare item Vendors like myself rarely use. It stinks pretty bad, so we try not to make it and thus we don’t sell much of them to heroes.”

“Do you have any now?” asked Sky. Anthea shook her head adding, “Like it said, we barely made it since the smell was awful.”

Geronimo chuckled saying, “Then looks like you will have to make it.”


Hazel chuckled adding, “We can’t make it obviously and we need the tears of the Jade Serpent, so we leave it to you.” Anthea sighed saying, “All right, but I will need the ingredients.”

“What do you need?”

“I’ll only make one, so I will need five rotten onions, five fresh onions, a handful of absorbing hay, and Mandrake String.”

“…Where do you expect us to find those?” asked Hazel. Sky and Geronimo were just as confused.

“The rotten onions can be found buried around trees that are in the sun. I’m not sure if it is a glitch, but rotten onions grow there and the stink is concealed until they are pulled out. Fresh onions are in the shade of bushes. Hay is pretty much dry grass so pull out some nameless grass and leave out for a few moments and should eventually turn into hay. Mandrake string requires you to yank a mandrake from the ground and to pull out the thinner roots. The thinner roots are the Mandrake Strings, but please don’t listen to the scream or you will go insane. The best way to yank out the mandrake is by tying a rope on the top and pulling on the rope from a safe distance. Wearing earplugs could help too.”

Hazel chuckled saying, “Doesn’t sound too difficult. Good job Miss. NPC.”

“Anthea,” corrected Anthea, but Hazel ignored her words as he went off to gather the other ingredients.

Geronimo chuckled saying, “I’ll take care of the Mandrake string, so sit tight Anthea.” With those words, he left.

Sky smiled at Anthea saying, “Knowing Hazel, he’ll get the onions and hay.”

“So what will you do?” asked Anthea.

“Well, I expect there’s something else you need to do to make this Onion Scent, so maybe I can help you with that.”

Anthea smiled and stated, “Actually, there’s nothing else. I can’t do anything until the ingredients are here.”

“Is that so? Then how about we talk more about you?”


“Yeah, you were an NPC, so you heard a lot about me, but even though I learned a little about you I still don’t know enough.”

“All right, so what do you want to know?” asked Anthea with a light blush on her cheeks.

“What is your favorite color?”

“I love the color purple.”


“Yes, is that wrong?”

“No, purple is a lovely color.”

“Then what is your favorite color?” asked Anthea. Sky blushed saying, “Wait a minute? We were talking about you.”

Anthea giggled saying, “Come on Sky, I only know about your hero background, so I don’t really know all of you, so let’s start with your favorite color?” Sky chuckled scratching the back of his head sheepishly.


Anthea giggled saying, “The same color as your name I see.” Sky nodded saying, “That’s actually the reason why I chose this name. Is that strange?”

“No and I am quite happy. I know a little more about you,” stated Anthea, her cheeks getting redder by the minute. Sky stared at her crimson cheeks and cupped her cheeks making her look at his eyes. Sky was red as well as he whispered her name. He leaned in closer to her lips as his heart race.

Suddenly, a great roar echoed through the meadow making them stop what they were doing. Sky drew his sword and turned around only to see a Jade Serpent emerge from the distance with its white fangs showing. It was indeed a Jade Serpent, but unlike the other Jade Serpents, this Jade Serpent was ten times the size of the others and the jade skin of the serpent not only had traces of green, but of gold as well.

Sky placed his free hand toward Anthea telling her to step back. Anthea did as told.

The Jade Serpent gave out a cry toward Sky and Anthea as the fighting music began to play signaling the beginning of the Boss Battle.

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